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Beauty Human sacrifice Mayas Pre-Columbian America

About my previous post…

Awesome quetzals!

Since I can only adequately understand history through the visual arts, behold two clips I uploaded in You Tube:

❦ For a one-minute visual-tour to how the town where I was born looked half a millennia ago, click here.

❦ Also, see my selection of Mel Gibson’s reconstruction of the crowded Mayan city in Apocalypto, a word that means, “A new beginning.” (My educated guess that Catholic Gibson used it in the sense of the transformation of Mesoamerica into New Spain.)

Those who don’t want to see the human sacrifice at the top of the pyramid may watch only the first seven minutes.


For those who arrive to this entry thru searching engines, this is the post referred to above.

5 replies on “About my previous post…”

Thanks. You seem to be the first American blogger interested in nationalist sites that has shown at least some interest in Psychohistory. I believe that it can help a lot to understand those whites who strenuously hate the culture of their (abusive) parents to the point of committing cultural suicide. But at the same time I have no illusions that my stuff will be read by a substantial amount of white nationalists.

The fourth book of my Hojas Susurrantes is the only one which deals specifically with Psychohistory (the rest also deals with child abuse, but from other perspectives). Have you already read the three chapters that comprise The Return of Quetzalcoatl or just leafed through?

Since my translation of those three chapters is 63,000 words length, my next entry will include a PDF for those who prefer to print the book for a proper reading.

Sped through some and slowly digested others. I’m usually reading on a mobile device and that has a negative impact upon my thought process.

I can’t speak for Spain or Mexico, but American media is awash with half-baked Freudian lingo. Our “greatest generation” (sic) has been swallowing Dr. Spock for half a century now. Anything that begins to counteract this is a blessing!

Your insights into psychiatry hit close to home. A rather important woman in my life has suffered imeasurably at the hands of the “mental-health” industry. I’ve witnessed the drugging you mentioned in a previous post. Institutionalized horrors like these should fill nationalists with more dread than anything an external foe can do.

So to cut my rambling short, thank you again!

Then you would love the second book of my series, the un-translated Cómo asesinar el alma de tu hijo (How to Murder Your Child’s Soul), a tour de force to debunk psychiatry: a clearly fraudulent profession.

What you say about American films and TV is true. I still remember a black-and-white, old Hollywood film with the dialog “Here we go again: What’s ‘psychiatry’?” I that film a character expressed bewilderment about how another guy started to use that word.

Those who are deeply sleeping in the matrix have completely lost sense that even a few decades ago the whole concept of a new “science” that purportedly “treated” so-called “mental disorders” by means of assaulting the brain with drugs was utterly alien.

I am glad that at least a fraction of my stuff that has been translated has been useful to you.

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