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Exterminationism God Kali Yuga

Moloch = Yahweh

In the seminal essay ‘The Red Giant’ a Swede said:

Secular Christianity has thrown out god and Christ, but keeps the Christian ethics (inversion of values etc.). And the Christian ethics actually gets heightened and unfettered in Secular Christianity (I have written much about that in my blog). With Christ as part of the equation, the Christian ethics of the Gospels became balanced. Humans were seen as imperfect and it was Christ who covered for us with his self-sacrifice. In Secular Christianity each person has to be like Jesus himself, doing self-sacrifice, since there’s no other way to realize Christian ethics. On top of that, with the Industrial Revolution and the surplus it created in our societies, we came to the point where all the good deeds of Christian ethics could finally be executed by giving off our surplus to all the poor and weak foreign people around the world: food, Western medicine, and other aid.

And on pages 131ff of my Day of Wrath I introduced my readers to psychohistory, which includes this paragraph:

The culture that the Europeans brought included family violence. But unlike them, in the conquered people the anxieties that the children arose, based in turn on the abuses the natives had suffered as children, were enough to kill the source that triggered the anxiety. Children have been in the garbage bin where the adults dump the unrecognised parts of their psyches. It is expected that the child bin will absorb the ill moods of his custodians to prevent the adult feels overwhelmed by her anxieties. If I murder the soul of my son I thus kill the naughty child that once inhabited me.

The Aryan neo-Christian, after WW2, always prefers self-sacrifice to his race. That is the defence mechanism that kills the source that triggered his anxiety after WW2 propaganda took hold of his psyche. He always chooses this new Moloch who used to make self-sacrifice by roasting his firstborn alive rather than perpetuating his race openly (perpetuating as the Germans of the Third Reich did).

Why do they make this sacrifice? Because their false self was structured with the new foundational myth after that war. But why this dominance of the false self if the white man before WW2 had a reasonable self-image? Why today’s zeitgeist always throws away the Aryan, sacrifices, annihilates and denies him and chooses the anti-Nazi fiction that covers the collective unconscious today?

Because the false self that virtually every Aryan has installed today is a Semitic malware, a parental deity in the collective unconscious since Constantine but only now fully triumphed. It is a Moloch that demands a tribute of Aryan blood, and the Aryans, including the white nationalists who continue to worship the god of the Jews, offer this blood constantly. (Remember that these nationalists are completely unable to distinguish between mudblood and Aryan precisely because of the Semitic malware that has taken hold of them.) And this Semitic Moloch demands not just one but an infinity of sacrifices, and won’t be satiated until the extinction of the white man is accomplished.

It all originated with our stupid Christian parents installing this Semitic malware in our psyches from our early childhoods. Secular liberalism in its Wokist phase is a missionary religion, like that of the Jew Saul (St Paul). Both Jewry and white Wokery try to convert others to sacrifice Aryan blood to this new Moloch and even the followers, once they fall into this cult, are sacrificed as they will leave no white offspring. Everything is done to fulfil the unquenchable, voracious thirst of this new Moloch whose strength is none other than the post-WW2 foundational myth.

This false self is the new God of the white man. It is the religion of the second part of the 20th century and the first part of the 21st century. It is a new divinity. The Aryan has to sacrifice himself to this new voracious God: sacrifice his true self. It is a human sacrifice: the false self (Wokism) replaces the true self (Nazism), and a new covenant is sealed between the Aryan and the Semitic god who wants to exterminate him. That covenant is perfectly antithetical to the covenant between the Semitic god and Abraham, who promised him and his descendants that their offspring would be as abundant as the stars (the old covenant). From the moment of the new covenant a religion was created: the religion of exterminating the Aryan on the initiative of the Aryan himself who always obeys the god of the Jews, including white nationalists.

Wokism (i.e. atheistic hyper-Christianity), I said, is a missionary religion. They try to convince you, Aryan man, that it is your duty to disappear from the face of the earth. Like the Muslims during their first conquests, they give you two choices: submit to the new religion or die.

When I first entered the forums supposedly defending the West from the invasion of migrants, I encountered a non-Jew counter-jihadist Christian who believed that Jewish tradition was the antidote to this Moloch claimant. False. As I wrote in Day of Wrath:

In the past, the shadow of infanticide covered the world, but the Phoenicians and their biblical ancestors, the Canaanites, performed sacrifices that turn pale the Mesoamerican sacrifices of children.

The Tophet, located in the valley of Gehenna, was a place near Jerusalem where it is believed that children were burned alive to the god Moloch Baal. Later it became synonymous with hell, and the generic name ‘tophet’ would be transferred to the sacrificial site of the cemetery at Carthage and other Mediterranean cities like Motya, Tharros and Hadrumetum, where bones have been found of Carthaginian and Phoenician children.

According to a traditional reading of the Bible, stories of sacrifice by the Hebrews were relapses of the chosen people to pagan customs. Recent studies, such as Jon Levenson’s The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son: The Transformation of Child Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity have suggested that the ancient Hebrews did not differ much from the neighbouring towns but that they were typical examples of the Semitic peoples of Canaan. The cult of Yahweh was only gradually imposed in a group while the cult of Baal was still part of the fabric of the Hebrew-Canaanite culture. Such religion had not been a syncretistic custom that the most purist Hebrews rejected from their ‘neighbour’ Canaanites: it was part of their roots.

The god of the Jews, the god of the Carthaginians and Phoenicians, the god who sacrificed Jesus, is ultimately the same odious thing. What we really need is an infinite hatred of all things Semitic, starting with Judeo-Christianity: the Trojan horse that brought this infection into our collective unconscious.

Christian art Kali Yuga

Mudblood Jesus

A mudblood Jesus cannot be born to Nordic parents.

Today I was about to read a few more pages of Simms’ book on Hitler. But on my way to the greengrocer to buy fruit this morning, on the corner of my house I was surprised by a Jehovah’s Witness lady with her young children to invite me to an event tomorrow commemorating the death of Jesus, and she gave me the slip of paper you see me holding in the image above. The other image is a well-known Annunciation from the Prado Museum in Madrid that my father had planned to frame before his death.

If we compare the two images, we see that a few centuries ago there was at least an attempt to nordicize biblical characters. When on my last trip to England the historian Arthur Kemp, author of a well-known history of the white race, gave me a tour inside Chester Cathedral, he told me that in the mosaics, which depicted various scenes from the Old Testament, there was an attempt to pictorially nordicize the Semitic characters.

This practice continued into the last century. In the above image we see a memory from more than ninety years ago, in the city of Puebla, of my father’s first communion. Although in the old New Spain days Puebla was the quintessential Criollo city, fanatically Catholic, at least the Novo-Spaniards conceived of the deity in a hyper-Nordic way.

Times have changed! Now Jesus is represented as a vulgar mudblood, as we see in the little piece of paper I was given this morning and which I am holding in my left hand above, next to the copy of Fra Angelico’s Annunciation, done in gold and tempera on panel, and painted around 1425-1426: the main scene, with the theme of the Annunciation of a hyper-Nordic angel to a blonde Virgin Mary.

For the typical Christian mentality, this metamorphosis from Nordic characters to mudbloods causes no stress, since, they argue, ‘we are all equal in the eyes of God’ (the notorious god of the Jews). But for us priests of the fourteen words this change can only mean that we are already in Kali Yuga. Most seriously, it is no longer possible to reverse the art as the white man has only recently realised that the biblical characters were indeed Semitic, not Aryan as the Renaissance artists imagined them.

Correspondence Kali Yuga

Island of slaves

In his most recent e-mail, Benjamin Power said:

There is no one—no one, not a soul!—left in this country whom I can legitimately converse with in a sensible manner. I know of absolutely no one. This island of slaves [the UK] is a gulag of pain. What are their books if they cannot be read, ringed ornaments for their coffee tables; stepping stones for the muddy road to their work?

Remember that I have renamed the category “West’s Darkest Hour” to “Kali Yuga”, which means the same thing, but I did it in honour of Savitri Devi.

Kali Yuga

The Village

In this second post of 2024, I respond to Jamie.

The wisest person after 1945 was Savitri Devi. These days I have been watching videos on cosmogony and the vastness of the universe. Among the Aryan religions, the only one that had a broad meta-perspective of the universe was Hindu. Savitri lived in India, learned languages and instead of committing suicide when Hitler lost the war she tried to understand what happened based on her knowledge of the ancient Aryan religion.

We live in Kali Yuga, the dark hour, the title of this blog. In Kali Yuga, says the millenary tradition, everything will be upside down. But in our century that applies even more to the West, as whites are behaving in a directly treacherous manner against their ethnicity.

A year ago I left a post about who wanted to educate his child in National Socialism and no one replied. Like the present featured post, ‘The Wall’, I left it up for several days but no one said anything to me. I concluded that since we are in Kali Yuga there are practically no more, as Savitri said in her book, true ‘aristocrats’.

It is hard to admit it but even the racialists are part of the Kali Yuga zeitgeist to the extent that they aren’t consistent as, say, Hitler was consistent with his principles. That’s why they love degenerate music. The inconsistency of these so-called anti-Semites is so egregious that the vast majority has stayed on the south side of the Wall, living under the mandates of Christian ethics (and we already know who wrote the New Testament!). The degenerate music they listen to is simply one of the symptoms of their corrupt spirit.

If you want to educate a child who isn’t yet contaminated by degenerate music, you have to isolate him or her from the environment and take your child out of Gomorrah as if you were Lot.

If you review Hitler’s life you will see, as Savitri saw, that since he was a teenager he felt a great attraction for the beautiful European art (something we also saw in Simms’ book, when referring to the books he read as a young man). That is virtually absent in today’s racialists. They live in Kali Yuga, which includes degenerate music. I see it with my nephew. While both of my parents were musicians by profession (classical music), and founded a music school for children, my nephew who attended there is an absolute degenerate in musical matters. In other words, my parents’ school was a complete failure. Only cutting him off from Gomorrah from the age of six, founding a Village far from the madding crowd would have worked.

That would have to be done in the Third World because in the West the treacherous governments wouldn’t allow such an educational enterprise. But that can’t be done unless we have enough funds for several families to buy real estate abroad, found a village and try to educate our children there.

So, unless a sponsor comes along who wants to do something similar to what the Aryan Mennonites do here in Mexico but without their Christianity, there is no choice but to live as isolated individuals and navigate Kali Yuga. The good news is that, as Eduardo Velasco said in the appendix to On Exterminationism, this Age was considered by the ancient Aryans a great opportunity to purify oneself, like the lotus in the mud, which is what I attempt in The West’s Darkest Hour.

Kali Yuga

Humble site

A couple of days ago Ron Unz wrote for his The Unz Review a ridiculous article boasting about the millions of hits alternative websites to the MSM receive. Unz thought the results were quite encouraging. However, from the list he puts up, I get the impression that few of the sites are overtly racialist. And anyway, even the racialist sites subscribe to the Judeo-Christian morality that is killing the white man. I prefer a thousand times my humble site, that in hits cannot compete with those on Unz’s list, but which is a site that puts the transvaluation of Judeo-Christian values to Aryan values as the top priority.

The reactionary ideology of the other sites, which includes the racial right, doesn’t break with the paradigm that has held the white man in thrall to an ethno-suicidal vision since Constantine ordered the Romans to worship the god of the Jews. Not to begin your discourse with a Nietzschean vision that starts from here (see Velasco’s essays in The Fair Race) is intellectual charlatanism.

In my previous article, I spoke of being alone under the redwoods. In the language of Cervantes, there is a saying that I translate as follows: ‘Solitude is better than accompanied solitude’. Indeed: I prefer the solitude of the redwood forest, in the hope of meeting someone else who has crossed the river, to travelling to the US, say, to attend the recent American Renaissance conference and talk to one of the participants.

How to give an idea of what transvaluation is in a single image? Consider this one: Constantine was the worst man in Western history. And Hitler, the best. (We cannot say that Jesus of Nazareth was the worst because he didn’t even exist: he was a fictional character from the pen of subversive Jews that Constantine would use to tame the blond beast.)

Film Kali Yuga

Sherlock Holmes

In my previous post I mentioned My Fair Lady, in which the actor Jeremy Brett sings ‘On the Street Where You Live’ which made waves among female boomers. But I was unaware that, in later years, Brett had starred in an English television series that takes up the Sherlock Holmes stories from the pen of Arthur Conan Doyle. In these times, when the ethno-treason and ethno-suicidal psychosis of white people has reached its final metastasis, it is refreshing to have a little escapism with a series of programmes that transport us back to 19th-century England, before the treachery that the West is currently suffering.

I must say that the movies that have recently come out about Sherlock Holmes have nothing to do with Doyle’s stories. They are films whose screenplays were made already in the darkest hour of the West. Even a 1979 film like Murder by Decree with stars like Christopher Plummer and James Mason already contains subtle messages of cultural self-loathing.

