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Woods girl

I just saw a YouTube review of The Village. I was wrong in my post yesterday when I said that the movie starts by explaining why they created that village. It is explained well into the movie. Since I hadn’t seen the movie in twenty years, this detail was chronologically distorted in my memory.

The clip below shows what the character of our beautiful women in our village would be like even if we don’t have the money to found one!

2nd World War Americanism Videos

Dugin & Pepe

Watching this interview comes to my mind: How was it possible to enter now into this geopolitical reality: Russia’s new alliance with the new powers of gooks and sand niggers? The sad answer is: because the Anglo-Americans sinned in such astronomical proportions not only in WW2 but in subsequent decades (continuing to defame Hitler and his murdered Reich), that now power is being transferred to non-Aryans!

Imagine the scenario that should have happened: Stalin would have been defeated by Hitler, the Master Plan East would now have eight decades of implementation, and the dragon China would never have been born!

When will American racialists understand something so obvious? In that parallel world, the generous German Reich would allow the US an Aryan empire with a Master Plan South (Latin America), as long as it didn’t conflict with the Eurasian Reich.

Indeed, when the last whites are left on Earth before their total extinction, it will be time for great humility and, at last, to acknowledge the blunder their ancestors committed even if it is already too late.

Incidentally, with a well-implemented Master Plan East, there would have been surviving Russians, as long as they resembled Dugin physiognomically. That was clearly in Himmler’s selection plans, as we see in the picture on the left where he was looking at a Polish boy to see if he would be chosen to be raised as a pure Aryan.

One thing Dugin said is very true: unlike Asia, the Muslim world and even North Korea, Europe is completely out of the story. Europeans are no longer agents in the Old World but non-playable characters (Uncle Sam just tells them what to think, what to do and when to do it)! Today, Germany for example doesn’t have a single notable intellectual. Pepe and Dugin mentioned a handful of intellectuals in the rest of Europe, including a couple of French and an Italian, but no more than five.

All this is a result not only of WW2 but of how Europeans internalised the Anglo-American anti-Nazi narrative to the extent that they became what they are now: lobotomised eunuchs going to the slaughterhouse. As Dugin and Pepe argue, there is even more anti-American rebelliousness in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, despite being populated by Untermenschen I would add, than in Europe. Precisely for this reason my site alludes to the darkest hour of the West…

Videos War!

A sober voice

This old man, Gilbert Doctorow, is the voice that seems to me the most reasonable voice on what can really happen if the crazy western leaders continue their campaign to provoke the bear (Napolitano begins by asking him about what Putin recently said in the interview in St. Petersburg).

There will be no nuclear apocalypse. But Kiev and Poland’s military airport will be incinerated under tactical mushrooms (the US will not be able to intervene by launching a nuke on the Russian territory because that would be suicidal).

This is the best-case scenario and would mark the beginning of the end of the American interregnum in Europe, which dates back to 1945.

Videos War!


In the article ‘Lost manhood’ on Monday I wrote: ‘That will be the beginning of Europeans regaining their manhood, and if Russia feels threatened in the Ukrainian war and gets tough by nuking bases in Poland or Romania that host menacing F-16s, much the better!’

One might think that won’t happen: that NATO won’t dare send those planes that could be used as carrying nuclear weapons: something similar to the Cuban missile crisis when I was a little boy, but in reverse, with NATO putting the Russians under an existential threat.

But yesterday, in an interview conducted by Judge Napolitano with Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern, all three touched on the subject. At this point, Johnson said: ‘They [NATO] are going to send F-16s…’

I don’t think the people who now preside over the western states are sane. Here is a brief reminder of what nuclear war between the United States and Russia would mean:

Of course: if Russia strikes, say, Poland with a tactical nuclear weapon (where the F-16s are going to be stationed), the US shouldn’t retaliate by attacking Russian territory. But I don’t trust these madmen anymore…

Friedrich Nietzsche Videos

Final years

Nietzsche’s final years were spent in the Weimar home under the care of his sister Elizabeth (watch a 1-minute BBC clip here).

David Irving Holocaust Videos

Real history

‘Talking frankly’ (five videos)

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn Gulag Archipelago (book) Videos


Video below by Gonzalo Lira!

Solzhenitsyn was given eight years in prison: the same years that the English System recently gave to Chris Gibbons, whom I mentioned in my other posts this week, also for thoughtcrime.

This is the best presentation of Solzhenitsyn I have ever heard. Unfortunately, Gonzalo himself died in a sort of Gulag, but this time, not a Russian but a Ukrainian Gulag.

The moralistic passion with which Gonzalo speaks is the same with which I speak! It is amazing how the character is similar among the few Spanish speakers who still believe in patriarchy. I haven’t seen anyone like that for years, at least not speaking my mother tongue, as Gonzalo used to speak it, although in the video above he speaks in English.

‘To live now and not to know this work [The Gulag Archipelago] is to be a kind of historical fool missing a crucial part of the consciousness of the age’. —W.L. Webb.


Bjorn Andreas

In the second video, Norwegian Bjorn Andreas talks about anti-white racism but within the limits allowed by YouTube’s thoughtpolice. Near the end of the second one, he says that Nordids like him should know ‘who we are’. (The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to read Pierce’s book with precisely that title.)

Israel / Palestine Videos

Not that smart

Judge Napolitano’s interviews of Col. Douglas Macgregor (e.g., this one) prove that Jews, in this case, Israelis, are not that smart, as many in the American racial right claim.

Film French Revolution Videos


This is a postscript to today’s previous post, in which I touched on Ridley Scott’s latest fiasco, Napoleon (2023 film).

After what I said to Vlad Tepes I remembered another scene from Waterloo (1970 film): the French didn’t surrender after losing and preferred to be cannonaded by the English.

Then I also remembered that Kubrick had wanted to make a film about Napoleon. My guess is that unlike Scott’s merde it would have been, visually, something as stunning as Barry Lyndon (the #35 film of my list).

Without the resources of Kubrick or Scott, on the subject of the French Revolution, I also remember Danton: a Franco-Polish film by Andrzej Wajda from 1983, starring Gérard Depardieu as Georges-Jacques Danton. A revolutionary friend of mine loved it, and my filmmaker cousin once told me it was ‘perfect cinema’.

I highly recommend watching it with the French audio and subtitles instead of the English dubbed version. See e.g., this clip of the film spoken in French with English subtitles: