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Woods girl

I just saw a YouTube review of The Village. I was wrong in my post yesterday when I said that the movie starts by explaining why they created that village. It is explained well into the movie. Since I hadn’t seen the movie in twenty years, this detail was chronologically distorted in my memory.

The clip below shows what the character of our beautiful women in our village would be like even if we don’t have the money to found one!

Film Hans F. K. Günther

Another quote

Editor’s Note: Last month I quoted some translated passages from Günther’s Der Nordische Gedanke unter den Deutschen. Now I would like to quote a passage from another section, ‘The Nordic Movement: A Word to its Leaders’.


______ 卐 ______


It cannot be denied that all of these ‘standpoints’ were led to correctly understood ideas, that in the confusion and opposition of such views there may well be something of the Nietzschean ‘chaos’ that is supposed to give birth to a ‘dancing star’. But the Nordic movement could not be promoted by emphasizing the exclusivity or even the incompatibility of such ‘standpoints’. The Nordic movement is something in itself and requires goals from its own nature…

Since the ring of this world enterprise will close inexorably, it is the task of the All-Nordic Movement to strive for control over this world enterprise. In the present age, only two races are contending for control of the earth: the Near Eastern (through Jewish banking capital and Bolshevik recruitment among all the peoples of the earth) and the Nordic (through the creative capital of the Germanic-speaking peoples). One of the two will gain control—if both do not bleed to death in the competition—because the Jewish birth rate is also falling. In Germany, 2.7 children are born to a Jewish marriage of the Mosaic faith; only immigration from Eastern Europe keeps increasing the number of Jews.

Note of the Editor: In the 1971 film Fiddler on the Roof we can hear Jewish music at the beginning, then Russian music, and when the Jew Tevye starts dancing with the Russian guy the music begins to mix between both musical genres: an unusual scene where Russian Aryans and Jews broke cultural barriers to dance together!

The urge to rule characterises both the Nordic and Near Eastern races—each seeks its own form of rule in its own way. If the birth rate of the Germanic-speaking peoples and the Jewish people continues to fall, the Chinese will finally take over all earthly inheritance through a silent victory of births. It is said that Chineseness arose from about 500 families. Today it already makes up a quarter of the total number of people.

The question of the fate of the Nordic race is therefore this: will the Nordic race be the ruler or the ruled of the world enterprise that is developing inexorably? But it will only be the ruler when its rule is also a birth victory. The Nordic race cannot follow the Chinese path, that of birth victory alone, because it is animated by the Nordic soul, while the inner Asian soul is at work in the Chinese people.

The Faustian urge to conquer the world physically and spiritually is the urge of the Nordic soul.

Film Metaphysics of race / sex Sense & Sensibility

Sense & sensibility

In three sessions, at midnight I once again watched the 1995 film Sense and Sensibility.

I think a priest of the holy words should see it, say, every two years. Of the eleven films I recommend, this is one of my three favourites, in that it visually depicts the ethnostate we must reach: After the extermination of the Neanderthals, a world with diminished technology, without a single non-white or mudblood (as in the film), where it is possible to court English roses as the axis around which all culture revolves.

I watched the film before going to bed. There were several times in the evenings that I couldn’t credit the beauty of the actresses’ white skin, as white as snow. If Eros is the dialectical force behind all this metaphysical theatre of the fourteen words, the only thing I can say about the absence in the racial right of these images is that we are in the Christian era. Remember: it was in the Greco-Roman world and in the Italian Renaissance that the Aryan figure triumphed in the most splendid palaces and public places, something that ended when Christianity prevailed again after the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.

Among the commenters, only one Englishman observed several years ago that I was the only one in the racialist blogosphere who kept harping on and on about the beauty of the Aryan woman. As those of you who visited this site when it was hosted by WordPress will remember, there were paintings of ethereal nymphs on the sidebar that motivated me to keep writing.

If, as Jung said when Hitler was in power, there are two collective unconscious, one Jewish and another Aryan, the collective unconscious that has currently taken possession of the white soul is undoubtedly the Jewish one. Otherwise we would already be seeing, everywhere, representations of Aryan beauty in non-commercial but religious and political contexts, as we could in the streets and temples of Greece and Rome.

As I hadn’t seen Sense and Sensibility for a while, I think I’ll watch Pride and Prejudice, filmed a decade later, for the next few midnights…

Film Mein Kampf (book)

Heydrich, 9

I have just watched the rest of Die Wannsee Conference from this point onwards (five minutes to the end).

