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In political theory, the Overton window represents an ideology acceptable to the public. Yesterday watching the interview of Colonel Douglas McGregor by Judge Napolitano, I was impressed that the colonel said that the Israeli lobby controls Western politics, the media and the financial sector because both the colonel and the judge are normies. I used to watch the judge on Fox News and the colonel worked in Donald Trump’s cabinet—in other words, they are both normies.

It’s amazing how the window has expanded as far as the JQ is concerned thanks to Bibi’s genocide in Palestine. While it is more accurate to say that Jews control the aforementioned sectors, clearly the window has expanded. I wonder if, when the Middle East conflict escalates into a regional war, the window of acceptable discourse will expand even further and the JQ will be openly discussed (no longer needing to say that it is just the Israeli lobby)?

It seems that at last, the pendulum of history is beginning to swing to our side. But its inertia is insufficient because the racial right still doesn’t have Uncle Adolf as its guiding star. There are still no leaders with whom the ordinary dissident could identify. Perhaps tomorrow I should resume my comments on Simms’ book.

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UR conservatives

by Robert Morgan

They [Unz Review conservatives] continue to whine endlessly about “brainwashing”, globalist or Jewish “agendas”, and most ludicrously of all, the decline of “real” Christianity. According to conservatives here at UR and elsewhere, those are the causes, not the logical consequence of the Bible’s racial egalitarianism working out in politics and civic life. These conservatives… will spin a thousand intricate conspiracy theories rather than face the truth. That the answer could be as prosaic as America’s culture of anti-racism developing inevitably from their own Christian beliefs is something they can’t comprehend.

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Deep, deep within

Judeo-centric white nationalism is just another variant of the prevailing country-club conservatism.

—Michael O’Meara

The O’Meara article linked in my post yesterday is basic, I said, to understand our point of view. In case something happens to Counter-Currents, where the article is hosted, I copied it for this site. Although C-C’s images are absent from our copy, you can read the 2011 comments in that copy’s thread.

If one reads the article carefully one will notice that, with his critique of Anglo-American capitalism, O’Meara unwittingly placed himself close to the young Hitler we were talking about yesterday in the context of Brendan Simms’ book. O’Meara even presents us with a competing paradigm to Kevin MacDonald’s: the paradigm that currently represents, shall we say, orthodoxy in American white nationalism. O’Meara said:

…anti-Semites prefer to indulge in fairy tales about “cultural Marxism” and the Frankfurter bogey man—unconscious of or uninterested in the larger subversion.

The larger subversion! (this smells like the content of The West’s Darkest Hour). Too bad that, because of his Irish Catholicism, O’Meara didn’t admire Hitler. Several years ago I asked in a thread on this site why Solzhenitsyn didn’t espouse Hitler’s cause if both Solzhenitsyn and Hitler wanted to destroy the Soviet Union. An English commenter replied that, for axiological reasons, Solzhenitsyn’s Christianity prevented him from doing so. I think that although Solzhenitsyn was an Orthodox Christian and O’Meara a Catholic Christian, the commenter’s response is accurate. In the 2011 thread on C-C, O’Meara continued:

Kevin MacDonald, unlike his epigones, knows how to make an argument and support it with substantiating evidence. Nevertheless, his argument proves NOTHING (except his own intelligence), for with the same methods but in reference to different facts, I could make an equally convincing argument to “prove” that corporate capitalism (or the Cold War state, Catholicism, Protestantism, or a half-dozen other factors) were far more influential in legalizing the formal de- Europeanization of the American people.

We have focused on the Christian Question on this site because it is a taboo subject among many on the American racial right. But O’Meara, like Hitler, was absolutely right to mention other factors. For example, when I read MacDonald’s entire trilogy on Jewry, after finishing the third one I was left with the impression that his analysis—basically blaming the Jews for the West’s dark hour—fell short. Those were times when I considered myself a white nationalist, before I began to harbour some doubts about that simplistic explanation. O’Meara was one of the intellectuals who began to broaden my perspective.

I think the discussion thread in that relatively old C-C article is paradigmatic in terms of how, unlike O’Meara, white nationalists don’t want to look in the mirror. O’Meara stopped being active on racial right forums when he realised that American racialists weren’t going to abandon their monocausal dogma. Something similar happened with the retired blogger Sebastian Ronin, whom I mentioned in my recent entry on the 42 films I will no longer review individually. The following year of the discussion in C-C, Ronin wrote: ‘The betrayal of the White European race stems from deep, deep within, so deep that it is not visible or obvious for most’, and then added:

The first step of the revolution does not begin with the expedient and safe blurting of Jew, Jew, Jew; that is after the fact. The first step of the revolution begins upon the surface of a mirror to identify the source of weakness that has allowed the penetration of an alien and poisonous spirit.

Looking in the mirror is precisely what I try to do with my autobiographical books. Hopefully, the lengthy review I will be doing of Simms’ book will do something to broaden the POV of the common racialist, insofar as Hitler’s meta-perspective was certainly broader than the short-sighted perspective of those who criticised O’Meara in C-C, including Johnson.



Something that bothers me about my blogging career is that the more philosophically mature I get, the fewer visits I receive. And this is even more pronounced on my Spanish blog, which I have decided to abandon after a recent post on Evropa Soberana because no Spanish speaker wants to argue with me.

On the other hand, the Argentinian Agustín Laje, whom I have already mentioned on this site and whom the press slanders as an ultra-right-winger receives such an immense number of visits that he has been invited countless times to many Spanish-speaking countries to give lectures.

I would like to translate some passages I have already written in Spanish about Laje:

Agustín Laje’s books

First, to use my metaphor of crossing the psychological Rubicon, Laje is still in Normieland. A normie could be defined as one who doesn’t rebel against the egalitarian dogma of racial, gender and sexual preference: today’s holy trinity in the West.

Take Norberto Bobbio’s excellent definition of what exactly is right and left on page 378 of Laje’s La batalla cultural. It all revolves around egalitarianism. ‘In effect’, Laje comments, ‘that which embraces increasing doses of equality is placed on the left, and the opposite on the right’ (my translation). Laje constantly claims to be right-wing. But from this angle he is left-wing. Not as crazy left as Woke but left at the end of the day because he believes in racial equality, gender equality and sometimes sort of fails to condemn some sexual aberrations (Laje wouldn’t be considered right-wing in, say, Franco’s Spain.) His failure to embrace Bobbio’s definition of what exactly is left and right is due to his fear of validating racial hierarchy (for example, whites as well as some Asians and Jews, have higher IQs than blacks).

Like YouTubber Matt Walsh, Laje only rebels at gender ideology and the trans movement: the most psychotic phase of Wokism that has now involved even children. Here I also refer to Laje’s previous bestseller, which he wrote together with another Argentinian, Nicolás Márquez: El libro negro de la nueva izquierda, published in 2016. In 2022, a book I bought in a common bookstore as La batalla cultural has by necessity to be the book of someone who doesn’t blaspheme against the new trinity. Books by real dissidents have been banned from bookshops!

In other words, since Laje and his mentor Márquez simply reject third-wave feminism, that marks them out as liberals, not true traditionalists. Compare this pair with what we say about feminism in On Beth’s Cute Tits: one of the books that the printer that printed it for me has refused to republish, and is now only available as a PDF (see ‘Our Books’).

Laje never touches the Jewish question. Nor does he mention white nationalists, who do analyse the JQ. Nor does Laje mention the most privileged minds who rebelled after 1945: the European Savitri Devi (1905-1982) and the American William Pierce (1933-2002).

If we compare the young Laje with the old critic of the Latin American left, Octavio Paz (1914-1998), the latter stated that he disliked the term political scientist; that his classical training made him approach human reality from the point of view of history. It is precisely history that ‘political scientists’ like Laje ignore. Think not only of the real history of Christianity, but also of the Hellstorm holocaust committed by the Allies after the Second World War; although, to be fair to Laje, Paz and his ilk also ignored these histories. Precisely because they ignore history, Laje, Márquez and all those of the Latin American new right—and the old right like that of the late Paz—have also ignored the fact that this is the second time the West has fallen into a state of mass psychosis, not the first. The first occurred in the 4th century, with Constantine.

The good thing about Laje is that he makes feminists freak out in a lot of YouTube videos. For that, he is very good, as well as for winning debates with progressives. But progressivism has reached such levels of delirium that a little common sense looks good to an audience whose mother tongue is the language of Cervantes.

Laje could not respond, on the other hand, to academics who reject not only the third feminist wave, but the second. Remember Roger Devlin’s seminal essays published years ago in Counter-Currents. Unlike Laje, Devlin is a true conservative; and we are more radical than Devlin, in that we reject even the first wave of feminism.

