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Breaking Bad

As visitors to this site know, unlike what Kevin MacDonald says in The Culture of Critique (Frankfurt School, etc.), I believe that it is art for mass consumption that is central to making an x-ray of what’s wrong with the Aryan psyche. From this angle, as I have so often said, literary landmarks of the past such as Ivanhoe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Ben-Hur serve as x-rays for us to see the 19th-century soul of the white man. In our century as in the last century, it is the movies, and degenerate art, that can serve as X-rays.

Breaking Bad is an American drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan, apparently a non-Jew. It tells the story of Walter White, a chemist. To pay for his cancer treatment and secure his family’s financial future, he begins cooking and selling methamphetamine, along with Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his. The series, set and produced in Albuquerque (New Mexico), is characterised by its desert settings and has been described as a sort of contemporary Western. The series premiered on 2008 and ended in 2013. Breaking Bad has been enthusiastically acclaimed by many critics and audiences, and is considered one of the best television series of all time. In 2013 it was one of the most watched cable television shows in the US, behind Game of Thrones.

Unlike those for whom Breaking Bad has become almost a cult series, to the extent that Vince Gilligan filmed a sequel movie with the actor who portrayed Jesse Pinkman, I am repulsed by the series and want to expose it. (Remember I’m currently doing something similar with HBO’s House of the Dragon.) So here we go…

What disgusted me the most is that in several episodes Jesse inordinately loves a ‘Hispanic’ mother and her son, another mestizo. Walter and Jesse are capable of killing to survive in the underworld of drug trafficking, and yet they set Walt up as a good family man and Jesse as a good Samaritan to these ‘Hispanics’. It doesn’t even make sense to talk about the plot: this kind of thing wouldn’t be happening in the seventh art if Hitler, not Uncle Sam, had had access to the atomic bomb.

Jesse’s love for the spic family was what bothered me most about Breaking Bad, but there are other bad messages. Remember what Kenneth Clark says, that to understand a culture you have to look at its architecture? I have never been to New Mexico, but the total absence of inspiring monuments in the New Mexico filmed in Breaking Bad, and other US states, is striking to me. Aryan aesthetics are only seen in the interiors of the homes of middle- and upper-class people in Breaking Bad. But the visual message for someone used to contemplating what we’ve been seeing in our ‘European Beauty’ series is that of an empty American culture: the ideal platform for betraying one’s ethnicity and becoming a junkie.

Another thing that irritated me greatly about the series is that the roles of husband and wife are egalitarian. And I don’t just mean Walter and his wife but the latter’s sister and Walter’s brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader. An egalitarian marriage lends itself to inconceivable surrealisms and incongruities because of what Jamie, one of the commenters on this site, said and I picked up in On Beth’s Cute Tits:

I still remember my uncle mentioning something like this when I asked him for advice once: ‘If you are going to talk about serious matters, like killing someone or a coup, don’t ever let the women know about it’.

And I realised he is dam right, and so are you César.

Women will go hysterical at such things as planning a murder or a coup. They will most likely betray you and warn the authorities or government, which they believe is the strongest (expect this behaviour from very feminised men and homosexuals as well).

Dr. William Pierce once mentioned in one of his American Dissident Voices broadcasts that women, as a whole, do not understand abstract concepts such as honour and self-denial. It is not in their nature to understand. Security and comfort are their priorities, and so submission their way of getting it.

And the older I get, the more I realise how true that is. The empowering of women is truly a weapon of mass destruction.

Indeed. The wives in Breaking Bad don’t understand honour or self-denial (Walter, on the other hand, is the paradigm of the selfless man who seeks the good of his family). Another irritating thing is that Walter’s son is a hetero, albeit feminised handicapped man, to the extent that he betrays his father when the authorities realised that Walter was involved in illicit business. A true Aryan male doesn’t behave that way.

Another issue that irritated me is that the culture in which the characters move seems to have material comfort as its sole focus. One of the most abominable things I read in one of Isaac Asimov’s books, and it pains me but it is true, is that nowadays everyone in the West is working simply to live in more material comfort. (The true Aryan puts his race as the motive of his faith, his action and his wars, and the material aspect becomes secondary.)

Finally, this whole DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) thing is aberrant. Walter’s illegal business only affected teenagers and adults, who voluntarily consumed methamphetamine. I’m not saying it’s right to sell drugs on the streets, but that’s infinitely less wrong than what psychiatry does legally. When abusive parents want to finish destroying one of their children, they turn to a third party: the psychiatrist. The first thing the psychiatrist does is hang an insulting label on the child (a pseudo-medical diagnosis) prior to involuntarily drugging him with drugs that induce a physical torment called akathisia (see my post on the subject here).

I have written a lot about psychiatry (see this summary). My point is that it is an act of astronomical hypocrisy to prosecute traffickers of illegal narcotics for adults and, at the same time, ignore the legal drugs that are used to torment defenceless children. Keep in mind that consuming illicit drugs is voluntary, and the drugging of the child with licit drugs is involuntary (insofar as the child doesn’t want to be tormented with akathisia). From this angle, all series like Breaking Bad do is reinforce the astronomically hypocritical narrative of the System. That’s why one of the few things I did like about the series is that Hank Schrader, the DEA agent, ends up with a bullet in his forehead.

In short, for a normie Breaking Bad is akin to taking methamphetamine, or rather, the soma drug from Brave New World. It is pop art that pulls us to the dark side, to continue to see ourselves through the prism of a System that wants to destroy us. The masses don’t read what the subversive Jews of the Frankfurt School write. The masses are being drugged with what Orwell called prole feed. The attitude a true Aryan should have is the opposite of the attitude of Counter-Currents, a supposed pro-white webzine that idealises Hollywood’s prolefeed.

Pseudoscience Psychiatry

“Chemical imbalance” myth

Friedrich Nietzsche Pseudoscience Psychiatry Quotable quotes

Nietzsche quote

Yesterday I came across a quotable quote from Nietzsche:

‘The strength of a person's spirit would then be measured by how much “truth” he could tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted, falsified’.

It reminded me that many white nationalists aren’t strong, in that they don’t tolerate the truth about their religion, which arose out of Jewish subversion and under the pen of the first evangelist at a time when the Romans were destroying Jerusalem. These nationalists have the JQ diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted and falsified in what we have been calling ‘monocausalism’ because they don’t want to grow up. But I would like to talk about something else.

I said recently that the scandals with the pseudoscience behind Covid and the sexual butchery of the LGBT movement—especially the ‘T’ folk—where surgeons are literally cutting off teenage penises and breasts, are beginning to move some quarters to question the medical establishment. However, as I was saying last week, voices have long been raised questioning another area of medicine: psychiatry.

In the old incarnation of this site a young Englishman told me that if anyone read my views on psychiatry, they would think I was a crank. Obviously, this young man hadn’t been aware that in his country the anti-psychiatry movement arose in the 1960s and that the Englishman Ronald Laing, a critic of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, had been criticising that book before he died. I pointed out to this young man the link to my text critical of psychiatry from its origins.

But my text is rhetorically flawed.

The fact is that such an enormous subject, as is the fact that pseudo-science has been taught in universities since the 19th century, seems implausible if we limit ourselves to reading texts. From a psychological point of view, we need lectures given by eloquent speakers who have studied psychiatry and disseminate their findings in front of an attentive audience.

Dr James Davies did that recently, and best of all, in front of a white audience.

Davies researched how the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—the handbook of psychiatrists in America—has been put together. I had known all this for two decades, thanks to my reading of the dissident psychiatrist Peter Breggin. But, as I said, reading anti-psychiatric books or articles isn’t the same as listening to a speaker who expresses his ideas in such a didactic way.

Nietzsche’s quote applies not only to those who don’t want to see that JQ and CQ are two sides of the same coin, but to those mental infants who cannot conceive that a pseudo-science, psychiatry, is being taught in universities.