When I was twelve I bought Doyle’s complete works on the most famous detective of all time but never read them; just an illustrated Sherlock Holmes story for children my age. But nowadays children no longer have access to such illustrated stories; only to the most recent ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movies, which are not even loosely based on Doyle’s prose: they are inventions of our dark age. I don’t even want to mention the titles of those recent movies that betray Doyle’s stories.

I am attracted to the figure of Holmes because I have become a sort of detective looking for psycho-historical clues to understand the dark hour. Or rather: I have taken advice from the best historical detectives to understand the present, and I am referring to the literature I recommend in the featured post. From this angle, I would rather be a Dr Watson who took the trouble to narrate the adventures of his mentor. Although Dr Watson’s work is not original (Holmes is the original investigator) in the featured post it is more than clear why whites, contemporary Englishmen included, are hating themselves in our century to the point of wanting to commit ethnic suicide.

I have been to England several times in my life, in the 1980s and 1990s, but it was only in 2014 that I spoke to a group of racialists, at the London Forum. At a round table at The Victory Service Club, located at 79 Seymour Street, near Edgware Road, one of the members of that forum remarked to me that he had liked my excerpts from Pierce’s Who We Are and that he had sent the links to another of the London Forum members. What a strange thing that, having been born in an underdeveloped country whose majority is so inferior to the stock of the native English, I have more detective insight than these educated London racialists…

A perfectly legal way to start rebelling against the ethnocidal System is to repudiate the degenerate clothing that has become fashionable in recent decades and start dressing as the English dressed before they began to hate themselves. For the time being, I’ll finish watching the rest of the episodes of the series featuring Jeremy Brett. Now that my mother has died I’ve cancelled my Cable subscription, which was in my name but only she watched it. From the point of view of the fourteen words, everything that can now be seen on TV is ethno-treason, and only by watching old films from the previous century that recreate the 19th-century West is it possible to detect something of the pre-Kali Yuga zeitgeist.

Kali Yuga Kalki

Savitri & Eduardo


To whom this site is dedicated

As promised in this comment when I announced the PDF of Savitri Devi’s book, the entry below this post translates, from Spanish into English, an essay that Eduardo Velasco published on his now-defunct webzine Evropa Soberana. The subject is Hinduism: a fundamental topic to understanding Savitri’s point of view.

I don’t know exactly what to say about these Hinduist predictions in Eduardo Velasco’s blog post ‘The Fate of the World According to the Indo-Aryans’ (original in Spanish: here). In general, I tend to be more sceptical than Savitri and Eduardo when it comes to paranormal precognition. But since Eduardo alluded to dream symbols I could say that, from that viewpoint, there could be real gold in the oldest Aryan religion that has left sacred scriptures.


What the word ‘Kalki’ means under my pen

Consider the Kalki archetype for example. In Savitri’s prose and Eduardo’s quotations we are told that he will be a personal entity that will destroy the wicked. Since over the decades I have given much thought to exterminationism, it is only natural that the finding that this apocalyptic figure is invoked precisely in the oldest Aryan religion caught my attention. Before discovering Savitri’s philosophy it was something I was unaware of!

Kalki and his white horse. In Hindu traditions, Kalki is the last incarnation (avatara) of the god Viṣṇú. In the above copperplate engraving we see an illustration of an English translation of Zaaken van den Godsdienst by the Dutch writer François Valentijn (1666-1727).

I believed in the paranormal from the middle 1970s to the middle 90s. Nowadays, because of my rationalist mind, it seems to me that we could interpret the figure of Kalki not personally, but as the apocalypse for mankind that energy devolution will represent. Let us remember that, among contemporary racialists, only the retired blogger Sebastian E. Ronin made peak oil his pivot for understanding how Aryans will have one more chance to save themselves when energy devolution wipes off several billion humans. (If there is anything we could call human personnel in the Kalki archetype, it will be the leader and his henchmen who will be in charge of eliminating the surviving scum after billions have already died when the oil runs out. It is to this future apprentice of our ideas, or leader who will achieve what Hitler failed to achieve, that I dedicate this site.)

