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Deranged altruism Liberalism

Normie historian

It shouldn’t be thought that only neo-Nietzscheans like us, or historians like Tom Holland, believe that today’s secular liberalism is Christian-inspired. On 27 February 2012 I started to write some notes on a series still watchable on YouTube, The Western Tradition by the normie historian Eugen Weber. Those notes, which I wrote a dozen years ago in a notebook that I reread after midnight, mention some white nationalist personalities with whom I had not yet distanced myself. Here is my translation to English of those 2012 notes:


______ 卐 ______


Absolutely fascinating is Eugen Weber’s programme #43 for understanding our century. Although it deals with the 21st century it sheds enormous light, especially what he said almost halfway through the programme: that in 1848 they emancipated the slaves and that the emancipation of women would still take a long time—which means that Weber moves in the liberal framework of the 20th century.

Fascinating, I say, because now that I’ve posted an entry on The West’s Darkest Hour about the debate in The Occidental Observer about the holocaust, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the monocausalists [those who believe that only the Jews have caused the Aryan decline] are wrong.

How clear. Conservative Swede is right. All that evil started in the French Revolution. Hunter Wallace discovered the same thing with his analysis of the United States. Mark Weber, too, in his quotable quote about the American Constitution, saw the ‘rights of man’ as the virus that infected, and in our century exploded in full force, the West.

The infection comes from whites.

The French Revolution is like Christianity 1,600 years ago: cultural suicides.

Pride. Megalomania. Hubris.

Remember that in programme #43 of Eugen Weber’s series, the historian mentions Rousseau and Shelley, who by the way killed their children [cf. Paul Johnson’s The Intellectuals]. He also recalls that Weber also mentioned the novel Ivanhoe where ‘the heroine is a Jewess’ amid the century of the emancipation of the Judas [a derogatory term in Spanish for Jews]. And remember that Weber said that the common man was more influenced by the novel than by Marx’s texts.

How clear, isn’t it?

Romanticism so understood was another suicidal Christianity. What happened in the 20th century was the culmination of that infection (with Jewish help, of course; but, as Wallace says, white society had already gone down that road).

Actually, despite everything I read in The Occidental Observer, I increasingly blame whites for their own misfortune. If Linder were right, Norwegians wouldn’t be so infected with suicidal liberalism [when I wrote that I had in mind that there were very few Jews in that country].

In episode #44 Weber says: ‘And this point of view which combines empathy, charity and guilt (emphasis in his voice) is very much with us today’.

How clear!

Weber refers to the social projects of the 19th century after the hell that Doré and Dostoyevsky saw in London. Therein lies the root of what was to become ‘deranged altruism’. How clear and transparent!

In this episode #44 Weber speaks for the first time about the white race, and says that with their ideologies whites caused the overpopulation of non-whites in the colonies. He even uses the word ‘stupidity’ and mentions the missionaries!

That only the Judas are the usual suspects is pure bullshit. The virus was already in place before that. Besides, it was at the end of the 19th century that the ‘mass culture’ with its fucking sports and empty heads started. Now it is infinitely worse!

At the end of the penultimate programme of his series, Weber spoke well of the contraceptive pill: as the greatest advance for women, even more than women’s suffrage. Neither he nor other liberals saw the demographic consequences: white suicide!

It is clear that all this axiology/memeplex came not only from the Judas but from the me, me, me generation! In the previous programme, by the way, Weber said that after WWII Europe’s self-confidence had collapsed. Remember what Kenneth Clark said in Civilisation: the loss or gain of confidence is pivotal for a civilisation to flourish…

Catholic Church Deranged altruism

Catechetical lunacy

by Gaedhal

According to Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992), paragraph 1935:

The equality of men rests essentially on their dignity as persons and the rights that flow from it: ‘Every form of social or cultural discrimination in fundamental personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language, or religion must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design.’

The above statement is as woke and as DIE [Diversity Equity and Inclusion] as one can get. Absent the talk concerning a mythical Jewish god, the above statement could easily be stated by Joe Biden, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris.

The above statement does not merely seek to ‘eradicate’ inequalities in opportunity, but also inequalities in outcome. If we all had identical ‘social conditions’ then that is ‘equity’. If we all had identical ‘social conditions’ then that is ‘equality of outcome’.

In my view, depopulation and eugenics are a path, eventually, to all humans having prosperous and peaceful social conditions.

It is Christian axiology that renders so much of Western Society so crime-ridden and so needlessly miserable. Christianity is a sect of ‘the least of these’, and so it is anti-eugenic i.e. dysgenic in its foundations. As Saul puts it: Christianity is a sect of the foolish—i.e. those of low IQ—and not of the wise. Christianity is a sect of ‘the off-scourings of this earth’. As the parable says: the rich, and the well-educated did not want to attend Jesus’ wedding feast, so he brought in all the tramps and misfits from ‘the highways and byways’ instead. In its foundation, Christianity is a sect for the mob; for the rout; and not for the aristocrat, the gentleman, the man who is refined in his bearing. As Richard Carrier puts it: Saul does not want you to read Euclid’s Elements lest you deconvert from Saul’s utterly foolish cult.

An absolute equality in social conditions? That is madness. That is Bolshevism. And the funny thing is that the above statement, which anticipates the DIE of modern times, was written in 1992 by the ‘conservatives’ Ratzinger—later Benedict XVI—Schönborn and Saint John Paul II. One of the reasons why I converted to traditionalist Catholicism is because I quickly found out that there was really no such thing as conservative post-conciliar Catholicism. They were all sell-outs and lunatics.

In my view, belief in human ontological equality is a superstition inherited from Christianity. If the Christian god does not exist, then there is no god up there magically making us all equal.

