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Alexandr Solzhenitsyn Gulag Archipelago (book) Videos


Video below by Gonzalo Lira!

Solzhenitsyn was given eight years in prison: the same years that the English System recently gave to Chris Gibbons, whom I mentioned in my other posts this week, also for thoughtcrime.

This is the best presentation of Solzhenitsyn I have ever heard. Unfortunately, Gonzalo himself died in a sort of Gulag, but this time, not a Russian but a Ukrainian Gulag.

The moralistic passion with which Gonzalo speaks is the same with which I speak! It is amazing how the character is similar among the few Spanish speakers who still believe in patriarchy. I haven’t seen anyone like that for years, at least not speaking my mother tongue, as Gonzalo used to speak it, although in the video above he speaks in English.

‘To live now and not to know this work [The Gulag Archipelago] is to be a kind of historical fool missing a crucial part of the consciousness of the age’. —W.L. Webb.


Bjorn Andreas

In the second video, Norwegian Bjorn Andreas talks about anti-white racism but within the limits allowed by YouTube’s thoughtpolice. Near the end of the second one, he says that Nordids like him should know ‘who we are’. (The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to read Pierce’s book with precisely that title.)

Israel / Palestine Videos

Not that smart

Judge Napolitano’s interviews of Col. Douglas Macgregor (e.g., this one) prove that Jews, in this case, Israelis, are not that smart, as many in the American racial right claim.

Film French Revolution Videos


This is a postscript to today’s previous post, in which I touched on Ridley Scott’s latest fiasco, Napoleon (2023 film).

After what I said to Vlad Tepes I remembered another scene from Waterloo (1970 film): the French didn’t surrender after losing and preferred to be cannonaded by the English.

Then I also remembered that Kubrick had wanted to make a film about Napoleon. My guess is that unlike Scott’s merde it would have been, visually, something as stunning as Barry Lyndon (the #35 film of my list).

Without the resources of Kubrick or Scott, on the subject of the French Revolution, I also remember Danton: a Franco-Polish film by Andrzej Wajda from 1983, starring Gérard Depardieu as Georges-Jacques Danton. A revolutionary friend of mine loved it, and my filmmaker cousin once told me it was ‘perfect cinema’.

I highly recommend watching it with the French audio and subtitles instead of the English dubbed version. See e.g., this clip of the film spoken in French with English subtitles:

Mexico City Videos

What a quantity!

More than 3,000 Mexican Jews gathered on Sunday to send a message of solidarity to Israelis in response to the Hamas attack.

Mexico City is so big (I live in a suburb with no Jews at all) that these images really struck me. As far as I can remember, never have so many Jews gathered at once for a political statement in my town.

Feminized western males Videos


‘There is not such a thing as Jewish domination; there is only white submissiveness.’

Racial right Videos Vikings

Magnus v. Nosferatu

As I bathed in the morning, Keith Woods’ recent article in The Unz Review on Elon Musk’s reaction to ADL subversion got me thinking (Twitter, now dubbed ‘X’ by Musk, suffers from the ADL-orchestrated advertising takedown).

Nowhere on the racial right have I come across an explanation of why American society obeys the Jewish subversion group ADL. While there are countless articles on the internet exposing the ADL’s subversion of the First Amendment, there is, to my knowledge, no explanation of why American civil society and the American state blindly obey them.

That is typical of the racial right: they are anti-Semitic but not exactly Jew-wise, insofar as that would imply a clear, transparent, distinct and Apollonian explanation of why everyone seems to be obeying the whims of the biblically chosen people.

I’ve already written about Keith Woods on this site, whom I branded as an imbecilic Irish with no conscience whatsoever about the CQ, and I don’t want to link to that brief post I wrote about him years ago. I don’t want to do so because his blindness, presumably based on his Catholicism, is the same blindness that afflicts all other conservatives.

My question should be addressed until grasping the incredible phenomenon of the elites—including the companies that fund Twitter / X—obeying the demands of ‘Nosferatu.’ (Hunter Wallace has called Nosferatu the ADL director, whose face is so repulsive that unlike Wallace and The Unz Review, I dare not even post a picture of him.)

I believe that the blindness of the entire racial right in addressing something so obvious—why the American elites obey Nosferatu—is because they are unable to see themselves in the mirror. It was the historical reality that the US was founded by self-conscious Aryans who had to imagine they were Israelites to build a city upon a hill that is behind all this insane deference to the will of a powerful advocate of Israel.

Even the most famous American neo-Nazi suffered from this blindness. If one pays attention to the quote from George Lincoln Rockwell in the previous post, bearing in mind my footnote on page 90 of Savitri’s memoirs, it will become clear that Rockwell was trying to make a good impression on the Christians who funded his organisation.

But you cannot save the Aryan race and at the same time obey the commands of the god of the Jews to the Gentiles (actually, the commands of the rabbis who wrote the New Testament for Gentile consumption). Think, for example, of the countless times that, when he was on Fox News, Tucker Carlson talked about the equality of men, and that skin colour was absolutely irrelevant. Carlson even invoked the idea of ‘God’—that is: the god of the Jews—in his proclamations, and did so several times in his Fox career while talking about racial equality.

What I’m getting at is that all this discussion about Musk and the ADL misses the elephant in the room: Why do American elites obey Nosferatu? Or put in my language, if the anti-Christian Vikings had conquered the entire American continent—not the idiotic Spanish and Portuguese; not the idiotic English and French—, would they now be obeying Nosferatu?

