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The Secret Fire

‘He did not say anything to them without using a parable. But when he was alone with his own
disciples, he explained everything.’ (Mark 4:34)

In my entry last Tuesday, I had said that I wouldn’t post anything for the rest of the year, but a thought came to me that urgently needs to be communicated:

Is National Socialism dead, insofar as American neonazism is a caricature of it—see my book Daybreak? It’s disturbing that, after my Tuesday post, I have received no feedback from the Germans who visit this site (except for one German who has been contacting me for years, other Germans haven’t done so). Isn’t it a scandal that someone on the other side of the Atlantic, who isn’t even a pure Aryan (me), carries on his shoulders the mission to resurrect the core of NS (which can only be understood with the Führer’s after-dinner talks)? Mein Kampf, a book for the masses of mostly Christian Germans, hardly criticises Christianity and does so, between the lines, until the second volume.

The literary side of National Socialism had two facets. An exoteric one: the long-winded Mein Kampf and an enormous number of inspirational and illustrated pamphlets. And an esoteric one: not only Hitler’s table talks but what laconically he confessed to his inner circle of co-religionists, so well portrayed by Richard Weikart in Hitler’s Religion. Since those who read no more than Mein Kampf are unaware of the more esoteric aspect of Hitlerism, which was taught formally in Himmler’s castles for the SS, they are under the impression that Hitler’s ideology is similar to American white nationalism.

Nothing could be further from the truth! But I don’t want to go into detail on what has already been said in the first five books of the featured post. Rather, I’m writing this article because I don’t see the core of NS anywhere: neither in Europe nor on the continent where I live. The reason for this, of course, is that the esoteric side was anti-Christian, as the Christian Weikart demonstrated in his book. It had to be hidden from the masses of Germans! However, since we are already living in the darkest hour for the white race, the time has come to reveal the Secret Fire, the esoteric facet, to every Aryan male who wants to do something for his race.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf
invoked the ‘Secret Fire’ at Khazad-dum.
It’s nowhere else referred to in the
trilogy, so its particular meaning
remains unclear.

That’s why the second book on the list in the featured post will be Savitri Devi’s, since she understood the esoteric side of NS perfectly (and unlike the anti-Nazi Weikart, Savitri was, to use the title of a biographical book about her, Hitler’s priestess).

I confess that in our translation of Souvenirs et Réflexions d’une Aryenne I am eliminating all her very long sentences, shortening them into much shorter sentences. Reason: Savitri made countless parentheses within parentheses throughout her book written in her native French by merely using commas, and the train of her thought is lost in most of her sentences. Mine won’t be a literal translation and once finished—yes: it’s taking a long time—it will be a perfectly understandable text.

Souvenirs et Réflexions d’une Aryenne is the only post-1945, didactic introduction to the core of NS that conveys, with due numinousness, the new religion for the Aryan man that is to conquer the world. (Her best-known work, The Lightning and the Sun published seventeen years before, has the defect of being an immature work. It opens with a couple of chapters that function as an anti-rhetorical barrier for us: the idealisation of Genghis Khan and Akhnaton.)

Perhaps it’s an excess to say that NS is dead if, at least, it survives in a couple of minds, like mine. But it is alarming that so far only one German has corresponded with me on the subject. Perhaps there are other Aryans, even outside Germany, who in the privacy of their hearts keep the Secret Fire alive. Do they have a code of secrecy and that’s why they have failed to contact me?

Whatever the answer, I wonder if there is anyone on the planet willing to raise, at least, one Aryan boy and one Aryan girl and educate them strictly in NS, with all that such an education would entail. If there is anyone who harbours this fantasy please contact me (my email is in the single reply to my featured post). In case NS is already dead in Germany—that there is no such secret society of NS men—the Secret Fire must be revived, at least, in a couple of young Aryans…

7 replies on “The Secret Fire”

I don’t think most people want to transvalue their Christian values, as Tom Holland wrote in Dominion (which I read on your recommendation; thank you). The idea of pro-warrior values dominating like in Rome with minorities and unwanted groups being crushed is antithetical to the modern mind. Perhaps if things really fall apart things will change; the Nazi party got 3% of the German vote in 1928 and was in power 4 years later after the economy collapsed.

That being said, a couple of constructive criticisms: I think your Catholic upbringing filled with lots of abuse colored your outlook and makes you come across unhinged at times; and I think you are bad at responding to the questions asked of you in your comments (at least to mine over the past year or two).