I loved what Heydrich said to Kritzinger: he referred him to page 772 of Mein Kampf, where it is mentioned that poison gas should be used on the Hebrews. (I know I have said that I don’t like that book because I am very explicit and don’t like euphemisms. But I fully understand that in the face of the German people’s sensitivities, this sort of thing could only be said between the lines, or so far into the reading that few would read past page seven hundred.)

Shortly afterwards, with cognac, Heydrich toasts with Gruppenführer (Group leader) Heinrich Müller and Obersturmbannführer (Senior Assault-unit Leader) Otto Adolf Eichmann, and I asked myself a question.

If my beloved Nazis had won the war, would Disney Studios be putting out Star Wars films like the ultra-woke Acolyte, released this month, or would children be at home watching a healthier Disneyland (an anthology television series since 1954) as I did in the 1960s and early 70s? I remember one of those programmes, in black and white, where a teenage Billy Mummy discovered femininity through a beautiful white woman, within the decorum of the time, of course; and that gave me faith in Life.

Film Final solution Real men

Heydrich, 8

When the team resumes their work after the break, they go on to discuss the number of Jews to be deported from the conquered countries, quoting numbers and statistics.

What I find insane about those American anti-Semites who publish in respected webzines is that they fail to mention the blunder their country committed to waging war against Germany.

Result of the blunder? Instead of having figures of deported Jews on the desks of contemporary rulers, we have the figures on the SPLC director’s wall of the areas of the US that are no longer white!

As I said: it is a fight to the death between the two races, and by leaving the final solutions off the table these Christian and neochristian anti-Semites are only obeying the New Testament injunctions written by Jews to tame the minds of the brutal Aryans.

Or is there anyone among the most notable racialists in the US who secretly (like these at the Wannsee conference) approves of the Germans’ final solution and I have not heard about it?

If anti-white policies run their course to the extent of imprisoning these lukewarm Americans in a dystopian future (remember that three of the Englishmen I knew personally were imprisoned for thoughtcrime), will they be able, from prison, to finally acknowledge that their nation made a huge mistake in WW2?

Many visitors must have noticed that, in recent years, few articles on this site deal with the Jewish problem. That is because The West’s Darkest Hour focuses on the Aryan psyche. I like final solutions like the men on this roundtable and I have no patience for feminised males who do nothing but whine and whine and whine about what Jews (or blacks, or traitorous whites or feminists) have recently done here or there. Such an attitude shouldn’t be expected from the Aryan male: it is a woman’s attitude.

We are by nature murderers, rapists and creators of great civilisations (cf. Sparta, the abduction of the Sabine women by the early Romans, and the Viking raids on Christian monks).

Real men don’t complain: they plan how to seize power to leave no gene upon gene of the enemy and no stone upon stone of their civilisation.

Film Final solution Racial right

Heydrich, 6

Today I watched the film from this moment until Otto Hoffman’s speech is interrupted by a phone call from Himmler to Heydrich. The segment made me think and even aroused my emotions.

For example, it came to my mind that Christians of the racial right evoke the figure of Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, portrayed in the film by Franz Rudnick.

Kritzinger was a German civil servant and Secretary of State in the Reich Chancellery: one of the participants in the Wannsee Conference that established the policies of The Final Solution. After the conference, he attempted to resign from his post in the Chancellery, but his resignation was rejected because ‘it would be worse without him’.

After the war, Kritzinger was arrested, along with most of the other surviving members of the Wannsee Conference, in 1946. During the Nuremberg Trials, he publicly declared himself ashamed of the Reich. He was released in April 1946 but then arrested again in December of the same year. He was later released and shortly afterwards died of natural causes.

With Germans like Kritzinger and Americans like the good Christians of today, we are getting nowhere. On the one hand, they recognise that the Jews want to exterminate the Aryans. On the other hand, they put the interests of the Jew before those of the Aryan when it comes to final solutions, because if it comes to a war to the death between the two races, by feeling compassion for the enemy one is tacitly betraying one’s ethnicity.

I don’t think Christian racialists will see the obvious unless they repudiate the religion of their parents. We saw what happened in Germany after the war. The Anglo-Americans easily denazified the German nation by simply using Judeo-Christian ethics as the default morality, and the ideals of National Socialism were quickly forgotten by these Germans who became, like the rest of Westerners, vile bourgeoisie from the 1950s to the present day.

I think it is even treason to go around saying that the film is making things up and that the SS weren’t exterminationists. That’s why I like David Irving and Mark Weber, because despite being sympathisers of Hitler and the Third Reich they don’t fall into this neochristian temptation of wanting to ‘baptise’, with Christian morality, these SS hierarchs who appear at the round table.

If things continue to go wrong and the Aryans are going to be exterminated, I think only the last generation of whites will discover that from WW2 onwards all Westerners, racialists included, made an astronomical mistake.

Conversely, if the racialists were consistent with their premise of racial protection, they would have to have as martyrs all those at the table who were killed by the Allies when the war ended, except Kritzinger because he never abandoned Judeo-Christian morality. Moreover, if English-speaking racialists were consistent, they would try to learn German to understand National Socialism thoroughly, and even to speak in a language that sounds tougher, more manly, than other European languages.

Otto Hoffman’s little speech, portrayed by Robert Atzorn, which starts here, shows the exact tone as the (still non-existent) priests of the sacred words should be speaking, even if we have zero political power. Remember what Savitri implied: the first step to conquer the world is to have this kind of thinking.

Exterminationism Film Third Reich

Heydrich, 4

Seeing the discussion on the round table as far as implementing the final solution is concerned, at one point Heydrich mentions that the United States had entered the war. This reminds me of a famous passage in Pat Buchanan’s book, Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: How Britain lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World (I bought it fourteen years ago), where Buchanan asserted that the destruction of Jewry in WW2 didn’t cause the war but was the consequence of the war (page 311).

Indeed: had it not been for the Anglo-Americans, the Jews would have been deported either to Madagascar or Palestine, without extermination programmes. In other words, without Churchill and Roosevelt, there would have been no holocaust.

On the other hand, one of the things I like about the film is that almost everyone at the round table doesn’t give a damn about genocide. This contrasts sharply with the American neo-Nazis, who have been preaching for many decades that the Nazis weren’t evil; that is, that they were incapable of planned genocide. As I said to Jamie in the morning, with these pseudo-men we will get nowhere. We need real men, like the SS officers who sat at this table, to solve the problems.

Of course: the Christian ethics that has conquered even the soul of the Western atheist doesn’t allow such planning. But by following those standards of morality one allows the people in power to exterminate the Aryans, which is what is happening. It is impossible not to be an exterminationist. Nowadays the zeitgeist is to exterminate the Aryan. At the SS officers’ table, the zeitgeist was to exterminate the enemy of the Aryan. It is not possible to coexist peacefully with Jews or say blacks because there will be cultural subversion or gradual extermination of the Aryan through interbreeding with the coloureds (as happened in Brazil).

In my previous post on this series, I said that from that day on I would’t drop names of those who belong to the racial right because sometimes I will need their favours.

Very well: without mentioning names, recently a highly respected dean of race realism mentioned in his video that the founding fathers of his country had stipulated that those who emigrated to America had to be ‘whites of good character’. But the dean ignores that, while that is true, the forces of Yankee Puritanism were to trump that between-the-lines pronouncement of the founders. There is no comparison between those lines with the Third Reich, where racism was as explicit as the old Indo-Aryan codes that created the caste society. But the Third Reich was infinitely better than Manu’s Law because of its exterminationism (the Indo-Aryans became mixed over the centuries precisely because they failed to exterminate the Indians). As far as I know, the only notable American who has dared to speak in such practical exterminationist terms, as the SS of the round table, was William Pierce in Who We Are.

One more thing. In the 25th minute of the film, an officer mentions the problem of mixed marriages. If you check the red letters in the long article ‘American racial history timeline’, you will see that long before the Jews had any influence in that country, there had already been several states in the US that repudiated anti-miscegenation laws! That would never, ever have happened in a triumphant Third Reich, for the simple fact that, unlike that between-the-lines pronouncement of the US founding fathers, it was an Aryan Reich designed specifically for what we now call the 14 words, not tainted by Christian bullshit (Protestantism) or neochristian bullshit (the ideals of the 1770s and 1780s that led to the founding of the American republic and the French Revolution).

Film Goethe Schutzstaffel (SS)

Heydrich, 2

At this point, Rudolf Lange, an SS officer of the rank of Major (SS Sturmbannführer), complained to Heydrich that uniformed Germans treated them like scum ‘just because our work disturbs their peace of mind. They… gripe about our “barbarity” and “sadism”. They say that it is unworthy of the Germany of Kant and Goethe, that my men lust after executions!’

Heydrich simply replied to let them speak: that these uniformed non-SS guys belonged to the old German regime and weren’t accustomed to the new paradigm of morality. Although his response to Rudolf Lange was practical, as one would expect from SS bureaucrats, I would like to respond in greater depth that the SS ‘was unworthy of the Germany of Kant and Goethe’.

As we saw on page 30 of Crusade against the Cross, in a posthumous fragment from 1873 Nietzsche wrote: ‘The cultiphilistine ignores what culture-unity of style is. He agrees that there are classics (Schiller, Goethe, Lessing) and forgets that they wanted a culture, but that they are not a foundation on which to rest’.

As they say in America, bingo!

But what is a foundation on which to rest?

If there is one thing I like about Hans F. K. Günther’s 1927 The Racial Elements of European History, it is that Günther consistently credits Joseph Arthur, Count de Gobineau, as the pioneer of racial studies. I dare to say that true wisdom didn’t begin with the Greco-Roman philosophers, much less with the theologians and what I call secular neotheologians. True wisdom began with the Count of Gobineau.

Just as we were taught in school to despise the ‘pre-Socratics’ and to regard Plato and Aristotle as the cornerstone of Western wisdom, we must now begin to see the cornerstone from a very different angle: Gobineau’s Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines.

We have already said on this site that Kant was the neotheologian par excellence; of whom Nietzsche said in a passage quoted in Crusade against the Cross: ‘That the Germans have been able to stand their philosophers at all, especially that most deformed concept-cripple of all time, the great Kant, provides not a bad notion of German grace’.

As for Goethe, educated like Kant and Nietzsche in Lutheranism, he is said to have been a pantheist. But Faust, Goethe’s most famous work and regarded as one of the great pieces of world literature, is neotheological in the sense that the drama plays with the idea of selling one’s soul to the devil. Like Kant and Nietzsche himself, Goethe never fully emancipated himself from the Christian legacy.

So fuck Kant and Goethe! The wisdom of the West begins with Gobineau (1816-1882) and would culminate in the movement that Hitler created, whose SS men finally transvalued the values that, for purposes of social control, had been inverted since the House of Constantine came to power.

It is a pity that the vast majority of racialists of our century haven’t yet realised what Heydrich, a true priest of sacred words, realised.

Film Final solution Reinhard Heydrich

Heydrich, 1

In these unbelievably crazy times when Western elites are bringing us closer and closer to a nuclear apocalypse, why not intersperse my re-readings of Little Lulu (see what I said yesterday in the comments section) with other fictional dialogues, but this time Reinhard Heydrich’s? Yes: nothing could be more opposite than the Lulu stories I read when I was ten, and Heydrich! But because of the crazy days, both characters now come together in my mind…

At the height of his career, Heydrich held the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer and General der Polizei. Heydrich was also Reichsprotektor of the Czech Republic. If many normie historians consider him the darkest figure of the Nazi elite, we must study him closely, as Christianity reversed all our values.

Hitler described Heydrich as ‘the man with the heart of iron’. As a consequence of his repressive actions, throughout his career Heydrich was known by various nicknames: ‘The Executioner’, ‘The Butcher of Prague’, and ‘The Blond Beast’. As the founding leader of the Sicherheitsdienst he investigated resistance to the National Socialist Party to combat it through arrests, deportations and executions.

Heydrich was also responsible for the Einsatzgruppen, the special commandos who accompanied the advancing German armies and carried out mass executions of communists, intellectuals and Jews by firing squad or gassing. In late 1941, after he arrived in Prague as Reichsprotektor, Heydrich sought to eliminate opposition to the German occupation by deporting and executing members of the Czech resistance.

Heydrich was attacked and seriously wounded near Prague on 27 May 1942 by a Czech commando as part of Operation Anthropoid. The commando had received special training from British ethno-traitors and was sent to the Czech capital by the government-in-exile to assassinate the Reichsprotektor. Heydrich died from his wounds a week later.

______ 卐 ______

The Wannsee Conference (German: Die Wannseekonferenz) is an Austro-German television film by Heinz Schirk, released in 1984. It portrays the Wannsee Conference in docu-fiction form, with Reinhard Heydrich as the main character.

The film describes in real time (over 90 minutes) the meeting in Wannsee of Third Reich executives and officials in charge of planning, under Heydrich’s direction, the final solution of the JP. As there is no verbatim transcript of the meeting, the dialogue was necessarily fictionalised. However, I find it so fascinating that I will be commenting on it in several posts.