Originally, after reading Arthur Clarke’s Childhood’s End in 1984 I became a sort of parapsychologist. I obviously failed. Now that I understand science much better than when I was a young man, I dare not say dogmatically that the paranormal, which includes the precognition we read in both Savitri and Eduardo’s prose about Hinduism, doesn’t exist. What I am saying, after delving deeply into the parapsychological and sceptical literature from 1985 to 1997 is that, despite their claims, parapsychologists have no real evidence for what they call ‘Psi’. That doesn’t mean that extrasensory perception (which includes precognition) and psychokinesis (another term invented by parapsychologists) don’t exist. It means that we have no real scientific evidence that they do exist. Above I mentioned 1997 because that year I read Nicholas Humphrey’s Leaps of Faith which corroborated what I already knew from a couple of years earlier: that parapsychologists haven’t demonstrated the existence of the putative phenomenon they study. (Likewise, Christian theologians haven’t demonstrated, and obviously won’t demonstrate, the historicity of Christ or even the existence of the god of the Jews.)

That said, my rationalist scepticism doesn’t rob the first Aryan religion of its numinousness, or even profound truth. From a symbolic point of view, Hinduism may be telling us great truths. Any reader of Jung will understand what we are saying. But regardless of a psychologistic interpretation of religion, my motivation for translating Eduardo’s article has to do with my purpose to elucidate and round up what Savitri told us in the book we translated and abridged. (Incidentally, I will be translating other articles by Eduardo in the future, although, as they are very long, unlike the one published below I will divide them into several entries.)


How I would interpret the term ‘Kali Yuga’

The other issue is Kali Yuga, also explained in Savitri’s and Eduardo’s texts. Taking into account my book Day of Wrath (see ‘Our books’) it is clear that I don’t believe in such a thing as a previous Golden Age. But I do believe that our age is the darkest for the survival of the white race since prehistory, a dark age that those versed in Hinduism call Kali Yuga.

In my view, the dark hour for the Aryans began when Hannibal’s armies decimated the Romans. After the Punic Wars the Republic was no longer as it had been before. The process of miscegenation and eventual intermarriage and blood-mixing that would culminate, a few centuries later, with the Christians coming to power, already started after that pyrrhic victory over Carthage. After Constantinople was funded, the new capital of the Roman Empire became a melting pot for all races and a bye-bye to Nordicism throughout the Mediterranean.

In short, from my point of view the Christian era is the dark age, the Kali Yuga. This way of interpreting Aryan religion is closer to Friedreich Nietzsche, a fan of the Law of Manu, than to Savitri or Eduardo who wanted to rescue what they call the esoteric side of Christianity. I, on the other hand, believe that the whole of Christendom is cursed and that we should strive to transvalue Judeo-Christian values back to Aryan values. Hitler’s pantheism, as described by a friend, Savitri Devi, and a foe, Richard Weikart, is very close to this ideal; and for this reason Savitri’s book is a kind of manifesto for The West’s Darkest Hour.

Kali Yuga Miscegenation

Astronomical self-hatred

The last time I visited England I saw loads of advertisements, everywhere: photos of mixed couples, English roses with Orcs.

When I first visited England, in the early 1980s, there was none of that on the streets or in the subway. It is obvious that the English of today suffers from a self-hatred without precedent in history: a self-hatred that reaches, indeed, astronomical levels.

(This was a response to what an Englishman commented this morning on this site.)

Exterminationism Kali Yuga Kalki Savitri Devi Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book) Third Reich

Reflections of an Aryan woman, 102

Perhaps the last great collective Aryan creation in the West was that of the German Third Reich, with the architects of the new Chancellery and the Nuremberg Stadium; the sculptors Arno Brecker and Kolbe, and the interpreters of Wagner—in particular, the extraordinary conductor Fürtwangler. It was the result of a prodigious upsurge of the whole of Germany, under the inspiration of the supreme artist, Adolf Hitler, against the tide of world decadence. This momentum was abruptly interrupted, after only six years, by England’s declaration of war on Germany, immediately followed by the familiar coalition of hatred, under the overt or subtle leadership of the Jews.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: This is where Savitri and many white nationalists fail, in that the leadership actually came from the American ethno-traitors (see what I said yesterday about John Mearsheimer). That doesn’t mean that Jewry is non-guilty. It means that Jewry was always a minor player compared to the anti-German initiative of the Anglo-Americans. (The best metaphor I can think of is a poison in which the active ingredient is provided by the ethno-traitors, and the catalyst that accelerates that poison by the Jews.)


