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Blood libel

In his post on Tuesday, Kevin MacDonald said: ‘The “blood libel” is a reasonable belief given Ariel Toaff’s book on medieval Ashkenazi practices.’

His words caught my attention enough to read the afterword Toaff wrote in the second edition of 2008 of his book that caused a stir the previous year: Paque di Sangue (Passovers of Blood).

Yesterday I read the whole afterword and it seemed to me that MacDonald is right to consider Toaff a sound scholar. However, what Toaff says is something much more nuanced than the cartoonish way of looking at the issue, inspired by Christian imagery (see e.g., Hieronymus Bosch’s painting).

But it did Toaff no good to be not only a sound scholar but the son of a highly respected rabbi of Rome. He was cancelled as the vilest Goyim by the same forces that cancel us.

The Toaff scandal reminded me of yesterday’s article by Gregory Hood in American Renaissance, which opens with the words ‘The single most important cultural change of the last 10 years is not transgenderism, Black Lives Matter, or even social media. It’s the end of free speech.’

What Hood omits is that there never was, really, freedom of speech in the West. Alexis de Tocqueville was right from the start: you are allowed to speak only if you refrain from breaking the taboos of the unwritten law, even in the land of the famous First Amendment. So-called freedom of speech has always been a hallucination of those who have been sailing strictly within the waters of accepted discourse.

Free speech / Free press


Gonzalo Lira’s take on Tucker Carlson yesterday and today.

A commenter said earlier this month: ‘Tucker needs to stay on the air, waking up White minds. Criticizing the ADL is as extreme as he can get on the Jewish issue. And he was very brave to do that!’

But now he’s gone…

Exterminationism Free speech / Free press

The bird is freed!

‘“Wahhh, you support genocide, you’re anti-White and bad” said the WN [white nationalist] fag pussy. Whites won’t survive if they don’t genocide non-Whites!’ —Twitter post

Update of 31 October 2022: It seems that Musk has betrayed us (see Anglin’s article here).

2nd World War Biography David Irving Free speech / Free press

The remarkable historiography of David Irving

by Ron Unz

I’m very pleased to announce that our selection of HTML Books now contains works by renowned World War II historian David Irving, including his magisterial Hitler’s War, named by famed military historian Sir John Keegan as one of the most crucial volumes for properly understanding that conflict.

With many millions of his books in print, including a string of best-sellers translated into numerous languages, it’s quite possible that the eighty-year-old Irving today ranks as the most internationally-successful British historian of the last one hundred years. Although I myself have merely read a couple of his shorter works, I found these absolutely outstanding, with Irving regularly deploying his remarkable command of the primary source documentary evidence to totally demolish my naive History 101 understanding of major historical events. It would hardly surprise me if the huge corpus of his writings eventually constitutes a central pillar upon which future historians seek to comprehend the catastrophically bloody middle years of our hugely destructive twentieth century even after most of our other chroniclers of that era are long forgotten.

Carefully reading a thousand-page reconstruction of the German side of the Second World War is obviously a daunting undertaking, and his remaining thirty-odd books would probably add at least another 10,000 pages to that Herculean task. But fortunately, Irving is also a riveting speaker, and several of his extended lectures of recent decades are conveniently available on YouTube, as given below. [Editor's note: They have already been censored on YouTube, but can be viewed on BitChute.] These effectively present many of his most remarkable revelations concerning the wartime policies of both Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, as well as sometimes recounting the challenging personal situation he himself faced. Watching these lectures (here and here) may consume several hours, but that is still a trivial investment compared to the many weeks it would take to digest the underlying books themselves.

When confronted with astonishing claims that completely overturn an established historical narrative, considerable skepticism is warranted, and my own lack of specialized expertise in World War II history left me especially cautious. The documents Irving unearths seemingly portray a Winston Churchill so radically different from that of my naive understanding as to be almost unrecognizable, and this naturally raised the question of whether I could credit the accuracy of Irving’s evidence and his interpretation. All his material is massively footnoted, referencing copious documents in numerous official archives, but how could I possibly muster the time or energy to verify them?

Rather ironically, an extremely unfortunate turn of events seems to have fully resolved that crucial question.

Irving is an individual of uncommonly strong scholarly integrity, and as such he is unable to see things in the record that do not exist, even if it were in his considerable interest to do so, nor to fabricate non-existent evidence. Therefore, his unwillingness to dissemble or pay lip-service to various widely-worshiped cultural totems eventually provoked an outpouring of vilification by a swarm of ideological fanatics drawn from a particular ethnic persuasion. This situation was rather similar to the troubles my old Harvard professor E.O. Wilson had experienced around that same time upon publication of his own masterwork Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, the book that helped launch the field of modern human evolutionary psychobiology.

These zealous ethnic-activists began a coordinated campaign to pressure Irving’s prestigious publishers into dropping his books, while also disrupting his frequent international speaking tours and even lobbying countries to bar him from entry. They maintained a drumbeat of media vilification, continually blackening his name and his research skills, even going so far as to denounce him as a “Nazi” and a “Hitler-lover,” just as had similarly been done in the case of Prof. Wilson.

During the 1980s and 1990s, these determined efforts, sometimes backed by considerable physical violence, increasingly bore fruit, and Irving’s career was severely impacted. He had once been feted by the world’s leading publishing houses and his books serialized and reviewed in Britain’s most august newspapers; now he gradually became a marginalized figure, almost a pariah, with enormous damage to his sources of income.

In 1993, Deborah Lipstadt, a rather ignorant and fanatic professor of Theology and Holocaust Studies (or perhaps “Holocaust Theology”) ferociously attacked him in her book as being a “Holocaust Denier,” leading Irving’s timorous publisher to suddenly cancel the contract for his major new historical volume. This development eventually sparked a rancorous lawsuit in 1998, which resulted in a celebrated 2000 libel trial held in British Court.

That legal battle was certainly a David-and-Goliath affair, with wealthy Jewish movie producers and corporate executives providing a huge war-chest of $13 million to Lipstadt’s side, allowing her to fund a veritable army of 40 researchers and legal experts, captained by one of Britain’s most successful Jewish divorce lawyers. By contrast, Irving, being an impecunious historian, was forced to defend himself without benefit of legal counsel.

In real life unlike in fable, the Goliaths of this world are almost invariably triumphant, and this case was no exception, with Irving being driven into personal bankruptcy, resulting in the loss of his fine central London home. But seen from the longer perspective of history, I think the victory of his tormenters was a remarkably Pyrrhic one.

Although the target of their unleashed hatred was Irving’s alleged “Holocaust denial,” as near as I can tell, that particular topic was almost entirely absent from all of Irving’s dozens of books, and exactly that very silence was what had provoked their spittle-flecked outrage. Therefore, lacking such a clear target, their lavishly-funded corps of researchers and fact-checkers instead spent a year or more apparently performing a line-by-line and footnote-by-footnote review of everything Irving had ever published, seeking to locate every single historical error that could possibly cast him in a bad professional light. With almost limitless money and manpower, they even utilized the process of legal discovery to subpoena and read the thousands of pages in his bound personal diaries and correspondence, thereby hoping to find some evidence of his “wicked thoughts.” Denial, a 2016 Hollywood film co-written by Lipstadt, may provide a reasonable outline of the sequence of events as seen from her perspective.

Yet despite such massive financial and human resources, they apparently came up almost entirely empty, at least if Lipstadt’s triumphalist 2005 book History on Trial may be credited. Across four decades of research and writing, which had produced numerous controversial historical claims of the most astonishing nature, they only managed to find a couple of dozen rather minor alleged errors of fact or interpretation, most of these ambiguous or disputed. And the worst they discovered after reading every page of the many linear meters of Irving’s personal diaries was that he had once composed a short “racially insensitive” ditty for his infant daughter, a trivial item which they naturally then trumpeted as proof that he was a “racist.” Thus, they seemingly admitted that Irving’s enormous corpus of historical texts was perhaps 99.9% accurate.

