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WDH radio show

WDH Radio Show – Episode 8

An English philosopher

— Listen to it here! —

WDH hosts: Joseph Walsh and C.T.
Special guest: Jez Turner

Mr Turner goes to trial next Monday at Britain’s kangaroo court for thoughtcrimes. Keep your fingers crossed so that he may not end up in jail…!

9 replies on “WDH Radio Show – Episode 8”

Good show! Sound quality could be better though. You sound fine, but the others sound a bit muffled. Maybe they can record on their end and send the sound file to you, so that you could edit it into one track. It is still listenable as it is but there is room for improvement.

Also, you should not be so self conscious about your English. I understood everything you said.

It was my fault not to tell Jez during the program that he should be nearer to his computer.
Ideal would be that every guest had his own microphone so that it may be a couple of inches from the speaker’s mouth.

Same complaint as Ayydolf: the guest was very good, but his sound level was often too low, because, as Cesar says, he was not close enough to his microphone.

Just for the record, my criticism of Millennial Woes in Episode 8 not only has to do with what he has said (cf. a couple of recent posts in this site), but also with what he said in one of his latest videos, that normies are just ‘normal people’ that deserve or sympathies:
Compare it with our POV that ‘normies’ belong to the ‘worse generation ever since prehistory’.

Wasn’t the generation of Brits and Americans who betrayed Hitler worse? We were born long after all hope was lost.
A great illustration is “The Greatest Generation – Murdoch Murdoch.”

Excellent podcast. Excellent combination of speakers, complementary, easy flow from one speaker and point to the next.
The Aryan mind just can’t seem to grasp the reality of conspiracies.

Hola! ‘Cesar’
Escuché tu podcast sobre la necesidad de un interlocutor para discutir temas Alt-Right en español. Tengo formación y he estado metido en el tema desde for lo menos 6 años.
Soy “Lofiminimalist” en various foros nacional socialistas y identitarios.
Si te interesa. Mándame un mensaje directo en twitter (lofiminimalist) y hablamos.

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