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Hitler’s normal voice !!

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Podcast 100

One might think that I am at home with sympathisers of National Socialism who, like me, have no qualms about harbouring an exterminationist ideology. That is, those who, following the metaphor of ‘The Wall’, are already on the north side of the wall.

But from the lofty perspective of a fabulous bird that could fly really high, it would see that although a wall separates them from the white nationalists who camped on the south side of the wall, the National Socialists and the nationalists are geographically very close to each other. It is I who have broken away from that cluster of people to go much further north, and I would like to illustrate this with the 100th podcast of the show Manifest Destiny, which I listened to yesterday on the Volkish website.

The show opens with degenerate music: something that if Hitler had won the war we wouldn’t be listening to today. It pains me to say it, but a literate Jew opens his video with a Chopin nocturne (I’ve been listening to those nocturnes in the evenings these days: such beautiful music that comforts the spirit). When I had my podcast before SoundCloud cancelled our account, I also started the show with a piano piece played by my mother’s students, and it was very comforting for my soul.

After the 27th minute of the Manifest Destiny podcast, we heard a few words about the Hellstorm Holocaust: ‘The greatest extermination slaughter in Aryan history… carried on by Aryans under the thrall of Jews and… Jewish ideas… The first time in history [that such a holocaust was perpetrated] to this extent’. And after 39:40, speaking of that genocide of millions of Germans, we hear: ‘all the actions of the Jews and the Allies…’

Note that he speaks first of the Jews and then of the Allies. I couldn’t speak like that, for Stalin, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Truman weren’t Jews.

This reminds me that, although Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent and I are on the other side of the wall, a few years ago Wallace published an article mentioning a neologism of mine, ‘Type B Bicausalism’ referring to there being more Aryan than Jewish culpability in white decline: something Wallace seemed to agree with.

On the Manifest Destiny podcast, another voice, Jake I think, said that Hitler is hated worldwide. But he’s really only hated in the West. When I lived in England for a year in 1998-1999 I was still a normie and I was shocked that no one from the Middle East, Muslim or otherwise, shared this hatred. Nor did Asians seem to hate Hitler in the guesthouse where I lived. Only the next century would I discover the English writer Tom Holland who explains that Christianity, in its axiological (i.e. no longer dogmatic) phase, survived after 1945 thanks to the demonisation of Uncle Adolf.

Another thing where I differ from those of Manifest Destiny is the lack of gravitas in their tones of voice. Since I come from such a hellish family past that drove my sisters mad and led me astray into cults that consumed decades of my life (before I came to my senses), as a survivor the tone of my voice reflects both existential fury and deep melancholy: a gravitas very useful for the priest of the sacred words that I have never heard in those close to the wall.

At 1:07 of the show we hear of the denazification of Germany: a ‘religious war’. True, but the forces of evil had already practised a holocaust of Germans in the Thirty Years’ War. Few have pointed out that it has been the Germans who have been rebelling first against Catholic dogma (at the hands of Rome’s mudbloods) and then against Christian axiology (a moral code covering the West). Both rebellions were punished with real holocausts of which no films have yet been made!

In the show, we hear about ‘the greatest book burning’ that was allegedly perpetrated in history, what the Allies did in Germany after 1945. But the speaker omits an even greater destruction, which took place from the 4th to the 10th century when the triumphant Church tried to erase all traces of the classical world (cf. Karlheinz Deschner’s work in German or, more modestly, Catherine Nixey’s in English).

But one thing I liked the podcast to point out is that Christian preachers were the most prominent denazifiers after 1945. This fits perfectly with the current subtitle of this site, Feinderkennung, and speaks against what I have called ‘Type A Bicausalism’ (something Wallace seems to agree with me on).

