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Mauricio (commenter)


by Mauricio

I’m not the esoteric type, but if I had to give my two cents, I’d say this: Wotan / Odin / Zeus went away after we killed his Austrian avatar. The lack of proper fatherhood is indicative of this. As Berlin burned, the All-father packed his things and left. Then he saw Kalki approaching, and said “Your turn”.

Mauricio (commenter) Vladimir Putin

Purifying Slavs


The perfect response to Putin’s POV

‘A true Ukrainian Hitlerist would venerate the Aryan race as superior, and recognise that a great opportunity to cleanse their blood of gook sludge was lost when the Russians killed the conquering Germans in WW2. There had never been such an attempt to purify the Slav peoples, who were content to live debased under Boyar rule’. —Mauricio

Eschatology Mauricio (commenter)

Before I die

by Mauricio

How I wish to witness this Malthusian disaster [energy devolution] first hand.

I practically live for this reckoning, this Final Solution to the Christian Problem. Everything else is a distraction.

The oil wells eventually dry up. Industry and commerce slow to a crawl. Mass unemployment. Skyrocketing inflation until money becomes worthless. Poverty, crime, riots. Anarchy rises.

The System becomes increasingly draconian. Border conflicts erupting everywhere. Infrastructure is gradually destroyed. Mass starvation follows. Mercenary armies murderously repress rebellions. Armies turn rogue and create small enclaves. Then the nukes drop. Cities evaporated. Huge clouds of radioactive dust. All that useless human trash starving and rotting.

Kalki’s age indeed. I must see it before I die.

Mauricio (commenter)


by Mauricio

Christianity is the Root of the Rot.

We had our priorities straight when we valued the Paternal Gods, and not a God of Love.

We were on the Natural Path, where our top priority, our mission, was to seek War and destroy the other races. This is what Nature intended.

Veritas is Chronos’ daughter, and Time will unearth the Truth. The truth is that Christianity is the Path of White Destruction, and this truth will be unearthed when Whites are nearing extinction.

By that time, we will not worship Paternal Gods, because their avatars, our fathers, betrayed us with their Gods of Love.

We will value only the Gods of Destruction.

Death to all White Traitors,

Ave Kalki!

Mauricio (commenter) Racial right


‘Men like us need to devise our own mental tricks to not go nuts like Nietzsche. We carry the Sacred Fire, and we must be very careful who we show it to. In dissident circles this is called “hiding your power level”.’


Ethnic cleansing Mauricio (commenter) Miscegenation

Basket case

by Mauricio

There would be little consequence for a racial awakening of the Hispanics.

For the Hispanic world to become racially conscious, it first needs to accept the fact that they are a conglomerate of inferior races. Hispanics (Latinos, or ‘Meds’) are all part-Whites mixed with Black, Semitic and Amerindian blood. Racial truth is a massive blow to their egos [bold emphasis by Editor], and they prefer to believe the blue pill of an ‘independent’ Latino Race.

And even if they accept the red pill of them being dirty Muds, and that the ultimate goal is to become White, how can they achieve it? How can they form racial brotherhoods, when they are so compromised and diversified? Are they going to unfriend their mulatto friends, and divorce their mulatto/Latina wives? Will they abstain from reproduction, and work to provide for White families? Are they even capable of that level of altruism?

In the end, miscegenation has taken root, and it would take many generations of proper breeding and dedicated effort to repair the genetic damage—which is ultimately a wasted effort, because it’s better to raise a White child to fight for its own race, than to raise a Latino child to fight for another.

______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: This is precisely why I no longer blog in Spanish: Latin America is a basket case! It would be better to convince the Anglo-Americans of the North to transvalue their fucking values, think like Himmler and devise a ‘Master Plan South’ (cf. the book whose revised edition we have just published).

As Christian ethics is the barrier that prevents such a transvaluation of all their cherished (it’s better to use the F-word here) values, the next book I will put in the featured post is Deschner’s enlarged edition…

Exterminationism Hate Mauricio (commenter)

Responding to Jamie

by Mauricio

You need to transvalue your views on Hate and War.

Hate is a source of pure, raw power. The best source of Power.

Aryans need to re-learn how to tap into that source and use it effectively to destroy their enemies completely, forever.

It should be obvious by now, that in order for Aryans to continue to exist, all other human races have to die.

Seven billion humans must be exterminated. There is no other way.

And to accomplish that enormous, herculean, multi-generational task, the Aryan Man must adhere to a religion of infinite Hatred.

The Aryan Man must become a remorseless, relentless, genocidal mass-murderer of non-Whites and White traitors, or he will cease to exist; or Beautiful Eyes will disappear forever.

Therefore he must wage War against Non-whites mercilessly.

War is Chaos, and Chaos is Nature’s way of determining who is Strongest.

Hatred is Strength, and Strength is Power.

To win the War, Aryans must religiously Hate their non-Aryan enemies enough to carry out a Hundred Year Race War of Extermination of 7 Billion. Infinite Hatred.

Kill all sub-humans until there is no more dark skin and dark eyes on this Earth.

I can’t explain it any simpler than this.

Blood Purity will bring the ‘End of Unnecessary Suffering’.

Anything else will inevitably lead to the extinction of White Beauty.

Anything else means Whites were not fit to exist.

Deranged altruism Judeo-reductionism Mauricio (commenter) Racial right

Two thousand years together!

by Mauricio

Who is worse, the drug dealer or the drug addict?

When you have a people who have become so dependent on this egalitarian worldview for so many centuries, and failed every single opportunity to break off this addiction, it starts to look like the drug dealer is just doing business, and the drug addict has an incorrigible deathwish.

One could write a history of White decline called ‘Two Thousand Years Together’.

It’s Whites who like to get high on slave morality. They’ve been getting higher and higher on this Christian drug ever since Constantine.

They’ve finally overdosed in 1945, and now the White race is lying comatose on a hospital bed full of Jewish doctors, lucid-dreaming about a perfect world full of brown people.

Nature has tested Whites’ spiritual resilience to a poisonous mental software, and they’ve failed repeatedly. The jews were merely the vector for that poison. Time for the final verdict: genocide.

Had the Third Reich survived, it would’ve brought a superior human race to this world—the Ubermensch—which would be practically immune to this mind poison; then the drug-dealing jew would have to peddle his pity-loving bullshit elsewhere.
It will take a catastrophe of unforeseen magnitude—and centennial duration—for the white human to stop pitying the angry brown subhuman mass that wants to kill him.

Abhor pity towards mankind – four words of Savitrian wisdom.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: Mauricio was responding to a typical white nationalist (they believe that Jewry is the root cause of white decline). In the comments section I just added these words:

As Thomas Kuhn saw, the same information can be processed in a completely different way between two subjects. So different that, depending on how we process the info, the paradigm shifts. In science, the classic paradigm shift would be from the geocentric to the heliocentric system. Although 17th-century astronomers had exactly the same information, it depended on how they interpreted the data.

This caricature reflects the paradigm shift from the JQ, which currently reigns in white nationalism, to the CQ—Christian question—that I propose. The caricature is interpreted by some white nationalists as archetypal Jewish subversion, as if to imply that the kikes hypnotised us through religion:

Regardless of whether or not that was the intention of the caricaturist, I see the same information differently. The kike didn’t hypnotise us. There is white agency. Just look at the faces of these white idiots. They simply love what the kike tells them. For two millennia white Christians have been willingly indulging in evil by following the gospel. And the same can be said for secular white nationalists who continue to subscribe to the same ethical code that we see in the caricature.

The caricature shows a malicious Jew selling us Christian ethics. The orthodox interpretation of our decline, which we see every day in The Occidental Observer, blames the Jew. But with the same info that MacDonald sees, I see whites as the real culprits. Who dares to believe such bullshit, the white family in the above caricature? The same info can be interpreted differently depending on our internal will. While white nationalists see a couple of kike silhouettes, I see in ochre colour the bitter cup that Christianity made us drink since Constantine:

The image above can also be used as an illustration of a paradigm shift. Who to blame: the Jew who wants to sell us the teachings of Jesus or the white people drinking this poisonous Kool-Aid with their eyes wide shut—including the ‘racist’ commenters linked above from Occidental Dissent and The Unz Review? Who is worse: the white imbecile or the foreign subversive?

Carl Gustav Jung Exterminationism Mauricio (commenter) Savitri Devi William Pierce

Pallas Athena

Mauricio’s words yesterday, that he will echo Savitri’s:

… call with a resounding prayer worthy of the 4 words:
Death to America! Death to China! Death to Russia! Death to all nations!
Death to all the Subhuman Scum of this world!
May the Great Suffering come in our lifetimes!
May it bring the End of this long Cycle of Unnecessary Suffering!
May it bring the Beginning of a new Cycle of Necessary Struggle!

—remind me that Jung said that the ultimate archetypal symbol for wisdom was represented by goddesses like Pallas Athena. How is it? Let’s compare for a moment the best post-1945 racialist thinkers, Savitri and William Pierce.

While it is true that Pierce reached the highest heights a pro-Aryan could reach with Who We Are and The Turner Diaries, he failed to say in a non-fiction book that the vision of his Diaries, where billions are exterminated in a race war, is the noblest goal we can imagine as long as the surviving Aryans live up to the 4 words (‘eliminate all unnecessary suffering’).

Never forget the measures the Third Reich took against cruelty to animals! It is key information why the ultimate symbol of wisdom has to be represented by a compassionate woman, like Pallas Athena / Savitri Devi, in the darkest hour for the fair race that began in 1945.

Mauricio (commenter) Vladimir Putin War!

‘It’s time for America to be humiliated’

Sometimes what I call an ‘alarm clock dream’ wakes me up early in the morning. In the dream that woke me up today I was talking to Nick Fuentes about my book Hojas Susurrantes, and when I was wide awake I realised that, just as my autobiographical book breaks taboos (who talks about family tragedies with real names?), so Nick hilariously broke a political taboo in America.

I had originally embedded Nick’s two-minute clip on this post but as its white frame doesn’t match the colours of this site, I just linked to it above. Fuentes says in spoken words what we have been saying here in written word, but it’s far more powerful to use a video and speak out as he does as an American. Pay special attention to what he says: that the US regime must be humiliated, distinguishing it from the American nation. (We recently saw Michael O’Meara distinguish between nation and regime; the American regime being the big foe of Aryan Americans.)

On the other hand, Mauricio’s comment today is so much more insightful, so much profound than what Fuentes says, that it is worth reproducing it below (if this site is censored, the PDFs I’m uploading to the backup don’t pick up the comments, only the entries).

This entry [a passage of Savitri Devi’s book] was such a good read.

We know a Hitlerian society is impossible, and Time was against the Aryans ever since the mustard seeds of destruction were sown long before the Third Reich was born. But I can’t help but dream about how the War for Europe would have played out had it been prolonged into the Atomic Age; a vision of a much more brutal dawn of the Pax Americana.

That’s why Putin’s Show is so exciting—we’re witnessing the dusk of the Amerikwan Sun! We’re living in that scenario of hypothetical mushroom clouds!

‘One incommensurably harder than he will accomplish the final task—the task of rectification—on the ruins of a humanity that believed all was permitted…’ [Savitri]

Even as a degenerate Level 1 normie back in my twenties, I instinctively knew that humanity deserved much ‘worse’ than Hitler; that ultimately an Orwellian global hellscape would come in the 21st century from dwindling resources, ruled by tyrants more cruel, cunning and merciless than every communist leader put together.

Only then will the remnant Aryan thought-criminals begin to worship a deity made of pure Hatred.

Ave Kalki.

But let’s bring it down to a level that ordinary racists can understand.

It’s a pity that O’Meara, the mature American intellectual who studied in Paris, is retired. Given what we have been saying here about white nationalism, should I be surprised that only Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin are understanding what is going on in Ukraine (Anglin’s latest post can be read here)?

Sometimes you need a truly juvenile mind, like that of a naughty child, to say that the king is parading naked in front of his subjects.