Chris Martenson Covid 19 Pseudoscience Psychiatry

Debunking the Covid narrative

Watch today’s dialogue between Bret and Chris before they vaporise the channel (by the eighth minute Chris’ microphone didn’t work, but then it did):

Several scientists are beginning to realise that the medical profession is a mixture of real science, bad science from corporations seeking only profit, and even pseudoscience. I knew it decades ago. But who has listened to what I have said about psychiatry (see pages 143-166 of my Daybreak)?

I.N. (commenter) Psychiatry

First 2022 post

by I.N.

Hello Mr César. First of all, allow me to express my deep gratitude for feeling that my comment from exactly a year ago deeply resonates with you. It is an honour.

Forgive me for my year-long absence. I had matters to attend to. I saw your latest post as a personal challenge.

I hope this comment grants me access to your select group of SS-like Seers (that side with your diagnosis which attributes Aryan deracination primarily to Christian ethics, a realization yielded by ample proof and recurring historical incidents largely ignored and frowned upon by most racialist circles who stubbornly choose to remain unaware of the underlying problem that renders Whites vulnerable to infiltration and subversion) and zealots devoted to the manifestation of our pure and unquenchable desire to watch or at least contribute to the eventual absolute and uncontested domination of the Aryan superman over the entirety of this globe with the conquest of the farthest outreaches of the universe being our ulterior aim, perfectly summarized in your 4 & 14 words maxims that match the inherent will of the Cosmos to create a Species that reflects the incessant 14 billion year process of cultivating a refined life form able to withstand successfully the Void that awaits everything post-mortem (does it remind you of Savitri Devi’s ‘Men Against Time’ analogy?) and give meaning to this volatile and inexplicably occurring activity called existence.

If the Aryan descendants millions of years into the future (or even less if we take into account exponential growth) cross a certain ontological threshold aided and streamlined by sensible use of advanced technology (a prerequisite for such an endeavour) which emphasizes and focuses first and foremost on their eugenic perfection, there might come a point where the achievement of virtual immortality by delving into the fabric of the quantum nexus and bending it at will becomes a reality.

I have long been anticipating the right moment to share this because the situation regarding the commenters that abuse your unwarranted patience and prove that the investment of your precious time in trying to preach the truth and enlighten them has become intolerable.

With all due respect, I am inclined to suggest a compromise.

Set some golden inviolable rules whose disregard means unforgivable sacrilege and instant irreversible ban and have a link that redirects to this post appear on the sidebar.

Commenters will be forbidden from ignoring the following statements among others which you might want to add yourself. Just off the top of my head: Anyone who uses proxy IPs shall be banned without warning unless they are commenters like Mauricio who have repeatedly proved their gravitas. Remember that Virtual Private Networks will be a necessity once we start operating in the Dark Web to keep government agencies looking to undermine our struggle off our backs.

  1. No belittlement of The 4 Words [Let’s ‘eliminate all unnecessary suffering’].

Eliminating unnecessary suffering is the other core tenet of your seemingly dual but deeply complex and multifaceted ideology that derives from your decades-spanning study of psychohistory and can be applied to the observation of both the animal kingdom and the human condition, and the need to correct and reengineer them and breed a higher type of man capable of presiding over this reconstructed and revitalized ecosystem with wisdom and consideration for the pain inflicted to all sentient organisms and act in synergy with Mother Nature to harmoniously govern and direct the arrow of evolution down a sustainable path. A noble attempt brought about by this well-intentioned intervention to protect the integrity of all species worthy of being preserved and to minimize needless pain as much as possible.

In this indifferent and cruel Universe where no regulator yet exists to mend the astronomical pain that occurs daily, it is up to us to take the Initiative and assume the role of establishing a natural order that exacts justice by weeding out the offenders—bipedals mostly, and others alike. Hermann Goering sent to concentration camps the arrogant fools that opposed the decree that banned vivisection. Let that sink in the minds of Neanderthals that ignore our pleas to stop the torture of innocent animals.

  1. Thinking that a worldwide technocratic dystopia is plausible is grounds for elimination due to imminent energy devolution.

Anyone who thinks the system will keep running after the societal and financial collapse that will sweep the West due to the long-overdue dollar crash whose effects we are currently witnessing is increased in intensity and which will have an incorrigible impact on the global economy is an idiot. Having the illusion that the traitorous elites and uniformed personnel are going to impose a universal totalitarian dictatorship enhanced by AI-controlled strict surveillance where in exchange for basic freedoms you get universal basic income and free virtual reality video-gaming escapism is alarmingly dumb. People like this are either idiots or actually prefer such a depraved sci-fi scenario to take place. Even if that is their plan they are deluded and have miscalculated.

A future in which energy consumption from a constantly growing and mentally passive and incompetent population of shitskins (that can barely function in their day to day lives without big state welfare at our expense or grasp rudimentary concepts, much less work) exceedingly supersedes the rate, the percentage and the quantity of the extraction, distribution, availability and affordability of rapidly depleting natural resources, is unsustainable and falls into the realm of childish science-fiction as in reality it will result in severe scarcity of basic commodities initially, oil shortages and mass starvation later on. An ideal playground for the racially conscious, weapon wielding American whites to decimate all opposition and expand their sphere of influence to Europe as they free up and inhabit living space south of the Rio Grande at the same time.

The perfect state of things to demolish this vain world and indiscriminately extinguish both internal and external enemies.

Apollokult had made this mistake last December. Commenters ought to pay attention to the arguments you have presented again and again like Mike Maloney’s and Chris Martenson’s videos that refute and deconstruct a digitalized, mechanized-cybernetically embellished, densely populated, suffocation inducing urbanized and industrialized-environment dystopia.

  1. No supernatural nonsense that has no bearing on reality like afterlife and reincarnation. Period.

It is a waste of valuable time. Not only because it is an insult to logic and goes against the immutable law of nature and the universe—namely, that everything whether organic matter / sentient beings or inanimate matter eventually perishes at some point and is subject to erosion / decay or as physicists call it, the second law of thermodynamics / heat death / entropy and what awaits after the cessation of consciousness is nothing but the endless void of non-existence—a but mainly because it demotivates the Aryans, makes them fatalist, prevents them from seeking to improve their condition thus making them defy the workings of nature that all beings must obey and deprives them from attaining a genuine spirituality as you have posited many times or attempting to transcend their lacklustre ego and in the eloquent and accurate words of Pierce reach an elevated consciousness.

Indo-European deities should be thought of by us as nothing more than symbolic interpretations of natural phenomena and Aryan racial archetypes whose myths contain wise allegories and metaphors representative of the heroic ‘Hyperborean’ spirit.

Unfortunately, both the intellectuals and the masses of Aryans in antiquity indulged in blind faith and superstition but we must cut them some slack for the time they lived in.

  1. No posting of comments whose subjects are completely unrelated to racialism aside from picking apart the narrative that argues that genetic causes of mental illness are legitimate or take precedence over psychogenic factors when the exact opposite is true according to your personal experience and your thorough research into this most disheartening and shunned subject.

However, would you say the same for hybrids who have a multitude of incompatible racial components clashing within their psyche? Wouldn’t that make them more susceptible to mental issues and breakdowns? Of course, we don’t focus on mongrels but otherwise healthy pure-blooded Aryans so any discourse about other populations is irrelevant. Excuse me for diverging from context a bit. I just think it needs some clarification.


______ 卐 ______


Note of the Editor: A first approach to this question could start with my book Day of Wrath. Of all medical specialities, psychiatry is the only one that lacks biological markers.

Psychiatry is an extra-legal system of penalties for those who haven’t broken the law (remember that they wanted to commit Commander Rockwell). A single example will suffice to illustrate that the same happens with non-Aryans.

José Barba Martín, who once came to my house and knows Latin and ancient Greek (I’ve heard him talking in Latin), was one of Marcial Maciel’s victims of sexual abuse. He told me a psychiatric horror story.

