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If you want to unplug from the Matrix that controls you, it is an absolute categorical imperative that you read the first book on our list: Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich (or at least J.A. Sexton’s book review). Hellstorm exposes the modern world’s best-kept secret: the Holocaust committed by the Allies, from 1945 to 1947, against defenceless Germans.

For the best-kept secret of the ancient world, how Christians destroyed Greco-Roman culture, see the essay ‘Rome against Judea; Judea against Rome’ (pages 33-123 of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour). This long essay is so important to understand our point of view that it is also available in French. An abridged version of the original article by this Spanish author may be read here. Articles from this site in the same vein that have been translated into German can be read here.

Hellstorm and The Fair Race are only the first stepping stones for the adventurer who has already dipped his feet in the psychological Rubicon. Now, thanks to the third stepping stone, Savitri Devi’s Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman, he can finish crossing the river. (When we get the proper sponsorship, hard copies of our books will be available as traditional binding. See this post from February 2023 for details.)

White nationalists have misdiagnosed the causes of Aryan decline. The Jewish problem is merely a catalyst for an ethno-suicidal process that had been brewing since Constantine handed over the empire to his bishops. This abridged translation of Christianity’s Criminal History: Volume I by German author Karlheinz Deschner is the first step to understanding this issue.


If someone wishes to give a book critical of the American racial right to a friend—albeit critical from the point of view of National Socialism—Daybreak is your book!

Unless patriarchy is restored in the West, feminism will eventually destroy the white race, as explained in On Beth’s Cute Tits. For those who only want to read a single article from this anthology we recommend ‘Our lycanthropic lust’ (pages 99-116).

Few racialists, such as Savitri Devi, and William Pierce at the end of their best-known books, have dared to touch on truly eschatological issues as our ultimate goal. On exterminationism collects thirty articles (and an appendix containing some prophetic texts of the Indo-Aryans that give context to this ultimate goal).

Letter to Mama Medusa is the first book of my magnum opus From Jesus to Hitler (see the comments section of this post). Unlike the others, this one won’t be available as a PDF. However, it is already available in printed form here.

While Letter to mom Medusa strikes an emotional chord, the translated chapters in Day of Wrath of the same work are more intellectual. Anyone who wants to know the story of how abusive parents have been driving their children mad since time immemorial, should read this book.

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All these eleven books are available in Spanish (here). The first appears in English because it has already been translated.

De Jesús a Hitler:

Hojas Susurrantes (Vol. I)

  1. Letter to mom Medusa
  2. Cómo asesinar el alma de tu hijo
  3. Mi infancia
  4. El retorno de Quetzalcoatl
  5. Hojas susurrantes

¿Me ayudarás? (Vol. II)

  1. Padre
  2. Corina
  3. Madre
  4. Leonora
  5. ¿Me ayudarás?

11. El Grial (Vol. III)
Unless death surprises me, I will eventually translate the other ten. Incidentally, most of Day of Wrath is a translation of the fourth book in the list above.

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To the god-like Individual of our times;
the Man against Time;
the greatest European of all times;
both Sun and Lightning:


as a tribute of unfailing love and loyalty, for ever and ever.

—Savitri Devi

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