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American civil war

On turning Americans into nazis

by Jack Frost

US naziAlthough it might be possible to develop a racist interpretation of Christianity (e.g., what the Nazis tried), I’ve never seen a convincing theological justification of it. The fact that all major churches and 99%+ of all who today call themselves Christians reject racism ought to tell you something… You probably want to hang on to most of Christianity as it has been “traditionally” practiced in relatively modern times, while discarding only the anti-racism. Everyone who ever tried that has failed, but I guess you don’t see that as a problem.

Then again, the cognitive dissonance issue is nearly as problematic. In order to accept being called a racist or a Nazi with equanimity, normal American whites would have to reconcile that with their country’s history of being violently opposed to racism of any kind, from the Civil War forward. They would have to admit to themselves and to others that all of that blood shed in trying to stamp out racism had been shed in vain, and in fact, worse than in vain, in an evil cause. They would have to admit that their ancestors were evil, and that they themselves had also been evil before they saw the light and became racists.

It’s safe to say the chances of that happening on a mass scale are almost zero.

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Nobody wants to be called a racist. Pretty soon no one will want to be called a homophobe. Conservatives are a sick joke. Every 10 or 20 years they end up defending what they once opposed. The American system is intrinsically fashioned to make citizens into malleable sheep because they are sheep.

White Americans are still more racially-aware than Europeans, which is very odd. America was founded on faulty principles while Europe wasn’t, so American retardation on the race issue is normal, while Europeans have no excuses whatsoever.

It’s not odd at all. In the last 200 years, Europeans mostly dealt with non-Whites in the colonies (before the immivasion) . A Continental could go his whole life without meeting one. Contrast that experience with America where Indians and negro slaves were quite plentiful. It also took quite a long time for the egalitarianism espoused in the American founding documents to be actualized.

The fact that Europe was racially homogeneous (for the most part) for centuries and then just blindly started accepting whatever rapist, murderous black filth that poured into their lands is unbelievable, even with the brainwashing going on there. Europe should be more racially-conscious than America, not less. We have far more Jews here as well.

It’s possible that many of the more masculine Europeans left for America, leaving the feminized and docile ones behind. I’m not quite sure of the genetics. The news out of Europe is just depressing. I’ve never been there, and to be honest, I don’t want to go there at all unless it’s necessary. The sight of old European cities and towns filled with niggers, Arabs, and other subhumans would enrage me too much.

As for this rotten country of America, I don’t care what happens to it. What America did in WW2 is unforgivable, so I don’t care if the nigsa and mestizos tear it down.

I don’t understand why you think Europeans should be more racially conscious. Europeans are more class conscious while Americans (and any other colonial lands) are more racially conscious. Since Europe was mostly White, class was the major distinguishing factor between people and that lingers on today. In the colonies it was race at the fore for obvious reasons. Neither has it right. Whites need to be both class AND race conscious if we are to survive.

Always remember that the elites have always been anti-racist. A serf is a serf is a serf wether they are White, yellow, brown or black. For example, in American colonial times, the Indians were considered Royal subjects just like the Whites were, which didn’t go over very well with the White colonials.The NWO is just the same old crap except it’s gone global due to technology. Frankly, the elites want their serfs back and since the Whites got too uppity, they want to replace us with little brown serfs. They figure there’ll be less trouble that way.

As for your theory about White immigration, I’ve had thoughts along that line for sometime now. It would make sense that the more adventurous, etc would leave to find their ‘fortune’ elsewhere given the choice. Europeans like to believe that only the ‘scum’ left or were forced to the colonies. Perhaps there is some legitimacy to both views and might explain some things.

One thing I do know. The only Whites who have actually been truly free of some ‘elite’ parasite group are those who lived out in the frontiers so far away their enforcers couldn’t find them. Sadly, those days are gone now, but that existed for a short while in the colonies (wherever they were located).

LOL many of the more masculine Europeans going to America?

LOL! Again.

The type of Europeans who went to America were the Jew-envious protestant kind who cared more about pursuing economic gain over ties to their blood and soil.

Let’s just put it this way. America is Israel’s little bitch.

At least Europe gave rise to National Socialism, and at least Europe put up a fight against Bolshevism.

America is only a few gulags short of Bolshevism.

And you think America is more masculine?

You people are constantly on your knees fellating Jews.

“The type of Europeans who went to America were the Jew-envious protestant kind who cared more about pursuing economic gain over ties to their blood and soil.”

So true that it merits a place in a collection of quotable quotes.

The Dutch reformed church in the Apartheid era in South Africa was very “racist” and likewise many churches in the south of the USA up until the 1970s were. Today the orthodox churches of eastern Europe are not bastions of multi culti orthodoxy.

If you asked 90 % of the retirees who fill the pews of the Church of England churches every Sunday you would find many if not most are against the multi kulti paradise being built on earth.

He who pays the piper calls the tunes and the payer for the churches these days have views antagonistic to white interests. This can be changed.

The problem is once you go down that road you’re intellectually hamstrung. And emotionally gelded. Racist Christians don’t punch above their weight, they limp. Christianity is a force-divider for racism.

If you believe Jesus is god, then I guess you have no choice. But I don’t, and it wouldn’t help me to pretend I do or defend Christians from justified criticism.

And it’s not just America, it’s all of Western Civilization. America is Western culture broken free of temporal and geographic constraints. The perfect society for Equal Humans to practice Free Will and Happy Brotherhood or whatever. Eventually, I think everyone will have to choose between The West and the White race.

Eh, I just did. I don’t read the site too regularly so it sort of skipped my mind.

This is Frost’s recent reply to that comment:

The Dutch reformed church in the Apartheid era in South Africa was very “racist” and likewise many churches in the south of the USA up until the 1970s were.

Yes, and where are they now?

Though the human capacity for hypocrisy is almost without limit, it eventually catches up with them, just as it did in these examples. No amount of hypocrisy can change or permanently conceal the essentially revolutionary teaching of Christianity. It’s a religion that advocates not a political revolt, but a revolt against Nature herself.

Overthrowing the natural order is what all of the Biblical emphasis on the last becoming first, and the first becoming last is all about. Christianity explicitly aims at overcoming blood ties (i.e. race) in the name of Jesus, in whom all become equal and one.

It will burn and it mystifies me that WNsts have not studied those economists who have predicted that the dollar will crash. The only explanation I can imagine is that they still feel that the US can be spared. E,g., Radix, Stormfront, Amren, VDARE, Daily Stormer, and even VNN Forum are supporting The Donald. A real nazi would never do that.

I don’t support Trump. He’s an idiot and his daughter is a traitorous slut who’s ripe for a Day of the Rope treatment. But WN’s aren’t so much supporting Trump as they are using him to push the Overton Window so that racial discussion is brought into the mainstream.

Trump has flat-out said he wants a wall along the southern border, that he wants all illegals sent back to Mexico unapologetically, and that he wants to get rid of the gangs (i.e. blacks and mestizos) that have turned American cities into warzones. I won’t vote for him- I would never vote for a White man who lets his daughter marry a kike- but he’s useful to some extent.

That being said, America is doomed, just as Britain and Russia are for their evil actions during WW2.

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