The virus with shoes that is destroying the planet, and swiftly rendering it uninhabitable is of ‘infinite value’ according to the Catechism. And it is not just humanity in sum that has infinite value, but each individual also! You can’t get depopulation done with beliefs like that! In my view, Christian axiology—which carries over into many forms of atheism—is the number one existential threat that humanity faces. Humanity is a petard that can hoist itself through overpopulation, the carbonisation of our atmospheres and our seas, and other threats. If Humanity is a pest, then viewing each specimen of such a pest as ‘infinitely valuable’—as the Catholic Church does—is a harmful delusion.

Deranged altruism Israel / Palestine

The new subordinationists

This 13th-century fresco in a church in Perugia, Italy, depicts the Trinity
as a being with three faces representing Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One of the apparent mysteries of the anti-white religion today is Subordinationism.

Influenced by Stoic philosophy, the subordinationists held a Trinitarian doctrine according to which the Son, and sometimes also the Holy Spirit, were subordinate to the Father not only in submission and role but with actual ontological subordination in varying degrees. Many early Christian theologians postulated a hierarchical classification of the persons of the Trinity, although their position was later considered heretic at the Second Council of Constantinople.

Years before I discovered white nationalism, something funny happened to me with a beautiful, fully Aryan woman with whom I had a coffee in Mexico City together with her brother, a chess-playing friend. I told them that I had just seen a film shot in one of the Muslim countries, which ends with a pubescent girl being deflowered by her elderly husband. I intended to defend the girl.

The liberal woman jumped up in anger. She railed against the film and the message of the director of the Muslim country. I didn’t understand why, if she was more or less a feminist and I was defending a pubescent girl, this liberal woman was so furious. Once I discovered the white nationalist forums, I found the answer.

The point is that, for the new subordinationists, there is a hierarchy in their new Trinity: equality of race, gender and sexual identity. So if two persons of the trinity come into conflict (Muslims are sandniggers and at the same time they live under a patriarchy), the second or third persons of the trinity are subordinates to the father god, i.e. race (liberals see Muslims living in Europe as a noble race just because they aren’t white).

Unlike the Council of Constantinople which declared subordinationism heretical, the new religion of the West is subordinationist: first and foremost is the non-white race (God the Father) and gender equality and sexual identity are subordinated to this Father. This explains my confussion with that liberal woman many years ago. (Incidentally, her brother, a certain Demetrio, who sided with his sister during our argument, later committed suicide.)

With this in mind, let us now think of the grotesque phenomenon of the elites supporting Israel to such an extent that they are even beating and jailing non-whites who dare to support Palestine in some European cities! Why do they do that? Didn’t race—non-whites in Europe—take priority, and even more so if some Israelis are phenotypically whiter than Palestinians? True, but the fact is that, in the new subordinationist theology, there is hierarchy even among non-whites.

The anti-white religion that was created after the Second World War is an exact reverse of Hitlerism. So if Hitler and the Third Reich considered the Jews a subversive tribe, in the new religion they have literally become the chosen people. But the most sinister thing of all is that it is the Aryans themselves who have chosen kikes as the chosen ones, so much so that not even the brown migrants who support a people subjugated for decades by Israelis are now tolerated.

For these new heretics the slogan seems to be: Subordinationist hierarchy above all! In the new Aryan Trinity, the Jew has become the sacrificial Lamb whom we are all supposed to love including his new state, Israel. In his comment today, Gaedhal wrote:

I would rather not write about politics on this thread. There are much more profitable and productive things to write about, like programming. However, yet again, the world—thanks to the US and Israel—stands on the brink of another conflagration.

Megyn Kelly should have an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons. She is willing to waste America’s blood and treasure, defending Israel, of all places. She speaks about Israel’s right to exist. What about Irish Catholics’ right to exist? Do Jews and Israelis concede to us ethnically Irish people the exclusive right to the Island of Ireland, something clearly spelt out in the 1916 proclamation? Of course, Irish Protestants have the right to their own state, north of the border. I tend to lean Unionist, these days. Does Megyn Kelly’s Jewish friends concede this right to us?

Charity begins at home. If bad guys need to be killed, then there are plenty of bad guys to be killed on the North American continent. There are plenty of things that lethal martial force could accomplish on the North American Continent that would actually be in the interest of US citizens. I recently saw a video where an Army Vet encouraged white men not to join the US Army because, of course, none of these wars prosecuted by the US government and military is actually in our interest.

[Zionists] go so far as even wanting a war with Iran if that keeps Israel safe. How in the name of a metaphorical God is any of this in America’s interest? America has been at war, almost non-stop since Pearl Harbour. Is the world any safer, any more prosperous, any more secure from 80 years of war? Why is America full of insane pundits like Megyn Kelly?

The answer is simple. The country was founded by Christian fanatics who had to perceive themselves as the new Israelis to establish a city upon a hill. The American project has now become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and Kelly is just an aberration among millions of philo-Semitic Zionists: the basis of Jewish power. (Remember the POV of this site: the Jews didn’t take over the West by force: the Aryan traitors handed it over to the Jew, their new ‘God the Father’ after WW2. That’s why we focus on the CQ instead of the JQ.)

Deranged altruism Final solution


It seems that the beheaded babies story, despite Biden’s regurgitation of it, is fake news. But I wanted to add something to what I said yesterday about Greg Johnson. In his latest article, he responds to The Right Stuff’s (TRS) criticism of Johnson for his lukewarm stance on Israel. This is taken from the comments section of Counter-Currents:


______ 卐 ______


Teutonic Path said:

In this article [i.e., Johnson’s article] you said the exterminationist position is indefensible, yet unless I am mistaken everything after that did not say why. It would seem to me that if an ethnos dies out then the challenge of getting it into a single state also goes away. Are you saying it’s indefensible because it’s practically unworkable (potentially leading to bigger problems), or is it for a theoretical reason (e.g. ethics) that you don’t mention here?

