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Civil war

Tarrant: the first domino falling?

Although I don’t agree with everything this guy says, listen from 21:40 to 27:20.

Julian (novel)

Julian, 61

Heliodorus the eunuch courtier. Ink and watercolor (1975).

I believe it is true of most courts that the principal figures seldom see one another. This is partly due to choice. The fewer the meetings, the less chance of something untoward happening. But more to the point, it suits the courtiers to keep the great people apart, thereby increasing the importance of intermediaries who are then able to hurry from one wing of the palace to another, making mischief and policy as they go.

The court of Constantius was in many ways the worst since Domitian. The eunuchs were all- powerful. They kept everyone from the Emperor. If a man displeased a eunuch, he was doomed and Mercurius, “the count of dreams”, would be called in or Paul “the chain” (the one so called because he was a genius at finding obscure links to a never-ending chain of treason while the other specialized in the analysis of seemingly harmless dreams which, invariably, upon scrutiny, revealed treasonable intent). Since Constantius would listen only to the eunuchs, injustice flourished. No one was safe, including the great figures themselves, particularly those like myself who were blood heirs to the principate.

I have often felt when studying history that not enough is made of the importance of those intermediaries who so often do the actual governing. We tend to think of courts as wheels at whose centre is the emperor, from whom, like spokes, all those who serve him extend, drawing their power directly from his central presence. The truth is otherwise. Hardly anyone was allowed to come close to Constantius. Only the eunuch Eusebius saw him daily. As a result, factions within the court could form and re-form, irrelevant to the nominal power.

In reading accounts of those weeks at Milan, one would think that Constantius and I saw each other daily, discussing high policy, military strategy and sharing, as it were, a family life. Actually, I saw the Emperor only four times in one month. The first encounter I have described; the second was at my investiture as Caesar.

Evropa Soberana (webzine) Free speech / Free press Nordicism

Nordicism and National Socialism

I’ve now run a grammar engine to correct the previous translated entries so that I may now offer a syntactically-corrected PDF of Evropa Soberana’s essay. I apologise for the syntactic inaccuracies that may still linger on this PDF but again: my native language is not English.

Now that Facebook has said it will ‘block praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism next week’ I would recommend saving the PDF (here) in your hard disk. One never knows when will such deplatforming of our texts spread to other platforms.


Unz commenter, 9

White people generally love being insulted and spat upon by people who hate them. For example, they made Oprah (“white people just have to die”) Winfrey a billionaire.

They idolized Bill Cosby too. White women even still eagerly seek out OJ Simpson’s infamous company.

This most likely occurs because whites have nothing but contempt for themselves, which causes them to identify with those who hate them. For what reason other than self-hatred would they pass laws that disadvantage their own children in favor of the children of non-whites? Why else would they give up their own freedom of association, or their own freedom of speech, in order to soothe the feelings of non-whites? They despise themselves.

Adolf Hitler Evropa Soberana (webzine) Indo-European heritage Nordicism

Nordicism and National Socialism, 17

by Evropa Soberana

We can finish this list of quotes with a phrase of a SS general who never came to deny Nazism, Leon Degrelle (1906-1994), founder of the Rexist Party, the fascist movement of French-speaking and Catholic Belgium: ‘Every time you look for civilisation anywhere in Europe, you see the blood of the North’ (‘Europe Will Live’).

The Nazis had in mind that, in the future, the selection of the leaders and the best ‘Aryan’ spiritual talents should be carried out over the entire body of the ‘white race’, while the selection of the racial elements to predominate gradually in posterity should be done on the basis of the best specimens of ‘Nordic’ blood. For them, the value of the individual to the community was not necessarily the same as their genetic reproductive value.

In the same German National Socialism, we see a great variety of characters. Thus, Adolf Hitler and Hess; Göring, Heydrich, Darré, Schirach, Todt, etc., were predominantly ‘Nordic’. Goebbels, Streicher, Himmler or Frank were not.

(Adolf Hitler, in colour.)

The ‘Nordic’ ideal was what National Socialism was trying to promote for the future of Europe, since it was what it took as the mould of the Overman, divinity in power and the germ of a superior humanity. Thus, in National Socialist art and propaganda, Nordicism is extremely clear. Even in the National Socialist documentaries (such as The Triumph of the WillTag der FreiheitOlympiaThe March Towards the FührerThe Eternal Jew, etc.), whenever you see German crowds, the camera tries to draw close-ups of more or less perfect Nordic specimens with the aim of inculcating in the mind of the spectator the ideal of racial selection promoted by the NSDAP.

