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Backup of Evropa Soberana

It seems like December last year, about a year ago, when Blogger cancelled the account of the Spaniard who used to blog under the pen name Evropa Soberana.

The previous month I had an article published in The Occidental Observer about a Spanish-speaking intellectual of Jewish descent whose work has had considerable influence in Mexico and Spain. It upsets me that this writer is currently travelling to several Spanish-speaking countries to promote his latest book, and that the most valuable writings in Spanish from the pen of a Spaniard have been vaporised by the System!

Fortunately, I have long since made a backup of Evropa Soberana’s site, and every Sunday I will upload to this site a PDF of each of his articles, starting with this PDF of what the site’s homepage looked like before his account was cancelled.

As my regular visitors know, a few years ago one of Evropa Soberana’s essays represented a sort of eureka moment in my spiritual development. Reading it, I realised that the Christian problem and the Jewish problem are one and the same (something Nietzsche had already glimpsed since the 1880s). Not only does that long essay appear in the first of our books that can be accessed in the Featured Post; it has also been translated into French (click here).

Given that, after a year, Evropa Soberana has not re-uploaded the content of his site using another platform, nor has he answered my emails since 2018, I fear the worst. Of course: I cannot know, but if a sudden death has surprised him, I would suggest that visitors who value The West’s Darkest Hour content not only save the PDFs of the Evropa Soberana backup that I will be uploading every Sunday, but the PDFs of our books that can be accessed in the Featured Post (remember, this Friday I added the revised edition of Christianity’s Criminal History authored by a German scholar). While I am healthy at the moment, an unexpected death can surprise anyone. Only by saving the most valuable content on our hard drives and DVDs will we have the elements to survive intellectually if the System decides, in the future, to cancel all our platforms.

By the way, the day before yesterday I wanted to change the Daybreak image that was the emblem of this new incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour for another image by the same artist, Maxfield Parrish. The idea was to put up all the Parrish paintings I know of, changing them every Sunday so that you wouldn’t always see the monotony of the same image.

But the WordPress software got stuck and no longer allows me to upload images to the main page. And as I never edit the code directly, I couldn’t fix it. But it doesn’t matter: I moved Daybreak to the Featured Post and it will stay there.

I’ve been disgusted by what the racial right has been saying about Kanye ‘Ye’ West these days, after his pro-Hitler pronouncements. Interestingly, Greg Johnson has said kind things about Ye, which prompted me to comment on his forum yesterday. But many so-called racists, by which I mean commenters on forums like The Unz Review and others, are throwing dirt on Hitler’s memory because of Ye’s comments.

These people just don’t get it. If there is one thing I like about Evropa Soberana, it is that he admired the Third Reich’s transvaluation of values. Soberana was able to get to the other side of what we have been calling the psychological Rubicon because he had already rejected Christian ethics. As I told Johnson, the Christian Matt Walsh was one of those who joined the chorus in defaming for the Nth time the memory of the Führer in a way that seems indistinguishable from the pronouncements of the ADL or the SPLC.

It disgusts me that a large percentage of commentators on the new right feel such hostility towards the most admirable man History has ever produced. Such a disgusting situation motivates me that the next book to be in the Featured Post is Savitri Devi’s Souvenirs et Réflexions d’une Aryenne: most of whose chapters we have already translated from French. This is the best of her books as far as an introduction to Savitri’s thought is concerned: the greatest European admirer of Hitler after 1945.

If anyone wishes to face a very different pro-white thinking from that of many anti-Nazi commentators on the new right, you can use one of the online translators to start reading the articles of Evropa Soberana, another European, that I will be uploading from next Sunday onwards. The litmus test for he who has crossed the Rubicon is not, as many of these imbecile commenters say, to believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories. The real test is to admire Hitler—the real Hitler, not the Hitler of the allied propaganda that subsists in the minds of the so-called new right.

When I finish proofreading Savitri’s book, I will resume the new translation of the Führer’s after-dinner talks. Only then will I be able to shake off some of the crap I have recently read in the English-speaking world about Hitler.

6 replies on “Backup of Evropa Soberana”

Not surprising that newbies slam Adolf Hitler. They have been fed lies in school while being taught not to think for themselves and how to become better consumers. My only hope is that people’s back are against the wall they will finally figure out that Hitler was right. But I won’t hold my breath.

Interestingly, a lot of people on youtube comments have been speaking positively of Adolf Hitler during the last 6 years or so. Maybe earlier than that.

But the censorship becomes heavier every year and you get severely punished for it through defamation that leads to economic boycott, death threats and, the worst by far, social isolation.

If something happened to Evropa Soberana, was that he either committed suicide out of depression or someone else got him, perhaps the thought police.

After my apparently healthy sister, younger than me, died suddenly, I realised that death can surprise any of us.

Sometimes I wonder to what extent the Latin American culture might be similar to that of Russia. Inferiority complex and unique ideas may well be shared features.

What’s up with the Eurasionist imagery used by ES? I have only started reading his “Globalistan” series of articles. But for what it’s worth, I myself have steered from a geopolitical view of the world in large part thanks to your influence.

There is no point discussing war when the real struggle for the heart of the masses. And there is no point blaming “globalisation” when the only places it proceeds are America, Europe and Russia.

Evropa soberana is a weird guy, most of his articles are nordicist and even americanophile, but the guy in some article talked about a spanish commonwealth and an alternative hispanic Atlantism to counter the anglo atlantism and how spanish americas had a great potential and was a “sleepy giant”. Also I cannot understand why most of his articles are published in spanish instead of english since by obvious reasons most spanish “nazis” reject nordicism and believe nonsense like “swarthy andalusians are just tanned nords”. I can understand that some “nazi” Southern Europeans know and love the real legacy of Europe and are objective and mature enough to leave his egos aside, but obviously this is the exception not the rule most “spanish nazis” pretend to ignore the fact that hitler was a nordicist. Writing nordicist articles in a language whose speakers are overwhelmingly non-nordic is completely nuts (not too many spaniards are nordic looking let alone any country in hispanic america).

As Spanish is my native language, I can say that it bothers us a lot to write in other languages (I for example have been invited to several racialist podcasts and I decline because I don’t have the money to hire a simultaneous translator). In the case of ES, I guess he didn’t even bother to write in English.

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