Greg Johnson responded:

Mass murder is ethically indefensible.

Sherman McCoy said:

Perhaps the existence of my people matters more than your ethics.

Greg Johnson responded:

Good luck defending your people as a genocidal maniac.

Sherman McCoy said:

I’m sure the people in South Africa being butchered by feral negroids egged on by Yiddish Communists have the consolation, as they breathe their final pained and blood-soaked breaths, that at least they didn’t do anything unethical. Because the truly important thing for the future of white people is to make sure that we appear nice. Remember, fellow white nationalists: we’re working for a future where all the races join hands to sing Kumbaya together, presumably with Rabbi Shekelberg acting as conductor.

Greg Johnson responded:

If you think morality is just a matter of appearing nice, you might be a sociopath.

Max said:

A huge number of Jews and their shabbos goyim are openly exterminationists about Palestinians, at least in Gaza. And more than a few of them are exterminationists about Europeans and their diasporas. So I’m not quite sure why it’s “immoral” for us to advocate such a policy towards Jews. Perhaps it’s optically unwise to do so openly but you seem to be taking an absurd moralfagging position here, Greg. Perhaps a Kumbaya future where Jews renounce their supremacist ideology en masse and forever is possible, but that seems like an unlikely bet, knowing what we do about their history and their present behavior.

Greg Johnson responded:

Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is idiotic to use words like “moralfagging” unironically.

Sej said:

Agreed. Notice that people cheerleading mass murder of Israelis are the same that defend Russians’ mass murder of Ukrainians in Donbas and Crimea.

Norm said:

Jews do not share your anti-exterminationist sentiment, Greg. Go on Twitter and look at all the Jews gloating about the firebombing of Dresden. What Jews are doing to Gaza is what they’d do to Europe, and what they have done to Europe. Do you think you can co-exist with a people like that? Jews follow an ideology that commands them to wipe out all European people. You cannot defeat hate with reason.

Greg Johnson responded:

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe you’d be more comfortable commenting at Jesse Dunstan’s site.

My two cents for this site:

It’s quite refreshing to listen in The Right Stuff podcast that they call Johnson a ‘traitor’.

This said, the problem with TRS is that, at least the guy who speaks after minute 15, is a Judeo-reductionist. He believes that from that little piece in the desert Israel controls the West: typical monocausal paranoia that ignores that it is whites who have been empowering Jewry because of their Judeo-Christian values. For example, when in 1:26 another TRS member said ‘fuck them’ to the exterminationists, he himself is unknowingly subscribing to Judeo-Christian standards of morality (exactly what Johnson does).

I don’t recognise well the voices but I think it was Mike who said, a few seconds after the hour, what I believe about the conflicts in both Ukraine and Palestine: Mike welcomes them because they create chaos. Just contrasts it with Johnson’s stance, who, as a good neochristian, simply wants peace and happiness for every party involved, including Jews (as Linder once said, Johnson is a de facto conservative).

Democracy Deranged altruism Exterminationism Racial right

Perfect paradigm

Yesterday I was shocked when Greg Johnson, the admin of Counter-Currents, banned a commenter for daring to propose a final solution to the JP. We can just imagine an Israeli nationalist these days banning from his online forum another Jew who proposed a final solution to the Palestinian problem!

Johnson’s behaviour represents a perfect paradigm to illustrate the central tenet of The West’s Darkest Hour: Christian ethics are killing us (and have been killing us since Constantine—see some of the books in the featured post). It is not the Jews who force Johnson to think that way: it is the tail end of the Christian education he received that has him trapped in the ethics of positively valuing all human life. I could now use the neo-Christian term I have used in those books. But for new visitors to this site, I think it is better to start using Gaedhal’s term which means the same: hyper-Christian atheist. The most conspicuous feature of neo-Christianity—that is hyper-Christian atheism—is anthropocentrism (see Savitri Devi’s book in the featured post). In his email statement today, Gaedhal told us:

The anthropocentrism of mainstream leftist politics proves to me that mainstream leftist politics is simply a godless version of Hyperchristianity. This is why I say that myself and my compatriots on the radical right should be making political hay with this. The overpopulation of the planet—especially in places like Sub-Saharan Africa—is a menace to this planet’s environment.

In a serious state, nincompoops with non-solutions like Mary Lou McDonald would not be the leader of the biggest political party in Ireland. This is another criticism I have of democracy: become too intelligent and too refined, and the mob won’t vote for you. As we see with Trump, democracy becomes idiocracy. In a serious country, the government would not be doing what is popular, would not be doing what the unthinking mob wants, would not be doing what will get them elected, but, instead what needs to be done.

What needs to be done to solve the Irish Housing crisis is simply to pursue global depopulation—especially in the third world—and to nationalise all empty properties. I am not anthropocentric. I say that Irish wild animals do have a right to their habitat, and that this right is superior to anthropoids needing even more housing. In my view, the rights of Irish wildlife to their habitat beats the supposed rights of foreigners and migrants to housing.

In his comment today in this forum, Gaedhal added:

As Alex Linder points out: evolution proceeds through genocide. The earth is overpopulated. The earth needs to be depopulated. The earth eventually, if left to itself, will depopulate itself of billions of anthropoid vermin… Humanity is a virus with shoes. The only question is who is going to be depopulated? I want the white race to survive the depopulations of the next couple of centuries and hopefully possess the entire planet. As I wrote in that anthology on exterminationism [does he refer to this one?—Ed.]: only a global exterminationist white Imperium counts as victory. I envisage a Globalist White Empire comprising petty vassal national states. Global problems require global solutions. In a technological age, practically all problems are global in scope. Anything short of a Global Exterminationist White Imperium is ultimate failure.

