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Translation of pages 543-609 of “Hojas susurrantes”


Note of September 2017: I have removed this text because a slightly revised version of it is now available in print within my book Day of Wrath.

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One of the most striking quotations are Larry S. Milner’s words:

As for the research into general human behavior, infanticide has been almost totally ignored. When acts of child-murder are referenced at all, they generally are passed off as some quirk or defective apparatus of an unusual place or time. Look in the index of almost all major social treatises and you will find only a rare reference to the presence of infanticide. […] Yet, the importance of understanding the reasons for infanticide is borne out by its mathematical proportions. Since man first appeared on earth about 600,000 years ago, it has been calculated that about 77 billion human babies have been born. If estimates of infanticide of 5-10% are true, then up to seven billion children have been killed by their parents, a figure which should suffice as one of incredible importance.

After citing Milner’s research extensively, I said: “Let us remember, now, the cry of Sahagun [in the previous chapter]. It would had been hard for the humble monk to imagine that not only the ancient Mexicans, but all humanity had been seized by a passion for infanticide. At the beginning of our century, some Amazon tribes continue the practice as horribly as described above.”

This is one video on the subject that I saw today:


I am absolutely fascinated by your posts about Lloyd Demause because they are so much in agreement with my assessment.

However, there is a very difficult point that you raised and that I myself had already stumbled into: the suicidal tendencies of the most advanced psychoclass. Demause is terrified of this problem, and runs away. However, I don’t see your proposed “reversal” of the top two phychoclasses as a satisfactory solution. The helping mode clearly comes after the socializing one and springs from it.

On the contrary, the paradox seems to be not in Demause, but in the real world: the fact that the most advanced psychoclass IS suicidal in the sense that it doesn’t want to reproduce (both in the biological and in the cultural sense), but to make way for others. So we are stuck with some sort of circle where the more you advance psychohistorically, the more you tend to disappear.

Here is something of an alternate explanation: the helping mode expands fatherhood and motherhood to all people. The muslim immigrant is as much to be nurtured as your own children. I know that this is acceptance gone mad, but it is still acceptance. The fact that the other kids will supress and maybe kill your real kids becomes lost. We understand that this procedure is “killing” your own in a sense, but they do not.

I have thought of this paradox too. My solution is that deMause’s “helping mode” is not helping mode at all. It is the product of deranged liberalism in the aftermaths of the French Revolution, that reached a truly suicidal point when the Anglo-Saxons betrayed their German brothers during and after World War 2 and imposed a sort of Morgenthau Plan “lite” to all people of European descent.

I have written a lot on such betrayal in this blog, but if you want to visualize it thru fiction let me say that the way that Mr. Earnshaw in the novel Wuthering Heights treated his eldest son is perfect symbol of the way that Western elites are treating the white peoples. In other words, Mr. Earnshaw was not a true helping mode father. DeMause is completely and absolutely deranged on this point. See the context above of this quote:

Needless to say, recent issues of the Journal of Psychohistory idealize the black Obama, and what is worse, the journal does not say a word about the dangers that the growing Islamization of Europe represent for what they themselves, the psychohistorians, call the helping mode of childrearing.
Alarmed, when I lived in Europe I sent deMause an e-mail asking him what did he think of the Islamization of Scandinavia. Once again, he answered playing the imbecile, saying that Nordics “are helping their children.”

Hitler said;

“The abandonment of sick, puny and misshapen children by the Spartans was more humanitarian and, in reality, a thousand times more humane than the pitiful madness of our present time where the most sickly subjects are preserved at any price only to be followed by the breeding of a race from degenerates burdened with disease.”

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