______ 卐 ______


Everything that the non-German West has produced recently that is truly great—in France, for example, the work of a Robert Brasillach, a Henry de Montherlant, a Céline, a Benoît-Méchin, a Saint-Loup—has been, in one way or another, affected by the spirit of the Reich. There is, moreover, from one end to the other, a deep pessimism like a prescience of the inevitable death or the ‘decline of the West’ already announced by Spengler.

And the East is no better. It lives on its traditional wisdom; it performs its immutable rites and quotes its sacred scriptures whose content is older than prehistory since it is truth itself—non-human truth. But it doesn’t seem to have the strength to draw from it anything to regenerate from top to bottom. (It is, I remind you, a Hindu minority, as well as a European one, and a minority without political influence, alas, that has understood what eternal link exists between Hitlerism and the Doctrine of violent action in absolute detachment, as preached by Lord Krishna to the Aryan warrior Arjuna, in the Bhagawad-Gita).

I have, on the other hand, now, in 1971, found in India more echoes than ever of the expression of my passionate expectation of the Kalki avatar, and the end of the Dark Age. Others await it as I do, and they too don’t feel that there is anything to deplore at the thought of the end of man—except for those few whom the last divine Incarnation will welcome as collaborators, deeming them worthy to open with Him the Golden Age of the next Cycle.

There is no reason to be saddened by the idea that the innumerable ugliness that we see spreading everywhere, on every continent, will one day be definitively swept away along with those who have produced them, encouraged or tolerated them, and who continue to produce new ones.

There is no need to be saddened by the fear that the old and beautiful human creations—the Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon, the temples of South India, Ellora, Angkor, Chartres Cathedral—may well be swept away along with them, in the colossal fury of the End.

The ugliness that man has accumulated, the desecrations of the Earth of which even the best races have been guilty in this century of universal decay, neutralise by far all that the genius of the Ancients has produced that is greatest and most beautiful. They make us forget the winged bulls of Babylon and Assyria, the friezes of the Greek temples and the Byzantine mosaics, and tip the scales in favour of the disappearance of the human species.

Moreover, eternal works no longer belong in today’s world. We don’t even see them anymore. The ugly glass and steel buildings for offices, erected recently in the centre of Athens around the Place de la Constitution, completely hide the view of the Acropolis from anyone standing in the square. The frame of the four-thousand-year-old cities is destroyed. Lycabettos, three-quarters stripped of its beautiful pine forest, is no longer Lycabettos in the eyes of those who knew and loved it fifty years ago.

And so it is everywhere. It is, or will be tomorrow on a planetary scale, the realisation of the sacrilegious dream of Descartes and all the devotees of anthropocentrism. It is the triumph of the immense human anthill over the savannah, the desert, all the terrestrial spaces where the superior man could still be alone and, through visible beauty and contact with the innocence of private life of the word, commune with the eternal.

Kali Yuga Miscegenation Savitri Devi Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book) Winston Churchill

Reflections of an Aryan woman, 99

What I am saying here about the decline of the Aryan is not confined to India. It is a fact observable in any country with a multiracial population, in which the State opposes the promotion of the superior ethnic elements, instead of encouraging it at all costs and by all means. This is particularly evident in any country with a multiracial population in which the state clings to democratic rule, where power rests with the majority. It is a fact which, in an ironic twist of fate, is increasingly threatening to take hold in Britain itself, as a growing multitude of non-Aryans of the most diverse races, and people of no race at all, peacefully invade and swarm.

I have been forbidden to visit England since my participation in the Hitler camp at Costwolds in August 1962, and I cannot, unfortunately, give here the result of recent personal observations. I can, however, state that the situation created nine and more years ago by the presence on British soil of almost two million Africans, Jamaicans and Pakistanis, not to mention, of course, the Jews who had arrived as early as 1933, was already alarming, if not tragic. And, according to the echoes that I have been able to hear, it has only worsened since then, as no measures have been taken to expel all these non-native elements.

There has been an attempt, it seems, or a pretence of an attempt, to exercise somewhat tighter control over the entry of these Commonwealth subjects into England. But this is not the solution to the problem. Non-Aryans, and especially Africans and Jamaicans (the latter, originally African Negroes too), are multiplying at a rate nine times faster than the average European Aryan. It is clear, therefore, that an absolute ban on even one new immigration would surely not be enough to stem the danger to Britain’s very fabric.