Global problems require global solutions? This reminds me of another of my grandmother’s sayings: ‘Para grandes males grandes remedios’ (For great evils great remedies!). And really: in a world with billions of what I call Neanderthals, and Gaedhal calls anthropoid vermin it should be obvious for every transvalued Aryan how to act.

Yesterday I quoted the first comment from an article in the atheistic but axiologically hyper-Christian racialist webzine Counter-Currents. Now I would like to quote a sentence from the first comment of a post today on the racialist webzine Occidental Dissent:

Our interests are served by preserving our own territory so that animals like this [Palestinians] aren’t able to murder us [Whites]. These brown people will not reciprocate our support or commiseration. They only care about themselves. Why is it so difficult for Western dissidents to understand that this is NATURAL and we should be doing the same [what Netanyahu does]? Is this more of this pervasive Christian guilt?

If one takes note of the response of the Christian admin of that webzine, ‘Israel has long wielded total control over our government’, one sees the lack of insight of the American racial right. Compare Wallace’s words, which represent what most white nationalists believe by using the acronym ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government), with what an American closer to our POV said: ‘There is not such a thing as Jewish domination, there is only white submissiveness’.

The amount of comments I get here, compared to what both the hyper-Christian atheist webzine Counter-Currents and the Christian Occidental Dissent get, is minuscule. Significantly, the post where I put the above quote in big letters received no comments except my own.

Let there be no doubt: racialists who have transvalued their values to the extent of embracing pro-Aryan exterminationism can be counted on the fingers of one hand! Nonetheless, I will still keep blogging as I believe that The West’s Darkest Hour is the only authentically post-Christian site among the racialist forums. I don’t mind not having so many commenters: just one who can receive the mantle after Time is done with my body will be enough…

Deranged altruism Dominion (book) Tom Holland

Dominion, 38

by Tom Holland

Europeans had been able to take for granted the impregnability of their own continent. Mass migration was something that they brought to the lands of non-Europeans—not the other way round.

Since the end of the Second World War, however, that had changed. Attracted by higher living standards, large numbers of immigrants from non-European countries had come to settle in Western Europe. For decades, the pace and scale of immigration into Germany had been carefully regulated; but now it seemed that control was at risk of breaking down. Merkel, explaining the facts to a sobbing teenager, knew full well the crisis that, even as she spoke, was building beyond Germany’s frontiers. All that summer, thousands upon thousands of migrants and refugees from Muslim countries had been moving through the Balkans. The spectacle stirred deeply atavistic fears. In Hungary, there was talk of a new Ottoman invasion. Even in Western Europe, in lands that had never been conquered by Muslim armies, there were many who felt a sense of unease. Dread that all the East might be on the move reached back a long way. ‘The plain was dark with their marching companies, and as far as eyes could strain in the mirk there sprouted, like a foul fungus growth, all about the beleaguered city great camps of tents, black or sombre red.’ So Tolkien, writing in 1946, had described the siege of Minas Tirith, bulwark of the free lands of the West, by the armies of Sauron. The climax of The Lord of the Rings palpably echoed the momentous events of 955: the attack on Augsburg and the battle of the Lech…

In 2003, a film of The Lord of the Rings had brought Aragorn’s victory over the snarling hordes of Mordor to millions who had never heard of the battle of the Lech. Burnished and repackaged for the twenty-first century, Otto’s defence of Christendom still possessed a spectral glamour.

Its legacy, though, that summer of 2014, was shaded by multiple ironies. Otto’s mantle was taken up not by the chancellor of Germany, but by the prime minister of Hungary. Victor Orbán had until recently been a self-avowed atheist; but this did not prevent him from doubting—much as Otto might have done—whether unbaptised migrants could ever truly be integrated. ‘This is an important question, because Europe and European culture have Christian roots.’ That September, ordering police to remove refugees from trains and put up fences along Hungary’s southern border, he warned that Europe’s soul was at stake. Merkel, as she tracked the migrant crisis, had come to an identical conclusion. Her response, however, was the opposite of Orbán’s. Although pressed by ministers in her own ruling coalition to close Germany’s borders, she refused. Huge crowds of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis began crossing into Bavaria. Soon, upwards of ten thousand a day were pouring in. Crowds gathered at railway stations to cheer them; football fans raised banners at matches to proclaim them welcome. The scenes, the chancellor declared, ‘painted a picture of Germany which can make us proud of our country’.

Merkel, no less than Orbán, stood in the shadow of her people’s history. She knew where a dread of being swamped by aliens might lead. Earlier generations had been more innocent. Tolkien, when he drew on episodes from early medieval history for the plot of The Lord of the Rings, had never meant to equate the Hungarians or the Saracens with the monstrous evil embodied by Mordor. The age of migrations was sufficiently remote, he had assumed, that there was little prospect of his readers believing that. He had never had any intention of demonising entire peoples—ancient or modern. ‘I’m very anti that kind of thing’…

Himmler, a man whose loathing for Christianity had not prevented him from admiring the martial feats of Christian emperors, had hallowed Otto’s father as the supreme model of Germanic heroism. It was darkly rumoured that he claimed to be the Saxon king’s reincarnation. Hitler, although privately contemptuous of Himmler’s more mystical leanings, had himself been obsessed by the Holy Lance. A relic of the crucifixion had been transmogrified into an emblem of Nazism. Seventy years on from Hitler’s suicide, in a country still committed to doing penance for his crimes, there had never been any prospect of Angela Merkel riding to fight a new battle of the Lech. The truly, the only Christian thing to do, faced by the floodtide of misery lapping at Europe’s borders, was to abandon any lingering sense of the continent as Christendom and open it up to the wretched of the earth.

