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This site is about the recognition of the
enemy or Feinderkennung: Christianity.

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On WDH commenters

I have wanted to settle the score with them for years because they are a microcosm of what happens on the extreme wing of racial dissent. What I wrote in my previous post about one of them, who told me he was going to commit suicide, released my reticence. Now I am ready to say to them a few truths.

I apologise in advance if, regarding the twenty-five commenters I have chosen below as a paradigm, many other regular commenters from the past or present don’t appear. For example, Adit has commented here numerous times, but only those who have made me think of something I would like to respond, appear in the list below. And the same can be said for many other commenters who do not appear below.

Likewise, I won’t offer my views on the commenters from the first incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour that ran from 2009 to 2011 (the second incarnation was deplatformed by WordPress; the current one is the third). Since I started my blogging career in the counter-Jihad, in that first incarnation there were still commenters who came from those quarters, including notable Jews like Larry Auster and Takuan Seiyo. In that old incarnation of this site I passed the mic to a critic of this pair, Tanstaafl, who also doesn’t appear in the twenty-five commenters below. Nor do notable racialists like Matt Parrott appear because he barely commented on this site.

So here we go! The commenters I chose are listed in alphabetical order:

Arch Stanton

This good man is one of those white nationalists who sees everything through the prism of the Jewish question. I found it so maddening to argue with him that after a few years I told him he was no longer welcome. There are quite a few commenters like this Christian on the American racial right. I remember one of my articles where I was talking about pre-Hispanic Amerindians and… Arch Stanton jumped in to talk about Jewry. Those were times when there wasn’t a single Jew on the American continent. But these monocausalists sometimes cannot bear to see anything outside their Judeo-reductionist prism.


I banned this Ukrainian (or ‘little Russian’ as he once called himself) several times for bad behaviour; I let him comment again and again over a few years, and eventually I banned him permanently. I spared him before because Adunai has a good grasp of what the transvaluation of values is. But his admiration for Stalin means that his comments had no place on a site that honours the memory of Adolf Hitler and the German people of the previous century. A few examples will exemplify why I banned him.

A couple of times he said that it might be a good idea for parents to burn their children alive in the context of ritual human sacrifice (cf. my book Day of Wrath).

Over the years I have kept diaries in which I write my views about my soliloquies, my family and even the commenters, sometimes writing long entries saying very harsh things. When I attracted people to my site who dared to make such comments, on June 19, 2019, I wrote: ‘What am I doing wrong? What did [George Lincoln] Rockwell do wrong by accepting into his ranks the one who would kill him?’ (my Diary #20, page 120). And on the next page we can read a paragraph that portrays me:

Just as Alcides and Rafael [chess comrades] came a few years ago to eat meat on my birthday and I had a vegetarian dinner, the following year, now more refined, I didn’t even invite them (they still eat meat and I didn’t want to see them at my table doing that again). In the same way I cut off the defective ones who come to my blog. It doesn’t matter that I’m left alone. What matters is both my physical and companionable diet.

Two pages further on we can read in my diary from five years ago: ‘It is time for a true priest of the 4 and 14 words to be born’.

Adunai could not understand why, if I was an exterminationist, I wasn’t at the same time cruel to animals. The answer is simple: if I am an exterminationist it is precisely because humans are cruel to animals (and many to their own children, as is clear from my trilogy in Spanish).

By the way, Adunai still lives in Ukraine. He is lucky he hasn’t been conscripted to fight against the Russians, though I ignore the details of his life in the ongoing war.

Autisticus Spasticus

I also had to ban this young Brit because, as his pen name suggests, he is kind of autistic. Over a few years he asked, or rather demanded, that I give him my opinion on a matter that was of utmost importance to him (something related to artistic representations of women in Greco-Roman times). He never seemed to understand that I wasn’t obliged to answer all his questions. His mental condition makes him believe that he is entitled to have us answer off-topic questions in discussion threads (he recently did it to me again in The Unz Review; obviously I didn’t answer him).

And by the way, I ask those I have banned not to bother trying to comment below. I’ll archive your opinions, yes: but I won’t let them through here.

Axl Atman

This woman used to comment here a few years ago. Her comments were intelligent, except for her intellectual sympathies for Satanism. These sympathies for the devil and Charles Manson are a very typical American pathology (though sometimes Europeans become infected with it too). I will address this issue later when talking about other commenters. I never banned Atman, but she stopped commenting after a debate we had on Greco-Roman pederasty.

Benjamin Power

I talked about him on Friday in the post revealing that he was committed this month to an insane asylum. Despite not being rich, Benjamin has been a generous sponsor of this site. On my anti-psychiatric site in Spanish I have written about how we should treat an individual suffering a psychotic crisis: in a humane way and under no circumstances resort to involuntary psychiatry (those who don’t speak Spanish can translate my article with Google).

