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On Jared Taylor

Before I start the arid task of arranging today’s post on the Kriminalgeschichte series, I’d like to say something about this interview:

Taylor perfectly exemplifies what we call secular Christianity. Although he now holds a secular worldview, as a child his parents moved to Japan to convert the heathen. As I have experienced religious introjects coming from my parents (and written a lot about it in Spanish), I know there’s always a residual tail that cannot be erased.
Regarding Kevin MacDonald’s admitting a Jew as a contributor, in the latest podcast I told Walsh that more than an Aryan problem I see it as a Christian problem, in the sense of what we are calling ‘secular Christianity’. Like MacDonald, Taylor also seems to subscribe universal love, which includes Jews and non-whites: something absent in pre-Christian Europe.
What bothered me about the interview is that Taylor said that those at his right blame all Jews, completely ignoring William Pierce’s point that even if only ten percent of the kike forest is poisonous for us, the problem is the whole forest. Hasn’t Taylor read Pierce’s article? (Visualise it with the other Semitic tribe that’s infecting the West, Muslims, and you’ll get Pierce’s point.)
Taylor went further to say that he does not like much the term ‘white nationalism’ because it evokes the violence needed to create an ethnostate, and that he’s against any kind of violence coming from us! He added he’s prepared to admit some non-whites in the Aryan ethnostate precisely because he doesn’t want ethnic cleansing!
I didn’t listen the whole interview. But I am sure very few visitors of my site will comprehend the need of continuing the instalments of Deschner’s book for an in-depth analysis of what went wrong with the white psyche. Just think about it: big leaders of our movement hold views that would have been unthinkable for pre-Christian Europeans.

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If Taylor is against the use of violence, how does he expect to create an ethnostate in America? Does he seriously believe the Jews and the US government would hand racialists US territory peacefully? Taylor, like many other ‘soft’ White Nationalists, often talks approvingly of the Jewish State of Israel as an example of an ethnostate yet doesn’t he realize that Israel was founded with guerilla warfare and ethnic cleansing and is sustained by genocide? And that it could only come into existence because it had the backing of international Jewish finance and thus the support of world powers like the US and the UK?
Who would support Taylor and co. financially? How can they create an ethnostate without ethnic cleansing? Taylor is too squeamish to face reality.
Additionally, so many White Nationalists support the State of Israel as a place to deport all Jews yet is there one example of a Jew supporting an ethnostate for Whites? WN want to let the Jews survive and give them their own ethnostate, can you imagine if the Jews suddenly stopped White Genocide, let us survive and even gave us our own racial state? It would never happen. WN treat their enemies in a much kinder way than the Jews treat them because they are still under the influence of Christian ethics. Jews are not and never have been.

@ Joseph Walsh
I agree.
Just specifically on one thing you say:

“Does he seriously believe the Jews and the US government would hand racialists US territory peacefully?”

As strange as it may seem, it is possible that Taylor and people like him actually really do believe this.
And, as strange as it may seem, it could possibly happen (albeit I regard it as a remote possibility). It is possible that if white nationalists in whatever form have greater success in the future, one way that Jews and the US government could neutralise such a movement is by offering a puppet state to white nationalists. Maybe that’s the long-term strategy of those like Taylor who are, or affect to be, philosemitic?

That’s true, the Jews and the US government could attempt to control any White uprising by granting Whites a puppet state still under ZOG control but with less non-whites. I think Taylor’s thinking is rooted in a belief that White Men on the right of the Republican Party might eventually become sympathetic to White racial interests. When Taylor began American Renaissance, conservative publications like National Review were still dimly racial and many of the AmRen crowd began as conservatives, Taylor is probably relying on the white male conservative network in the US to eventually ‘see the light’ so to speak, and believes if he doesn’t antagonize the Jews they will grant him leeway.
The only possibility I see for Taylor and his like on the Alt-Right to get their ethnostate is if the US breaks apart on racial lines and they have the support of enough Whites to stake a claim to the US government on a portion of US territory for use as a White ethnostate.

@ Joseph… Taylor is very philo-semitic. He admires how OT jews would smite their enemies but, yeah, doesn’t endorse WN’s enforcing their own ethno state. Real politic or controlled opposition? Romans conquered enemies and territory to survive and then incorporated the former enemies into the Empire. In Medieval Europe it was limited warfare, civilians and cities were mainly spared. The US Civil War and the defeat of the Confederacy pointed directly to Germany’s fate in both WWI and WWII – targeting of civilians and territory, destruction beyond the needs for victory, brutal treatment of the defeated. Exterminationist warfare, ethnic cleansing are the Tribe’s ethics. Telltale signs of jews’ influence and involvement.

@OrlofMinerva “ethnic cleansing are the Tribe’s ethics.”
Oh please. Learn some history. I.e,, Julius Caesar in Gaul, the conversion of Saxons by Charlemagne, the Albigensian crusade by Innocent III, the Mongol invasion, Bogdan Khmelnitski’s anti-semitism…
If your warfare isn’t exterminationist, it’s not warfare. We haven’t had warfare in the past 70 years.
We had the Bush war in Rhodesia, but it was more like the Whites sucking black cocks, not a war. The White race can’t fight, it can only surrender. Germany, Britain, America, Rhodesia, South Africa… A long list of surrenders.

@ adunaithethird .. I was thinking more of the limited European dynastic wars during the Middle Ages compared to especially WWII.
Yes, Caesar was brutal in conquering the Gallic tribes and doubly so when they rebelled. But it was the brutality necessary to conquer. Romans were exterminationist in the final and total destruction of Carthage, but it was not ethnic cleansing, it was the elimination of a power rival. Power not ethnicity. Romans were tolerant of the defeated, their mores and religions so long as they paid their taxes and provided levies for the legions, they didn’t rebel. The Tribe’s exterminationist motives trend towards purely ethnic cleansing, from their (racial) hatred of all other nations.
Charlemagne and the Saxons and the Cathars’ fate, etc, these resulted from the rot when European minds were poisoned by Christianity, fighting religious wars, eliminating ‘heretics’. Not Roman motives for war.
‘If your warfare isn’t exterminationist…’ Not disagreeing with you.
It’s demoralising to learn that Whites brutality in war has been mainly directed at other Whites – Caesar in Gaul, US Civil War, WWI, WWII.

Go be a cuck elsewhere. Every attempt at multiethnic society has degenerated, been conquered, or is a garbage land today.
Also, the neanderthals were crushed.

“But I am sure very few visitors of my site will comprehend the need of continuing the instalments of Deschner’s book for an in-depth analysis of what went wrong with the white psyche.”
At any rate, some of us appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

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