Always, from the very beginnings of the Church, there had been tension between Christ’s commandment to his followers that they should go into the world and preach the good news to all creation, and his parable of the Good Samaritan. Merkel was familiar with both. Her father had been a pastor, her mother no less devout. Her childhood home had been a hostel for people with disabilities—people much like Reem Sahwil. ‘The daily message was: Love your neighbour as yourself. Not just German people. God loves everybody.’ For two millennia, Christians had been doing their best to put these teachings into practice. Merkel, by providing refuge to the victims of war in the Middle East, was doing nothing that Gregory of Nyssa, sixteen centuries previously, had not similarly done. Offer charity, he had urged his congregants, for the spectacle of refugees living like animals was a reproach to every Christian. ‘Their roof is the sky. For shelter they use porticos, alleys, and the deserted corners of the town. They hide in the cracks of walls like owls.’ Yet Merkel, when she sought to justify the opening of her country’s borders—a volte-face all the more dramatic for seeming so out of character—pointedly refused to frame it as a gesture of Christian charity…

A morality existed that trumped all differences of culture—and differences of religion too. It was with this argument that Merkel sought to parry the objection of Orbán that a Muslim influx into Europe risked irrevocably transforming the Christian character of the continent. Islam, in its essentials, was little different from Christianity. Both might equally be framed within the bounds of a liberal, secular state. Islam, the chancellor insisted—slapping down any members of her own party who dared suggest otherwise—belonged in Germany…

Merkel, when she insisted that Islam belonged in Germany just as much as Christianity, was only appearing to be even-handed. To hail a religion for its compatibility with a secular society was decidedly not a neutral gesture. Secularism was no less bred of the sweep of Christian history than were Orbán’s barbed-wire fences.

Naturally, for it to function as its exponents wished it to function, this could never be admitted. The West, over the duration of its global hegemony, had become skilled in the art of repackaging Christian concepts for non-Christian audiences. A doctrine such as that of human rights was far likelier to be signed up to if its origins among the canon lawyers of medieval Europe could be kept concealed. The insistence of United Nations agencies on ‘the antiquity and broad acceptance of the conception of the rights of man’ was a necessary precondition for their claim to a global, rather than a merely Western, jurisdiction. Secularism, in an identical manner, depended on the care with which it covered its tracks. If it were to be embraced by Jews, or Muslims, or Hindus as a neutral holder of the ring between them and people of other faiths, then it could not afford to be seen as what it was: a concept that had little meaning outside of a Christian context. In Europe, the secular had for so long been secularised that it was easy to forget its ultimate origins. [pages 516-521]

Deranged altruism Dominion (book) Tom Holland

Dominion, 36


How the Woke monster originated

Seven months before Live Aid, its organisers had recruited many of the biggest acts in Britain and Ireland to a super-group: Band Aid. ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, a one-off charity record, succeeded in raising so much money for famine relief that it would end up the best-selling single in the history of the UK charts. For all the peroxide, all the cross-dressing, all the bags of cocaine smuggled into the recording studio, the project was one born of the Christian past.

Reporting on the sheer scale of the suffering in Ethiopia, a BBC correspondent had described the scenes he was witnessing as ‘biblical’; stirred into action, the organisers of Band Aid had embarked on a course of action that reached for its ultimate inspiration to the examples of Paul and Basil. That charity should be offered to the needy, and that a stranger in a foreign land was no less a brother or sister than was a next-door neighbour, were principles that had always been fundamental to the Christian message.

Concern for the victims of distant disasters—famines, earthquakes, floods—was disproportionately strong in what had once been Christendom. The overwhelming concentration of international aid agencies there was no coincidence. Band Aid were hardly the first to ask whether Africans knew that it was Christmastime. In the nineteenth century, the same anxiety had weighed heavily on Evangelicals. Missionaries had duly hacked their way through uncharted jungles, campaigned against the slave trade, and laboured with all their might to bring the Dark Continent into the light of Christ. ‘A diffusive philanthropy is Christianity itself. It requires perpetual propagation to attest its genuineness.’ Such was the mission statement of the era’s most famous explorer, David Livingstone. Band Aid—in their ambition to do good, if not in their use of hair dye—were recognisably his heirs.

This was not, though, how their single was marketed. Anything that smacked of white people telling Africans what to do had become, by the 1980s, an embarrassment. Admiration even for a missionary such as Livingstone, whose crusade against the Arab slave trade had been unstintingly heroic, had come to pall. His efforts to map the continent—far from serving the interests of Africans, as he had trusted they would—had instead only opened up its interior to conquest and exploitation.

A decade after his death from malaria in 1873, British adventurers had begun to expand deep into the heart of Africa. Other European powers had embarked on a similar scramble. France had annexed much of north Africa, Belgium the Congo, Germany Namibia. By the outbreak of the First World War, almost the entire continent was under foreign rule. Only the Ethiopians had succeeded in maintaining their independence. Missionaries, struggling to continue with their great labour of conversion, had found themselves stymied by the brute nature of European power. How were Africans to believe talk of a god who cared for the oppressed and the poor when the whites, the very people who worshipped him, had seized their lands and plundered them for diamonds, and ivory, and rubber? A colonial hierarchy in which blacks were deemed inferior had seemed a peculiar and bitter mockery of the missionaries’ insistence that Christ had died for all of humanity.

By the 1950s, when the tide of imperialism in Africa had begun to ebb as fast it had originally flowed, it might have seemed that Christianity was doomed to retreat as well, with churches crumbling before the hunger of termites, and Bibles melting into mildewed pulp. But that—in the event—was not what had happened at all! [pages 497-499]

A few pages further on Tom Holland discusses the case of South Africa:

The ending of apartheid and the election in 1994 of Mandela as South Africa’s first black president was one of the great dramas of Christian history: a drama woven through with deliberate echoes of the Gospels… The same faith that had inspired Afrikaners to imagine themselves a chosen people was also, in the long run, what had doomed their supremacy.

