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Chris Martenson

Brace yourself, 2

Listen to what Chris Martenson and
Mike Maloney say (second clip: here).

Kali Yuga Racial right

Carolyn Yeager: the only honourable

On the first day of this month I made a promise I didn’t keep (‘I have decided to freeze this blogsite with this entry’) insofar as, a week ago, I announced the translation of my first book (whose first draft, by the way, was written in 1988).

The idea of freezing that post (Chris Martenson is really the best on this subject) was for racially conscious whites to take preparatory measures for the Chinese virus pandemic, which has reached this continent.

Most of my time I indeed occupy in the translation, but once the promise of the first of this month was violated, I cannot resist the temptation to definitively distance myself from some commenters who, in the past, I had come to admire.

In this recent discussion thread on Unz Review the only person—a woman!—who in her life has dedicated herself to defending the image of the Führer has been Carolyn Yeager.

Most of the evil karma that the white race now suffers comes from their betrayal of the most heroic man of the modern age, whom I have been comparing with Leonidas and Hermann (both betrayed by another Greek and by another Germanic respectivelly). It’s a surreal shame that some American racists continue to throw dirt on the image of Hitler. From my point of view, everything has to do with the fact that whites have completely lost their story, even the white nationalists. Following the metaphor of George R.R. Martin, the perpetual night has fallen on Westeros.

Together with another racist who no longer comment here, one of the commenters who now discusses with Yeager came to opine here, last year, that Charles Manson was above Hitler! I wonder if the members of Atomwaffen, who are being arrested these days and who also admire Manson, share such infinitely surreal madness (I’ve heard that some of these losers are proud readers of Siege and despise the ‘bourgeois’ NS men)?

Don’t be surprised if I don’t let these commenters and others to comment here again now that, except for some preparatory purchases, I am so busy working in the translation. (In the afternoon I will buy more N-95 masks, which I’ll begin to use religiously from next month every time I go out.)

Chris Martenson

Brace yourself, 1

Listen to what Chris Martenson and
Mike Maloney say (first clip: here).


Next month…

Romulus’ material kingdom favoring the mighty is transformed into a spiritual one favoring the humble. It certainly looks like the Christian passion narrative is an intentional transvaluation of the Roman Empire’s ceremony of their own founding savior’s incarnation, death and resurrection.

—Richard Carrier

Remember what we have been saying about the legendary founder and first king of Rome. If, as Dawkins says, a meme is like a gene, we could also compare SARS CoV-2 with a virus that has put in our minds the Jewish god Yeshu by deceiving our white cells, which were tricked into believing that the story of the New Testament was Romulus-friendly, a mere protein so to speak, letting it enter in Rome itself in the 4th century of our era.

The rest is history.

The legacy of the Enlightenment didn’t cure the West of Christianity because religion, and even Christian ethics, are social and parental introjects. Just as SARS CoV-2 is transmitted from person to person, the Semitic virus for the Aryan mind has been transmitted from parents to children. As I have told some Christian or neo-Christian visitors who have commented on this site, they are unable to distinguish between the empirical world and the structure of their inner selves. That is, they have failed to follow the commandment of the Oracle of Delphi, know thyself.

From Jesus to Hitler is the first work that comprehensively analyses a real-life case of our parents, who implanted in our minds the Judeo-Christian meme (a ‘virus’). Although my family is Catholic, this also applies to Protestants. If my legacy were to multiply as T cells, that is, if many assimilated From Jesus to Hitler when it’s fully translated, these ideas will help the immune system of the Western body in its fight against the Semitic infection.

Hopefully, the translation of the first of my eleven books will be ready the next month.

Chris Martenson Covid 19


Check out Chris Martenson’s almost daily updates on the Chinese virus.

I have decided to freeze this blogsite with this entry. I won’t add more entries until it becomes clear if we shall survive what it seems will become a pandemic by April or May.

Let’s filter out all the noise of the mainstream media. The best information site I’ve found over the internet on the subject is that of Martenson, linked above.

May those who will create the ethnostate survive the pandemic…