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Next month…

Romulus’ material kingdom favoring the mighty is transformed into a spiritual one favoring the humble. It certainly looks like the Christian passion narrative is an intentional transvaluation of the Roman Empire’s ceremony of their own founding savior’s incarnation, death and resurrection.

—Richard Carrier

Remember what we have been saying about the legendary founder and first king of Rome. If, as Dawkins says, a meme is like a gene, we could also compare SARS CoV-2 with a virus that has put in our minds the Jewish god Yeshu by deceiving our white cells, which were tricked into believing that the story of the New Testament was Romulus-friendly, a mere protein so to speak, letting it enter in Rome itself in the 4th century of our era.

The rest is history.

The legacy of the Enlightenment didn’t cure the West of Christianity because religion, and even Christian ethics, are social and parental introjects. Just as SARS CoV-2 is transmitted from person to person, the Semitic virus for the Aryan mind has been transmitted from parents to children. As I have told some Christian or neo-Christian visitors who have commented on this site, they are unable to distinguish between the empirical world and the structure of their inner selves. That is, they have failed to follow the commandment of the Oracle of Delphi, know thyself.

From Jesus to Hitler is the first work that comprehensively analyses a real-life case of our parents, who implanted in our minds the Judeo-Christian meme (a ‘virus’). Although my family is Catholic, this also applies to Protestants. If my legacy were to multiply as T cells, that is, if many assimilated From Jesus to Hitler when it’s fully translated, these ideas will help the immune system of the Western body in its fight against the Semitic infection.

Hopefully, the translation of the first of my eleven books will be ready the next month.

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Happy to see you active! I have a habit of checking the blog every day.

There is a typo (will help > would help).

Hopefully, the next month is also going to bring us some great news from CO[r]VID in South Korea & Japan!

Are you willing to comment on T0b1as R4thj3n from H4n4u (kiwifarms has an archive)? From what I have seen, the mainstream media for once have taken the correct stance on mental illness – by downplaying it in favour of the understandable hatred at the modern rot. IMO, if you are not schizo in the West, you are far more likely to be a cowardly cuck than a psychically healthy person (such as yourself).

It boggles my mind how neo-Nazis spoil this case like they did with The Joker (2019) by literally disregarding the character’s legitimate grievances against the System because he “has a sick brain”! They are confusing the cause and effect.This is not an arbitrary action, this is a counter-reaction at the objective reality.

I saw several doctors in Mexican television programs saying the worst kind of idiocy about Joker, and precisely from the POV of psychiatric bio-reductionism.

It hurts to say but he who best understood the film among the alt-right was Stefan Moly, who used the trauma model instead of the medical model. I wish the understander had been a pure Aryan. But the number of racists who believe the pseudoscientific medical model of mental disorders does not stop surprising me.

Good to see you back, CT. Hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been following Chris Martenson’s CoVid-19. It’s strange how there’s very little news coverage on this epidemic. Could this be the virological Chernobyl that breaks the PRC’s back? Without Chinese slave labour, the industries will resort to resettling in America, and possibly even Europe. Might be that the balance of power shifts in the West’s direction. Might be a good time to buy a few more silver coins…

Or this could be the initial phase of a pandemic that will finally force a closed-borders policy in the West, in a desperate attempt to contain the virus. We could be having Venezuela-levels of deprivation worldwide by this summer’s end.

Regardless of what might come, I’ll take this chance to say thank you CT, for all your work and your wise words shared on this blog.

You’re welcome and let me tell you that I just got home after buying some goggles (not only droplets: aerosol carries the virus too) to accompany them with the mouth-cover when the virus strikes this damned metropolis.

I envy your country house …

Yes , I was missing your posts, and then I remembered that you had started this extensive translation work of your books.
I wish you a lot of good energy to do the job and have also the time to be with a few friends , drink wine and relax from the whole effort !!