Assuming that not a single non-Aryan, Negro or Jew, or Indian Sudanese who have been converted to Islam for some time (for that is what a ‘Pakistani’ is), lands in England from now on, even for a temporary stay, it would make virtually no difference to the situation in the long run, that is to say, to what is already the tragedy of the race problem, in the country which has madly given itself the mission of fighting Hitler’s racism with arms. It wouldn’t change anything because, I repeat, the non-Aryan immigrants who are already settled in England—who work there, who live there with their families, who have acquired, for the most part, citizenship—multiply much faster than the English; and because the benefits, and in particular the medical benefits, which are lavished on them, only encourage their demographic growth. All further immigration being, let us assume, forbidden, the numerical proportion of the Aryan to the non-Aryan population of Great Britain during the next few decades, and a fortiori; during the centuries to come, would nevertheless shift in favour of the non-Aryans, and among these, the Negroes: the people who multiply fastest.

We must also take into account the inevitable mixing of races, all the more frequent (and more revolting) because to the growing perversity of the men and women of the advanced Dark Ages, we must add the influence of a whole literature designed to arouse and maintain a morbid sexual curiosity. Today, yesterday, ten years ago and more, it is (and was) not uncommon to see in the streets of London some beautiful blonde Englishwoman pushing in front of her a child’s carriage in which rest (or rested) one or sometimes two little Euro-African half-breeds.

You can see them even in small towns (I have seen them in Croydon, Chettleham, and elsewhere). It would only be possible to put an end to these shameful and unnatural unions and this production of half-breeds, by changing the mentality of a youth that has so far been increasingly indoctrinated with anti-racism, while taking radical measures for the definitive removal, if not the physical elimination, of current or potential undesirables.

If they are to be kept alive and their labour used, all half-breeds should be sterilised without exception, as well as Aryan women guilty of crimes against the race: for once they have been impregnated, even once, by foreign seed, they are no longer safe (there have been cases in which the child of a very acceptable husband bore a dangerous resemblance to the unacceptable lover whom his mother had left long before his conception). And all Negroes, Jews, and other non-Aryan elements should be forced to leave the national territory, or at least to live there only in exceptional cases, and then subject to laws and regulations that keep them in their place—such as the famous Nuremberg Laws of September 15, 1935 that protected the racial integrity of Germans under the Third Reich.

But for this to be possible, Britain would have to have a dictatorial government of the same type as that of Germany in 1935, and inspired like it by the ancient faith in the excellence of blood purity. Can it ever hope to have one?

Such a Government was able, across the Rhine, in 1933, to come to power ‘by the legal way’, that is to say ‘democratically’, by relying on a majority of voters (and what a majority!) in universal suffrage. It was able to do so because the German people, without having the racial homogeneity the Führer dreamed of, at least had sufficient biological unity to feel their interest linked to that of the Aryan blood. If nothing is done, and done soon, to remove the non-Aryans in Britain from participation in public affairs, it is clear that, given their soaring numbers, they will play an increasingly decisive role in the country’s internal and external politics and its cultural life. (The theatre, cinema and television already seem to have long since become the ‘reserved hunting ground’ of the Jews, without whose approval nothing is played.)

The Aryans will eventually have to abdicate the position of leadership which the virtues, inherent in their race, had given to their fathers, at a time when democracy was conceived only among equals, and there were neither Negroes nor Jews in England[1]. They can, of course, remain pure of blood. And for that to happen, they will have to take great care that their children’s minds are not contaminated by the increasingly insistent influence of the multiracial school, radio, television, cinema, the press, books (especially textbooks); in a word, all the means of dissemination that the majority, hostile to all ‘racial pride’, will have taken more and more firmly in hand.

What is certain is that their numbers will diminish more and more, and especially diminish in proportion to those of men of other races who will then call themselves, without having any right to do so, ‘the English people’ (like so many Indians today, Dravidians, or even mixed-race aborigines who, without having any more right to do so, boast of being part of the Aryajati, the Aryan race, the biological elite of their country).

Eventually, in a few centuries, they will be a hundred thousand, fifty thousand, twenty thousand, scattered over the whole surface of the British Isles, then overpopulated with half-breeds of different shades. They will be drowned in some hundred or two hundred million robots, generally dark-skinned, with the most varied features, a termite mound directed by the diabolical intelligence of a few Jewish technocrats. They will be the only creatures in this termite mound worthy of the name ‘man’ in the sense we would use it. But the world of that time will have no use for such creatures.

Perhaps they will cultivate in themselves a belatedly awakened Aryan consciousness. Perhaps they will manage, despite the distances, to meet from time to time, in small groups, and talk nostalgically about ‘old England’, now deader than the Athens of Pericles. Perhaps, at some pitiful meeting, on some historic anniversary, some man of knowledge and insight will arise and tell his brethren of the race the remote and deep causes of their downfall.

‘Behold,’ he will tell them, ‘we are paying the price of the folly of our fathers of the 19th and 20th centuries; those who, in what was once our Empire, encouraged the propaganda of the Christian missionaries, compulsory vaccination, and the adherence of the “literates” to democratic principles; of those, above all, who, moreover, stubbornly refused the hand sincerely extended to them by the greatest of all Europeans: Adolf Hitler; of those who, in response to his repeated offer of alliance and his promise to leave us the domination of the seas, unleashed the Second World War against him, drowned his country in a deluge of phosphorus and fire, and burned alive nearly five million of his compatriots, women and children, under the burning rubble or in the shelters where the liquefied asphalt of the streets penetrated in fiery streams. We are paying the price for the crimes of Mr Churchill and others and of all those who believed in them and fought against National Socialist Germany, our sister, the defender of our common race. These men, you may say, were bona fide, but short-sighted. That may be so. But that doesn’t excuse them before history. Stupidity is itself a crime when the interest of the nation, and especially of the race, is at stake. We cannot do what our fathers did—to their shame and ours—and escape punishment!’

The punishment will be to have some woolly-haired, simian-faced Christian as Prime Minister of Great Britain: a descendant of equatorial African immigrants annihilated for ‘services rendered’, and perhaps named Winston, after the gravedigger of the former British Empire. The punishment will be to live amid a brownish, camel-headed England—also, at least in large part, woolly-haired—whose former inhabitants, the legitimate inhabitants, the Aryans, whether Normans, Saxons or Celts, will number as few as the Native Americans on the reservations do today in the U.S.

Then, perhaps, groups of true Englishmen, more obstinate than the others in their resentment of the defeated and betrayed, more combative if not less desperate, will burn, every 8th of May, some effigy of Churchill, purposely grotesque; his big puffy, plump face, furnished with the legendary cigar, and smeared like that of a clown; his big belly stuffed with gunpowder. May 8 will, indeed, at last be recognised as the anniversary of the shame of England as much as of the misfortune of the ‘sister nation’, once hated, now adored with all the passion that accompanies a remorse that we know is useless. Perhaps these same Englishmen, and others, will publicly worship Adolf Hitler, the Saviour whom their ancestors of yesterday rejected and whom their ancestors of today—our contemporaries—still insult. Perhaps there will be, among the dwindling number of Aryans throughout the world, a militant minority, serene, almost happy in its unshakeable loyalty, who will worship him while waiting to become (they or their descendants) the bodyguard of the Avenger he hinted at, but was not: Kalki.

But all late repentance and retrospective devotions will remain ineffective, both in Europe and among the Aryan minorities in other countries, especially in an increasingly Jewless and negrified America. Nothing can save the youngest of humanity’s noble races from the fate that must befall it as a consequence of the crimes committed or tolerated by too many of its representatives, under the influence of an anthropocentrism of the wrong sort. These crimes will be followed by ‘return shocks’, slowly no doubt, but all the more irresistibly as those who committed or tolerated them were more responsible (or should have been) while being less detached, more focused on themselves and their narrow-minded notions, than on the Universe: the Cosmos and the essence of the Cosmos.

There are all kinds of crimes, the wages of which have been accumulating for millennia—crimes against all animal aristocracies, from mighty bison to graceful deer, from great cats to common cats, tigers in miniature; crimes against the massacred forest, against the impassive sea, sullied by all the filth of invading industry; crimes against all human aristocracies, especially against the Aryan race itself, against the Germans in Europe, against the purest Aryas in the Indies, in Asia, in the name of Christ or Christian ‘values’; in the name of Democracy or Marxism, always in the name of some faith or philosophy invented and spread by Jews.


[1] There were no Jews in England from 1290, when King Edward I expelled them, until the middle of the 17th century when Cromwell, who owed their bankers enormous sums, recalled them.