I think this silence of “the dog that didn’t bark” echoes with thunderclap volume. I’m not aware of any other academic scholar in the entire history of the world who has had all his decades of lifetime work subjected to such painstakingly exhaustive hostile scrutiny. And since Irving apparently passed that test with such flying colors, I think we can regard almost every astonishing claim in all of his books—as recapitulated in his videos—as absolutely accurate.

Aside from this important historical conclusion, I believe that the most recent coda to Irving’s tribulations tells us quite a lot about the true nature of “Western liberal democracy” so lavishly celebrated by our media pundits, and endlessly contrasted with the “totalitarian” or “authoritarian” characteristics of its ideological rivals, past and present.

In 2005, Irving took a quick visit to Austria, having been invited to speak before a group of Viennese university students. Shortly after his arrival, he was arrested at gunpoint by the local Political Police on charges connected with some historical remarks he had made 16 years earlier on a previous visit to that country, although those had apparently been considered innocuous at the time. Initially, his arrest was kept secret and he was held completely incommunicado; for his family back in Britain, he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and they feared him dead. More than six weeks were to pass before he was allowed to communicate with either his wife or a lawyer, though he managed to provide word of his situation earlier through an intermediary.

And at the age of 67 he was eventually brought to trial in a foreign courtroom under very difficult circumstances and given a three-year prison sentence. An interview he gave to the BBC about his legal predicament resulted in possible additional charges, potentially carrying a further twenty-year sentence, which probably would have ensured that he died behind bars. Only the extremely good fortune of a successful appeal, partly on technical grounds, allowed him to depart the prison grounds after spending more than 400 days under incarceration, almost entirely in solitary confinement, and he escaped back to Britain.

His sudden, unexpected disappearance had inflicted huge financial hardships upon his family, and they lost their home, with most of his personal possessions being sold or destroyed, including the enormous historical archives he had spent a lifetime accumulating. He later recounted this gripping story in Banged Up, a slim book published in 2008, as well as in a video interview available here.

Perhaps I am demonstrating my ignorance, but I am not aware of any similar case of a leading international scholar who suffered such a dire fate for quietly stating his historical opinions, even during in darkest days of Stalinist Russia or any of the other totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century. Although this astonishing situation taking place in a West European democracy of the “Free World” did receive considerable media exposure within Europe, coverage in our own country was so minimal that I doubt that today even one well-educated American in twenty is even aware it ever happened.

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On Juan María Alponte 

I had planned to publish post 158 of Deschner’s history of Christianity today, but found out that someone I knew personally had died several years ago.

Enrique Ruiz Garcia was the real name of ‘Juan María Alponte’. Ruiz took this alias because of his admiration for José María Apote, Cuba’s first freed slave! Enrique Ruiz, better known as Alponte in Mexico City and Spain, earned a doctorate in history from the University of Madrid and practised journalism in Mexico for half a century. He moved here after fleeing Franco’s regime in 1968; he published many books, and won important international recognition. That Franco’s Spain was the least bad country in Europe in the 1960s can be seen here and that was the Spain from which Alponte fled. Why?

Because Alponte was a perfect Spanish-speaking idiot.

Years ago a commenter told me on this site that the literature written in Spanish is a real disaster, in that all known authors are leftists; not a single one is right-wing. For the same reason, I call Latin America the subcontinent of the blue pill. Here everyone is asleep in the matrix that controls the West, and the projection of the West that is Latin America insofar as it was conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese.

I say that Alponte, who was considered a great humanist in Spanish-speaking intellectual circles, was an idiot because that is what he was along with the rest of the Spanish-speaking intelligentsia, and a single example will suffice for me to prove it.