On one occasion he witnessed how a young Mexican victim, during an event where Maciel was honoured by Catholic fans, made a public sarcastic comment exposing Maciel. He was immediately committed to a psychiatric ward and Barba didn’t hear from him again.

People don’t seem to realize it but that is what psychiatrists do: the dirty work to destroy a dissident who hasn’t broken the law, under the pretext of ‘mental illness’ (an entity that is not even defined in psychiatry). I have a blog in Spanish on the subject and I could send you the link if you are interested in using an internet translator to elucidate the matter a little further.


______ 卐 ______


If said comments betray an ‘adherence’ to conspiracy theory hysteria on behalf of the commenters, then they must be ousted.

Retards shouting that fluoride in toothpaste and the water supply and chemtrails are making us dumber; those who believe the new 5-G telecommunication technology is being implemented to fry their nerve cells (as if they aren’t fried already) or to cause terminal cancer cases to flare up; those who think Lee Harvey Oswald did not act of his own accord but was hired by the Deep State to assassinate JFK (leaving the courtroom is endemic to conspiracy theorists), that 9/11 was an inside job; that the moon landing was fake and filmed in a studio; those who believe aliens are abducting people daily and transforming into humans, and last but not least those that claim they have evidence that the Illuminati and other secret societies are performing Satanic, blood-sucking, child-raping and mutilating rituals are nuts and they have no right to pollute your profound website with their incurable stupidity.

Incidentally, they are Christians most of the time. What a surprise.

  1. The Nordic ideal is the peak, the backbone and the cornerstone of our self-evident belief.

Non-Nordic so-called ‘whites’ must accept that they are nothing more than stepping stones for Nordids and failed test subjects in this most intricate experiment called Life that evolution has chosen to discard in favour of a more advanced, vigorous, intelligent, beautiful and superior specimen and should sacrifice their Ego at the sacred altar of the preservation of Nordic blood, and preferably refrain from procreating to safeguard the future of Aryan posterity and living out the rest of their days within a white republic / living space and thus gain admiration for their self-denial and the privilege of living among true whites so long as they are determined to fight the racial enemy.

And who knows? They might be lucky enough to witness the dawn of a new earth-spanning Aryan civilisation. In any case, only if deemed beneficial and after thorough estimation of potential outcomes should Aryans form a temporary alliance with them. I call ‘lesser or pseudo-whites’ the swarthy Meds (whose origin is ultimately Middle Eastern or North African), the pudgy and broad-faced Baltids and Alpinids (whose origin is suspected to be Mongoloid / Central Asian), the ill-tempered Dinarids and other mixed West Caucasids. Sorry for using the Old Racial Classification: it’s just that most aren’t very familiar with Evropa Soberana’s new racial terminology.

In other words, this strategy should be employed to deal with most of the inhabitants of Southern and Eastern Europe. These phenotypes should not be classified as White by us racial ‘extremists’ (but realists) because they either have alien blood desecrating their veins or they have become obsolete.

Certainly, the ideal solution would be to have them get devoured by the exponentially growing coloured tidal wave of simians. Physiognomic testing should be conducted SS-style to ascertain who is White and the fields of genetic engineering and anthropology must be merged into one science to establish a new scientific branch that would allow us to venture into researching human DNA with more accuracy and elaborate sophistication. A vision that could have been materialized had the Reich emerged victoriously.

It is obvious who is White though. The White Man is the healthy virile blond beast that will rape the Sabine women and take up arms to butcher the degenerate ruling class that has him downtrodden and floods his ancestral lands with anthropomorphic scum. The precursor to the arrival of the Ubermensch. Has anyone else ever visualized this?

The pinnacle of evolution is a tall and lean Nordic male. His counterpart is his trophy, his jewel, the crown of evolution: a lovely Nordic female. They are both naked, sporting blazing, radiant golden hair akin to the rays of the sun. Deep piercing blue eyes more transparent and vibrant than both the sky and the ocean.

Fair skin of identical complexion purer than snow. Her thighs are resting gently on his shoulders and they hold hands. His hands face upwards and softly cover her palms. He is the column on which she stands, flourishes and thanks to whom she projects her enchanting looks which resoundingly assert her unwavering superiority. In the background behind them lies a majestic bucolic landscape enriched by a waterfall that glows in the colours of the rainbow as both the water and the two lovers posing for the canvas are bathed in the warm sunlight. All this In the style of Maxfield Parrish’s godly paintings. A sight to behold. An artistic feast for the eyes that would make Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon themselves jealous.

The Eternal Feminine is the only real mystical force of Nature that can appease and satiate the ruthless Nordic warrior.

The Umwertung aller Werte requires a significant amount of time to be embraced and to detoxify the Aryan psyche from the deleterious effects of the sickening desert cult and all the offshoots that have sprung from it in this two millennia of misery and decadence that have befallen us (with occasional sparkles of hope).

I believe that whites are by nature prone to complacency, greed and avarice only after having encountered and coexisted with the alien infantile races. We have to rectify that. The Indo-European invasions have been taking place since the middle of the Neolithic, covering most of the surface of the Eurasian landmass and have always ended in disaster due to miscegenation. It is an innate handicap leveraged by our competitors that start to become audacious and clamour for equality to give even the slightest advantage to the inferior races. Otherwise, the Aryans would have conquered and cleansed the planet by the end of the Iron Age.

This deluded compassion needs to be purged no matter what. Only after being liberated from the obsessive compulsion to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, integrate and generally emancipate parasites and ghastly monstrous bipedal abominations will they be free.

  1. No sympathising with Marxist, socialist, communist and anarchist rebels, reactionaries and revolutionaries or governments that are in effect still or have been dissolved like the U.S.S.R.

The Left is a sworn enemy along with the oblivious conservatives, and Adunaii was a repeated perpetrator as he endorses this race treason insanity.

  1. No promoting or apologizing to promiscuity or homosexuality.

We have paid the price for not standing up to this. Erotic passion should be confined between two individuals (unless in times of crises and wars, when polygamy is necessary to ensure that enough females are fertilized; otherwise the institution of marriage is a solid foundation) of the opposite sex whose primary concern should be to settle down and raise healthy children, nurturing them with the values, ideals and principles corresponding to our worldview which is in turn imposed by none other than the insurmountable Natural Laws. As for homosexuality, Himmler aptly addressed this matter in his speech dissecting this pathology and linking it with the chastity of the Catholic clergy.

Pederasty in Ancient Greece and Rome is another matter and we should extrapolate to today nothing more other than the acknowledgement, admiration and praise of male Aryan beauty when at its prime. Seeing a beautiful androgynous Aryan boy doesn’t mean that he arouses my sexual impulses and that I am inclined to sodomize him. More like, I am jealous of the unequivocal near feminine natural charm this male creature oozes with and with zero hindrance exclusively in this fleeting timespan as he transitions into adulthood.

  1. No to showing indifference about the severe problem of foreign cultural influences permeating our lives like listening to corrosive music genres, or trying to find profundity and qualitative themes supposedly beneficial to our cause in Hollywood excrement like Fight Club.

In short: Normies aren’t allowed. We must instil in our youth artistic idols of our glorious past worthy of praising and aspiring to imitate and teach them the appreciation of classical art and music and forge new customs that highlight the significance of the sublime aesthetics that our ancestors cherished and worshipped thanks to which our race once reached heights of mind-boggling magnitude.

We have to limit the exposure of our vulnerable youth to profane, insulting and degrading Negroid, Jewish and North Eastern Mongoloid ‘art’ as failing to tackle this results in beautiful Nordic ephebes listening to rap / trap / pop / rock / metal (i.e., mental and spiritual poison) and speaking in African vernacular and Aryan nymphs becoming fascinated or even infatuated with disgusting dark coloured males en masse. Ditch the false notion that degenerate art is innocuous.

