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Taylor debates a Catholic

Watch the video in Bitchute: here. American anti-Semites love E. Michael Jones, who has written on Jewish issues, notably in the 2008 book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History. It is pitiful to see Jones read his pseudo-responses to Taylor, previously typed on his computer before the debate, instead of trying to answer Jared’s superb class on race realism. However, I disagree with Taylor that some Jews could be accepted as part of the tissue of the West.

After a tough question by the moderator, after 1:31 Jones said that by ‘preaching to all nations’ the Gospel meant ‘ethnic groups’.

He is right! There’s an irreconcilable conflict between Christian doctrine and racism, as Savitri wisely said in our latest posts.

After 1:39 the Christian Jones showed his true colours. The moderator asked him: If the millions of non-white Muslims and blacks in France suddenly became Catholics should they be expelled? Emphatically Jones answered ‘No!… They could become Frenchmen, without any problem!’ He even added that an African who migrated to Poland could become Polish as well…

It is interesting to know that Jared read Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy, as he says in this debate (I read it too). His argument that not all Jews are subversive is easily answered with Pierce’s article ‘Seeing the Forest’:

Perhaps only 10 per cent of the trees in this Jewish forest have roots deep enough to inject their poison into us, and the other 90 per cent play only supporting roles of one sort or another. It is still the whole forest which is our problem. If the forest were not here we would not have had to endure the curse of Bolshevism. If the forest were not here America would not be growing darker and more degenerate by the year. It is the whole forest, not just a few of the most poisonous trees in it, which must be uprooted and removed from our soil if we are to become healthy again.

There is much truth in this statement despite the fact that, even with the Jews fairly controlled by the Inquisition, the Iberians miscegenated both in the peninsula and in the Americas. As we have been saying, this was due to Christian ethics that do not distinguish between races. In fact, Jones’s stance on race has been universal among Catholics and traditional Protestants. Among the former it was universal even before Constantine handed over the empire to his bishops.

On balance, for the health of the fourteen words I find Jones’ racial universalism more toxic than Jared’s relatively benign view of Jews.

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I felt like I was wasting my time even though I watched the debate in the background. Anti-Jew Anti-Racist vs Pro-Jew Pro-Racist, both were lacking. I ultimately believe Jared fared much better and EMJ is a schizo.

Greetings from Belarus, Cesar!

Jones is good evidence that gracile-faced males are inherently worthless to the White race. The degree of his facial thinness indicates a possible Negroid strain in his lineage.

Sorry if this is a little off topic, Cesar, but I’d like to draw your attention and the attention of all readers of this blog to one more important book of Rosenberg’s: ‘The Track of the Jews through the Ages’ (in German: ‘Die Spur des Juden im Wandel der Zeiten’). Both versions, German and English, are available on archive.org

What are your sources about the “inquisition”?

You must surely know that Torquemada was in fact (((Torquemada))). He was apparently a biological (((jew))),a “marrano.”

What’s the likelihood that there weren’t other camoflauged jews if the “anti-jewish” inquisition was headed by a jew?

Revilo Oliver asserted that it is untrue that jews were ever comprehensively rounded up & expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand in 1492 (top of page 11 of “Jews Love christianity” under his alias Ralph Perrier).

I understand feeling a more intense loathing towards the Aryan christ-faggot traitor more than the hostile alien enemy who is merely serving his species interests; but, the notion of elevating the Aryan traitors above the architects/masterminds insofar as culpability or potency of the threat they constitute to Aryans is wrong.

If i were the sole survivor in the trenches, & swarms of jews + their christ-cuck Aryan golem were coming to finish me off, if i only had 2 bullets, i’d *want* to use the 1 on the Aryan traitor; however, the logical part of me concludes that taking out a jew would be a wiser expenditure of that bullet (before turning it on myself).

