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Translation of pages 483-541 of “Hojas susurrantes”

Note of September 2017: I have removed this text because a slightly revised version of it is now available in print within my book Day of Wrath.

15 replies on “Translation of pages 483-541 of “Hojas susurrantes””

Neat. Could Quetzalcoatl refer to a dragon as well? Perhaps a “feathered serpent” is the Meso-American version of such? In Farsi, “kerm” means worm (dragon). In Wagner’s “Ring”, I recall the dragon Fafner being referred to as the “Wurm”.

I’ve read numerous works on the Nordicness of the creator/culture deities of the New World. There’s been quite a degree of intercourse with the New World during ancient times.

Do the serpent or dragon motives of the temples in Mexico depict feathers?

Can you describe what you mean by referring to “La mamá lo pepena” ? You talked about parental control being exercised to the point where a child experiences mental stifling or something like that. Is there more resources to learn about this phenomena?

Yes, there are sources on how a schizophrenogenic mother tries to “grab” her child’s mind (cf. the old work of Theodore Lidz or Silvano Arieti).

I agree that trauma causes mental illness although I do not like the term mental illness because mental illness is often treated with drugs and I do not like to promote an industry that drugs people. And parents may contribute to childhood trauma but separating kids from their parents often times worse than leaving the kids with the parents because the kids end up living in places where they are forcibly drugged and abused by staff to a greater extent than they were abused at their homes. The whole industry of psychiatry is very evil.

I have not read that article before, but to comment on it I do find the psychiatric drugging of children(or people of any age) to be a gross injustice. Why is this happening though?

Is it due to the profit motive? Is it due to capitalism? I sometimes wonder if psychiatric drugging would be reduced in a communist society however on the other hand psychiatry may even gain more power under communism so I am not sure what the way to deal with the problem of psychiatry is. Capitalism seems to increase its negative effects in society however communism or socialism might be bad in terms of psychiatry too.

The medical system in general has too much power.

I know only a very few words in spanish(living in America I do at least know a few though). I could use google translate to read it. Google translate is not perfect but I would still be interested in giving it a shot.

This is an impressive well researched piece of work, a real eye opener for me to another part of history that has been distorted by political correctness. Chechar you should write a book solely on this subject I would suggest and have it published.

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