  1. No mercy and showing respect to the ‘right to a living space for all peoples’, as Varg Vikernes does.

This includes: expressing support and solidarity to freedom fighting third world locals (most often terrorist organizations and affiliated sub-branches that have claimed white lives in the past apart from the obviously CIA and Deep State-funded ISIS & Al Qaeda) like Hamas and Hezbollah and military dictatorships like Iran and North Korea that ‘bravely’ resist the ZOG and ‘stand up to American Imperialism’—another transgression that Adunaii can be accused of. We don’t care about the predicament inflicted upon biological waste, that the weaponry of the US or NATO is mowing down ‘innocent and unarmed civilians’ in bombing raids. We care that it happens at the behest of Israel and it exasperates us as many times it costs white lives and sucks dry the white American and European taxpayer.

Sooner or later, all other hominid subspecies, even those that have common enemies with us or have forged uneasy alliances with whites in the past like Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians and Japanese respectively, are to be sacrificed at the altar of the doctrine of utter exterminationism like you espouse Mr César. Not expulsion / racial segregation. It is obvious that William Pierce preferred the former. You either hate or you die. Sparing populations that pose a threat long-term is moronic and simply delays the inevitable conflict.

  1. No monocausalism.

The ugly desert rodents aren’t invincible despite having monopolies on many industries, owning a multitude of multinational corporations and exercising power over the State. Whites are at fault for letting them infiltrate the judicial system and pass anti-white legislation, for censoring white advocates and for the brutal suppression of white dissidents who additionally are being slandered and reprimanded on the media for standing up for their racial preservation.

Aryans have been responsible for their decline for the entirety of their history as they never could take sufficient measures to preserve their precious fragile blood and keep it intact and secure from the infection of primitive primate life forms. Every Aryan civilisation that flourished crumbled throughout hundreds or thousands of years because they failed to address the same recurring challenge. They prioritized financial gain owing to slave labour over racial prosperity and cohesion.

If it happens again, it will be the last time. It is victory or obliteration. We must stop putting personal ambition above collective racial benefit.

Anglo-Saxons in particular are guilty of this crime. They condemned themselves to this Hell and have irrevocably damaged our resolve to fight the inhuman hordes. Murdering the Third Reich will spell their doom unless they act quickly, decisively and coordinate their retaliation.

  1. No defence of Christianity.

I need not say anything else on the matter. Abiding by the Gospel of the crucified kike who never existed and whose worship was spearheaded by our foremost enemy and still plagues us, equates with ‘capital punishment’ for the offender.

Their churches will be demolished like they did to our temples and statues and the clergy will meet a much more horrible end than the one the Christians of the Middle Ages delivered to our priests. If the Chosenites ever rebuild their Temple we must destroy it and atop its ruins erect statues of these renowned anti-Semites: Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, Vespasian, Titus and of course of The Fuhrer whose statue must surpass the rest in size and splendour.

  1. No uncalled-for criticism of the Fuhrer except when discussing strategic approaches he implemented throughout the War and suggesting alternatives that might have changed the course of History.

If anyone unabashedly mocks the Last Great White Man and his Movement, he is a reprehensible traitor.

Whites should honour and pay tribute to their heroes and forefathers (except for the Christians of the Middle Ages, the ‘Greatest Generation’—the worst—and the boomers) and strive to surpass them. Especially their would-be saviour whose words and actions reverberate to today and inspire us for greater deeds. Adolf Hitler was right and if the West refuses to accept this fact it will sooner or later be annihilated.

  1. Before anyone wishes to comment on this site, they must at least skim through the most important essays you have pleaded they pay attention to like The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, William Pierce’s Who We Are and Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany among others, or read the selected excerpts you have in your sticky post.

What do you make of my remarks Mr César? Do they align with your directives?

I wish you a Happy New Year. May this decade mark a milestone in the acceleration of the gradual paradigm shift from the disastrous Happy Mode Whites have been entangled in for so long to Angry Berserker Combat Mode.

Covid 19 Psychiatry Sigmund Freud The human side of chess (book)

The human side of chess, 15

What to do in case of mental disorder

Surprising in such prolific chess literature as that of the United States is the absence of biographies that explain the mental disorders of their chess champions: Morphy and Fischer. I have complained about friends in the park who lacked the heart to inquire about the personal tragedies of Roger, Iván, Gilberto and Ricardo. For example, I don’t remember hearing anything pertinent about the scar that Gilberto wore on his face due to the blow of the dish thrown by his mother. But this is not limited to my acquaintances: it is endemic outside the chess field. In writing this essay, I tried to search the internet for biographical material on Morphy, Steinitz and Torre. I was surprised that the attitude of the authors of books and web pages was identical to that of friend Antonio, whose supposed friendship was ‘to talk exclusively about chess’.

A section from the fourth volume of Kasparov’s five-volume collection of his predecessors is an exception, in that it portrays Fischer through astonishing anecdotes. Although Fischer’s feat from 1970 to 1972 is admirable from a strictly sporting viewpoint, it’s impossible to read those pages without thinking that Fischer was, in his personal life, a poor devil. Do you know, my dear readers, someone who could have had fame, money and glory and throughout the years threw that opportunity away as Fischer did? It is worth reading Kasparov’s My Great Predecessors, Volume 4 and finding out what happened to poor Bobby after he triumphed over Boris. I am referring to the final pages that are already free of game analysis and focus, pace the friend Antonio, on the human side of chess; in this case, Fischer’s psychological profile. However, and like Reinfeld, Kasparov knew nothing about the morbidity of family dynamics that can flourish in the adult in the form of psychosis.

Not even psychiatrists know these things.

If mental health professionals, or American chess writers, were down to earth they would try to write psycho-biographical studies on Morphy and Fischer. But when it comes to psychological trauma, it is impossible to find an in-depth analysis of those who have suffered this type of crisis. In this aspect my work is innovative. It seems that I am the first person in history who has devoted more than a thousand pages to pondering the tragedy of his own family (see the titles of my books on page 3).

To the names of deranged chess masters I have mentioned I might add Pillsbury. And let’s not forget the alcoholism of Chigorin, Alekhine and Tal. Former world champion Tal and his buddy Korchnoi, who was on the verge of taking the title from Karpov in 1978, were badly beaten up in Cuba for being drunk. Once Alekhine showed up to a simultaneous exhibition so drunk that he wet himself on the floor and the show had to be suspended. The numerous chess magazines circulating in endless languages are as misleading as Velasco’s book on Torre. They focus on the sporty aspect omitting the real life of the pathetic players.

The total lack of knowledge of the human mind in both psychiatrists and chess players is evident in the sovereign folly of blaming Staunton, a retired player in his day, for Morphy’s madness. I find it regrettable that even Reinfeld repeats this like a parrot. Ironically, it was thanks to Reinfeld’s book that I learned that it was Morphy’s mother who forbade her son from playing in public places again, and the best player in the world obeyed like a child. Also the professional chess writers Horowitz and Rothenberg repeat the Staunton myth in The Personality of Chess, where they quote the incredibly stupid words of Ernest Jones, Freud’s disciple, that Morphy was burned out by success. Based on the Freudian axiom of exonerating the abusive father or mother, Jones blames Staunton, who Morphy never played with! His crazy theories appear in the essay ‘The Problem of Paul Morphy’ published in 1931: a classic in psychoanalytic literature on the chess player. In Mexico, a country where the refutation that has been made to the Vienna quack, Freud, is unknown, I have found the fans repeating Jones’ nonsense.

Thus I arrive at the central question: What to do in case of mental disorder of a loved one? What to do, for example, if he gets naked on the streets or surround himself with women’s shoes?

With psychiatry ruled out as an iatrogenic profession, the good news is that we have the humanitarian alternative of Soteria Houses in Europe.