The pattern was a familiar one. Repeatedly, whether crashing along the canals of Tenochtitlan, or settling the estuaries of Massachusetts, or trekking deep into the Transvaal, the confidence that had enabled Europeans to believe themselves superior to those they were displacing was derived from Christianity. Repeatedly, though, in the struggle to hold this arrogance to account, it was Christianity that had provided the colonised and the enslaved with their surest voice. The paradox was profound.

No other conquerors, carving out empires for themselves, had done so as the servants of a man tortured to death on the orders of a colonial official. No other conquerors, dismissing with contempt the gods of other peoples, had installed in their place an emblem of power so deeply ambivalent as to render problematic the very notion of power. No other conquerors, exporting an understanding of the divine peculiar to themselves, had so successfully persuaded peoples around the globe that it possessed a universal import. [pages 503-504]

London bus in 1989 carrying the
‘Boycott Apartheid’ message.

The collapse of apartheid had been merely the aftershock of a far more convulsive earthquake. In 1989, even as de Klerk was resolving to set Mandela free, the Soviet empire had imploded. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary: all had cast off the chains of foreign rule. East Germany, a rump hived off by the Soviets in the wake of the Second World War, had been absorbed into a reunified—and thoroughly capitalist—Germany. The Soviet Union itself had ceased to exist. Communism, weighed in the scales of history, had been found wanting… That the paradise on earth foretold by Marx had turned out instead to be closer to a hell only emphasised the degree to which the true fulfilment of progress was to be found elsewhere.

With the rout of communism, it appeared to many in the victorious West that it was their own political and social order that constituted the ultimate, the unimprovable form of government. Secularism; liberal democracy; the concept of human rights: these were fit for the whole world to embrace. The inheritance of the Enlightenment was for everyone: a possession for all of mankind. It was promoted by the West, not because it was Western, but because it was universal. The entire world could enjoy its fruits. It was no more Christian than it was Hindu, or Confucian, or Muslim. There was neither Asian nor European. Humanity was embarked as one upon a common road.

The end of history had arrived. [pages 504-505]

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How Yahweh conquered Rome, 2

by Laurent Guyénot

The two sides of the big lie

Is this quest really necessary? Can there be any benefit for Western civilization in questioning its already shaky Christian foundation? And is the Big Lie such a big deal? Before proceeding, I want to share my viewpoint on these questions, on which I have thought long and hard.

‘The greatness of White civilization sprung from the Christian faith.’ Such a statement seems hardly controversial. And yet, I think it is completely mistaken. The achievements of our civilization stem from the inner strength of our race, which include an exceptional propensity to ‘idealize’, by which I mean both to generate ideas and work toward their realization. The genius of our race is to be creators of powerful Ideas that drive us forward and upward. This capacity, which Søren Kierkegaard calls ideality (In Vino Veritas, 1845), is not to be confused with what we commonly call idealism, although it may be argued that idealism is our vulnerability, the weakness inherent to our strength.

For centuries, the Christian faith has been a vehicle—one could almost say a superstructure—for our yearning to idealize and realize; it has not produced it. Priests did not build the Cathedrals in which they officiated (most churches were collective ventures of cities, towns and villages); the troubadours and poets who elaborated the sublime ideal of love which is our ‘civilization’s miracle’ (Stendhal)[5], were not monks; Johann Sebastian Bach wrote Church music, but he was not an clergyman, and his Ave Maria would sound just as great if sung to Isis; many geniuses of our European pantheons, like Dante, Leonardo da Vinci or Galilee, were nominal Catholics by obligation, but secret lovers of Sophia (read my article ‘The Crucifixion of the Goddess’). The source of the artistic, scientific and cultural genius of the White race is not Christianity.

Kevin MacDonald makes a discreet but crucial point in his preface to Giles Corey’s The Sword of Christ when he writes that ‘the adaptive aspects of Christianity’ are what ‘produced Western expansion, innovation, discovery, individual freedom, economic prosperity, and strong family bonds.’[6] This is true if by ‘the adaptive aspects of Christianity’ we mean the aspects that are adopted and adapted from the ancient Greco-Roman-Germanic world, rather than from the Old and New Testament. Among the adaptive aspects of Christianity must be counted its various national colors. Russian Orthodoxy is good for Russia for the same reason that Confucianism is good for China: because it is a national Church, so that being a Russian Orthodox means being a patriot.

The same could be said in the past about Lutheranism for Germany or, in a narrower context, Catholicism for Ireland. But these national versions of Christianity are, in fact, in opposition to its universal (katholikos) mission statement—and to papal Rome. Family values are also adaptive aspects of Christianity. Jesus disavowed his family (Matthew 12:46-50) and Paul taught that, ‘it is good for a man not to marry,’ marriage being recommended only for those who cannot help fornicating (1 Corinthians 7). ‘Christian values’ are not Christian at all, they are simply conservative. In fact, if we look at its popular expressions, Catholicism has been so adaptive that it can be said to be more pagan than Jewish. What’s Jewish about Christmas or Mother Mary?

The problem with Christianity is with its non-adaptive and now prominent Jewish aspects. It is not just the grotesque notion that Jews are chosen, but the even more grotesque character of the god who chose them. Paradoxically, with its anthropomorphic—or should we say Judeomorphic—image of God inherited from the Torah, Christianity has laid the foundation for modern atheism, and, perhaps, harmed Gentile ideality irremediably. Because the Old Testament God is ‘a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a capriciously malevolent bully,’ Richard Dawkins decided to be an atheist, like the vast majority of scholars from Christian background.[7]

They have all, by their own admission, confused God with Yahweh, and fallen victim to the Big Biblical Lie. And because they cannot conceive God outside of the Biblical paradigm, they ban Intelligent Design from universities under the slanderous accusation that it is another name for the biblical God (watch the documentary Expelled: No Intelligent Allowed), whereas it is in fact a vindication of the Greek Sophia. The sociopathic Yahweh has ruined the reputation of God and led to modern Western godlessness.

