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Check out Chris Martenson’s almost daily updates on the Chinese virus.

I have decided to freeze this blogsite with this entry. I won’t add more entries until it becomes clear if we shall survive what it seems will become a pandemic by April or May.

Let’s filter out all the noise of the mainstream media. The best information site I’ve found over the internet on the subject is that of Martenson, linked above.

May those who will create the ethnostate survive the pandemic…

25 replies on “Coronavirus”

Finally! I have been patiently waiting for days for you to post an entry on our Lady and Saviour Coronachan! I have watched both JFG and Styx among others!

This cannot be contained. The incubation period is at least 14 days. No symptoms in many cases. Thermal screening won’t help to curtail the spread. It’s too late.

The cause is weird. Bats? Snakes? Leaking labs? CIA operatives? Or maybe a Chinese Dr. Peters?

Here’s hoping 131 Anno Hitleri in April will dawn upon a different planet!

Only a small percentage of those infected die, so it is not yet the day of the final judgment.

The main cause of the coronavirus was Chinese sadism, of course. These disgusting gooks (google bat soup!) fry live bats in their kitchens so they taste better. I have posted on this site why we must exterminate the Chinese (not only non-Gentiles): their sadism with animals is beyond incredible.

Isn’t this one boiling alive a turtle after the 1st hour?:


Best news in a long time.
Between Murka cooking up a war for Persian oil and a billion gooks coughing up blood, I’d say this year will be much better than 130 AH.

Corona-chan indeed. May she spread far and wide. Here’s a meme idea for that WN Morrakiu crowd: edit videoclips of dying Chinks in hospitals, and play that nigger music by Corona “Rhythm of the Night”.

One thing that occurs to me is to avoid eating from any Chinese restaurants and contact with Asians in general. Many of them look dirty and “unclean” as a matter of course. Certainly don’t let them in your house.

A decent principle to live by in general, IMO.

“Not so best, as it’s spreading to other countries.”

Am I misunderstanding you, C.T.? That’s great news!

Days ago I made a thought experiment – if I had the power to have 10 million fat white Americans killed, would I pull the trigger? Of course, I would! And hopefully, that number will be much, much higher!

I suggest watching the Metokur’s stream recording, it’s a wholesome recap.

Due to the February 1 update I changed the date of this post to this day. But originally I posted it on January 27, 2020 at 4:47 pm, which explains why some comments above this one are from the end of last month.

My understanding is that only certain blood types are being infected, or are more susceptible; and I’ve also heard skepticism pertaining to the Chinese government’s released death toll. Whites don’t need a Coronavirus, we already have opioids, Christianity, and the television.

I didn’t want to hear more than twenty minutes of what Richard Spencer and two guys said today about the coronavirus.

It seems incredible, but even decades after Martin P. Nilsson demonstrated that the Roman Empire declined and fell due to miscegenation, today’s alleged racialists, so far from the Nazis and the Nordicist American eugenicists of other times, don’t seem to have heard of Nilsson’s study.

It is not only the readable stories of the white race of Pierce and Kemp, which were written for the man in the street, but also academic studies such as Nilsson’s that convinced me that miscegenation was the cause of the fall of Rome. (Those of the McSpencer Group seem to blame the viruses and epidemics of the ancient world!)

Isn’t it a real scandal that, at this point, the Alt-Right is so far from its predecessors?

Good bioweapons don’t spiral out of control and kill everyone on Earth. They either kill a target population, or perhaps more importantly, shut down the effective management of an enemy state. It is quite taxing for a state to wage war against your state when broad swathes of it are quarantined.

Wuhan coronavirus (WuCov) appears to have escaped the laboratory prematurely. It’s developer was still seeking research assistants when it flew the coup. Who knows what this means for the world. It may or may not be a “good” bioweapon yet.

The implications are fascinating. Perhaps it will break Chinese manufacturing? Imagine North America not awash in cheap plastic shit? That might trigger a more potent economic collapse than hyperinflation. Maybe a broke PRC will pursue war instead of commerce? Exciting times we live in.

Just for the record, according to a dictionary of idioms

‘If you say that someone has flown the coop, you mean that they have left a place or situation that limits their freedom’.

Also, yesterday Stefan Molyneux talked about the possibility that the virus escaped a Wuhan lab that was experimenting with coronaviruses. Another YouTuber, Jean-François Gariépy who specialises in evolutionary biology (and whom I have criticised recently due to his neo-Christianity) has said that he estimates a 50% chance that this new coronavirus was engineered by the Chinese and another 50% that it’s a product of natural selection. See e.g., here.

Whatever the truth racially-conscious whites should start practicing basic hygiene to prevent contagion.