Dr Morales

This Latin American used to comment on this site. I wrote last month about this troll who impersonates me on racialist forums, saying incredibly stupid things under my name to discredit me in the eyes of my colleagues. Here I would just like to add that, remedying my prose, the impersonator Morales has recently been using my initials in his pen name for The Unz Review: ‘C.T. Priest of the fourteen words’.


This commenter’s linguistic exegesis of the Bible and critique of Christianity is very erudite. Unfortunately, as in my case and despite our anti-Christianity, there are still many religious introjects lingering in the depths of our unconscious—introjects that neither Gaedhal nor I have been able to exorcise. Such is the power of the parental introject…! After writing my autobiographical trilogy of almost two thousand pages, I realised that removing all the programming implanted in us by our (abusive) parents is a task for gods rather than mortals.


This man, whose initials are R.M. and who years ago commented here copiously, is the only one of the commenters whom I quote in one of the epigraphs of my trilogy. For the sake of modesty, I wouldn’t like to cite that quote (although it is no secret for those who obtain a copy of the book). I will always remember his laudatory words.

Iranian for Aryans

I don’t know if I behaved badly with this Iranian but I would like to ask for an opinion on the matter.

Since the beginning of the second incarnation of this site in 2011, this man, who also commented on other forums (e.g. Counter-Currents), said things about degenerate music that no Aryan said in those forums. They all seemed degenerate in musical tastes compared to this US-based Iranian’s fondness for classical music. He even sent me an illustrated book about Maxfield Parrish which was impossible to order from Mexico via Amazon Books.

But on Facebook I discovered that he had a blonde girlfriend… This is neither the fault of the Iranian nor of the blonde: it is the fault of the Aryan men of that country and of the West in general who allow the existence of such couples (cf. what I will say below about the Visigoths). I scolded him by email and he informed me that he had no offspring with this woman, and it seems that he already has separated from her.

My dilemma in judging him is that, while he defends the West in matters of music and cultural degeneracy in general, he shouldn’t have posted those photos on Facebook. If he were really an Iranian fighting for Aryan interests, he should make it clear that only by adopting a hundred per cent Nordid child, and never having offspring of his own, would it be legitimate to have such a partner to raise him or her.

Irrelevant Nobody

It was this Greek, who told me on Friday that he was going to commit suicide, who motivated me to write this article.

What can I say?

First of all, if he did commit suicide his eulogy of Hitler and Himmler is at odds with such a decision (if he ever followed through on it).

I am forty years older than this Greek, and yet I would like to adopt an Aryan baby to raise him with a female friend I have known for thirty years. If what Irrelevant Nobody says is true, he gives no details of his family tragedy. My family also suffered such a horrible tragedy that drove my now-deceased sister mad. And yet I follow the motto of Martin Kerr about a genuine National Socialist: National Socialism is a lifestyle! This means, as Savitri Devi rightly saw, taking our vows in what she called ‘the religion of the strong’. And that in turn means that despite rain, thunder or lightning, in our lives we must always work to fulfil the ideals of the Führer.

I told the Greek young man in two emails that, if he committed suicide, the System would win. That is precisely what the System wants us dissidents to do!

If what he told me in his email is true and he is now dead, I must say that there is no right to kill oneself if it is possible to do something for the sacred words. And the most painful thing is that this Greek lad was, if I give credence to his comments posted on this site, almost an ideological clone of me at the level of a pupil: something truly impressive.

If anyone lives in Greece, please research the name of this man mentioned in the previous post along with his day of birth (and death?). I would be very interested to know if what he told me is true.

Jack Halliday

This commenter was one of the most intelligent commenters on this site. But he got really mad when, in a thread, I said that Charles Manson fans had a screw loose, which I still believe. I called him a ‘teenager’, which is not an insult as Halliday was a teenager during that flaming debate, and after calling me mudblood and countless other insults by email he never commented again.

This is another facet of the West’s dark hour. In my day teenagers respected adults, especially those who were decades older than them, as in my case compared to Halliday (to whom, by the way, I had sent Day of Wrath to England, although we never met in person). Now the kids feel entitled to insult the elders. It is obvious that, despite his intelligence—thanks to Halliday I discovered the essay of Judea against Rome in Evropa Soberana—it is good that we have made a clean break. (Incidentally, a Spanish-language Metapedia editor has just published an article about this webzine that the System banned.)

In my diaries I wrote many entries on commenters that disappointed me, as my January 2019 entry shows. Halliday, who apparently suffered bullying, adored the killers of their schoolmates (consider the bullying that the kid who attempted on Trump’s life had experienced at school!). Halliday and I live in different universes. He once compared Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler to the detriment of the latter and criticised Adolf for going to the opera. Echoing the writings of James Mason, Halliday claimed that salvation comes from the lowest strata of society, and morbidly linked videos of perpetrators like those of the Columbine massacre.

