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Isabel (TV series)

I’m relocating this paragraph, originally posted on October 30: I’ve just watched the first season of Isabel, a 2012 Spanish-produced historical and fictional TV series about the life of Queen Isabella I of Castile, and I am afraid to say that the Spanish media is now Hollywoodesque. The Jew Andrés Cabrera (1430-1511), who in real…

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Another TV abomination

Once again, I have watched the first season of a television series, The Borgias, about the rise of the Borgia family to the pinnacle of the Church and their struggles to maintain their grip on power. When I was a child I found inspiring the films of the Renaissance period that I saw on the…

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Kemp on the Jews

Excerpted from March of the Titans: A History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp: The saga of the European Jews Anti-Semitism—or, more accurately, anti-Jewishness—was not an invention of Hitler nor of his National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Anti-Jewish sentiment has always stalked the Jews, where-ever they went: it seems as if their very presence…

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