Laje has just published another book, Generación idiota (Generation Idiot). If nothing else, such books could serve as stepping stones for Spanish-speaking normies who don’t want to get their feet wet to start crossing the psychological Rubicon. The problem, as we have said several times before, is that hardly anyone wants to go beyond their first baby steps to the other side of the river. That’s why the more mature I get, the fewer visits I receive…

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On silly Ann Coulter

A couple of days ago, on The Occidental Observer, Ann Coulter was annoyed by these words of Nick Fuentes: ‘Hitler is great, women should be forced to marry young and have children.’ Doesn’t Ann realise that in Jane Austen’s very decent world, women were forced to marry because they couldn’t inherit property? Doesn’t she realise that, by virtue of those values, the British Empire became so powerful?

Ann Coulter is certainly not a racist. She’s an asshole like the rest of the Republicans that ignore what Ludwig Klages said in Cosmogonic Reflections #25 about mankind and race: ‘We must draw a sharp distinction between the man who sees the world as divided between the “human” and the “non-human,” and the man who is most profoundly struck by the obvious racial groupings of mankind (Nietzsche’s “masters”). The bridge that connects us to the Cosmos does not originate in “man,” but in race.’

That is what I call genuine spirituality (in contrast to the ‘spirituality’ that the Jewish authors of the New Testament have drummed into our heads). In the second chapter of Savitri Devi’s book, which will be available as a PDF the next month, we read some prescient passages on how it is that the Christians of the 1930s had an intuitive knowledge that made them see that National Socialism was nothing less than the paradigm that replaces the old paradigm: the Jewish god by an Aryan God. Thanks to the Nick Fuentes / Ye scandal, nowadays we see some of that debate even in discussion threads among Christians, such as this Occidental Dissent thread, where a certain Dicarlo said:

I don’t agree with you, Brad [i.e., Hunter Wallace, who mocks Ye et al]. We’re losing because the jews have unlimited money, and control every platform where Whites need to get out the truth. They have shut down our ability to get out the truth. You might as well advise, never say “jew”. :rolleyes:
There’s nothing cartoonish about Adolph Hitler or the Third Reich. Their mortal enemy is the exact same enemy Whites face today, the jews. Of course there is a problem that most Whites have been lied to so much and drummed down to a point where the truth means nothing to them. We can only soldier on. George Lincoln Rockwell was right!
It doesn’t matter what you tell the normies—those who don’t want to think or know, the jews and their completely controlled media sources are going to lie, cover up, distort, over and over about any topic Whites bring up. Your criticism of praising Adolph Hitler, or the WW2 topic, is just a result of repetitive jew demonization of it [emphasis added]. There is no proper approach to wake up the White normies. All one can do is keep telling the truth about what the jews are doing and have been doing since Rome.

Since Rome… I wonder if Dicarlo has been reading this site, e.g. our excerpts from David Skrbina’s book?

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My old metaphor

I watched a recent video of Jordan Peterson arguing with a Woke guy and was surprised that when the Woke guy told him that he knew a trans person who had been successful in life, Peterson acknowledged that in that case his sex change might have been a success story, albeit an exceptional one. Yesterday Tucker Carlson, in criticising the grotesque trans males who show off to children at schools, said in passing that perhaps it was a good thing that the homo community succeeded with the (misnamed) ‘gay marriage’.

Given that Peterson and Carlson are the best-known conservative figures in the media, what they recently said reminded me of my metaphor: that it is really the Left that is in the driving seat, and that the right can only apply the brakes slightly here and there but that both are headed for the cliff.

And what about white nationalists? If we remember my metaphor, while it is true that the nationalists have jumped off the train of the big Leftists and the dwarf rightists, they are heading, at pace, towards the same abyss. Not long ago there was an article on homosexualism in The Unz Review that mentioned Greg Johnson. When in the comments section I wanted to link to an article in The Occidental Observer by Andrew Joyce critical of Johnson’s apology for open and avowed homosexualism, I learned that Kevin MacDonald had deleted it.

Woke people (Jews and Leftists on the driving seat), conservatives who barely apply the brakes, and American racialists who got off the train but are headed in the same direction… What’s wrong with this picture? For those who don’t know this site, see pages 92-95 of Daybreak, ‘Ethnosuicidal Nationalists’, a book linked in the featured post.

Conservatism Quotable quotes

Gaedhal quote

I think that one of the reasons that conservatives despise Hitler so much, is because he actually took effective action against the social evils of his day instead of just bitching and whining about the social evils of his day as a shekels-garnering exercise, which is what conservatives do.

