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What Germany was trying to prevent

swastikaHitler greatly admired the U.S. 1924 Johnson Immigration Act which sharply reduced the number of Jews from Eastern Europe who could get entry into America each year.

As far as Nazi doctrine goes, Alfred Rosenberg said that the swastika was the symbol of White Revolution/Rebirth which must someday save the entire West, including America. Rosenberg had extensive contacts with White Nationalists in every Western country. However, from a military point of view it was not Hitler’s duty to liberate America from Jewish domination. You must remember that the German Reich only had at maximum of—including Austria and the Sudetenland—about 100 million people. It is illogical to think that Hitler could have conquered America and we are foolish if we are disappointed in him because he could not do so.

The Third Reich was not just one thing. Yes, Hitler wanted an empire for Germany in Central and Eastern Europe in which the Nordic race would dominate but he also wanted the doctrine of Nazi racialism of the superiority of the White race to spread all over the world. Nazi policies on Slavs were largely tactical, the Slavs had to be labeled “inferior” to justify stealing their territory.

The “Anti-Semitic” doctrine of the Third Reich was sent to Muslim North Africa, the Middle East, South America, and even Japan. There was an Arabic language edition of Mein Kampf printed in Syria in 1938. The Arabic version deleted references to the Nordic race but all non-Jews were taught to guard themselves against the Jews who were the most dangerous foe of mankind. The ruler of Iran, Reza Shah Pahlavi, established close relations with Nazi Germany. One weekend while I was surfing the internet I found an Iranian website and several Iranians made the statement, “Iran has modern highways because of Hitler, Hitler built our roads.”

What I’m trying to say here is: The Third Reich had a doctrine but they knew when certain aspects of that doctrine needed emphasis under different scenarios.

If you are asking if Hitler cared whether America remained dominated by Jews, yes he cared. If the Germans had won WW2 they would have spread Nazi doctrine by radio, film, and television all over the globe and certain parts of America would have come under its influence. As Francis Parker Yockey wrote in Imperium, a political idea needs a state in order to expand across the world. Now if the Third Reich had become a massive Empire from the Atlantic to the Urals, the culture and philosophy of the Empire would have inspired large parts of the Western White world, including South America.

Commenter replies:

Good points, Otto. I can see Uncle Wolf’s problem. Imagine trying to tell 1940’s White America that in 50 years their country would be controlled by jew banking and media, overrun by third world scum, race-mixing with niggers, jew-led foreign wars that never end, Whites-only hate crimes, unheard of taxation, debt, usury, black power, mex power and faggot power!

They never would have believed it!

Commenter replies:

Yes, you are absolutely right and it’s also the reason why the senior citizens who did grow up in that 1950’s All White America still cling so strongly to the idea of Hitler as Demon. They never needed Hitler to be anything else but evil because they were protected and satisfied in their All White World, but for those of us who did grow up in later decades, either 1980’s or 1990’s see very clearly the minority-oriented Communist Jew chaos that Hitler was trying to prevent long before any of us were even born.

Let the truth be told: America really lost WW2 because they fought on the side of those who would one day enslave them.


Originally posted on VNN Forum in 2004.

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Yes yes and yes. Even Hitler knew there would be useful idiots of America who’d see their own race die. They are idiots. Usefull till their purpose is served. Then they are destroyed along with their own people that they betrayed.

How do you know that Hitler’s public description of the Slavic peoples as inferior was just a tactic? What evidence is there that he didn’t really look down on them? I will tell you why I ask: I am an eastern Slav, and the majority of the people who’ve openly smirked at me and made fun of me for it are Germans (north Americans of German descent as well as German born immigrants).

Hi, Wyandotte!
You mean that they were making fun of you because of the country of your origin? I am Polish and I haven’t experienced that in Germany. So I am wondering…

Slavs had to be labeled “inferior” to justify stealing their territory.

I don’t know who is the author of this nonsenes (Chechar?), but let’s get some facts straight:

1) It’s the other way around: Not the Germans stole Slav territoriy, but the Slavs stole German territory.
The problems began at Versailles, when Slavs grabbed regions with 90% German population (Sudetes, Danzig, Memel,…).
Hitler did make some reasonable peace offers (to the Poles): an international road and Danzig back to Germany – refused because the British wanted war.

2) The Germans lived with Slav people during centuries without too much trouble. Prag was a mainly German speaking city not so long ago (Kafka). In fact, it was the seat of the first German university.

How do you know that Hitler’s public description of the Slavic peoples as inferior was just a tactic? What evidence is there that he didn’t really look down on them?

3) So what? Polish Generals joked (before WWII) about meeting in Berlin. Considering the adversary ‘inferior’ is normal tactic in war and pre-war situations, look at allied WWII-propaganda.

The “Anti-Semitic” doctrine of the Third Reich …

4) … did not fall from blue sky. The Germans had their experience with Jews in WWI (Balfour declaration) and during Weimar. More than sufficient reasons to be “anti-semitic”.

Dear Sylvie

This was a great reply. It is rare to read WW II truths. It is true that the Germans were unjustly kicked out of their homes and the slavic peoples of Poland, Czechslovakia and others gained. It is also true that Polish generals were dreaming of Polish territory stretching all the way to Berlin before the outbreak of war. And of course, not only the Germans but other peoples have had experiences of the “chosen ones”. For more on N.S. Germany visit justice for germans.

Finally, somebody who isn’t a complete idiot… America is now run by all of the mixed races and the gays because of the ‘tolerance’ that spurred from World War Two. Hitler’s methods were wrong, but his view of the world was actually fairly accurate.

@Amalia Who are you to decide that “Hitler’s methods were wrong”? Did you study the facts yourself or are you just blindly following what jewish MSM tells you to think?

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