And so the Big Jewish Lie begot the Big Atheist Lie—or shall we call it the Darwinian Lie? ‘Yahweh is God’ and ‘God is dead’ are opposed like the two sides of the same coin. Our materialistic civilization is in fact more Jewish than the Christianity it rejected, because materialism (the denial of any otherworld) is the metaphysical core of the Hebrew Bible (read my article ‘Israel as One Man’).

If Christianity could include, among its adaptive aspects, the rejection of the Old Testament’s Jealous God and the Big Lie of Jewish chosenness, then it would be redeemable. But Christians would rather sell their souls to the devil than become Marcionites. In two thousand years of existence, institutional Christianity has consistently evolved in the opposite direction, becoming more and more scriptural, Judaized, and Israel-centered: from Orthodoxy to Catholicism, and from Catholicism to Protestantism, the trend is unmistakable. What else can you expect from an institution that has always invited the Jews, and declared that they cease being Jews the moment they receive baptism?

And so Christianity is a dead end. It is now part of the problem, not the solution. It may have served us well for some centuries [Note of the Editor: Guyénot hasn’t read the ten volumes of Karlheinz Deschner’s Christianity’s Criminal History], but in the long run, it has been an instrument of Gentile enslavement to Jewish power. At least, it has not helped us to prevent it, and it cannot help us to overcome it. Many today ask: why are we so weak? It is high time to consider the obvious: having been taught for generations to worship and emulate the man nailed on the cross under Jewish pressure is not the best incentive to resist martyrdom. There is an obvious correlation between being told yesterday that it is moral to ‘love your enemies’ and getting jailed today for ‘hate speech.’

I hold no personal grudge against Christianity. Catholicism is a part of my happiest childhood memories, and the sound of Church bells never fails to strike a deep chord in me. My grandparents on my mother’s side were Catholic bourgeois who raised a large and happy family with sound moral values. If I could see any hope in this social class, I would be a political Catholic like Balzac, or a romantic Catholic like Chateaubriand. But Catholic bourgeoisie is near extinct, having never recovered from Maréchal Petain’s demise. Their children called them fascists and their grandchildren are addicted to pornography. Catholicism has deserted the country too: there are no priests, and what good is a country priest anyway if he cannot bless the crops at Easter?

Therefore, since I don’t believe that Jesus literally rose from his tomb, I consider that institutional Christianity has exhausted its potential for civilization in the West. Look at our pope, for Christ’s sake!

‘Inside every Christian is a Jew’ (Pope Francis).

I speak as a Frenchman, but I doubt that American Catholicism has much more Holy Spirit left. It died in Dallas with Arlen Specter’s magic bullet. Of course, there are brave Catholics like E. Michael Jones, who has captured the evil genius of the Jewish race in his indispensable book on The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. But Professor Jones is the exception that proves the rule. And I am not even talking of American Protestantism, today a mercenary force for Zion.

______ 卐 ______

Editor’s Note:

In this the author is terribly mistaken. Jones is a thousand times worse than a Jew because, as a good Catholic, he is a vile traitor to his race (traitors are worse than external enemies). After he debated Jared Taylor a year ago, I wrote: ‘After 1:39 the Christian Jones showed his true colours. The moderator asked him: If the millions of non-white Muslims and blacks in France suddenly became Catholics should they be expelled? Emphatically Jones answered “No!… They could become Frenchmen, without any problem!” He even added that an African who migrated to Poland could become Polish as well…’

______ 卐 ______


[5] Stendhal, Love, Penguin Classics, 2000, p. 83.
[6] Giles Corey, The Sword of Christ: Christianity from the Right, or The Christian Question, Independently published, 2020, p. xiii.
[7] Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, Houghton Mifflin, 2006, p. 51.

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On Juan María Alponte 

I had planned to publish post 158 of Deschner’s history of Christianity today, but found out that someone I knew personally had died several years ago.

Enrique Ruiz Garcia was the real name of ‘Juan María Alponte’. Ruiz took this alias because of his admiration for José María Apote, Cuba’s first freed slave! Enrique Ruiz, better known as Alponte in Mexico City and Spain, earned a doctorate in history from the University of Madrid and practised journalism in Mexico for half a century. He moved here after fleeing Franco’s regime in 1968; he published many books, and won important international recognition. That Franco’s Spain was the least bad country in Europe in the 1960s can be seen here and that was the Spain from which Alponte fled. Why?

Because Alponte was a perfect Spanish-speaking idiot.

Years ago a commenter told me on this site that the literature written in Spanish is a real disaster, in that all known authors are leftists; not a single one is right-wing. For the same reason, I call Latin America the subcontinent of the blue pill. Here everyone is asleep in the matrix that controls the West, and the projection of the West that is Latin America insofar as it was conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese.

I say that Alponte, who was considered a great humanist in Spanish-speaking intellectual circles, was an idiot because that is what he was along with the rest of the Spanish-speaking intelligentsia, and a single example will suffice for me to prove it.

In this article in Spanish, Alponte writes about Jean-Marie Le Pen siding one hundred per cent with a totalitarian France that doesn’t admit any historical revisionism regarding the Second World War. Alponte, and the rest of the Spanish-speaking intelligentsia, are idiots because it doesn’t occur to them that it is impossible to believe in freedom of speech, and at the same time, to applaud that the French state represses people like Jean-Marie Le Pen with fines and jail.