Near the end of the podcast, a quote from Savitri Devi struck a chord with me: the victors of World War II ‘cannot denazify the Gods’ (remember that in speaking of providence we priests of the sacred words use the plural to distinguish our panentheism from the god of the Jews). The Nazi defeat was so crushing that it wasn’t only a military defeat on a par with the Hellstorm Holocaust to kill as many National Socialists as possible. Millions of surviving Germans were then brainwashed with a denazification that persists to this day even outside Germany! It was also discussed in the podcast that Savitri initiated post-1945 National Socialism: a NS that, because of such a crushing defeat, must be different from the previous one.

This is very true.

Audios Civil war

Interviewing Linder

Unlike the vast majority of today’s racial right, Alex Linder is not only aware of the Christian question, as we hear in this interview, but that the solution is revolutionary, not reactionary.

Audios Civil war James Mason

Linder reads Siege

Virtually everything you hear on the radio while you lose hours on the way to work is trash. But it is possible to do something useful at that time, like listening to James Mason’s audiobook, Siege, available on YouTube.

I have listened to the first three audios and it seems to me that the Covingtonistas should do the same. Mason in the voice of Linder says it is no time for a direct orchestrated struggle, like a frontal combat. Gathering all the racists of the world in one place would expose themselves to Uncle Sam bombarding them as sitting ducks, even if women and children die.

If there is to be urban guerrilla, things are not as simple as taking the novels of the late Covington as a script for our film (the blogger Severus Niflson, who retired his blog from the Internet years ago, wrote an article along these lines criticising Covington’s plan). I think Mason is right in saying, seek ye first the eradication of Uncle Sam and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. The Covingtonistas do the opposite: they put the chariot ahead of the horse. Their strategy is to first form the ethnostate by humiliating Sam with their little guerrilla wars—and then crossing their fingers so that he does not behave as he did in 1861 and 1945!

But going back to Siege. While it is true that the printed book is boring (it was not boring in the 1980s because then the articles appeared from time to time in Mason’s newsletter), with the voice of Linder it ceases to be boring in the journey to work.

If the thoughtpolice were to remove those YouTube audios, do not forget that Linder has a backup of all his spoken books on his website.

Audios Civil war Real men

Anyone interested?

Listen to this YouTube audio involving Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch. In my humble opinion these guys are dead wrong. I know nothing about the AWD group they mention but I wonder if Anglin or Enoch have read The Turner Diaries or even The Brigade or Siege?
I believe that in this age of treason ‘black hats’ should coexist with ‘white hats’ even if the two sides never, ever meet each other for obvious security reasons. Incidentally, by having this site on the open internet I’m obviously a ‘white hat’. But I’d never condemn people like Breivik or Roof.
I wish I could speak fluent English but I can’t. Anyone interested to debate this kind of anti-black-hat guys in the WDH Radio Show within the limits of the Brandenburg v. Ohio ?

Audios Ethnic cleansing

Greg & Styx

I am relocating this entry I had posted yesterday—:

Further to ‘Alt-Right vs. the sceptics’. I have heard part of two more audios with Greg Johnson: the one about Carl Benjamin (‘Sargon of Akkad’ in the YouTube subculture) and an exchange with a vlogger who uses the ridiculous pseudonym of Styxhexenhammer666.
Even if I could talk fluent English I’d never debate the Alt-Lite: they’re goners far from my left. I can only punch those on my immediate left (including Greg). However, those who are at my immediate left, like Richard Spencer and Johnson, may be winning the debates against those at my far left; and therefore could be considered stepping-stones towards our side.