In the flaming discussion thread I rephrased a saying to Halliday: ‘Tell me who you admire and I’ll tell you who you are!’

Jake F.

To Jake I originally dedicated the first editions of my Day of Wrath. He was the first commenter who started providing me with very positive feedback on my articles that revalued values, such as ‘Dies Irae’ published in 2011. Not long ago Jake stopped commenting for unknown reasons. I conjecture that my criticism of the US (cf., for example, what I said on July 11 about George Washington) is related to his distancing himself from my site.


When Jamie started commenting here there was still a residue of Christian morality in his mindset, but it didn’t take him long to understand our point of view. I don’t know much about his personal life but, from what he comments, I guess he’s been in the racialist movement for a while now, and knows it much better than I do (I only discovered it in my early fifties!).

John Martinez

I have already talked about this Brazilian in the post where I confessed that he stood me up, for almost an hour, in a London underground station the day I arrived in London from the other side of the Atlantic, without sleeping on the journey, and without telling me he had gone to drink beers (or to find a toilet to urinate the residue of the beers he had ingested)!

I don’t want to add anything more here about that embarrassing day. But what happened to me was the result of admiring a guy’s intellect without gauging his character. Like Halliday, Martinez had a high IQ. But in both cases I failed horribly, judging them solely on their intellect. When I went back and told my friend about it, she remarked that this was a typical male mistake. She was right: a good character is infinitely more relevant than mere IQ.

Joseph Walsh

Like Martinez, I dealt with Walsh during that trip to the UK. Walsh is now serving a seven-year prison sentence. He was charged with terrorism for what he said on the podcasts with his friend Chris Gibbons, who is also serving a similar sentence, but as far as I know neither was inciting violence (see my article here). I wasn’t at the trial but I’d love to hear from someone with more knowledge of exactly what happened earlier this year in that trial. Along with Benjamin Power who has been committed to a psychiatric ward, two former commenters on this list are now locked up by the System.

But Walsh always had a dark side: his admiration for Charles Manson. Before prison, he had already been in a psychiatric ward because of abuse inflicted on him as a teenager by his mother (a good reader of Alice Miller who, years later, would apologise to her son). When I lived in Walsh’s flat for a few days a decade ago, I showed him a video of Robert Whitaker, a critic of the iatrogenic psychiatric drugs Walsh was taking. He ignored me and preferred to continue admiring Manson rather than the critics of the pseudoscience that had him suffering from akathisia that I myself witnessed in his flat.

I never banned Walsh from commenting here. But already by 2019 I liked that he was hardly commenting as he used to do before. The case of a Romanian I will discuss later will add to my thoughts on Halliday and Walsh.


Above I was asking if I misbehaved with the Iranian, in as much as I told him off strongly when I saw the photos with his partner. But in Kurt’s case, I do think I behaved badly towards him.

A few years ago, in response to comments he made trying to understand homosexual behaviour, I told him he was homo and didn’t apologise for it. I rarely regret the harsh things I have said in the comments section but I do harbour some regrets in this case (Kurt hasn’t commented here again, understandably).


I can’t comment on him for obvious reasons (next month we’ll meet in person, and only then we’ll discuss our differences).

Mister Deutsch

Of Italian descent, this was one of the first commenters on the second incarnation of this site. He was offended when I pointed out that a brown-skinned Italian football player wasn’t white. He stopped commenting.

Like Halliday and Martinez, what struck me about this Italian was that he was very insightful, until his blind spot came out. Years later even Jake F. remembered Mister Deutsch in one of our podcasts. It’s funny how the Mediterranean’s complex towards those who take Nordicism for granted is so deep that such an obvious thing, as pointing out skin colour, becomes anathema. They prefer to abandon discussion in order not to touch one of the silly dogmas of American white nationalism: the equality between Mediterraneans and Nordids.


This cultured Briton, like the Iranian, understood as few others do the toxicity that degenerate music represents for the spiritual health of the Aryan soul (something similar to the problem that pornography represents for our spiritual health). Thanks to one of his comments I understood why Solzhenitsyn, though he wanted so much to destroy Bolshevism, never endorsed Hitler’s war. Roger made me realise that it was because of Solzhenitsyn’s Orthodox Christianity: something that hadn’t occurred to me until then. Unfortunately, when I was travelling in the UK and wanted to meet Roger personally, he didn’t reply to my emails.