Unlike the therapy applied to Torre, which impaired his faculties and left him resentful for life with Ferriz, entering the Soteria Houses is perfectly voluntary. In the United States, those precincts flourished thanks to public funds before Big Pharma lobbied for the subsidies to be withdrawn. (The multibillion-dollar companies that manufacture drugs don’t tolerate competition from their medical model for treating disorders of the spirit.) In the Soteria-type houses that exist in Europe, the dignity of those who suffer a crisis is not violated. Neither you will find treatments such as electroshock, surgical lobotomy or intellectual impairment practised by chemicals euphemistically called ‘antipsychotics’. No matter how serious their delusions are, the person is respected and a friendly environment is provided until, after some time of good treatment, they can regain their senses.

Generally, people who get disturbed are not dangerous. Steinitz believing in his telekinetic powers, Torre imitating St. Francis or Morphy declaiming on the roof ‘and the little king will walk away in shame’ were harmless. Had they lived for a few months in a Soteria House, similar to the quarters for the alienated of the 19th-century Quakers, they would have recovered. There are no Soteria houses in Mexico, although the last Robert Whitaker’s video that I’ve watched now that I review this book, ‘The Rising Non-Pharmaceutical Paradigm for Psychosis’, shows us that alternative in first world countries:

When I advanced the idea of renting in Mexico City an apartment to take care of a friend of Russian descent along with an assistant (a young man who was disturbed), his older brother’s response was to commit him to a repressive institution, where he died. It is sad to say: but psychiatric repression is originated from family repression (Morphy’s family, too, wanted to commit him). That flat would have been cheaper for our friend than the psychiatric fees he paid. But the deference in the West to the medical profession is too ingrained. I hope that the way the medical establishment behaved now that I review this book, with all that media cancellation of the effectiveness of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 (to profit from Big Pharma vaccines), begins to wake up part of the population.

There are very few thinkers who have an exact idea of how the interests of pharmaceutical companies corrupt medical science. And this especially includes psychiatry. It was for this reason that I spent five years of my life, full time, researching the profession.

Chess Pseudoscience Psychiatry The human side of chess (book)

The human side of chess, 14

The profession called psychiatry

The first thing to keep in mind when a loved one is in crisis is the Hippocratic oath of doctors: do no more harm. Unfortunately, it is precisely the doctors who violate that oath, since the crises of the spirit should never be the province of the doctor.

Carlos Torre was electro-shocked in Monterrey when he lived with his three brothers, all doctors. I read this in the book 64 Variaciones Sobre un Tema de Torre by Germán de la Cruz. I was so intrigued that I made some inquiries. I spoke with Jorge Aldrete, a bridge and chess fan from Monterrey based in Mexico City, who had sold me several imported chess sets. Both Aldrete and Ferriz suggested that I contact Arturo Elizondo in Monterrey. On April 24, 2004, I spoke with Mr Elizondo, who graciously answered my questions. This man of more than eighty years was neither more nor less an eyewitness of the electroshocks to Torre. When I asked him if what de la Cruz said in his book was reliable, he replied: ‘I am sure because to control his physicality’ he was ‘by his side’ during electroconvulsive therapy. I asked him what the symptoms were so that they took such a drastic measure with the Yucatecan chess master. Elizondo replied: ‘The only thing, he was stubborn but he wasn’t aggressive and nothing like that’. Elizondo only slightly disagreed with de la Cruz’s version insofar as he affirmed that the brothers weren’t directly responsible for the commitment. ‘It was the nephew, surnamed Torre’, a Masonic grand master and colleague of Elizondo at the Nuevo León lodge. According to Elizondo, this happened in 1957 in the psychiatric ward of the General Hospital of Monterrey. Due to Torre’s ‘excitatory stage’ to use Elizondo’s expression, the diagnosis was manic-depressive, which is now called bipolar disorder. It had been the arousal phase of his manic-depressive crisis when they applied electroshocks to calm him down.

Universities teach kids psychiatric treatments, such as electroshock, as if they were the praxis of real medical science. No wonder that, being Elizondo a chemist sympathetic to medicine, he repeated to me what is claimed at the universities: that Torre-type excitations are of a ‘neurological nature’, a claim that Elizondo repeated several times during our telephone conversation. The truth is that, without any laboratory testing, psychiatrists rule out psychogenic hypotheses of delusions (see once again my anti-psychiatric site whose address appears on page 3 of this book). He also told me that electroshocks are ‘a very noble therapy’ because it ‘completely relaxes’ the excited. Elizondo participated in the coercive relaxation of Torre, in which he even helped hold him down. He even confessed to me, ‘One or two days I gave him accommodation, then he left with his nephew’. But what Elizondo ignored is that electroshock is a crime. This electric hammer blow to the head frequently erases part of the memory of the people who receive it. One of the cases I mention on my antipsychiatric site is that of a graduate student who, after she was shocked from depression, forgot what she had learned in college. We can imagine the handicap that the ‘therapy’ represented for her career. In Torre’s time there was the aggravating circumstance that it was common to perform marathon electroshock sessions: a practice that some call electrical lobotomy. We can imagine how this barbaric practice could have diminished Torre’s intellectual capacity for chess. Do you remember the scene of the electroshock applied to the character played by Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

This type of assault on healthy brains (like the character played by Nicholson, the electro-shocked folk had a healthy brain before ‘therapy’) continues to be performed in Mexico. This is done even in the largest psychiatric hospital in the nation: the Fray Bernardino Álvarez Hospital in Tlalpan, where students do their internships. In 1960, three years after his experience in Monterrey, Torre was once again harassed by his sponsors and by psychiatrists. When he lived in Mexico City, he was committed for a few days at the Sanatorio Floresta, which was in San Ángel, under the care of psychiatrist Alfonso Millán. Alfonso Ferriz told me this personally, who in his splendid naivety paid for the commitment. The Floresta psychiatric hospital no longer exists, but as I indicate on my aforementioned website, on November 25, 1970 an article appeared in Siempre! entitled ‘A season in hell’ written by two sane young men who were interned at Floresta. The authors of the article reveal that a grandson of Victoriano Huerta was lobotomised and confined there: ‘Before, he was very aggressive until he had a lobotomy. He now is a child. At meals he twists around on the chair, he eats desperately. While eating he drives the flies away from the table’. Ferriz and Elizondo acted in good faith, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. According to Ferriz himself in one of the interviews recorded by Obregón, Torre felt resented with him for life after the outrage of which he was a victim in the psychiatric hospital. In fact, Torre didn’t see Ferriz again until the latter visited Mérida.

In his book, Gabriel Velasco, ignoring what psychiatry is, after the New York crisis wrote that Torre ‘needed medical care’. There were still no electroshocks in the 1920s. But if Velasco refers to some other psychiatric therapy that was applied to him, this way of using language (‘medical care’) is a euphemism for medical crime. In the prologue to Velasco’s book, Jesús Suárez praises that Velasco has omitted all speculation about Torre’s ills. The truth is that it was pure intellectual cowardice, both by Velasco and Suárez, to have omitted that he was electro-shocked in Monterrey; that in Mexico he was admitted to the Floresta, and that he resented Ferriz for life.

Those who knew him were struck by the fact that Carlos Torre was a very affectionate person with people. He called them all angelito, padrecito, madrecita (little angel, little father, little mother): expressions that portray the goodness of his character. Let’s put ourselves in the master’s shoes for a moment. Imagine that we speak in sweet Mexican diminutives. How would we feel after the involuntary commitment by our loved ones? What would we feel after the assault on the brain in Monterrey? In addition to the intellectual loss, wouldn’t it be an attack on one’s dignity and self-esteem? How would our self-image look after the attack?