‘Heydrich’ said:

The Führer is especially disappointed about England. He hoped they would acknowledge our legitimate requests: Living space in the East, appropriate status in Europe, solution to the Jewish question through emigration. We could have reached an agreement. We are of the same race. The Jews have taken over Downing Steet as well. The Führer has lost all patience. Why spare our Jews when we are obliged to settle accounts with world Jewry?

Yes: in Europe the English were (and are) the ethno-traitors par excellence. At 16:07 Heydrich acknowledges that Himmler himself fainted during an execution of the final solution programme, and adds:

Nothing dishonourable in that. It proves we Germans are humans. But it is dishonourable not to carry out what the future of our people demands [exterminationism], whether it is pleasant or not. It is dishonourable to be a weakling—which we in the SS are not.

Those who belong to the American racial right are dishonourable not only because they fail to embrace exterminationism as the way forward, but because these Christians and neochristians seek to ‘baptise’ Heydrich and the others involved in the final solution by denying the historicity of the ethnic cleansing that the Third Reich began to implement in the conquered territories to the East.

Let us be clear: the Russians wouldn’t now be empowered with nuclear weapons if the Anglo-Americans hadn’t committed the greatest blunder in recorded history! But even more serious is the Christian ethos that reigns in virtually all Westerners, including atheists.

I confess that I have recently felt very great respect for several rabbis who have been explaining why the genocide perpetrated by the Israelis in Gaza is an honourable enterprise. I would suggest that visitors to this site watch these videos, which have even made their way onto YouTube. Of course, the rabbis say these things from the point of view of what is good for the Jews in general and the Israelis in particular. It is the same logic as Heydrich’s but from the other side.

In other words: the genocidal passion of the Book of Joshua is the healthy thing. Pure social Darwinism! On the other hand, the universalist love that St Paul preaches to the gentiles is wicked, especially since this Jew knew fairly well that such love could only harm the Romans and benefit the Jewish people. But since the values have been reversed since Constantine and his successors, now whites see everything backwards. That’s why I recently wrote a psychobiography of Nietzsche: he was the first to detect this psychological trick.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that we should go bananas like Argentine President Milei and go to a rabbi to have our foreskins cut off. What I am saying is that we should imitate the winners: the exterminationist rabbis but from Heydrich’s side. Can’t white nationalists see something so obvious, something that Nietzsche saw so clearly since 1886 in texts already quoted in my anthology The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour?

Heydrich is our ‘rabbi’ so to speak: the one we have to listen to even if the dialogue of the German-speaking film is as fictitious as the Lulu stories I keep re-reading….

Classical sculpture Film Racial studies

Walking tours

in the Aryan past

To fully understand my most recent book Crusade against the Cross it is necessary not only to have read its appendix where the theme of the Italian Renaissance is touched upon, but preferably also to have read Nietzsche’s masterpiece: The Antichrist. Nietzsche was a critic of culture. Only then could we understand what I said to Berk yesterday in one of the recent discussion threads:

But Nietzsche’s idea was never to execute Luther, simply that the power of the image of Renaissance sculpture and paintings was already transvaluing values (the God of the Sistine Chapel is actually a Zeus), and the Italians would have finished transvaluing them if it hadn’t been for the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation.

One of the things that make my blood boil the most is that on some YouTube channels, it has become fashionable to use beautiful ‘walking tours’—a sort of Bran the Broken’s magic of touching the Weirwood tree to see the remote past—, for example, this video on ancient Sparta, Corinth and Olympia. What makes them impossible for me to watch is that they replace the historical population with dark-skinned mudbloods!

That the ancient Greeks, before they interbred, were blond and blue-eyed is clear from this article in American Renaissance (currently being discussed in hundreds of comments on The Unz Review). We have also contributed to the subject by translating this essay by Eduardo Velasco (later collected in The Fair Race). And let’s never forget two essential books to understand our point of view: William Pierce’s story of the white race, and Arthur Kemp’s story.

I know very little about the magic of computing, or how the people who upload these videos made them. But if I had the means I would do the same about, say, cities like Sparta or Thebes that for several centuries resisted miscegenation and whose inhabitants, descendants of the Dorians, were blue-eyed blonds. Even Athena, the goddess of ancient Athens before the massive miscegenation of the Mediterranean occurred, was blonde and blue-eyed.

Our videos would be similar to the one I linked above, but we would replace the fictional mudblood figures they put with figures that look like their real ancient inhabitants. The last thing the ethnocidal System wants is for the contemporary Aryan to regain his self-image, and lost self-esteem after WW2, by reclaiming history.