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The war on whites

In yesterday’s featured article on The Occidental Observer (TOO), ‘The War on Whites: Harold Covington’s Northwest Novels’, Edmund Connelly used my old, now obsolete penname ‘Chechar’ (I currently use my initials, C.T.). I would like to comment on some of the things Connelly said:

The War on Whites is moving to a higher level—fast. Signs are everywhere; they are undeniable. First and foremost, understand and accept that this is happening. For many, there will be no escape. If you are White and don’t yet grasp what is happening, quickly find out from someone who does. Lives will depend on it.

In my previous TOO article, I reviewed ‘collapse’ novels by Matthew Bracken as a means to put average Whites in the frame of mind needed to accept that ‘our’ government is now fully ready to attack us. All institutions are now arrayed against the White Christian founding stock of the United States of America: from the government, to the media, to education, to corporations, to the military, to the churches—all of it. And I know many of you readers see this…

This war is being waged by the mainstream, organized Jewish community. This cannot be denied.

This is short-sighted. While what Connelly says is technically true, in the West there are more traitorous whites than subversive Jews. Before Jews came to Connelly’s country in substantial numbers, the US had already waged a bloody war of secession against the white and in favour of the black. The racialised right has been particularly blind to this history, as the American Robert Morgan has pointed out so many times in the comments section of The Unz Review. (A selection of Morgan’s ideas when he was commenting on TOO under another penname can be seen: here.)

To my amazement, however, a hefty majority who correctly write about the danger facing the White race either fail or refuse to take their analysis to its obvious conclusion: Who is behind this vast swatch of anti-White activism? I would have thought that with the release of Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Jews in the 1990s and its subsequent filtering into the growing culture of the Dissident or Alt-Right, the matter of who is on the attack would be settled.

Technically true but still myopic, since what happens now is a re-enactment of what happened 1,700 years ago when other white traitors, incited by Christianised Semites, seized the power of the Roman Empire: as a few years ago we explained on this site with a series under the title ‘Apocalypse of whites’ (our core essay) which I recently linked on another thread at the TOO comments section.

Myopic I say because Connelly ignores not only what happened in Europe when Constantine came to power, but what happened in Latin America more than a millennium later.

By subscribing to the hypothesis that the JQ is the primary cause of the war against the white man, white nationalists have been reluctant to see that, in Mexico, its War of Independence (1810-1821) was consummated by white Criollos against the Peninsular whites, and its Revolution one hundred years later (1910-1917) lowered racial taboos and led to the rise of non-Criollos.

They don’t know either that the first president of Paraguay went to anti-white extremes that the US has not reached even in 2021: banning marriages among whites who were only allowed to marry mestizos or mulattos! Revilo Oliver knew better the history of Latin America. Who of the white nationalist pundits knows it now? It’s precisely because Connelly ignores the history of Europe from Constantine, or what happened in the Americas, that he writes:

This present essay names Jews as ‘the architects of this modern horror show’, the sponsors of this War on Whites…

Rather, I’d argue that Covington’s premises in his Northwest novels concerning a Jewish War on Whites are more relevant now.

However, Connelly’s article has good points. Earlier this year I complained that except for the retired writer Michael O’Meara, the pundits of white nationalism today are reactionary, not revolutionary. In his article, Connelly vindicates revolutionary thinking by introducing the TOO readership to the fiction of Harold Covington, especially the best of his novels, The Brigade.

One of the last chapters is [literally] an incendiary account titled ‘The Hotrod of the Apocalypse’… The point is that O’Meara has an unusually deep understanding of Covington’s intent in writing the Northwest novels.

Those who want to read my excerpts from The Brigade can do so: here. It’s on my list of must-read books.

Covington’s rendering of this White war for survival is gripping, compelling, and prescient beyond measure. I’ve read the book three times and without fail the 517 pages flew by as if it was only a few hours of reading.