Conservatism Egalitarianism Mainstream media

Quotable quote

‘In the old America, every citizen was considered equal under the law, as well as in the eyes of God’. —Tucker Carlson tonight

______ 卐 ______

Note of the Editor: And white nationalists only blame Jewry for our woes (‘Old America’ means the US before the Jews took over their media)…

American civil war Conservatism

The American Civil War

Yesterday I was leafing through For Cause and Comrades by James M. McPherson and Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of War by Charles B. Dew. But it was not what I was looking for, even though McPherson begins his book with the splendid phrase, ‘Harriet Beecher Stowe insisted that she did not write Uncle Tom’s Cabin; God did’. What I was looking for was a book that dealt with the Yankee mentality, like the Lincoln quotes that Robert Morgan has been digging up and which we have collected here. Obviously, it is easier for me to try to capture the zeitgeist of the 1930s in Spain than to capture the zeitgeist of the 1860s in the US. Nevertheless, I think Morgan is right that both Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood have misled American racialists into believing that Lincoln or the founding fathers were racists.

Among the American racial right, the one who has read the most about US history is Hunter Wallace from whom I got the data to show that Taylor, to provide a rosy picture of American racial history, had cherry-picked his cherries like the pretty girl I reproduced in this article. But that’s just a blog entry. Is there a book out there that sets out, in a more scholarly way, what Morgan has been saying, for years, in the comments section of racialist forums? Ignorant as I am on this subject, I don’t know what the exact bibliography is. Nevertheless, as an introduction to the subject I feel like reading the novel Gore Vidal wrote about Lincoln. As long-time visitors to this site will recall, I had been collecting a huge number of passages from Vidal’s novel about Emperor Julian: the most important historical novel I have ever read.

These are novels where it would be an outrage to read them on screen (PDFs of the books by the normies McPherson and Dew can be accessed on the internet). It is essential to have Vidal’s novels on paper in order to enjoy them. I must be honest on this point: the chapter on Julian in Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire bored me to tears and I couldn’t grasp any of the zeitgeister of the 4th-century c.e. Only Vidal was able to transport me to that world.

Yesterday I was saying that, despite General Franco’s victory, Spain today has subscribed to Wokism. In the totalitarian world we live in, it is impossible to find a recent novel or film that portrays historical events from our point of view. Yesterday, for example, I watched a large part of the Spanish film Mientras Dure la Guerra. I stopped it as soon as Miguel de Unamuno was shown speaking out against Día de la Raza (literally, Day of Race) and Nazi anti-Semitism.

Spaniards aren’t ready to repudiate Wokism because, as I said yesterday, totalitarian egalitarianism has its remote roots in universalist Catholicism since Constantine. And something similar could be said about Americans, who aren’t ready to see the ultimate truth about the American Civil War because they cling to a Protestantism that is also universalist and egalitarian (the aforementioned Dew, for example, ends Apostles of Disunion with an enthusiastic chapter on Obama because he was delighted that a black man had become president). Nor could Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent make an honest reading of the Yankee mentality because that would lead him to the apostasy of his Lutheranism.

In short, neither conservative Spaniards nor conservative Americans will ever understand why the European and American right always loses (and will lose, unless they get to the religious root of the matter). Although the title of this post is about the American war of secession, I would like to end it with the words that a commenter posted last year on this site about the Spanish party Vox: a party branded as fascist in both Spain and Latin America:

Vox is absolute garbage. They are anti-racist and extremely pro-Jew and Israel (it’s the holy land of the Christians). The first black man in the Spanish parliament was put there by Vox! The same is true in neighbouring Portugal, where so-called far-right parties are always trying to “prove” they’re not racists by pushing non-Whites as political candidates. They’re cuckolds (or traitors), all of them! Christians cannot be trusted as they are still infected by the inversion of values promoted by that Jewish weapon against Aryans called Christianity. “Wokeness” is just the latest mutation of Christianity. It’s just that now it doesn’t have Yahweh or Jesus: every single one of the believers is a Jesus! Everything is so fucked up now that it’s getting really hard to distinguish between enemies and retards everywhere in the West.

Syntax has been corrected. The original comment can be read here.

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The return of the Blond Beast


Against Pierce and Laje

In our latest translation of the preface to a reliable edition of Hitler’s after-dinner talks, we came across this passage:

The defeat of 1918, he thought, and the harsh terms of the peace treaty so wounded the national pride and self-confidence of the German people that they exerted all their strength to get out of the distress.

The German who wrote that passage was referring to Hitler’s mind, but now I could say that the defeat of 1945 and the harsh Diktat imposed by the Allies so wounded the national pride and self-confidence of the German people that they, finally, gave up.

And this reminds me of what I said a couple of days ago in criticising Jordan Peterson: that the Woke Monster was spawned by the anti-German propaganda that the entire West has suffered after 1945. As to the medicine, I would like to take this opportunity to say something vitally important.

The most popular Spanish-speaking intellectual on conservative media is Agustín Laje, whom I have discussed both here and in the Spanish section of this site. Laje’s case reminds me of an argument between Greg Johnson and Hunter Wallace a dozen years ago about why, according to the former, conservatives will never win. Laje, branded an ‘ultra-right-winger’ by the Latin American and Spanish press (in fact, he’s a typical conservative), has said several times in interviews that a man who rapes a woman should be given life imprisonment and chemical castration.

Compare Laje’s stance with what I quoted yesterday from Andrew Anglin!

The Spanish Vox party, branded as fascist by the Spanish press, has made identical pronouncements on life imprisonment for rapists (i.e., males). How can’t we be living in the darkest hour if these so-called ultra-right-wingers and so-called fascists do nothing but demoralise males even further? Certainly, conservatives will never win! Note that they aren’t saying that women who give false testimony against men should be given life imprisonment as liars. No: the phoney right-wing extremists and fascists in today’s media are part of the machinery of absolute demoralisation to which the Aryan male has been subjected since Hitler lost the war.

The Aryans are so demoralised that they no longer want to fight. As we also saw at noon, in table talk #114 Hitler said ‘If the German people are not prepared to stand up for their self-preservation, fine: then let them disappear!’ In this light, even the toughest thing ever written in America to save the race, William Pierce’s novel, has a passage that resembles what Laje is saying in the media about rapists. Two years ago I wrote:

An individual who truly transvalues all values detects reminiscences of the Christian ethos even in the harshest novel a white advocate has written. The Turner Diaries contains a passage in which it is said that the Order would take a freedom fighter to the firing squad if he rapes a woman who also belongs to that liberation movement.

The first thing to consider here is that Pierce wrote his novel before the movement of frustrated men emerged on the internet analysing women’s psychology to the point of understanding it. In a nutshell, women only become bad if they don’t have many children, just as men become bad if we fail to kill the enemy.

During war the life of a man is worth infinitely more than the life of a woman, and this is where Pierce erred. One of the toughest episodes during Caesar’s war in Gaul happened when those on Vercingetorix’s side had to expel Gallic women and children from a besieged fortress, as the food was scarce, and it was understood that without the precious life of the male warriors the war would be lost.

Unlike the above anecdote, which shows how precious male life is worth in time of war, in the reader’s mind that passage from Pierce’s novel, which is very brief, only demoralises the would-be soldier. In total war what counts is to kill, genocide, exterminate, and not leave a stone unturned of the enemy culture as the Romans did in Carthage. Occasionally, this Blond Beast is allowed to rape even the women in his tribe. Although the Vikings TV series is as flawed as Game of Thrones to describe the spirit of yesteryear, I remember in one of the episodes of the first season that the Viking Rollo raped a woman from his village simply because he fancied her.

For the white advocate who wants to do something for his race, and even for the Pierce who wrote that passage, it would be inconceivable if you carried that barbarism into the world today. True, once there is a social contract in a pure white society (think of the Jane Austen or Downton Abbey worlds), rape shouldn’t be allowed. But in those societies the institution of marriage—every Jack had his Jill—was rock solid.

The point is that we are not living in times of early or late Victorianism. We live in a time when Christianity has been axiologically transformed into a neochristianity whose goal is that whites must immolate themselves. In these times, the only thing that matters is to disabuse the Aryan male from the lie of millennia, as Nietzsche would say.

Postscript: The Aryan must be disabused even of what visionaries like Pierce occasionally said. This is the only way for the male to regain his self-esteem and self-image, so crushed after WW2. Do whites want to rise from the ashes like the phoenix? Think like Vercingetorix and other Germanic warriors—including the Berserkers—, not like the white nationalists. Ultimately, the referenced page from The Turner Diaries smells of ink: not of fresh enemy blood from the ax of the Blond Beast.