Had jews never existed, there’s little likelihood of a “darkest hour” for Aryans, ever. And without

What happened in the Americas, miscegenation throughout an entire continent, was a catastrophe that Iberian whites inflicted on themselves without the need for Jews (Torquemada was a Spaniard, not an Iberian living in the Americas).

A white traitor like Bill Clinton or Biden is worse than Soros, because he is a traitor.

I’m not sure you’re familiar with POV on this site (this is not a WN site). We have already discussed these issues ad nauseam in the discussion threads.

Have you read The Fair Race (PDF on the sidebar)?

Christianity was surely a massive factor for the Iberian-American miscegenation, but not the only one. The majority of Iberians, except maybe the Germanic Suebian-Visigothic elite, were largely denordidzed at that time. They probably never were predominantly Nordic, they were certainly less Nordic than even the Celts.

It is obvious that the Mediterranean race tends more to miscegenation than the Nordids. Not only Spaniards, but also the French, Italians are examples for that. Nordid Anglo-Saxon colonists originally did not mix with the Natives or Negros, despite their fanatical Puritan Christianity. Only later, when the Christian poison and its secular derivations became toxic enough for the Aryan mind and soul, the miscegenation of the Nordids began at a larger extent. But let us not forget that these modern derivations of the Christianity – Marxism, Liberalism etc. – were theoretically developed and practically organized with the huge involvement of the Jews, to say the least.

@ Wolfrein

If there is something I ask of those who want to argue with me on this site, it is to read The Fair Race, which can be read for free from the sidebar (or request a printed copy).

If there is a couple of books that I have not tired of recommending to understand my POV, they are the two stories of the white race, one by Pierce and the other by Kemp (The Fair Race contains excerpts from both).

What you say about the Iberians is half true. You forget that originally the Goths who ruled Hispania were completely Nordic.

In both Pierce’s and Kemp’s stories you read that by converting to Christianity in the 7th century Recceswinth abolished the long ban on miscegenation (which reminds me the Spartan ban on miscegenation), which resulted in the subsequent mongrelization of the Visigothic Iberians. The king of Hispania’s decision allowed any person of any racial origin, as long as he professed Christianity, to intermarry with the Aryan Goths. Such failure of the nerve occurred just a few decades before these territories were invaded by the Moors, and IMO they could be related.

By focusing exclusively on Jews white nationalists lose the meta-perspective provided by the two histories by Pierce and Kemp.

First off, fuck White-Neurotics (“W.N.’s”).

Secondly, a more ruthless & utterly merciless version of N.S. is needed than were actual N.S. (in my opinion).

Thirdly, yes, i’ve read your F.R.D.H., & your anti-feminist + Daybreak books.

You may (or may not) be interested in the “Apollonian” stuff that R.Spencer & Mark Brahmin have been working on. REM Theory is the name of their channel on which they distribute their (very slick) videos (still on jew tube). A couple are exclusively about christ-madness. They’d benefit from reading through your archives.

@ Septimus Julius,

Yesterday I watched a couple of minutes of Spencer’s latest video with the English guy. It stroke me as incredibly lukewarm. Yes: we need blond beasts, and won’t find them in the altright.

“Mark Brahmin”.

A.K.A a useless pseudo-intellectual dogturd that deserves to be thrown out of the entire sphere of Pro-White anything and left with nothing but his shirt and pants in the middle of The Congo. The Fool who “thinks” that portraying death in any way as an artist makes one a “Semite”, while believing that a retarded video game about blue-haired SJW antics is an ode to Demeter and Persephone! They validate the worst accusations about anti-Xtians [as made by Xtians] by submerging actual tales of the Gods in a miasma of modernity all the while claiming to practice “Roman Interpretation” on degenerate media. Especially when the real Romans [as well as the Hellenes and almost all Folks of Old Europe] would scorn such if presented to them, just as Pausanias laughed at the cuisine of the Persians compared to their own food.

Their statements concerning “JEM” and “REM” are absolute Alex Jones conspiracy freak-level gibberish that should be tossed into the garbage as soon as possible without hesitation or remorse.

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