This ideal of Nordic beauty as representative of the most treasured heritage of a people is common to all eras and all Indo-European civilisations. Both the Indo-Iranians and the Iranians, the Hellenes, the Romans, the Germans, the Celts, the Slavs, feudal or Renaissance Europe, the colonial empires, etc., considered the Nordic aspect as ideal, ‘authentic’, aristocratic, pure and uncontaminated; depositing in it the hopes for the future.

In our days, normally without realising it, the birth of a blond boy with blue eyes is seen as a good omen of prosperity and happiness for what it symbolises by our instincts and by the hereditary cultural load that, unconsciously, takes root in our brain since ancient times.

United States

Unz commenter, 8

Don’t forget that us whites who knewwhat would occur in the future were forced(at the point of federal troop bayonets) to ‘accept’ the false notion of ‘civil-rights’. 

In the case of school integration in Arkansas, some whites were prodded by federal bayonets, true. But you omit that the commander of the troops, as well as most of the troops themselves, were other whites. You also aren’t responding to all the other examples I gave of voluntary white surrender.

All of the laws I listed were passed by white legislatures that were almost entirely white, by representatives elected mostly by white people. White people generally approved and obey those laws, and, as I mentioned, are still obeying them, and are quite proud of doing so. That’s their own choice, and they deserve all the praise or blame for it, as the case may be.

You seem to think that unless whites are 100% in agreement, then they are being ‘forced’ to do something; or that they are like puppets on a string being manipulated, thus having no moral responsibility for their own actions.

I disagree. Any man worthy of the name must accept responsibility for his own actions. Likewise for the white race. Whites could have revolted against the federal troops in Arkansas. They could have refused to obey the laws, or at least made an attempt to repeal them. They’ve done none of those things. Instead it appears that a majority of the white race has opted for its own extinction.

Civil war

Tarrant explained in 5 minutes

In the context of the New Zealand attack coach said, ‘I think we are in our way to the civil war, the Second Civil War. And I don’t think there is anything to stop it’ (start watching: here).

Nordicism Schutzstaffel (SS)

Nordicism and National Socialism, 16

Wolfgang Willrich – pilot

It is natural for individuals of the Nordic species to appreciate those of their species.

* * *

As an Order, the SS has inscribed on its flag the preservation, the perpetuation of the Nordic race, and is also on the front line in the struggle for biological victory. Only the victory of the cradles confers a historically lasting character on the soldier’s victory.

* * *

The Lebensbornalso watches over the preservation and increase of pure blood.

‘The friend of the soldier’, 

Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World (book) Horace Ovid

Darkening Age, 23

Below, first words (an epigraph) and last paragraph of Carpe diem(Horace’s Latin words), chapter 12 of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical Worldby Catherine Nixey:

Let the girl with a pretty face lie supine, Let the lady who boasts a good back be viewed from behind…
The petite should ride horse…

– the Roman poet Ovid advises on
positions for lovemaking, Ars Amatoria, 3

Christian preachers expressed none of Horace’s uncertainty about what tomorrow might bring. On the contrary, they knew precisely what was coming: death and judgement. Followed by Heaven for the fortunate few—and Hell for everyone else. One should therefore be perpetually mindful of the dangers threatened by the next life—and constantly watchful of one’s behaviour in this one.

Eating, drinking and making love were, they warned, the last things that one must do. Merrymaking in this life would not win eternal bliss in the next. ‘You are too greedy of enjoyment, my brother,’ warned the Christian scholar Jerome, ‘if you wish to rejoice with the world here, and to reign with Christ hereafter.’

United States

Unz commenter, 7

“I’ve got news for you snowflakes. A majority of white Americans before 1970 were bigoted.” 

Sure they were! That’s why, immediately after slaughtering hundreds of thousands of each other in the Civil War, they gave negroes citizenship, legal equality, and the vote.

It’s also why they fought against Nazi Germany—because Hitler was giving bigotry a bad name! Standing up for bigotry by crushing white supremacy wherever it reared its ugly head. That’s what white American bigots are all about!

And it’s also why they passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, and the Fair Housing Act in 1963. Because before 1970 white Americans were just plain bigoted.

The history of white American bigotry is truly appalling. It’s a disgrace to humanity.