In this article in Spanish, Alponte writes about Jean-Marie Le Pen siding one hundred per cent with a totalitarian France that doesn’t admit any historical revisionism regarding the Second World War. Alponte, and the rest of the Spanish-speaking intelligentsia, are idiots because it doesn’t occur to them that it is impossible to believe in freedom of speech, and at the same time, to applaud that the French state represses people like Jean-Marie Le Pen with fines and jail.

‘Idiots’ is an understatement. When I once visited Alponte at his home in Coyoacán (I wanted to publish my book and mistakenly believed he would help me), he was so busy that he told the maid that he wasn’t at home. But I peeked into his study and there was Alponte: reading in a study more than saturated with books.

But erudition isn’t directly proportional to wisdom. The case of Alponte and the rest of the Spanish-speaking intellectuals are paradigmatic of the point of view of this site. It was not the Jews who tricked us into subscribing to an anti-white ideology (think of the freed black slave that the idiot Ruiz used to change his name!). It was Christianity, or more precisely insofar as Ruiz/Alponte was a secular man, Christian ethics. I would like to illustrate this point with the latest email Gaedhal has sent to several correspondents:

When one fully deconverts from Christianity, one does not just reject the supernatural claims—nobody but nincompoops believe in Christianity’s supernatural claims. One also deconverts from Christianity’s axiology. Previous generations were content to give up the supernatural claims, and then attempt to out-christian the Christians on axiological matters.

My interpolated note: I, the atheist, am holier than thou, the Christian.

The term ‘axiology’ comes from the Greek word ‘agō’, which means ‘I drive’. Imagine the scales of justice. What is the driving force that balances these scales? This is what axiology asks. It was ex-Catholic César Tort who introduced me to this philosophical concept.

In my view, it is still Christian assumptions such as ‘the sanctity of human life’ and ‘human equality’ that is balancing the scales of justice in the West. The notion that everybody is equal comes from the notion of soul equality. As Alex Linder points out: if you believe that we are all equally created, then it kinda follows that we are all created equal.

However, as Revilo P. Oliver points out, once we reject Yahweh and his ‘special creation of man’, all notions of human equality should be abandoned also. In the same way that no two racehorses are equal, neither are any two humans.

And so even though fewer and fewer people believe in Yahweh, nevertheless, Jehovitic notions such as the sanctity of human life and human equality are still balancing the scales of justice. (In my view, I value blue whales more than most humans, and I value a rainforest more than a city teaming with the human virus.)

It’s a pity that I have so much work to do with correcting the syntax of our books before putting the links back in the featured post. I wish I had finished so that the critique of anthropocentrism in the book by Savitri Devi we recently translated would show, in a more formal way, what Gaedhal said above.

Update of 5:50 pm

When this guy was still living in Spain, the Spanish press was not in the hands of Jews. And yet, without Jews, the idiot changed his name, within Spanish culture, to a sort of virtuous BLM signal for Spanish speakers, decades before BLM emerged in the US. In other words, black lives were of the utmost importance to this neochristian.

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Messala’s idea

I’m still going through the syntax of Daybreak with Grammarly, and I’m not even halfway through. And I’ll keep going through it until I finish the work without distractions (except for this entry). But why are PDF books important?

Unlike other sites, as I said recently, the backbone of The West’s Darkest Hour is our books. But on Monday Tucker Carlson of Fox News, after a week’s holiday, said something that worried me. The Justice Department, a puppet of the Biden administration, sent a twitterer to prison for ten years basically for thought crime!

The land of the First Amendment, the last bastion of free speech in the West, is ceasing to be so. Sooner or later all pro-white internet sites will be censored.