After quoting some passages from The Brigade, Connelly tells us:

If I were to give you five narrow-lines pages of notepaper and let you loose on the Internet, how long would it take you to fill those pages with examples of how America is now lost to us? Not long, I suspect. And the main reason for this state of affairs is spelled out in MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and other works. We face a Jewish War on Whites.

Sorry but this is myopic once again. The pundits of white nationalism ignore the anti-Aryan war that the white man already waged both in the Roman Empire when it was Christianised and what happened in the Americas: an experiment that resulted in colossal miscegenation throughout this continent. (The Iberian whites irreparably polluted their DNA when the Inquisition kept even the crypto-Jews at bay!) I am not saying that Jewry doesn’t want to destroy the best of the Goyim, but that whites themselves have been their worst enemies because of Christian ethics: the paradigm of this site that replaces the paradigm of white nationalists.

And speaking of Christian ethics, a notable Christian among the pro-white forums is Hunter Wallace, who today published a piece, ‘Der Movement: Frazier Glenn Miller has Died in Prison of Natural Causes’, whose abstract reads: ‘The death of Glenn Miller is symbolic of the end of an era’. Wallace is the typical reactionary who rejects revolutionaries. As stupid as Glenn Miller’s act that landed him in jail may have been, Wallace picks on flawed revolutionaries like him instead of picking on mature intellectuals who advocate revolution like Michael O’Meara.

However, what Connelly later says under the heading ‘Media Silence and Distortion’ referring to Jewry is completely true. Regarding black-on-white crime, Connelly adds:

The truth is not hard to find—but paradoxically, it is impossible to see. Well, it seems paradoxical only to those who do not know about the evil surrounding the Jewish Question.

Unlike Revilo Oliver, monolingual racialists don’t realise that in Mexico newspapers like the Christian-owned Reforma are as subversive as Jewish-owned newspapers in the neighbouring country to the north. At least in the Americas, it isn’t only Jews but mestizos and Criollo traitors who promote the anti-white zeitgeist. The vast majority of Criollos I know are traitors to their race (see e.g., what I say in Spanish in a brief note: here).

Given that Connelly linked this site from TOO and some TOO visitors have come today to see what we say in the link that Conelly put in his article, I would suggest that visitors familiarise themselves with our new paradigm that doesn’t leave the JQ aside but rather expands it into what we call the CQ, the Christian Question (see the book The Fair Race whose PDF is available on the sidebar).

15 replies on “The war on whites”

Connelly writes above:

Covington’s rendering of this White war for survival is gripping, compelling, and prescient beyond measure. I’ve read the book three times and without fail the 517 pages flew by as if it was only a few hours of reading.

Prescient beyond measure… Interestingly, I’ve been thinking for a long time something similar but not about the Covington novels, but about the great novel by William Pierce, who wrote The Turner Diaries before Covington wrote the first of his quintet’s novels, and which is more realistic in that gaining independence in a couple of American Union states—Covington’s flawed strategy—would only invite Washington politicians to bomb the new white republic.

I’m thinking that white flight is not a solution. The Führer said that solving a problem shouldn’t be postponed which would burden one’s children. White flight is the “easy way out” for now but eventually these people’s children will have to fight if they want to survive. Having white babies is necessary but it won’t solve our problems. Unless you train them to be literal super soldiers.

I like the clear distinction you draw between revolutionaries and reactionaries, it’s important to repeat this point. The WN circles consist of 90% reactionaries, if I had to estimate. Most of them are Christians who preach “True Christianity is actually based”.

I think a similar dynamic played out in the Third Reich, there were many such reactionaries who ended up being traitors, unless they were purged early enough. The Reich would have won the war if it weren’t for traitors who were often influenced by their Christian morality.

Back on topic, the JQ and the CQ are one and the same. People who only address the former want to cut off one head of the hydra and leave the other intact. The remaining head will either kill us outright or the second head will regrow, if the beast isn’t destroyed completely.

