On the need to undemonize Hitler



What the media has concealed about WW2:

1.- The best-kept secret of our times!:
The Holocaust perpetrated on Germans

2.- The Second World War


On the need to undemonize Hitler:

3.- Two essays on Hitler

4.- Hitler in his own words—his table talks


Informal comments in the blogosphere:

5.- Anglo-Saxons and Hitler

6.- What Nazi Germany tried to prevent


What the media has concealed about the “holocaust”:

7.- Irmin Vinson’s must-read articles about the holocaust

8.- An unheard of Holocaust perpetrated by Bolshevik Jews


On Himmler and National Socialism:

9.- Himmler’s worldview

10.- Rockwell: A National Socialist life

(This last article mentions a series of real dreams. An American dreamt repeatedly that Hitler appeared to him. That series of recurrent dreams shows, in the opinion of the present editor, that George L. Rockwell has been the noblest American that far-off land has ever produced.)


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Thank you for your philosophy. Now we have moonscaped the region of babylon, the cradle of civilization. We have honeytrapped 1 million arabs into german where they will be dismembered and used as fertilizer. Thanks a lot for you awesome contribution to eurasian stability and demography. maybe learn from this guy [link]