Yeager’s recent exchange with MacDonald only proves what I’ve been saying for years: mainstream white nationalist figures are unaware that the passion for self-destruction of one’s own race is directly related to the story that Westerners have been telling themselves since WW-II. The West’s Darkest Hour is the only site that advances a new idea to replace the Judeo-Christian one, as Messala told Sextus, a conversation I’ve been mentioning on this site:

Another idea! But that other idea can only be transmitted through books, inasmuch as it is nothing more nor less than a complete transvaluation of one culture, the Judeo-Christian one, into our previous culture, the Greco-Roman one.

The point is: When the System cancels the pro-white sites, the only thing that will be left are the screenshots of some racialist articles in the hard drives of the survivors. And among all this, besides the PDF of Pierce’s Who We Are, only the PDFs of the books published by The West’s Darkest Hour will provide a comprehensive overview of what has happened at the level of ideas.

The rest lacks the explanatory power that our perspective has. MacDonald’s trilogy on Jewry, for example, doesn’t explain what we have been saying so many times: the ethnosuicidal miscegenation that the Iberians committed when they discovered the American continent, since the Inquisition kept the cryptos at bay. And I mention MacDonald only because he is the most respected figure in white nationalism. But the same can be said of the other pundits.

Our books, available only as PDFs and in the future circulated from dissident to dissident as in Brezhnev’s Soviet Union The Gulag Archipelago was circulated, will be read when the guillotine falls on the First Amendment and dissidents are hungry for paradigm-shifting literature.

Messala: Sextus, you ask how to FIGHT [great emphasis in Messala’s voice] an idea. Well, I’ll tell you how—with another idea!

This other idea, as Messala shouted to Sextus who was beginning to admire the Judeo-Christians, must never die at least by circulating our PDFs underground…

Free speech / Free press

The ironies of history

I’ve been watching some videos by Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American formerly known by the pseudonym Coach Red Pill, who currently resides in Ukraine.

In one of his videos, Lira advised viewers living in Western democracies something I believe myself: to move to ‘a poor, underdeveloped country’ because of the ‘totalitarian’—his word—mandates of first-world Covid vaccines. Lira posted more than 500 videos and garnered 324,000 subscribers and millions of views. He also maintains a Telegram group where he posts information about Covid and has supported former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and his opposition to communism. In November 2021, Lira removed most of his content from the Coach Red Pill YouTube channel and began posting under his legal name. He now lives in Kharkiv and has family in Ukraine.

As we see in his video today, Lira again advises dissidents to move to a third-world country. In the video he mentions a couple of very recent cases: a young German woman and an Englishman who vlog freely from Ukraine are being persecuted by their governments for reporting what they see.

Two of the commenters who have commented here in the past, on The West’s Darkest Hour, now face court charges in the UK for thought crime (Jez Turner, who I also met in London, was jailed for over a year exactly for the same reason). I told one of them to move here to Mexico, from where I can blog without fearing that the thought police will knock on my door at midnight, and from here resume his radio show (the English have nothing like, say, American James Edwards’ The Political Cesspool).

When I was younger, Eastern bloc dissidents used to escape to the West in order to speak out. But there is no ironist like History. Now it is westerners who have to escape to Russian-controlled territories to speak freely! What recently happened to Steve Bannon in the so-called ‘First Amendment’ country is a first warning of what may happen to American racialists in the not-so-distant future.

The time will come, after the collapse of the dollar stops all illegal migration to the US because the party is over, when it will be white Americans who cross the border illegally in search of freedom. Since the border states are dangerous because of the drug cartels, I welcome them a little further to the south, where there is relative peace.

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Other sites

Almost a month ago the old incarnation of this site was censored by WordPress, Inc., which hosted it. Although the technicians have helped me with the migration, there are things I have to do manually. For example, I have six other sites on WordPress. After last month’s censorship, I will no longer be posting on those other sites. However, I am still busy backing up the information of those sites.

In English:

Ex libris
The medieval Turin Shroud

In Spanish:

La hora más oscura
Hojas eliminadas

I hope that by Friday, one month after the censorship, I will have finished all this backup so that my intellectual work on those other sites won’t be lost in case WordPress decides to take down them as well.

