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Three types of Meds

by Mauricio

Granadinos by Robert Kemm (1837-1895)
stored at Biblioteca Provincial de Granada.

______ 卐 ______

Meds are very polarised in terms of racial awareness. The way I see it, there’s three camps:

Camp A – “We wuz never Nordics.”

They believe “Mediterranean” to be a race on it’s own, separate from Aryans. Most will unwittingly glorify the Hollywood versions of the Greek and Roman Empires, and will refuse to admit they were spawned from nigger miscegenation.

It’s like that “sour grapes” tale of the fox, bit with Aryan genes instead of grapes.

These Meds have a crushing inferiority complex, and deep down, they envy the beauty and purity of the Aryan genes. I wouldn’t classify them as anti-White, but they are certainly anti-Nordics, which makes them borderline race-traitors. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them had Jewish ancestry—after all, blood speaks louder than words. Well, at least they hate niggers…

Camp B – “We’re mixed, and that’s fine.”

For these Meds, there’s no racial purity anymore; the world is becoming a Big Beige Village, and soon the Aryans will be mixed too. These degenerate quitters are the most common. They secretly lust for brown, easy flesh. They don’t care if they come from Aryans or niggers. They capitulate under PC atmospheric pressure, and won’t even feel an ounce of hate if their daughter is fucking a mulatto. Traitor scum. To the gallows.

Camp C – “We’re mixed, and that sucks.”

The minority. Closet racists, they care about their ancestry and descendents. These Meds are soldier material against ZOG if given the proper 14 words guidance. My guess is, they comprise the least mixed portion of the Meds, and they can see a glimmer of hope in their brown eyes when they look in the mirror.

Last year, I wrote a comment on Varg Vikernes’ YouTube channel, on a video about Racial Purity. My comment got pinned at the top and received hundreds of replies. Varg recently got shoah’d, so I can’t link the video, but my comment went something along the lines of:

The racial standard for Europeans has always been blue eyes and blonde hair. Brown hair and eyes is admixture. We Mediterraneans need to recognise this. Our European ancestors have miscegenated, and the result is us. But there’s still hope.

If we choose to stay in Europe, and brave the European climate; if we feed ourselves from European wilderness; if we breed only with our own; if we raise our children to be traditional and self-sufficient, then eventually, Nature will reward us, by re-surfacing our dormant Aryan genes in our descendants. Our children will inherit Thule.

So let’s make it happen.

The next day, I got lambasted by at least 30 comments from Med Camp A: “Meds are glorious too!” “If you like them so much, why don’t you go suck Nordic cock” and some 20 comments from Camp B: “Haha, you’re a sand-nigger, you’ll never be Aryan.”

And some Aryan commenters, in the same vein as this Kurwenal fellow, actually praised my comment: “That’s the spirit! We’re all together in this fight! Hail our Mediterranean brothers.”

It’s all fun and games until the music stops. And modern Aryans are addicted to music.

Editor’s note:

What matters here are the words of the Aryans collected in the penultimate paragraph. All of them around the globe suffer from a psychological problem after World War II. Before the war, the eugenicist associations assumed that the parameter of whiteness and eugenic selection in Europe was the Nordic: England, Ireland, the Scandinavian countries, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and those uncontaminated in France, Northern Italy, Russia and other countries.

All that was thrown overboard after the war against Germany, and white nationalists in the United States no longer read racialist pioneers like the American Madison Grant, a Nordicist.

After WW2, virtually all whites have accepted with extraordinary fanaticism the Christian ethics that equals men with women, the black with the white and the Nord with the Med. What these nationalists insist on not seeing is that the entire line of Aryan preservation studies before the war, from Gobineau to Günther through Chamberlain, took Nordicism for granted.

White nationalism really represents a radical departure from racial orthodoxy. Neither Mauricio nor I are inventing anything new. It is them, the nationalists who, in pursuit of political correctness, don’t want to hurt our feelings.

To put it bluntly, white nationalism is a regressive aberration towards Christianity. Even the agnostics of that movement subscribe the ethics of loving one’s neighbour as oneself. Everyone who really wants to save the race from extinction must replace this utter nonsense in the alt-right with National Socialism.

For those new visitors who don’t know the subject, I suggest you start researching it by reading this abstract.

7 replies on “Three types of Meds”

A lot of Meds do have Jewish Ancestry, I’d say probably more than ever, because the large lot of them have ancient civilizations and conflicts with the Jews that have never been resolved, and over more recent conflicts, Jews have often obtained Full Citizenship and Assimilation Rights in said countries, and they have been polluting their genetics and making it more difficult for the Pure Bloods to continue spreading their genes.

Take Italy for example… Italy has one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe, even though France has the largest in terms of population.

But, over time Italian Jews have pretty much been normalized into the mainstream culture and effects of everything in Italy to where most Modern Italians do not even see them as a “separate” and have largely interbred with them.

There are also many Jews in Greece, known as the “Romaniotes” who are either Full-blooded or Half-blooded Jews. The Half-bloods are even more dangerous because they can play both on their Aryan and Jewish sides, but also can blend in the population more easily and go less detected. But after a while, you can pick up on who they are.

There are countless Jewish bloodlines as well in countries like Iran, Armenia and other Middle Eastern countries. In fact, many of them have very positive opinions about Jews, or at the very least have established business connections with them.

A lot of Meds also have this sense of “guilt” that irritates me in which they feel this need to be a people pleaser or to prove that they aren’t racism by trying to make common cause with Negroes and other Non-Whites. There are a lot of them these days doing this, hence the ones belonging to “Camp B”.

I am of Mediterranean and Germanic descent… But a big problem in the Med culture is their turncoat behaviors, and their inability to use reason over cultural traditions of hospitality.

In WW2, Albanians, Greeks and Italians which have similar cross-cultural codes of “honor” and “hospitality” have a tradition in each culture of Protecting and Feeding someone who may be in need such as a refugee or vagabond which might need help or persecution.

Despite the decrees by these countries to identify the Jews as a National enemy and danger, all 3 of them were willing to overlook the use of reason and to maintain honor in the fact that the Jew is an alien, and instead they participated in the act of taking in Jews in their households to protect and feed them. A lot of them also did it from bribery because Jews tend to also make offers to anyone who can help them during persecution, that they will provide them business opportunities or some kind of future token reward for protecting them, and often times it has escalated to when Jews either had to leave at some point or be expelled when discovered, the Jew would eventually offer an International opportunity for those who helped protect and feed them.

This is why we ever more so need to have National Socialism replace Christianity and Egalitarianism. National Socialism has a horse in the game of Traditions and Cultural Values, because it alters those Traditions and Cultural Values based on the Era of which we live, and allows room for common sense and practicality without the adherence to superstitious beliefs or blind obedience to “hospitality” in which people feel compelled by the mechanics of a tradition to even help and protect an enemy.

Yes, but regarding your phrase, ‘A lot of Meds do have Jewish Ancestry’ I’d rather say ‘A lot of Meds do have Semitic Ancestry’ insofar as non-Jew Carthaginians and Arabs mixed more with Iberian whites than Jews (cf. the history of Spain).

@C.T. more or less, I guess it should just be illustrated that this Jewish ancestry was thrust upon us and that Jews have no racial or cultural origins with Meds, but ended up in our regions by usurping it rather than typical invasions by Barbarians.

In Spain, it’s estimated that about 1 out of 4 Spaniards has some amount of Sephardic Ancestry. How accurate those figures are, is difficult to know, maybe less maybe more…

A key problem that most Europeans, especially Meds have become conditioned to over time is to accept anyone who speaks and especially who is born and a citizen by birth-right, the Native language of said country (i.e. Italy, Spain, etc) is that they tend to view that person as one of their own despite if they may have Jewish or other Ancestry.

In other words, even though I’m Italian – but I don’t speak the language – Italians are far less likely (from Italy) to consider me as family or one of their own unless I speak the language. In fact they want very little (if anything) to do with me because I can’t speak it well, even though related. They are more willing to tolerate a Jew, and even a Negro which can speak Italian these days as an “Italian” because they ignore the concept of race and only focus on Linguistic-Cultural practices, and especially more so when it comes to Christianity. Though I’d say the Greeks are far more extremist when it comes to Christian commonality. The Greeks consider someone a “brother / sister” more based on Orthodox commonality, than anything to do with blood.

If National Socialism was victorious in WW2, Europe today would be completely racially conscious to where language wouldn’t be enough to designate someone as family, but only by blood. Language is second to Racial Blood, in terms of preservation of one’s Species and Culture.

I do believe some people of southern european descent have an inferiority complex as you mention. An example of that is Eric Striker (who I believe is Joe_Smith from VNN, if you remember him Cesar). When Striker was doxxed his background was revealed to be hispanic. He claimed on a podcast that serbs have accomplished more than scandinavians. I think that is a little bit absurd, and I’m thinking he said that to get back at nordicists. Scandinavians are considerd to be easy targets for anti-nordicists since it would be to far fetched to attack Britain or Germany and scandinavians are too polite to defend themselves. Of course his co-host ( of mostly north european stock) didn’t say anything.

Look at this graph from Charles Murray’s “Human accomplishments”

Denmark and Sweden alone have more accomplishments than all of the balkans put together. The scandinavian empires were also more long-lived and bigger than Serbia’s.

What you say is really fascinating!

This guy, Joe Smith, trolled me so persistently on VNN because of my Nordicism that I slammed that forum a few years ago.

I didn’t know he could be Eric Striker.

Originally I thought that ‘Smith’ could be a real white overwhelmed with egalitarianism. I should have known better, as it’s the Meds who get incredibly mad (as ‘Smith’ got at VNN) when you tell them the whole truth. Veritas odium parit certainly.

P.S. I found a pic of Joe Jordan (‘Erik Striker’) on DS.

@Ayydolf Hütler

Haha, Serbs are definitely racial trash. Also is the case with most Balkan people. In former periods, the Balkans were mostly composed of Greeks, but over time and especially Ottoman Influence, they are a mixture between Turco-Slavic races and nearly all of those Balkan countries has such an inferiority complex, that they all have their own versions of “Historical Revisionism” and try to claim who invented what. The Bulgarians even would love to have everyone believe they invented Feta Cheese.

I’ve traveled in the Balkans, and the countries and people there are extremely uncivilized, suspicious and insular.

No doubt whatsoever that Denmark and Sweden would rank far higher on the list than the Balkans combined. It’s a really depressing region. Their food is as lifeless as their souls. All they eat is bread, potatoes and this pepper spread.

I have to say I think I agree with the rankings of Charles Murray’s graph.

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