Given how the west is rapidly browning, I also don’t see how WN has much odds of success in this environment. Whether you like it or not a more inclusive umbrella Christian party like Kanye/Fuentes are offering that is anti-semitic may be the best way forward.

Just my 2 cents. I appreciate your blogging and learn a lot.

Have you posted under another pen name? Also, when have I been bad at responding to your questions?

Regarding Christianity, no Christian has responded to my argument: when Jews were controlled by the Inquisition, the Spanish and the Portuguese managed to pollute their blood throughout three centuries (that is, even before the Latin American independence movements).

A Catholic like Fuentes as a dictator would continue this trend—in the US.

Traitors are even worse than Jews.

I really liked the this analogy of the Secret Fire. I think it would be better to keep this fire as a secret between men only.

Recalling what my uncle said about women, our potential wives and mother of children don’t need to know anything that might make them feel uneasy.

True, but in the metaphor above the ‘secret’ was Hitler’s anti-Christianity, which in fact Weikart already revealed in his book. There is no turning back now: either we accept Hitler (and his secret fire) or we repudiate him. Anyway, by invoking the secret fire in his fight against the Balrog, Gandalf had to reveal before the fellowship of the ring that he was the guardian of it. The big question is whether there is no one in Germany to guard it anymore.

Why are the Germans so silent? It’s as simple as getting out of the country, emigrating to the third world so they don’t get chased by the thought police, and blogging from here, as I do.

My guess is that the fire is extinct in Germany. Sauron’s victory is almost complete.

I can’t help admitting that it’s a pity you are going to “simplify” Savitri’s prose. It might be a continental style. I myself was always drawn to long-winded sentences in my own prose. It’s like following her thought closely.

Although my own disagreement with Savitri is that I cannot understand the point about the beauty of the roaring lion. Isn’t man better because he uses the energy so efficiently that he can create artificial suns and fly rockets into space? Isn’t that objective and quantifiable? And won’t the winner of the planetary struggle be crowned as beautiful by evolutionary Nature?

And isn’t it pride & surety in one’s own race that makes impotent Chinese men exterminate the pangolins? And the Chinese have 0 trace of Christianity, in that I can be certain. Meanwhile, everything in Europe is contaminated.

In my recent blogging on LiveJournal I have discovered that the Russians are as cucked as the Westerners, even the anti-communist ones.

Being a student of comparative myth and a traditionalist, I’m starting to take the view that the light might get a bit darker or go out before it is renewed. Maybe this has to happen. We should not allow ourselves to be disheartened though it is bleak.

Now’s as good a time of year as any to remember the stories of the Aryan gods and heroes of resurrection. Osiris must be destroyed, emasculated and disemboweled. Odin must die on the tree. Bacchus/Liber/Orpheus and many others are cut down/reaped before there can be renewal. These stories of salvific destruction are common to Aryan myth and rites. But they all reflect on what might be an ancient Aryan insight: that to dare great things and to be closest to the Gods means to fail spectacularly, to lose one’s self and life, to invite material destruction and annihilation. That a price must be paid, a threshold must be passed and obstacles surmounted.

While we read these stories and recognize them as part of a greater cycle and purpose maybe we should recognize our own part to play. We are on the tree. We are cut down to size. Our minds and bodies are stifled, our spark is nearly snuffed out. We likely will not live to see the fruits let alone the full force of a resurrected Aryan spirit again astride the world.

But we carry that seed forward. That is our role. We set the roots in deep. And from these actions a mighty Irminsul will grow, just as it always will grow no matter how many times Dresden is burned or whatever false oaths they make the children swear after killing their fathers.

That is the true message of the season after all, as our ancestors marked it, that the Sun will not only return but thrive and rule. It is the order of nature for the higher to rule the lower. My faith and intuition tells me that Aryans are favored by God and that no amount of tribulation on earth can deny or alter the spark and purpose given to us by God.

I have been pondering at your words for days now. I do wonder how your mythical worldview may be squared with the harsh materialist reality of history. And yet, whenever I listen to the songs of that distant shore, so far removed from Jerusalem, I can’t help mulling over the questions of objective beauty. Is it a blind chance? Is it sins and repentance? Or is it the cosmic law that will triumph one way or another?

It is a Christian feeling to pity the ruins. Believe in the Solar wildness of the Folk!

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