Exactly what happened in Spain and New Spain. Through the Inquisition, and KMD talks about this in the second book of their trilogy, the Spaniards cut off a head from the hydra but Christian ethics allowed them to crossbreed to the point of ruining their blood forever, at least on the American continent: something that white nationalists still refuse to see.

Last time I checked jews can still convert to Christianity (as they’ve done so many times). It’s their safe haven and there’s nothing those WN Christians can do about it. As long as Christianity exists jews are safe and can retreat and return any time they please.

There’s a reason the Vatican kept the jews around and protected them. They are like an auxiliary or vanguard to the them, albeit the jews have surpassed them in some regards, but the point stands. It’s almost like a Hegelian dialectic thing where jews on the loose either destroy whites completely or push them further into Christian insanity. Win-win for the desert demon.

But my point in my previous comment is that the Inquisition even targeted the cryptos, and Iberian whites still committed suicide.

In other words, if you don’t kill the body of the hydra (Xtian ethics) even in a Judenfrei country you’ll lose in the long run.

Good point. Going on another tangent, I’ve heard that the Inquisition wasn’t even close to being as harsh as it’s portrayed today. But I’m not well read on that. But even if a new Inquisition were harsh, as you say, it wouldn’t solve anything in the long run.

This entry is absolutely correct in outlining the escalation of war on whites. It is open-season on the White Race, and even Biden and Fauci have been using their code-words, such as “open season” to signal their paid agents and street provocateurs.

Jews have usually converted to Christianity in times of expulsions or persecutions in which they have historically been told to correct their ways, i.e. to “repudiate” the Judaism religion and customs. Nevertheless, even when they convert, they still privately identify as Jews, and even go as far as creating their own dialects, in the case of Sephardic Jews of Latin America, the “Ladino” Language, and they hi-jack many surnames and plots in which they can identify other fellow Jews in other host nations to which they escape.

The Spanish Monarchy also were of concealed Jewish ancestry, so the Inquisition was actually more of a tribe turning on the tribe to protect their own interests and as they no longer wanted them in their land, and Queen Isabella basically confiscated all of their wealth only to throw it to the Explorers in the form of financing their Expeditions to the New World.

Religion is merely a Vehicle and Tool for the Jews to use to trick the Goyim, and no less with Christianity, as it is simply Judaism adapted for the Goyim. Jews also use religions to conceal Political Ambitions.

Christians still believe in all the fairytale notions of the idea of the Jews being God’s chosen people and worshiping a Jewish God without question, and begin to take on characteristic traits of the Jews based on the energy, imagery and hypnotic language in the Bible. All by design.

On another note, I would like to announce here to anyone interested to understand why a revolution is not going to take place in America, and why nothing is advancing in terms of the favor for the White Race, please watch the videos under my latest blog entry titled “VIDEO PROOF THAT PATRIOTS AND AMERICAN MILITIAS OF ALL KINDS CANNOT BE TRUSTED”

The clips are short and sweet, and you will understand EXACTLY why things keep on going the way they are.

Wherever the clip is, there won’t be Revolution until Americans suffer severely, something that not even the collapse of the dollar will do. Perhaps the collapse along with an anti-white regime similar to what Stalin’s willing executioners did against ethnic Russians? But even in that scenario, American Christians are not to be trusted: they’re unwilling to give up Xtian ethics.

@C.T. Absolutely, just as you stated. It’s going to take starvation and currency collapse and total loss of their Nation. America is basically already lost anyway. For a long time. Americans are a rootless people.

But the USSR at least had backup systems and methods to rely on to still continue things including farming to a much greater extent, even despite the very rough conditions they had to endure.

The videos basically just show the Militia and Activist fools who literally cozy up to BLM and shout out the fact that they stand for nothing, and have no problems with Gays, Jews, any Religion or other people, as long as they are willing to fight for “America”. And ALL of them are funded and operated by the government with informants.

Good article + points.

Admin's note: I removed the rest of your comment because IIRC some time ago you made insulting remarks and never apologized, right?

Where can I find Oliver’s writings on the Latin American situation?


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