More than once this young American made a sharp observation refuting one of the myths of liberal egalitarianism: that valuing human beauty is subjective. He pointed out that, by comparing the most harmonious cranial proportions with some mathematical proportions, it had been discovered the effect that beauty produces. Unfortunately, Rollory, whom I had known since my stage on the anti-jihad forums, was offended when he mailed me a book and I told him I wouldn’t read it because of the small size of its letters. He has not commented since.

Owl of Minerva

This Australian was the most generous sponsor I have ever had. But he so abruptly stopped communicating with me that I assumed he had passed away. I kept sending him Christmas cards to Australia but his family never replied. I know his real name but I don’t want to reveal it in this entry.

Spahn Ranch

I believe he is Dr Morgan who has commented on The Unz Review and who has used other pseudonyms both on my site and on The Occidental Observer.

While his views of Christianity have been spot on, he never wanted to respond honestly to the critique of his techno-reductionism that Adunai and I have made. Although, as we saw on Thursday, I am in favour of returning to the plough (human beings are not yet ready for technological civilisation), Ranch never answered an obvious objection.

Adunai and I believe that Christian morality is the primary cause of the white man’s ills, especially the exterminationist self-hatred of his own ethnicity. If technology were primarily responsible, highly technological nations like China would suffer from this exterminationist self-hatred. They don’t suffer from it for the simple fact that it is only former Protestant and Catholic countries that are now suffering from ethnosuicidal neochristianity. (Something akin to what Tom Sunic tried to convey in that memorable meeting in a Hungarian restaurant, with Jared Taylor present, when Richard Spencer was escorted by the police so that he wouldn’t speak.)

Along with Jack Halliday and Joseph Walsh, Ranch was one of a trio of intelligent commenters who disappointed me big time when I realised that they admired Charles Manson. Ranch even went so far as to say that it was all well and good to pick on victims like those the Manson family martyred. It was hard for me to lose three intelligent commenters on the same day. Although I didn’t ban them, it was obvious that we were living in parallel universes.

SS Division Poltergeist

This Romanian also used to post comments under another pen name on this site. Like Adunai, SS Division Poltergeist had a very good understanding of the Christian problem, to the extent that he was aware of the ideological misdirection represented by those who blame one hundred per cent of our problems on Jewry. But five years ago I expelled him for the same reasons I would expel Adunai.

That happened when I was quoting Tom Goodrich’s book, Summer 1945. Both he and Adunai had said, in very strong terms, that one shouldn’t feel the slightest compassion for the German martyrs of the Second World War. The Romanian said this with such vehemence in scolding Goodrich that I expelled him for the first time (sometime earlier I had expelled Adunai for the first time for saying something identical about animals martyred by humans). In my diary I wrote: ‘It is unbelievable that these guys don’t realise that I hate them more than I hate the Jews for saying such things’.

After I let him comment again (a great weakness of mine and not only with him!), a few months later this Romanian said that Hitler had been a coward for going back on removing the crucifixes from Bavaria. This is nonsense, since every good politician has to compromise with his people regardless of his convictions. Such comments, and his blasphemies against the martyrs of WW2, moved me to ban him for good.


This man, who also commented on Alex Linder’s forum under the pen name Vance Stubbs, was another one of those whose intelligence impressed me. He seems to have been disappointed by something unspecific and stopped commenting (I don’t know if he continues to aggregate his opinions on other racialist forums under another pen name). To Stubbs I owe the insightful observation that white nationalists—Christians and neochristians in the final analysis!—treat Mediterraneans as Republicans treat mestizos (Stubbs was referring to the American Republican Party).

Tom Rogers

Several years ago Jack Halliday gave Tom Rogers a very wise retort. Like virtually all British men today, Rogers’ greatest character flaw lies in his utter inability to hate his country’s traitors (the antithesis of Rudyard Kipling’s poem that the English should learn to hate again!). I would like to illustrate this with an example of other Englishmen who have nothing to do with Tom Rogers.

On several occasions I have told myself, on my walks in the street, that having internet stalkers like Dr Morales is not my problem. Even the most subversive Jews are not my problem! My problem is the contemporary Aryan. Let us take into consideration what I said on Friday.

Take a look at the faces of Christian Glen Scrivener and neochristian Tom Holland. From a biological point of view, both Englishmen are perfect Aryan specimens. As I see it, just because they are Aryans, they are entitled to have a harem of English roses to impregnate copiously. But not only do they not fantasise about it. Their concern is the welfare of the ‘minorities’ that have invaded their cuck island and, like every Christian and neochristian throughout the West, that Nazism shouldn’t re-emerge!

They are my problem, not the Jews or Latin Americans who defame me over the internet. Pure Aryans infected by an ethnosuicidal ideology are my real enemies. That is, virtually all white men are my enemies in that, almost without exception, they are either Christians or neochristians. (For those unfamiliar with Holland’s book let me rephrase that statement thus: All contemporary whites are either Christians or liberals.)