‘Idiots’ is an understatement. When I once visited Alponte at his home in Coyoacán (I wanted to publish my book and mistakenly believed he would help me), he was so busy that he told the maid that he wasn’t at home. But I peeked into his study and there was Alponte: reading in a study more than saturated with books.

But erudition isn’t directly proportional to wisdom. The case of Alponte and the rest of the Spanish-speaking intellectuals are paradigmatic of the point of view of this site. It was not the Jews who tricked us into subscribing to an anti-white ideology (think of the freed black slave that the idiot Ruiz used to change his name!). It was Christianity, or more precisely insofar as Ruiz/Alponte was a secular man, Christian ethics. I would like to illustrate this point with the latest email Gaedhal has sent to several correspondents:

When one fully deconverts from Christianity, one does not just reject the supernatural claims—nobody but nincompoops believe in Christianity’s supernatural claims. One also deconverts from Christianity’s axiology. Previous generations were content to give up the supernatural claims, and then attempt to out-christian the Christians on axiological matters.

My interpolated note: I, the atheist, am holier than thou, the Christian.

The term ‘axiology’ comes from the Greek word ‘agō’, which means ‘I drive’. Imagine the scales of justice. What is the driving force that balances these scales? This is what axiology asks. It was ex-Catholic César Tort who introduced me to this philosophical concept.

In my view, it is still Christian assumptions such as ‘the sanctity of human life’ and ‘human equality’ that is balancing the scales of justice in the West. The notion that everybody is equal comes from the notion of soul equality. As Alex Linder points out: if you believe that we are all equally created, then it kinda follows that we are all created equal.

However, as Revilo P. Oliver points out, once we reject Yahweh and his ‘special creation of man’, all notions of human equality should be abandoned also. In the same way that no two racehorses are equal, neither are any two humans.

And so even though fewer and fewer people believe in Yahweh, nevertheless, Jehovitic notions such as the sanctity of human life and human equality are still balancing the scales of justice. (In my view, I value blue whales more than most humans, and I value a rainforest more than a city teaming with the human virus.)

It’s a pity that I have so much work to do with correcting the syntax of our books before putting the links back in the featured post. I wish I had finished so that the critique of anthropocentrism in the book by Savitri Devi we recently translated would show, in a more formal way, what Gaedhal said above.

Update of 5:50 pm

When this guy was still living in Spain, the Spanish press was not in the hands of Jews. And yet, without Jews, the idiot changed his name, within Spanish culture, to a sort of virtuous BLM signal for Spanish speakers, decades before BLM emerged in the US. In other words, black lives were of the utmost importance to this neochristian.

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I don’t think your Lord exists

by Gaedhal

Schopenhauer famously said that the sun sees so much carnage on its daily course that it were better if the earth, like the moon, were still in a crystalline state and not able to call forth the phenomenon of life.

I agree with the carnage bit. I disagree with the notion that a crystalline dead universe is superior to a universe with life in it.

Just personally I think that not existing forever is an unimaginable concept. Hitchens said that every attempt to imagine the extinction of our own personal consciousness fails. Alan Watts, a non theist, said that not existing forever is not an experience that you can have. The atheist Epicurus said that death does not concern us. Where we are, death is not; and where death is, we are not. Thus, as opposed to Benatar, I propose, instead, making the best of a bad situation. Existing on this Hell Planet of parasitism and predation is a bad situation.

However, Schopenhauer’s point that no decent God would claim this Hell Planet of predation and parasitism as his own handiwork still stands. The parasites and predators on this planet are no compliment to any decent God. By believing in this Lord of theirs, it sets you up to be duped in so many other ways. If you can buy that today with its rapes, murders, tortures, shootings, stabbings, car deaths, starvations, amputations, acts of paedophilia etc., was created by their Lord, then you can also buy Matt Chandler’s crocodile tears and his extremely sketchy outline of the events that transpired.

There is much more to this story than meets the eye.

______ 卐 ______

Editor’s Note: Matt Chandler is a pastor of a church in Texas.

Gaedhal hit the nail on the head when he said ‘by believing in this Lord of theirs, it sets you up to be duped in so many other ways. As long-time visitors to this site know, I only woke up to racial issues after I turned fifty springs in this world. Before that, I devoted myself to understanding a family tragedy caused, first and foremost, by my father.

After decades of thinking about it, I concluded that once you accept astronomical doublethink, as in Christianity with the doctrine of eternal damnation and the punisher being a god who supposedly loves us infinitely, you can believe anything.

I am not going to detail how Puebla Catholicism corrupted my father’s mind in the 1930s and how that is related to a tragedy that happened in the 1970s. Anyone who wants to know about that can read my autobiographical books. But after decades of pondering the subject I see clearly that the original sin lies in the religion of our parents.

That’s why I have hope…

If the original sin is Christianity, the white race can still be saved. Serious would be, as Kevin MacDonald seems to suggest, that universalist altruism is genetic among whites. I don’t think it is, because whites weren’t bananas before Christianity. It was Christianity that made them crazy, like methamphetamine makes crazy those drug addicts we see in the TV series Breaking Bad.

If deranged altruism is genetic, the Aryan is doomed to extinction. If instead it is malware that has taken hold of the Aryan psyche, it is possible to remove the malware from our souls through Nietzschean transvaluation (which includes ‘secular’ values back to Greco-Roman values). See why The Wests Darkest Hour is the only thing worthwhile among the racialist forums? No one but us is proposing the formula Umwertuung aller Werte as the salvation of our souls.

Nota bene: Today I won’t add another article on Deschner’s history of Christianity because I am still very busy correcting the syntax of the book Daybreak.