I’m not able to view the Martenson videos at this time.

My own take on it

1) There is no way of knowing what the current numbers are regarding people who have caught it or people who have died. The Chinese government says what it wants people to hear; there is no consistent correlation between that and reality (except perhaps that the Chinese numbers will never present a picture WORSE than the truth). The very existence of the disease – known by late December – was something the government prosecuted people for talking about until mid-January.

2) Therefore official numbers regarding both cases (~10K) and death rates (~2%) must be treated as arbitrary and also with no consistent correlation to reality. They may be close to correct, they may not. At this time there is no concrete basis for drawing any conclusions, although the behavior of the Chinese indicates the problem is significantly more serious than they admit. The number of cases may be 10K, it may be 100K, it may be approaching a million. The death rate may be 2%, it may be 30%.

3) If the official Chinese numbers are even within a factor of 10 of the truth, this will resemble the Spanish Flu of 1918 more than the Black Death. 1918 was bad but that plague wasn’t responsible for ending European civilization.

4) What is (thus far) verifiable is that all the cases, including the “Canadians” and “Americans” and other citizens of western nations, are of Oriental ancestry. This would be completely consistent with the behavior of SARS, which never got outside that population. If that behavior holds, this will cause serious problems for China, with knock-on effects to the global economy, but not much else.

If/when we see a clearly white person catching, transmitting, and/or dying of it, then of course that analysis changes.

Fascinating. If the virus primarily affects Asians, then we should not worry until the pandemic reaches the West and Asians start falling like flies. (Although there is still the possibility that the virus undergoes a mutation.)

Changing the subject, finally today, after decades of not understanding a vital issue, I seemingly resolve it today.

I was always intrigued why we suffered the flu in winters. According to what a doctor said in a video that came up today, it is because certain viruses that are on our home surfaces survive up to 28 days at 4° C, that is, in the cold; and start to die in warmer places (the ideal is sunlight).

If true, one of the most agonic scientific mysteries that I had suffered (as every winter I catch terrible flues) has been, finally, solved.

The ultraviolet component of sunlight is one of the best disinfectants there is.

Here we go: LINK

Archived: LINK

IF – big if – those numbers are correct, then China is currently dealing with 154K confirmed cases, 80K suspected cases, and 25K deaths, meaning a 10-15% death rate.

Remains to be seen if it is still specific to the Oriental population or if it can spread. If those numbers are generally applicable that could definitely cause a cascade failure of the current global economy.

My own experience, as one who often had several colds during winter, is that after taking up occasional fasting I have stopped getting colds. For real fasting benefits it needs at least 3 days without food, only taking water, and its best doing it during moderate weather (12-28’C), and only doing light exercise and avoiding “dirty” environments.

This length of fast allows your sinus to clear, and stomach to clean itself of food, also some new medical research suggests stem cells may even be produced after 3 days! If you begin to feel unwell, and you really need to eat, don’t worry and break the fast, and try again another time.

P.S. Ben Klassen’s “Salubrious Living” was part of my inducement to try fasting.

I was reading something about this whole outbreak in China. Apparently the symptoms of the virus are almost the same as the symptoms of the pneumonic plague (think Black Plague gone airborne.) Perhaps there is much more going on than meets the eye.

According to a couple of videos I’ve just watched, including one from the good doc mentioned in my previous comment (and Stefan Moly), this virus mainly affects Asian males.

If this was concocted as a bioweapon in China (I doubt it), the equivalent Chinese to ‘Dr. Peters’ really screwed it big time!

China has a surplus male population. 30+ million Chinese men cannot have a Chinese wife in a monogamous marriage.

I’m guessing that the Chinese politburo decided to cut their expenses and remove excess population. Mao used a Soviet starvation strategy. Xi is using a more modern approach.

@ Mauricio,

You really can’t mess with viruses because they can mutate and eliminate the entire population of gooks, not just 30 million. Even in The Turner Diaries, the story is fictional. In real life it would be extremely risky. Any attempt to eliminate the Chinese through biological weapons could become a scenario for Dr. Peters.

And by the way, Robert Morgan continues to put Charles Manson on his list of heroes… It’s more than pathetic: it’s psychosis. Never he nor James Mason nor the commenters who no longer comment here could explain why we should admire the guy, in what sense his behaviour is good for the 14 words. It is like admiring Jim Jones’ behaviour, or David Koresh’s behaviour, or Marshall Applewhite’ behaviour—you name it. I fail to see any substantial difference between such American gurus and Manson. Not even Adunai understood Morgan’s bizarre admiration. In one of his recent comments Morgan alluded to me:

In this light, Manson is interesting. Many, even most people appear to have a hatred of him that is almost volcanic. Our buddy CT is a prime example. Yet it’s doubtful he ever personally killed anyone.

What Morgan fails to realise is that Manson was not on my radar before some deranged people started praising him on this site. My theory is that racially conscious whites who admire him had, like Manson, miserable child and/or adolescent lives. They unconsciously identify with him: a pathological identification of course, as Manson is not an example of anything noble.

If they wrote tragic autobiographies like the one I now translate, their admiration for Manson could evaporate. They would realise that all this was nothing but projection onto a crucified martyr and murderer to reflect their own stigmas and desires of revenge. (Morgan errs that Manson didn’t kill anyone: he dispatched one of his acolytes when he didn’t pay who knows what.)

I don’t feel that volcanic disdain for Manson but for his admirers who, I insist, never—like James Mason—said anything substantial about why Charles Manson is in any way comparable to, say, Leonidas, Hermann or Hitler.

You see now how the translation of my books is more important than mere blog posting? No mental health, no ethnostate. And quite a few of the commenters who have commented here have had mental issues including this grotesque, unbelievable and bizarre admiration of Manson that still makes me dumbfounded.

Tomorrow at noon will be a week of this post about the coronavirus. Should I add more time for future comments or will I let the software automatically close this discussion thread?

P.S. I updated your post ‘On trying to be an Austen fan in today’s West’ by adding a YouTube clip.

True, viruses can be extremely dangerous. We don’t want racially conscious Whites to pay for the sins of the gooks. But I can’t help but admire the elegance of the virus, in that it kills ONLY humans – mostly urbanized humans. In contrast, a nuclear war would destroy many forests, and the innocent creatures that dwell in them.

I speak carelessly because I’m living in a farm, adjacent to a town with 15k inhabitants. I have 6 months of food stocked and a clean source of water. I don’t have any guns, though…

The admiration for Manson is irrational. In my opinion, these Mansonistas need to get out of the city, which is their primary source of pain and distress, and find some solitude. Then they can instrospect and focus on dealing with their secondary source – their miserable childhood/adolescence memories.

I spoke with a WN friend a few days ago about the 3 Heroes of the 14 Words.
He agreed with Hitler, but disagreed with Leonidas and Arminius:
He thinks Leonidas accomplished nothing, since the Persians conquered Greece in the end.
He thinks Arminius was just a power-hungry warmonger no better than the Romans, as his death by his German peers proves.
He doesn’t believe that Spartans were blonde Aryans (still hasn’t read Who We Are), and admires the ‘glory’ of Imperial Rome.

I tried to explain how defeats, lost victories and the manner of these heroes’ deaths mattered little. It’s the principle of Race Über Alles that counts. The Spartans didn’t become tributaries to Persia because they knew it meant the end of Sparta as a Race.
Hermann could have become governor of Germania with a stellar career as Praefectus, but didn’t, because he knew that if the Cherusci were Romanized, the beauty of the White Aryan Woman would perish from his tribe.

My friend is the kind of Med that hates Nordicism, (Type A).
I wonder if it’s a pathology with the same roots as Mansonism.

I doubt big cities are the primary source of cognitive aberrations and mental distress or disorders. Robert Morgan, when he commented on this site under another penname, confessed that he lived in the countryside far from the worldly noise, and even sowed the earth. And yet he’s hypnotized by Manson…

Just for the record for other visitors, type A of Meds is explained: here.

I could talk a lot with you about a racist Med I used to see. Like your friend, he also doesn’t believe that Dorian Greeks were blond. And when I showed him, here in the library of my house, the book by Arthur Kemp, this guy with Spanish ancestry and dual nationality got very angry.

We are no longer on speaking terms. But he helped me to elaborate the guideline of speaking only with Aryan men (even when I am not Aryan either).

In about an hour the WordPress software will close automatically this thread. Scroll down the sidebar until you find ‘contact’ if you want to e-mail me.

After a week of posting the above entry, it is unclear if the disease will spread among the white population as dramatically as it’s spreading among the Chinese. If it does the consequences will be catastrophic. Yesterday Stefan Molyneux interviewed a Hong Kong resident who estimates the total Chinese deaths by coronavirus in 1.4 million!—far more than the official number of deaths. Will the peak predicted for the next two months refer only to mainland China? In the post I said:

I have decided to freeze this blogsite with this entry. I won’t add more entries until it becomes clear if we shall survive what it seems will become a pandemic by April or May.

But if I manage to finish the translation of my first book before April or May, I will announce it here. Meanwhile, there is enough food for thought in the frozen page links…

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