Although Ferriz assured me that he wasn’t electro-shocked in Mexico City, they administered him psychiatric drugs at the Floresta. I wonder if Torre was tormented there with drugs called neuroleptics: a ‘hell’ as described by the authors of Siempre! According to the words of Ferriz himself, which I wrote down in an interview at his house in March 2004, I guess that Torre was sane when committed. Ferriz confessed to me: ‘But also, he didn’t seem crazy! It was hard to get what was wrong with him’. Like the ‘stubbornness’ Elizondo spoke of, Ferriz interprets anger as a mental disorder. I didn’t argue with Ferriz or Elizondo. But after the interview with the former I wondered what they had done to Torre in the Floresta, the psychiatric hospital that had Huerta’s lobotomised grandson in custody. And by the way: was this guy lobotomised there? Nobody asks questions of this kind in Mexico for the simple reason that it’s difficult to imagine that a pseudoscience is taught in universities. It is a stupendous irony that in Mexico the medical institution had to have arisen precisely in the same building of the Inquisition of New Spain: the palace of the old Faculty of Medicine.

This brief book is far from my extensive treatise on psychiatry that can be read on the internet. But just to give an idea of what I am talking about, I will mention a chilling fact: In the 21st century, lobotomies continue to be performed in Mexico and the rest of the world. The fact that defenceless citizens are currently electro-shocked and lobotomised, as they did to the character that Nicholson played in One Flew, may seem incredible to us. But a little story will shed some light on this matter.

For three centuries, Western civilisation has been cruel to people suffering from spiritual crises. Although the individual who suffers a sudden crisis doesn’t harm anyone—let’s take as a paradigm the buffoonery of imitating St. Francis on a public streetcar—the brain of he who suffers the crisis is damaged by society. From the origins of the mental institution at Bedlam in London and general hospitals in France, the treatment of the individual in crisis has been simply to torture him with various techniques (see ‘From the Great Confinement to chemical Gulag’, pages 143-166 in my book Daybreak). Although these tortures have nothing to do with real medical necessity, they were given a scientific lustre in the 19th century for public acceptance. I wonder what they did to Steinitz in one of those so-called hospitals. In his time, psychiatrists hadn’t devised electroshock and lobotomy, techniques that directly damage the brain, but they did devise some torments that broke the spirit of the person in crisis. In 19th-century nursing homes, beatings and chains were a thing of every day. There were even torture devices. I have not read the biography of Steinitz written by Bachmann. I suppose the Kneip technique applied on Steinitz, an extreme regimen of ice water baths, was involuntary.

Iatrogenesis is the stupid attempts to heal by doctors that produce new and more serious disorders than the existing ones. I believe that Steinitz’s illusory ideas at the end of his life, such as his belief that he could move chess pieces without touching them, were aggravated by psychiatric iatrogenesis.

The Kneip torment is discontinued in psychiatry. Due to modern technology, since the 1930s medical science has progressed from tormenting Steinitz’s body to directly assaulting the brain—what they did to Torre. In addition to electroshocks, chemical lobotomisers that are administered to those who cross through crises like the one Torre suffered are currently very fashionable. With a prescription, about twenty of these chemicals are sold in Mexico: Clopsine, Ekilid, Fluanxol, Flupazine, Geodon, Haldol, Haloperil, Largactil, Leponex, Leptopsique, Melleril, Piportil, Pontiride, Rimastine, Risperdal, Semap, Seroquel, Sinogan, Siqualine, Stelazine, and Zyprexa. Aliosha Tavizon, with whom I used to speak at the Gandhi Cafeteria and who in his category won the Carlos Torre Tournament in 2003, was given one of these crap drugs due to an unreciprocated love that temporarily unhinged him. For months he had a crooked neck and many other muscles in his body. To speak to him, he had to position his torso in profile: a tardive dystonia that may have been irreversible. Under no circumstances, not even during flowery psychoses, should an individual ingest any of these dangerous neurotoxins. Fortunately, there are principled psychiatrists, like Peter Breggin, who denounce the crime of prescribing disabling drugs in their profession.

The West, and especially the United States, have fallen into the cognitive error of addressing any psychological disturbance from a biological POV, ignoring the humanities. I do not think that this pseudoscience will be repudiated soon despite the iatrogenesis it produces. In my treatise I show, in a nutshell, that the profession doesn’t pass the falsifiability test devised by Karl Popper that distinguishes between science and pseudoscience, and that those who finance psychiatric ‘science’ in journals are the same companies that manufacture the drugs mentioned above. The academia itself has been corrupted by Big Pharma. If the reader doesn’t want to read my book because I am not an established author, read Mad In America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and The Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill (Cambridge: Perseus, 2001). Robert Whitaker, the author, won the Pulitzer Prize for medical matters.

Chris Martenson Covid 19 Pseudoscience Psychiatry

Covid & profits over lives

When the previous century I began an in-depth study of psychiatry, I came across a revealing fact. According to studies by the World Health Organization, poor countries such as Colombia, Nigeria and India had much higher recovery rates in people diagnosed with schizophrenia than in western countries. Reason: those poor countries couldn’t afford neuroleptics (‘antipsychotics’ in western Newspeak). So-called antipsychotics cause akathisia, that is, they are iatrogenic drugs. See what I recently said about Jordan Peterson regarding his akathisia produced even by other psychiatric drugs.

So from the last century I knew that there was a pseudoscientific dimension within conventional medicine. Just for the record, I recently told my female friend that ‘I reject one hundred percent alternative medicine and ninety percent of conventional medicine’, referring to drugs in the latter case; that is, most of what comes from Big Pharma.

Chris Martenson’s most recent video on covid-19 is very revealing, the summary of which tells us:

As many parts of the (so-called) developed world enter second lockdowns, and people line up for miles in their cars seeking food handouts in Texas, the less developed nations are busily discovering Covid-19 treatments that actually work. Really well. They work in an outpatient setting, in mild, moderate and severe cases of Covids-19. They work prophylactically. As always, I present the studies for your thoughtful examination.

The video is worth watching. Just keep in mind Martenson’s use of the code term ‘Dwizibin’ when he refers to hydroxychloroquine!

Although I am not sick with covid (not yet…), I already bought both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. The doctors where I live are under the influence of pseudoscientific propaganda against these drugs, so I had to pay an informed doctor to give me the prescriptions. About these drugs that do work, in the YouTube discussion thread of Martenson’s video a couple of commenters said: ‘It’s almost like a vaccine is superfluous if we followed these guidelines’. And: ‘It’s because there are expensive vaccines now that must be sold’.

It seems very clear to me that Western capitalism must be destroyed if we ever reach power. The absolute proof that it has corrupted the white man is shown in that there is not a single millionaire or billionaire today who substantially sponsors the racialists; let’s say, as they were sponsored in the previous century by the German businessmen who helped Hitler. Although the present ‘profits over lives’ policy is very noticeable in the covid-19 pandemic, capitalism in general corrupts the Aryan soul as much, or even more, than Christian ethics. Or to be more precise: the effect of both is lethal for the race, which is why the US has become a paradigm of ethno-suicide.

For those who haven’t read the essay on the meaning of the ring in both Wagner and Tolkien, it is time to do it…

Child abuse Hojas Susurrantes (Whispering Leaves - book) Psychiatry

Nobody wanted to listen, 10

The pathetic survivors

Finally, I can be told that since the mental health professions are inherently corrupt, I shouldn’t have considered even anti-psychiatrists but only survivor groups. Common sense tells us that, unlike the professionals who are part of the system, in self-help groups we will find the much sought after help. But let’s remember what happened with those filmmakers when I said that the Alcoholics Anonymous therapies were skin deep because they omitted the issue of parental abuse. This omission is endemic in self-help groups and even in less superficial associations than AA and its countless imitations of the twelve steps. For example, in the texts that are circulated in a group called Co-counselling I was stunned by the absolute omission of the role that parents play in the emotional problems of their children. Nothing is more alien from the ideology of this group than to fight for the legislative milestones of those countries that have prohibited corporal punishment of children. And exactly the same can be said for any other self-help group. Needless to say, not attacking the root cause is, as I told the AA believer who went mad at me, an epidermal remedy.