Free speech / Free press

New incarnation of WDH

Firstly, I must thank my visitors for the moral and financial support I have received after WordPress axed The West’s Darkest Hour: a platform I had been using since 2011. Others who want to support us financially can do so here.

As this new incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour lacks a handsome sidebar like the old incarnation (which can still be viewed as PDFs), I will have to present the point of view of this site to new visitors via this sticky post.

To understand this site in a nutshell, just look at the image at the top of this page and remember David Lane’s words about why we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children: Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth.

Regarding the demoralizing word ‘racism’ with which the System controls whites, click here. Once the basics are understood, the first in-depth reading I recommend is a book review of Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany. If you’ve already read that review, you’ll understand the final essay in one of our books. The title of this article is ‘The Iron Throne’.

If these articles have piqued your interest, you can start doing some serious research by reading some of our books:

The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour is the first book we published for this site. If you don’t want to read this volume, at least read its master essay, ‘Rome against Judea; Judea against Rome’.

Another of our books, Daybreak contains an essay critical of Kevin MacDonald’s position on Christianity. White nationalist visitors must read it, for, in our view, the Christian problem is more serious than the Jewish problem.

Understanding women, and our sexual impulses, is more than fundamental to saving the Aryan race from extinction. I suggest that he who has already familiarised himself with the above books read the collection of essays in On Beth’s Cute Tits.

The above books contain essays by various authors, including some of my own. If the visitor wants to read a book in English of which I am the sole author, he or she can read Day of Wrath about the mental disorders caused by child abuse. (My books in Spanish can be requested here; for some English-German translations of important articles on this site, see here.)

The mature visitor who has left Christian ethics behind might read On Exterminationism.

Lulu, Inc. doesn’t allow our English books from that platform. Once we get another print-on-demand service, we will publish, in addition to the PDFs linked above, two more books: one by Savitri Devi, the priestess of the sacred words, and a new compilation of the best articles from The West’s Darkest Hour.

Regarding external links unrelated to my work, I suggest watching this lecture by Richard Carrier on his research that led him to conclude that Jesus did not exist. This purely literary figure is a myth created by St Paul and the evangelist Mark.

By now, after having assimilated the above-linked texts, an SS pamphlet explaining National Socialism will fall like a bed of roses on your mind.

As to who I am, a visitor wrote this article about me on the German Metapedia.

The constant censorship of the System will not silence us. As Nietzsche said, what does not kill us makes us stronger.

Free speech / Free press

2nd post since yesterday’s censorship

My appeal was apparently unsuccessful; which means that this site, in its original WordPress version with the theme called ‘Quentin’ (that reddish background I liked so much), will no longer be viewable at the previous address of The West’s Darkest Hour:


I’ve contacted some page designers to ask them if they could modify this incarnation of the site to make The West’s Darkest Hour look more or less like it did in its previous incarnation. Hopefully I can afford it… For the moment all I can do is thank R.W. for the financial support he has just given me.

To new visitors who would like to get an idea of the point of view of this site, I would suggest they read the post that ends the book On Beth’s Cute Tits, ‘The Iron Throne’. The problem, of course, is that almost all the links in that article are now broken, except the master essay ‘Rome v Judea’ which was linked to another of my blogs. If I can afford the team of experts who will be reviewing the visual and operational needs of this new incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour, the links will be active once again.

In the next few days I will upload, here, the last five entries that can no longer be seen at the old address of this site. The posts prior to those five can be viewed thanks to the 433 PDFs below this post (each PDF contains a screenshot of ten posts).

In one of the five missing posts, I talked about a wonderful documentary of June 1st debunking the mad gender ideology, a documentary produced by Matt Walsh. Although Walsh is not one of us, he says we can win this battle as long as we are not censored. See his very recent lecture at the Western Conservative Summit: