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Mauricio (commenter) Racial right


‘Men like us need to devise our own mental tricks to not go nuts like Nietzsche. We carry the Sacred Fire, and we must be very careful who we show it to. In dissident circles this is called “hiding your power level”.’


3 replies on “Fire”

This could be a fitting entry to write a few thoughts I’ve had.
1. I wonder whether suicide is a factor of note regarding your diminishing readership.
2. Have you ever thought of tackling the issue of Andrew Tate in the context of your ideal of masculinity? (My personal response would be that real men are not anarchist, but uniformed soldiers/police instead, like the SS or the Basij.)

That mental trick is just pretending to be a normie and living the life of one. As social creatures, we need the presence and acknowledgement of our peers to keep our mental health and being able to find a adequate mate.

We live in nasty Orwellian times, and the covid scare has further destroyed social relationships so it is easier than ever to go mad out of alienation.

Also, try to not surround yourself with automatons (judaized whites who are already dead inside) too often since that will be detrimental to your mental health. They are not worth your time.

For me, simple things like music, story telling and being a good listener has really improved my social bonding with others, in addition of keeping the secret fire as secret.

Nietzsche put it like this: “Digressions, objections, delight in mockery, carefree mistrust are signs of health; everything unconditional belongs in pathology.”

Having a close circle of friends one can be honest with – including the use of sarcasm and mockery when appropriate – along with a close-knit online community of like-minded people are important things to have to keep one’s sanity. If you don’t have such friends and communities, I think it’s important to try to cultivate them.

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