—because exercising on my stationary bicycle this morning I listened fifteen more minutes of the Greg/Styx exchange. What is really notorious is that both, white nationalist (Greg) and civic nationalist (Styx) thoroughly subscribe Christian ethics. They’re perfect examples of what in this blog we have been calling ‘secular Christians’: both seem to be more concerned about not using violence on non-whites in the formation of the ethnostate than on the survival of their race.
This is typical of atheists, that I call secular Christians.
I also removed the link to one of my recommended articles on the sidebar (a link beside of which I had recently added Alice’s white rabbit little pic), ‘A postscript to Dies Irae’ because it is too strong meat for the newcomer. But yesterday a friend called to my attention ‘The White Man’s Destiny’ he found on /pol/ that sharply contrasts with Greg & Styx’s Neo-Christianity:
Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures
This is exactly what we should be striving for. A highly militant, exclusionary, technocratic meritocracy built around the ideas of radical Traditionalism.
A society hell-bent on expansion and the preservation of one’s own kind and culture, at the detriment of all others.
This is the only natural, sane response to a world filled with sub-human filth and degenerate untermensch whose only goal in life is the extermination of everything just and pure.
We tried to give the Other its chance.
We bent over backwards accommodating them; we shared our technology, our art, our literature, our accomplishments; we educated them, fed them, allowed entire broods of them to settle in our ancestral lands; we humbled ourselves, apologizing for imaginary slights and groveling at their feet for the perceived transgression of taming this planet and bringing the torch of civilization to the world—and for what? All our efforts were rewarded with scorn, hatred, jealousy, and outright malevolence.
We need a new system—something more noble than the petty mercantile aspirations of Semites; something greater than the slave-like morality imposed upon us by alien religions.
A society built on unshakeable, indelible foundations, woven from our own racial stock and governed by the guiding light of Apotheosis: that driving, all-consuming framework of beliefs that the White Man is his own God, that he is God, the keeper of his own destiny—noble by birth, master by choice, tyrant by need, and ruler by right! We tamed this world once, and we can do it again.
But first, we must burn the heretic, kill the mutant, and purge the unclean.
And then, when we’ve freed ourselves of weakness, empathy, remorse, and guilt, when the last sub-human has been cleansed from Terra, and the last trace of their existence purged from this planet, we’ll ascend to the stars, and make them our own—and the galaxy will tremble.
This… is Our Destiny.


A podcast for Britons

In Lone Wolf Radio’s Episode 1, Chris White interviews Joseph Walsh.

It is five and a half hours: perfect for the British that feel alienated in a society that is actively exterminating them, especially in the big cities where miscegenation is endemic.

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On Jared Taylor

Before I start the arid task of arranging today’s post on the Kriminalgeschichte series, I’d like to say something about this interview:

Taylor perfectly exemplifies what we call secular Christianity. Although he now holds a secular worldview, as a child his parents moved to Japan to convert the heathen. As I have experienced religious introjects coming from my parents (and written a lot about it in Spanish), I know there’s always a residual tail that cannot be erased.
Regarding Kevin MacDonald’s admitting a Jew as a contributor, in the latest podcast I told Walsh that more than an Aryan problem I see it as a Christian problem, in the sense of what we are calling ‘secular Christianity’. Like MacDonald, Taylor also seems to subscribe universal love, which includes Jews and non-whites: something absent in pre-Christian Europe.
What bothered me about the interview is that Taylor said that those at his right blame all Jews, completely ignoring William Pierce’s point that even if only ten percent of the kike forest is poisonous for us, the problem is the whole forest. Hasn’t Taylor read Pierce’s article? (Visualise it with the other Semitic tribe that’s infecting the West, Muslims, and you’ll get Pierce’s point.)
Taylor went further to say that he does not like much the term ‘white nationalism’ because it evokes the violence needed to create an ethnostate, and that he’s against any kind of violence coming from us! He added he’s prepared to admit some non-whites in the Aryan ethnostate precisely because he doesn’t want ethnic cleansing!
I didn’t listen the whole interview. But I am sure very few visitors of my site will comprehend the need of continuing the instalments of Deschner’s book for an in-depth analysis of what went wrong with the white psyche. Just think about it: big leaders of our movement hold views that would have been unthinkable for pre-Christian Europeans.

Audios Literature William Pierce

Linder reads 'Hunter'

Alex Linder reads Pierce’s Hunter in five sessions. If you have not read the novel you might consider listening to it. The dialogues between the novel’s two main characters are incredibly perceptive as to the whys of white decline. Linder of course reads it in English (this pic is from the German translation of the book).


Sam Harris✡

Make no mistake: this guy is our enemy—just listen his most recent interview of Doug Murray (here).