And about the ” trauma model ” : I learnt it the hard way through decades of endless discussions with people about the issues relevant to this site and all the while assuming that all my discussion partners had the same intellectual integrity that I thought I had, and that they were willing to inquire in a rational and in depth manner into the issues at hand.
Till in sheer desperation I had to criticize the functioning of my own mind.
It started to dawn on me that the problem is the ” ego ” . There is a programming in everybody s mind that is hell bent on protecting ones status quo,their own premises, but it is on an unconscious level.

That is why that the cucks and christians amongst us can proclaim with a straight face that they are completely in line with the issue while actually defending their premises.
There seems to be not the slightest suspicion that the workings of our mind are not ” ours “.

The best metaphor here is Windows 10. Everybody is using it but few realize that it is fucking spying on you, and serves you things that you think are your own choice but are actually done by an algorithm that you are not aware of.

The trauma model is the ultimate taboo, as it puts parents on the bench of the accused.

Comparatively, racism has not been such an absolute taboo. It only became real taboo after WW2. Before, even the Encyclopædia Britannica (e.g., the famous 1911 edition) spoke of the inferiority of blacks, etc. And in the ancient world, let us not forget that in Egypt there were signs so that negroes not go further north after a certain latitude.

That never happened with the trauma model of mental disorders. Only a few researchers in the world propose it, and until very recently, since the middle of the 20th century when the first pioneers started to publish papers about it.

Yes, the trauma model is ultimate taboo because if you would open up to it you would have to admit that ” humanity ” ( I exclude here the courageous pioneers of awareness ) is still a bunch of apes that has not evolved enough yet to handle the tool of technology.

The full evaluation of the implications of this knowledge will lead to a totally new foundation of civilization.
It is simply mind boggling to realize that the ones who were starting to lay the foundations for that are these days branded as “evil” and ” nazi”.
We have to do here with massive unconscious projections which will lead to the bloodiest times ever.

Yes, the trauma model is ultimate taboo because if you would open up to it you would have to admit that “humanity”…is still a bunch of apes that…

This is exactly what I’ve been calling ‘Neanderthalism’, especially in my books 4th and 5th of the above-linked list.

The full evaluation of the implications of this knowledge will lead to a totally new foundation of civilization.

Exactly!: The moral of books 10th and 11th.

P.S. And the first step in that direction is to realise that some forms of humans must be wiped out, an axiological place that white nationalists are light-years away from reaching.


By minute 14 you can listen: ‘I am not interested in going there because quite frankly disgusts me because it’s celebrated and they make a big thing about it every year as to how they torture and kill these dogs. And it is a very public display. And I am not going to show any dog torture and cooking alive and skinning alive footage because I’ve seen it with my own eyes and…’

Cesar, thanks for uploading this video . It looks very authentic to me and it shows the reality of the average mentality of the Chinese.
I have been living in India for about seven years and I traveled a lot in the countryside and the villages where hygiene was absent and toilets were really primitive.
I have not seen anythings as bad as the the Chinese toilets that this video maker shows us..
It is an eye opener for all of us.

Realizing that the millions of “humans” that have come to life in China , which were not there before, and accepting the reality of reincarnation, where did all those souls come from ??
Of course from the animal kingdom.

If there is any spiritual higher dimension in life then it is clear to me that the Chinese, and maybe the whole western world too, are going to get a good lesson. It is to be hoped for that the Chinese population is going to be decimated so that the lesson goes into their bone and marrow , even into their genes , to make it clear that they mismanaged their environment and themselves.

Hopefully Nature will do the job for us, but if not I would prefer the reinforcement of the Lawbook of Manu that divides society into casts, of which the most spiritually advanced will set the rules for society as a whole.

The problem with a non-exterminationist stance (which except in Pierce is standard in WN) is that we leave these poor animals at the mercy of those other animals that Christians (and neochristians) insanely call brothers.

I don’t believe in reincarnation. My religion are the 4 words. And the only way to eliminate all unnecessary suffering is to eliminate the species that cause it.

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