Laing was a philosopher of disturbed minds. But philosophical sophistication often serves as a smokescreen to hide the mistakes of a thinker. In psychiatric survivor circles it is common to hear that Robert Whitaker’s Mad in America, published in 2001, is considered the most educational book against psychiatry ever written. Whitaker definitely gets off the philosophical tower of Foucault, Szasz, and Laing. But in his book, Whitaker doesn’t say a word about whether parents could be the agents of trauma. Mad in America’s deficiency was exposed when a guest in the guest house I lived in, read some passages from the book in my library and came across a favourite Whitaker quote among psychiatrists themselves: ‘Little is known about what causes schizophrenia’. My friend repeated this psychiatric slogan, omitting my footnote: ‘It bothers me that, after quoting Modrow, Whitaker didn’t want to see that the cause of the insanity has been known for decades’. And that’s the ‘best critical book’ on psychiatry, written not by a mental health professional but by an acclaimed journalist.

A word now about the most structured organisation of survivors of psychiatry: Mind Freedom International, which has invited Whitaker to its events (I don’t take into account the activism of the Church of Scientology against psychiatry because it’s mixed with Scientology quackery). This organisation publishes a magazine that bears the same name, Mind Freedom. In its winter 2002 issue, which features a photograph of Breggin on the cover, the magazine listed dozens of books critical of the psychiatric profession. But in the review of Modrow’s book it omitted to mention his central thesis: extremely abusive parents can cause ‘schizophrenia’ in the child. What has Modrow opined about such omission? It is pertinent to point out that, although I have consulted the Mind Freedom page many times, I have never come across a phrase that affirms that parental abuse may be involved in the child’s crisis. This is surprising when you consider that David Oaks, the director of the organisation, had a psychotic breakdown when he was in his twenties; and it is also surprising because a grassroots movement like Mind Freedom doesn’t have to comply with the political correctness of the most academic authors (the contributors to Simon’s journal for example). When I confronted Oaks about this omission, like Breggin he hid behind a wall of silence.

I must say that one of the aspects of Mind Freedom that caught my attention is its insistence on speaking of insanity as something to be proud of: similar to, say, the sexual identity advocated in the so-called gay movement. In fact, from the correspondence he sends me, I realised that Oaks is very interested in having the idea of ‘Mad Pride’ promulgated, including parades, imitating those of ‘Gay Pride’. This is a grotesque idealisation: we can already imagine Modrow feeling proud in 1960 because he was John the Baptist! With honourable exceptions the survivors of psychiatry, including those who demonstrate on the street, appear pathetic. In some internet reviews I recommended books by Szasz, Simon’s journal that Breggin originally created, Whitaker’s Mad in America, and Mind Freedom’s web page. Now I’m not so sure of the wisdom of these recommendations. None of them have dared to see the most terrible event in life: the maddening panic of a child assaulted at home. It is a splendid irony that, like their psychiatric foes, parental toxicity is a taboo subject for many anti-psychiatrists.

In How to Murder Your Child’s Soul I tried to cut a weed at ground level. But the extirpation that I do here reaches a root untouched in my previous book. In our culture it is strictly forbidden to get to the root of evil in the world. Breggin has written that we have to wait for the moment when critics of psychiatry are able to galvanise public opinion. He doesn’t realise that for that moment to come, Miller’s revolution in psychology must first be consolidated. Psychiatry doesn’t re-victimise children who are beaten at home by accident. It does it out of necessity. It is just one of the most recent institutions of an ancient social heritage that recreates evil in each generation. Psychiatry is part of an ancient cultural fabric: from the biblical ‘wise’ Solomon who advises beating the child, to the ‘educator’ Jean-Jacques Rousseau who abandoned his babies in an orphanage. Laing himself abused his family terribly. What people like Breggin don’t want to understand is that it is impossible to convince society of the falsehood of psychiatry if his editors don’t even tolerate the word ‘trauma’ in the manuscripts that come to them. Some of that trauma can be glimpsed in the TV talk show subculture with all the simplicity and vulgarity that these shows represent. But there is no chair in any university in the world that formally addresses the subject.

This is the most astonishing fact that I have come across in Alice Miller’s work.

Child abuse Hojas Susurrantes (Whispering Leaves - book) Psychiatry Sigmund Freud

Nobody wanted to listen, 9

Ronald Laing and anti-psychiatry

What’s written above leads me to a corollary to my book How to Murder Your Child’s Soul. The universal stubbornness or blindness about the ravages resulting from parental abuse is the cause of the existence of psychiatry. Because parents are taboo, for more than a century the profession has tried to find the source of mental disorders on the wrong side, the body. Parents are not only publicly untouchable: we are not even allowed to see their actions in the solitude of our bedrooms. So, when uncontaminated by social underpinnings, a child dares to say that his parental kings go naked, society completely loses its cool and labels the sane one who has told the truth as crazy. Through the involuntary administration of drugs it assaults the brain not of the disturbed parents, but of the child (analogously, in the former Soviet Union it was the sanest people, the dissidents, who were injected with antipsychotics). This was the tragedy that I tried to denounce in my previous books, and it is perfectly explainable if we start from the fact that the whole society strives to be blind on this matter.

A world that insists on seeing things in photographic negative can only (1) attack the child victim, or (2) ignore the adult in a literary search for his lost time. If such a vision in photonegative didn’t exist, bio-psychiatry wouldn’t exist: our eyes and hearts would make us see the toll that abuse entails. Psychic disturbances would be the province of the psychologist, and it would be seen as nonsense that they would be the province of the physician. It is more than ironic that the greatest critics of psychiatry have contributed, with their blindness, to perpetuate the pseudoscience they try to debunk.

To explain this situation, I would like to mention that in 2005 an American wrote me a letter. After reading ‘Why Psychiatry is a False Science’ published as an appendix to my previous book (the article that Laurence Simon refused to publish), he complained that after so many decades of activism critics of psychiatry hadn’t made a dent in the public conscience. The key to understanding this is that the critics themselves suffer from a blind spot in the centre of their vision: something similar to the black strip that appears on pay-TV channels. If the critics refuse to see what is central, that parental abuse causes neuroses and psychoses, and if it is from this black strip that it is intended to enlighten others, it shouldn’t be surprising that the public conscience hasn’t awakened.

______ 卐 ______

Interpolated note for this site:

Exactly the same happens to white nationalists, as Mike has told us on this site: ‘Whatever you want to call it, thinking you can aid in saving the white race while, at the same time, bending the knee to Jewish deities (Yahweh and Yeshua) is some kind of combination of insane, dishonest, cowardly, naive, or very stupid. To bottom line it, it won’t and can’t work’.

I used Mike’s words to debunk MacDonald at the end of my Daybreak.

______ 卐 ______

To clarify this point, I will now refer to those professionals who didn’t suffer from this blind spot. Unlike Szasz and Breggin’s epigones, Lidz, Laing, Arieti and others pointed to parents as responsible for the psychoses in their patients. But even these and many other psychiatrists didn’t sympathise with the victim with the integrity and empathy that Miller and I do. For example, in the Letter I quoted Theodore Lidz:

I also find it very distressing that because the parents’ attitudes and interactions are important determinants of schizophrenic disorders, some therapists and family caseworkers treat parents as villains who have ruined the lives of their patients.

Although I barely caught a glimpse of it when I wrote the Letter, now I clearly see in this sentence the typical fears to speak, without mincing words, of parental guilt. By resisting saying that abusive parents are what they are—the villains in the child’s movie—Lidz advised taking the victim away from his parent. The difference with Miller cannot be greater, who advises keeping the aggressor away from home. What’s the point of moving, say, a pubescent girl raped by her father if the aggressor stays at home, waiting for the next little sister to grow up to molest her too? But sexual abuse isn’t the most common.