And that is the rub. How can the priest of the sacred words flourish in a world that inverted the values not only of the classical world, but the values of the Indo-Aryan world, of the world of the ancient Germans and the Vikings?

I will remain faithful to the religion of the strong, to the ideals not only of Hitler but of the Indo-Aryans who didn’t want to soil their blood with the Indian natives, or the Visigoths who burned at the stake those who interbred with the mudbloods of the Iberian peninsula. I don’t care that the world is upside down from the ideal that Irrelevant Nobody left in his suicide note echoing David Lane’s second fourteen words: ‘…because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth’.

As Holland and Scrivener rightly explained in the video linked in my Saturday post, from an axiological point of view Woke atheism and Christianity have the same root. If the imperial church inaugurated by Constantine hadn’t corrupted the Aryan soul, whites today wouldn’t be mad as hell with an ethnosuicidal religion that virtually everyone and anyone suffers from. This applies even to those white nationalists reluctant to distinguish, like Mister Deutsch and countless others, between white skin and brown skin—in order not to hurt the feelings of non-Nordid Caucasoids!

I live surrounded by brown mestizos. My quixotic father chose the house, where I now live with my sister, in an old area that reminded him of Spanish colonial times. There are other areas in the city whose residents are much whiter than the ones I see every day.

But that sea of brown people is not my problem. My problem is the Catholicism of my anti-racist father, now deceased, and the ideology of Aryans like Holland and Scrivener, of whom there are hundreds of millions. They are my problem and they are also the problem for their offspring in that, unless they wake up, the world of the future will be as mixed race as those I see on the streets every day.


Suicide note

Henry Wallis
The Death of Thomas Chatterton ~ 1856
Tate Gallery

Editor’s Note: Exactly one year ago, on July 20, 2023, my mother passed away and yesterday one of the smartest commenters on this site informed me that he was going to commit suicide today, on July 20, 2024. I sent him three emails: two begging him not to do it (in the third I asked for his family photo), that we needed people like him. He has not replied to them and I don’t know if, at this point in the day when he said he would commit suicide, he finally did it. But that suicide note is so disturbing to me that, if I don’t post anything in the next few days, it’s because I’ll be working on a long article that I might title ‘About the commenters on this site’.

Below I post the email that the commenter sent me, who in the comments section used to post long remarks on the last day of the year, which I then collected in featured posts subtitled ‘by I.N.’:


______ 卐 ______


Hello Dear Mr. Cesar,

I am the I(rrelevant) N(obody). I am grateful for your eye-opening contribution to the illumination, and all around emancipation of my—up until relatively recently—dormant psyche over the last 5 years. You acted as the fuse that triggered my spiritual maturity and ascension. You lead my exploration course down a very beneficial, wisdom—enriching and positive results—yielding road.

Having crossed the river imbues the Noble Soul of the Prospective Warrior with an unmatched confidence and also a realization of the approaches they need to implement in their effort to raise public awareness and rally support for our cause.

I want to leave one more mark on your White-awakening effort. I am not good at analyzing the various issues concerning the hindrance of the advancement of this, hopefully soon West-wide movement, but I have an aptitude at praising and highlighting the achievements of our past and the figures that forged it.

All I can currently offer as heartfelt advice for the near future, is for conscious Aryans to focus on their indefinite self-improvement in all aspects.

The jaw-dropping breakthroughs in science and the rapid advancements of technology are a tool they can utilize to further our agenda and fuel our propaganda.

The current landscape should not dissuade them. The enemy goes to great lengths to convey to us that it is hopeless to resist its genocidal onslaught. The system is desperate to silence and isolate us because it is afraid of our potential.

Harnessing the nascent power of Artificial Intelligence is integral to our corrupt status quo destabilizing cause, if and when the energy devolution transpires. Imagine the limitless possibilities a racially aware State apparatus can possess, as it implements mandatory racial segregation, mudblood surveillance and eventually, extermination.

I wish you the best, and may the Holy Ghost of our Race inspire more solidarity and understanding among us and guide us to more fruitful, more haze clearing, victory pursuing, righteousness upholding, enlightening and evolutionary paths!

Fight for the preservation of the Nordic Aryan superwoman!

The most ideal representative of human evolution!

The uncontested pinnacle of the white race!

At the top of the physiognomic, anthropological and existential hierarchy!

We must not conceal our “indiscretion” toward this vital and pressing matter.

It is an ethical, aesthetic and artistic imperative to acknowledge and emphasize the fragile yet unparalleled beauty of the divine nymphs of Europe!

I humbly say sorry for not answering your mail on June, 2023. Though there was no way I would have lost trace of your digital whereabouts.