Magnus: ‘I think our Faith should prevail. No doubt at all. Our Gods will ultimately triumph over the Christian god [contempt in Magnus’s voice] who is a usurper, who has no meaning; is not real. One day not so far away the name Jesus Christ will be utterly forgotten’ (emphasis in Magnus’ voice).

What if the Gods of the Anglo-Germans on the American continent were, every one of them, Aryans like those of the Greco-Roman Mount Olympus or the Germanic Valhalla? What if Vikings like Magnus, not the Judeo-Christian Charlemagne, had been victorious in the medieval wars in which Christianity was forcibly imposed?

So fundamental is what I am saying that what emerges is not only the great limitations of Rockwell—but of Hitler himself!

The subject is deep and complex and would involve reading what I say about Charlemagne in our translation of Deschner’s book. Fortunately, my post ‘Old Town’, which I uploaded the week before my mother’s passing, sums up what I mean.

New Testament Richard Miller Videos

For Christians


The literary rosetta stone
that explains the gospels

‘Christianity is just one participant in a broader set of phenomenology that needed to be understood across the board, and not just studied in some kind of isolationism.’

—Richard Miller

Derek Lambert and Dr Richard C. Miller

This site is dedicated to those who want to know the basic aetiology of white ethnosuicide (and who want to do something to counteract this mental illness). It is not a site for Christians. But this post is for them.

Last month I posted a couple of entries about New Testament scholar Richard Miller (here and here). But his book, Resurrection and Reception in Early Christianity only reached me on Tuesday and I’ve started reading it.

It is a book for seasoned scholars: it contains quotations in Greek, Latin, French and German; and the English translations of quoted paragraphs are by the author. By ‘translation fables’ Miller means innumerable fables of Greco-Roman gods, demigods and mortals who, for their deeds, were translated to, let us say, a cloud in the heavens after their deaths and, in the case of Romulus, the legend even speaks of apparitions and a Great Commission (see the second chapter of Resurrection and Reception).

It is a perfect book for Christians because, unlike Richard Carrier who was never a Christian, despite his very gradual and agonic apostasy Miller maintains a positive image of the religion of his parents. He shows us a gallery of the Greco-Roman myths of the resurrection or translation of so many heroes, and then does a rigorous exegesis of what it all means. The connections between Greco-Roman apotheosis narratives and the gospels, originally written in Greek, make Miller’s work an important contribution to contextualising Jesus’ resurrection narratives.

The honest Christian who approaches Miller’s work will be confronted with the same dilemmas that this scholar confronted as he devoted his whole life to New Testament studies. If you don’t want to read his book, just watch this interview.

France Videos


Like Andrew Anglin I am glad that Paris and other French cities are going up in flames. As Nietzsche and I said in the last two pages of Neo-Christianity, not only the Vatican (the symbol of Christianity) but the Arc de Triomphe, as a symbol of Neo-Christianity, must be razed to the ground. But unlike Anglin, I look not at the present but at the causes that led the French and other whites to believe such idiocies as that humans of all races, Orcs included, can be French citizens.

In the last few days I have been linking to videos by normies that shed light on the POV of this site. But only a couple of hours ago I discovered a Christian, Stephen Meyer, who concedes that we have ‘a secularised hyper form of Christianity that we call wokeness that is eating our culture from inside out…’

Stephen Meyer, Douglas Murray, Tom Holland and Peter Robinson.

But that wasn’t the highlight of that roundtable. Most important was what Murray said next. Responding to Holland he said that—I rephrase—it is a miracle that Christian morality is, at this historical moment, hanging in the air without the support of traditional Christian dogma, like the cartoons I used to watch as a child, where a character would cut the branch of a tree he was sitting on with a saw and not fall down until he realised that the branch and he were no longer supported by anything!

This miracle of being in the air for a couple of seconds without falling (although in historical times it’s not seconds but decades) gives me hope, not the hope of Murray but the hope of seeing the blonde beast redivivus once he falls.


Neo-Christianity explained!

‘What is happening now is a civil war within Christianity: a civil war between factions’ (traditional Christians and atheist hyperchristians) Holland says after minute 10. ‘The Woke movement is a Pelagian movement’ he added almost four minutes after in contrast to Augustine’s theology.

For a casual viewer, it would seem that the conversation between these three pundits was a conversation between people who share the views of this site, The West’s Darkest Hour, were it not for the fact that after the 15th minute the non-white Konstantin said that they were all happy living in the liberal world of modern times.

Never mind the POV of these three. As I said in the recent PDF, I’m appropriating Holland’s insights for what I call the sacred words (I’ve done something similar before with Lloyd deMause’s psychohistorical legacy, as my Day of Wrath readers know).

The only annoying thing in the interview is the commercial, but after the 42nd minute Holland says something I suspected: that the (psychopathological) condition Britain finds itself in today is due to its old Puritan roots. That is to say, in this age its atheist offspring have become, axiologically, hyperchristians: which also explains what’s happening in the US. And almost at minute 46 Holland explains why Anglo-American culture is virtually the opposite of what I might call our culture: abducting the Sabine women to found a new Republican Rome (values have been reversed by a misguided Christian sense of compassion).

‘We’ve forgotten,’ says Holland, ‘the theological underpinnings’ of why we do what we do today. Before the 49th minute Holland joked with a question answering another question from Konstantin: What would happen if Westerners realised that the great awokening they are suffering has Christian roots? He answered: ‘What’s so wrong about the Nazis?’ And already after the 51st minute Holland added that today’s anti-Nazism is still Christian considering the amplifying progressive spiral. Nonetheless, at minute 57 Holland reveals his colours: despite his tremendous insight into what is happening he likes to see Confederate statues removed from parks.