At the time of reviewing this chapter, as of mid-2008, twenty-eight nations have prohibited corporal punishment of children. The dates indicate the year the legislation came into force, starting with the country that provided the example: Sweden (1979); Finland (1983); Norway (1987); Austria (1989); Cyprus (1994); Latvia (1998); Croatia (1999); Bulgaria, Israel and Germany (2000); Iceland (2003); Romania and Ukraine (2004); Hungary (2005); Greece (2006), Chile, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela (2007); Costa Rica, Italy, Japan, Malta and South Africa (2008). In Iceland, a country that illustrates Miller’s advice, the penalties for parents go up to three years in prison or a high fine. Note that these countries have omitted to include psychological and emotional abuse, which can be equally destructive, or even more so, since all bruises are internal (think of the Helfgott case and countless other schizogenic parents). Despite these legislative advances, these societies still cannot see other forms of undermining the emotional integrity of the children. Laing, who did focus on internal injuries, was closer to Miller than Lidz when he came to blatantly blame the maddening parents. But like Szasz, Laing philosophised from an ivory tower: cold and distant reason from the victim and his feelings, as was fashionable in the existential philosophy of his time. Much more reached the real person those who, without any philosophical ballast, addressed the issue of domestic violence: a revolution in psychology that began in the 1970s and 1980s and isn’t yet over. In the first chapter of The Divided Self (1960) entitled ‘The existential-phenomenological foundations for a science of persons’ Laing wrote:

It seems extraordinary that whereas the physical and biological sciences of it-processes have generally won the day against tendencies to personalize the world of things or to read human intentions into the animal world, an authentic science of persons has hardly got started by reason of the inveterate tendency to depersonalize or reify persons.

Laing refers to mental health professionals in particular and the social sciences in general.

If it is held that to be unbiased one should be ‘objective’ in the sense of depersonalizing the person who is the ‘object’ of our study, any temptation to do this under the impression that one is thereby being scientific must be rigorously resisted. Depersonalization in a theory that is intended to be a theory of persons is as false as schizoid depersonalization of others and is no less ultimately an intentional act. Although conducted in the name of science, such reification yields false ‘knowledge’. It is just as pathetic a fallacy as the false personalization of things.

In philosophising about the autobiographical genre, I came to these conclusions on my own. Animism and bio-reductionism are antithetical psychopathologies, one primitive and tribal and the other sophisticated and urban. And this objectifying people reminds me of the dehumanised language of the analyst Solbein: ‘Those are common clinical experiences’. [Interpolated note for this blog: See also Krist Krusher’s recent comment on this site.] Laing continues:

It is unfortunate that personal and subjective are words so abused as to have no power to convey any genuine act of seeing the other as person (if we mean this we have to revert to ‘objective’), but imply immediately that one is merging one’s own feelings and attitudes into one’s study of the other in such a way as to distort our perception of him. In contrast to the reputable ‘objective’ or ‘scientific’, we have the disreputable ‘subjective’, ‘intuitive’, or, worst of all, ‘mystical’. It is interesting, for example, that one frequently encounters ‘merely’ before subjective, whereas it is almost inconceivable to speak of anyone being ‘merely’ objective.

So far I’m in perfect agreement with Laing. Remember the passage of the two universes, the empirical and the interior; and that the existence of the subjective universe is so real that it is enough to think about our death to verify it [mentioned in the first part of the book]. However, Laing adds:

The greatest psychopathologist has been Freud. Freud was a hero. He descended to the ‘Underworld’ and met there stark terrors. He carried with him his theory as a Medusa’s head which turned these terrors to stone. We who follow Freud have the benefit of the knowledge he brought back with him and conveyed to us.

As I pointed out in my previous book, for Jeffrey Masson psychoanalysis was born as a betrayal of women. The Oedipus complex was nothing more than a grotesque attempt to cast guilt on the victims who came to Freud’s office to tell him stories of incest. Analytic theory is the diametrically opposite of wielding the head of the Medusa. If there is such a thing as the antithesis of the hero, that was Sigmund Freud: an ethnic Jew who, although he reached the threshold, was afraid to enter the Underworld and face pure terrors (remember my dreams when commenting on Giorgio de Chirico’s painting). Laing, an idol in my twenties, portrayed Freud in photographic negative and saw the dark as bright. Like many intellectuals of his day, Laing was seduced by the apotheosis of the Vienna quack, something in which Szasz was much more cautious.

When I reread Laing, I did so with a renewed mind after reading Masson, Szasz, and other critics of the psychoanalytic movement. In my rereading of the last chapter of The Divided Self I realised that Julie, one of Laing’s patients, was admitted to a psychiatric ward for almost a decade. If Laing himself hadn’t suffered from the scientific objectivity that he criticises, he would have empathised with Julie denouncing those who locked her up. True, in stark contrast to Szasz and Simon, Laing blamed mothers like Julie’s for their daughter’s psychosis. However, in The Divided Self he never made it clear that the mere fact of locking her up could aggravate her condition. In what I am close to Laing is that when reading his essay one is left under the impression that Julie’s mother, more than psychiatry, ‘murdered a girl’. These are the words of Julie speaking parabolically about herself: she meant that her mother murdered her tender soul. Now, the person Julie, not the object of Laing’s essay, needed to be taken away from the psychiatric hospital and from the mother who committed her; to take her to live far from her ‘murderer’. When she began her psychotic crisis at seventeen years old and said ‘a little girl was murdered’ Julie thought that she should inform the police about the crime.

Her delirium was closer to Miller’s posture than to the psychiatric that locked her up. The laws of a nation should seek to lock up the maddening parent, not the victim (who, in a state of florid psychosis, would have to be cared for in a non-repressive enclosure like the one that Laing presided over). In a just society that doesn’t see reality in the photonegative, this would naturally be done through the police. But in her chapter on Julie, Laing never suggests this. In fact, both the word victim and an exhortation of justice are the great absent in The Divided Self. Also, Laing doesn’t denounce the psychiatric re-victimisation of other women clearly maddened by their family. In another of his famous books, The Politics of Experience, he limits himself to reproaching society for misunderstanding psychoses. Sometimes Laing even seems to participate in the universal fear of touching the parent. Speaking of Julie’s mother, Laing mentions one of the fashionable concepts in the 1950s, the ‘schizophrenogenic mother’ but is quick to add that, fortunately in his opinion, there was no other ‘witch hunt’ in history: an equivocal comparison with women labelled witches centuries ago. If there is one thing the world needs, through the law that Miller outlines, it is to bring to justice every parent who murders children souls. The basic pathology of our society is that this crime, and this crime alone, must remain not only unpunished but invisible. For example, Silvano Arieti, Laing’s colleague across the Atlantic, talked a lot about psychotherapy in Interpretation of Schizophrenia. But he never proposed any social engineering to redress the problem of maddening parents; and he didn’t do so despite the fact that Arieti blames them for the psychotic state of his patients.

‘To my mother and father’ reads the dedication of Laing’s The Divided Self. ‘To my parents’, the dedication of Arieti’s Interpretation of schizophrenia (etymologically, schizophrenia means a divided self). Naturally, the most sophisticated thinkers of insanity also had parents. (In my next book we will hear a class about the problem of attachment with the perpetrator that explains the lukewarmness of Laing, Arieti and others.) Not until the middle of The Divided Self Laing speaks openly about abusive parents. In contrast, Miller and I do it from the first page of our writing, and passionately.

After reading The Divided Self, the best of Laing’s essays, I was convinced that there can be no such thing as a science of subjects. Seen from the outside, the subject inevitably becomes an object: an offense for those who want to speak with their own voice. This is precisely the foundational flaw of academic psychology. If science is the study of the empirical world there can be no such thing as a ‘science of persons’, only people writing about their lives. Although Laing had much more heart than Freud, and this puts him on a higher level to understand the tragedy of the person in crisis, he starts from the same objectivist position. His essays and those of Lidz are, at best, a solidary approach to the disturbed subject. It’s funny that in The Divided Self Laing quotes Sartre: ‘I am not fond of the word psychological. There is no such thing as the psychological. Let us say that one can improve the biography of the person’. I would go further. The direct study of a soul in psychotic hell can only come from the pen of someone who, like Modrow, speaks in the first person singular.