I apologize, but due to a plethora of hurdles I was mired in, I could not be a consistent commenter, though I was a devoted and avid reader of your entries.

I also humbly ask you to forgive me for my absence. Unfortunately, I cannot stay alive any longer. I have undergone an unbearable personal and familial tragedy that compels me to take my own life.

I permanently salute you. I am going to commit suicide on July 20th, 2024, to honor The Fuhrer and symbolically join him in his struggle against the traitors who plotted his assassination exactly 80 years ago.

Please, do not alert any authorities.

I do not want to live in a world where Uncle Adolf lost the war, and I lack the strength to contribute to the restoration of His holy memory and fight for the birth of a just New World.

My name was:

Diophantus Vitribellus Kalkimenes

I was a 25 year old Greek Male, born on 12/11/1998.



I am really, extremely thankful for all your teachings. I am leaving you two final works, wherein I exalt the actions and personalities of The Fuhrer and The Reichsfuhrer, who spearheaded the Aryan recovery and counterattack last century, despite the short length of their exploits and their eventual downfall. One For Each.

With this I merely want to offer my two cents and my deep respect and admiration towards their respective works and racial justice-abiding ideals. So, I have a final tribute to honour the two Men who served as the main sculptors of a promising, utopian even New World:


Tom Holland


a sincere Christian explains well what neo-Christianity is. And throughout his recent 37-minute video he uses a couple of interviews of him with Tom Holland.

In the end this Christian, Glen Scrivener, hopes that some unbelievers will return to Christianity, but at least admits that some neo-Nietzscheans are here to stay.




A letter from the Ministry of Love

British commenter of this site, Benjamin Power, has been committed to a psychiatric ward in the UK. Power asked his wife to send to me this message:

I am a legitimate enemy of the state now in extrajudicial forced detention under methodical daily psychiatric torture. Railroaded by authoritarians beyond all due process. Their ignorance will kill me without laying a finger on me. It is impossible not to wonder if unconsciously, unspoken, and never acknowledged, some small part of them desires or requires that, from much higher level than here, not just to save their jobs and guilty profession, much as this discrete latter conclusion is more obvious, on direct empirical observation of their terrible, terrorizing, ganged-up responses.

Those who are not familiar with my critique of psychiatry should now read what I have written about this pseudoscience which, from its origins, has imprisoned dissidents. Cf. my books Day of Wrath (pages 21-30) and Daybreak (pages 27-41; 105-127).

Update of 1:58 p.m. Benjamin’s wife says:

Hi César, they are basically moving him onto a section 3 because it is their view that he needs medication to prevent any further psychotic episodes and he is refusing to take it and that way they can force it on him without his consent.

They are putting him on an injection medication that he has been on before which gave him terrible side effects and did nothing to stop the episodes from occurring.

One of my articles linked above (in Daybreak) is titled ‘From the Great confinement to Chemical Gulag’.

Axiology Liberalism


(Connections, 2nd Season, Episode 20).

I’m not finished with James Burke, and I’d like to add to what I said about him in the comments section on Tuesday.

I have just watched episode 20 of the second season of Connections. I draw the viewer’s attention to what Burke says about the German concept of Lebensraum from this point until the end of the episode.

What impresses me about Burke, as what impresses me about two other Britons of whom in previous years I have spoken much on this site—Kenneth Clark and Tom Holland—is that, while I admire their intelligence and penetration in their observations—artistic and western history (Clark), religious, axiological and historical (Holland) and scientific, technological and historical (Burke)—, all three are prisoners of Christian morality.

If it were possible (obviously no BBC or similar TV service would fund my project) I would make a series of thirteen programmes explaining what Holland says: how the morality of the contemporary atheist, even the radical one, is still dominated by Christian ethics. But I would film that series from an opposite scale of values to that of the neochristian Holland.

In the segment linked above, for example, Burke reproves the doctrine of Lebensraum, which some Germans planned to implement in Africa or Latin America. Because of that scale of values that seems so natural to Burke and virtually all contemporary Britons, I live in a horrid world, and in a Latin American city at that.

What good is brilliance in explaining technological inventions that have revolutionised mankind if Burke remains a slave to Christian morality? Obviously, he has never asked himself this question because there are no transvalued men on his island.

Or are there?

Energy / peak oil Technology


The day before yesterday I was talking about James Burke’s BBC series The Day the Universe Changed, and today I started watching another of his TV series, Connections. I suggest that visitors of this site watch the first episode of the latter series.

Keep in mind what I was saying to Mauricio yesterday in the comments section about the possibility of the world returning to the gold standard. The Connections episode magnificently shows how fragile our technological civilisation is. Burke uses as a paradigm how a several-hour blackout in New York stopped the System in its tracks.

In my article yesterday I mentioned Sebastian Ronin, the only racialist to predict that energy devolution will open a window of opportunity for the white race in the West’s darkest hour. We can already imagine what the depletion of the oil fields will do to the world economy (everything depends on oil, even most electricity providers!).

In the episode linked above, Burke takes us momentarily into a scenario where technological civilisation collapses. After imagining how to get out of a large metropolis (at one point in the episode we see blacks chimp out), Burke takes us to an uninhabited farm that we can’t run because it relies on electricity. Fortunately, in the cellar of that farm Burke found an old plough thanks to which, and some surviving oxen, we can return to the technological times of ancient Egypt. (In such a world, our women would go back to behaving like the cute Little Red Riding Hood I mentioned a week ago in ‘Woods Girl’.)

Burkes’ plough (Connections, episode 1).

The good news, or the gospel according to Ronin, is that the oil fields are going to start running out. Some say that we will reach peak oil this decade and that, from the specific year we reach it, everything will gradually collapse over a century.

By that time Americans will be back to using their guns as they used to in the Wild West, especially to keep out the coloured zombies who will be starving, looking for food and the pussies of Little Red Riding Hoods (white women that we will be defending with all our might).

Conspiracy theories George Orwell


I want to add to what I said on Sunday: that a priest of holy words doesn’t spend time thinking about the recent attack on Trump. The reasons are clear and could be summed up by what Orwell called prolefeed (the mental food with which the System alienates commoners). To overthink the recent attack is to be part of the System, regardless of whether it was a conspiracy or a lone gunman’s attack.

Incidentally, before violating Occam’s principle we should always consider the more parsimonious lone-wolf hypothesis. The fact that, decades later, most Americans doubt that a single gunman killed JFK shows the sheer power that sensationalist films such as the one shot by the Jew Oliver Stone exert over the American collective unconscious.

Those who consume Hollywood prolefeed and call themselves dissidents should face the fact that if the majority of the proles believe something because of prolefeed, that is what the System wants them to believe. (No one reads the Warren Report, but everyone watches the prolefeed that Hollywood has been offering us for decades.) And the same goes for the books about the JFK assassination. For every thousand books that promote conspiracy theories, there is only one that proves that Oswald acted alone. Many years ago I bought one of the latter because, following what John Stuart Mill says in On Liberty, the opinion of the isolated investigator should be taken into consideration because there is a chance that he could be right (and the rest of society wrong).

Remember 1984. The totalitarian state printed pornography for the proles, making them believe it was literature banned by the government. But it was controlled opposition even though the proles believed they were reading forbidden literature. Porn was part of the Machiavellian system of social control.

Quite independently of swallowing the conspiracy prolefeed that the System allows on the internet, the priest of the sacred words sees things from his meta-perspective. And from this perspective, what would be the real dissident thought?

Something we said on Thursday in instalment #42 of the Hitler series. Instead of saying, as liberals (part of the Establishment) do, that they wish the bullet had hit Trump, the real dissenter would like that a British soldier’s bullet had hit George Washington, who empowered the Jews, and that the US would never have gained independence from the British crown. The priest would say that it is time to forget not only Washington but all the so-called founding fathers and replace, within himself, all those founding cucks with the founders of the Third Reich.

That is good dissent!, not the conspiracy theories—prolefeed for the proles—that are now beginning to brew in the wake of Saturday’s events. But it is obvious that white nationalists, neo-normies after all, don’t think in these terms. They haven’t realised that as the Aryan race comes first, if there is a conflict of interest between race and the religion of our parents or the political system of the country we were born into, we must sacrifice the latter.

In my case, for example, I despise Hernán Cortés and the 16th-century Spaniards because they sinned against the holy spirit: they soiled their blood, a sin that cannot be forgiven. And I can say the same about the religion of my parents—Catholicism—because in the 1530s a pope sanctioned marriage between Spaniards and Amerindian women. But this endless contempt for the country of my birth, which includes contempt for the Criollos who continue to blend to the extent that I don’t have a single male friend in the country where I live, is absent in racialists north of the Rio Grande. Except for retired Canadian blogger Sebastian E. Ronin, they don’t look down the founding ideologies of the US and Canada.

Racking one’s brains over conspiracies, or blaming the Jews for all the ills of the West, doesn’t advance the Aryan cause. It is seeing the mote in another’s eye and not the beam in one’s own. What the priest must do is to repudiate his nation’s project with all his might, with all his mind, with all his spirit and all his heart; and begin to create a new religion based on the ideals of Uncle Adolf.

Axiology Science

James Burke

The Day the Universe Changed: A Personal View by James Burke is a television documentary series produced by the BBC in 1985, written, produced and hosted by science historian James Burke. Its theme is the social impact of the development of science and technology. It was televised from 19 March to 21 May 1985. Although I saw some episodes that year, I am now trying to watch all the episodes (the first one can be seen here).

Yes: Burke is a normie. Although he is a secular humanist, he ignores some chapters of Christianity’s criminal history and, naturally, he also ignores race realism. Nevertheless, it is fascinating to see how science didn’t accept meteorites for a long time because it seemed absurd to think of stones falling from the sky. In another episode, he used Galileo’s paradigm to illustrate a great truth: ‘Experimentation itself depends on what’s official and what’s not’. Later he says: ‘Today’s version of the truth about the world is irreconcilable with the previous version’.

The big mistake of the proponents of race realism in the US is that it is impossible to convince Christians or atheistic neochristians of the goodness of scientific racism without first transvaluing their values. Whatever Burke’s limitations, his thesis is fascinating for understanding the fool’s errand if we limit ourselves with the tools of science to attack a medieval mindset.

Despite technological developments, the Christian mindset from which atheists still suffer is basically medieval. Think for example of how Charles Darwin predicted the extinction of the Negroes because he believed that the white man of the future would think in exclusively scientific terms. What happened was the diametrically opposite because of the absolute DOMINION of Christian morality in today’s secular world (those who haven’t read Tom Holland’s book by that title should read it now).

Although I might add something in the comments section in case there is something important to say about the next episodes, I would like to end this short entry with some words from Burke taken from that TV series: ‘The so-called voyage of discovery has as often as not made landfall for reasons little to do with the search of knowledge. Science, like all other human activities, is a product of what society at the time thinks it is important’ (emphasis added).

Ancient Rome

Imperial Rome

The following is my response to Robert Morgan at The Unz Review:

______ 卐 ______

Ditto your last paragraph.

Since white nationalists are incapable of questioning the foundations of their nation (capitalism, Christian morality and secularised Xian ethics), they are incapable of good historical perspective. For example, in chapter 1, ‘The Romans’ of The Law of Civilization and Decay: An Essay on History, Brooks Adams illustrates how capitalism ruined Rome (Adams was an historian, political scientist and a critic of capitalism):

[Imperial] Rome was never really a people, never a nation. It was merely a system, a machine. From the very beginning, Rome populated itself by opening its gates to refugees from other cities. The Roman machine liquidated this founding stock [the farmers] and replenished itself with foreign blood until it became too weak to assimilate new peoples.

In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible.

My emphasis! This was the main aetiology of white decline, which was further aggravated by what Constantine did. The Jews simply took advantage of this ethnocidal stain of whites on their own ethnicity.

By the way, Adams was a great-grandson of Founding Father John Adams.

Autobiography Kali Yuga Kalki

A confession

Yesterday, on the day of the attempt on Donald Trump, I went to talk to the woman to whom I referred in my article a week ago about my desire to adopt a child.

I don’t write about news like the attempt because I don’t consider it important. To use my favourite metaphor, the one in the featured post, by looking at human reality from a retrocognitive meta-perspective I only value relevant events.

From this angle, I would like to confess that I have long since been able to fall asleep only by imagining nuclear mushroom clouds over the major capitals of the West due to a strategic war with Russia. Mixing the symbols of Martin’s novels with Tolkien, if Washington is Mordor, the capitals of the major Western countries are like various Isengards. What nobler thing could there be than to wish that these centres of ethnocidal power against the Aryan, along with Mordor, be incinerated?

A skirmish like yesterday’s means nothing from the point of view of the old man holed up in a cave far from the Wall contemplating the historical past. True, in reconciling sleep I am thinking with my emotions. Someone might tell me that in a nuclear conflagration, the Aryan baby could thus be thrown out with the dirty water and that although it is healthy to want eight billion Untermenschen to die in the nuclear winter, perhaps the same number should die better gradually, through energy devolution, so that the surviving Aryan has the chance, through our forums, to realise that only the religion that Uncle Adolf bequeathed us saves.

But that is not what emotions tell me, especially when trying to sleep or waking up in the night. In those moments only wishing that those mushroom clouds were already over the enemy cities calms me down. Following Jung’s vocabulary, what the Self already wants is an immediate cataclysm: an apocalypse that wipes out those billions of Orcs and the traitor kings turned into Sauron’s nine horsemen. In other words, let those on the American and European right discuss events like yesterday’s among themselves. Those of us who have been touched by the Self and have a blue mark on our arm see things differently.

The only thing that calms me, and I speak of that César now fully awake, clear-headed and out of bed, is that thanks to a slow apocalypse (due to peak oil) billions of obsolete versions of humans will be wiped out in the next hundred years. It reminds me of what Eduardo Velasco wrote from page 162 to the end of On Exterminationism when we read about an Aryan couple who, after the end of the world, will thirst to live to repopulate the Earth.