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I began my previous article with the words: ‘In these unbelievably crazy times when Western elites are bringing us closer and closer to a nuclear apocalypse…’

As I have said, The West’s Darkest Hour is not a news site, unless important things are happening. I was dismayed recently that the mainstream racial forums remain silent on the subject, with the exception of The Unz Review such as this article by Pepe Escobar, ‘The West Is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War’.

Videos War!


In the article ‘Lost manhood’ on Monday I wrote: ‘That will be the beginning of Europeans regaining their manhood, and if Russia feels threatened in the Ukrainian war and gets tough by nuking bases in Poland or Romania that host menacing F-16s, much the better!’

One might think that won’t happen: that NATO won’t dare send those planes that could be used as carrying nuclear weapons: something similar to the Cuban missile crisis when I was a little boy, but in reverse, with NATO putting the Russians under an existential threat.

But yesterday, in an interview conducted by Judge Napolitano with Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern, all three touched on the subject. At this point, Johnson said: ‘They [NATO] are going to send F-16s…’

I don’t think the people who now preside over the western states are sane. Here is a brief reminder of what nuclear war between the United States and Russia would mean:

Of course: if Russia strikes, say, Poland with a tactical nuclear weapon (where the F-16s are going to be stationed), the US shouldn’t retaliate by attacking Russian territory. But I don’t trust these madmen anymore…


Narcissism, 6

What has Marco’s madness got to do with the West’s dark hour? In short, with their neo-Christian religion of equality of race, gender and sexual identity, the Aryan in general is as crazy as this poor Mexican. In my diary entry of 10 December last year, I wrote:

When I woke up and couldn’t reconcile sleep something came to mind that I had recently heard in an interview of Judge Napolitano with Colonel Douglas Macgregor. All, of course, to contextualise Marco’s psychosis because his madness is the same as the madness of the people in power. Let’s see.

The gringo Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, doesn’t want to see that Russia has won the war in Ukraine but, like Marco, reversed it all. This is what Blinken said: ‘NATO will continue to support Ukraine, assuring that Russia’s war of aggression remains a strategic failure’.

He went on to say that they will not allow anyone to change the borders of Europe (Russia has already changed them), and that Ukraine remains militarily and democratically strong! Blinken added: ‘Ukraine knows that its future is a free, vibrant democracy and its path to NATO and the European Union depends on its own methods’.

This is what I am seeing in a YouTube video. But the video I remember best is the interview with Macgregor. It’s a pity I can’t even locate it. Blinken said there that Ukraine will regain the lost territories, and that they will push Russia back [red emphasis in my diary].

This is pure Marco when he grotesquely deceives himself by telling me ‘the house you are going to occupy’ not giving a rat’s tail about everything I had told him. Marco’s pathology is as undetected by Marco as Anthony’s pathology by Anthony. What Marco does is common even in the highest echelons of power on the planet. There is no difference between the extent of Marco’s psychosis and the extent of the American Secretary of State’s psychosis. It is the same thing.

Macgregor mocked Blinken after Napolitano played him the clip I couldn’t find. The colonel said that, of the points Blinken made, he failed to say that another step is that the Ukrainians will soon develop technology to reach the moon. So, on a par with Marco’s delusions, is the Secretary of State of supposedly the most powerful nation on earth. And so is Biden. The judge, in other videos, has played several clips of Biden saying things very similar to what Blinken has just said.

If there is one thing I have noticed in my writings about the mental disorders of people I know, it is that they are less serious than the disorders of those in Western governments, universities and the media. Nutty Marco only harms himself and his cousin. Crazy elites harm the entire white race.

Macgregor again

During the interview, I liked it when the colonel said: ‘Economists exist to make astrologers look professional’, referring to orthodox economists.


NATO will be humiliated

Videos War!

Scott Ritter’s views

Russia is winning

‘Russia is ready for a much larger conflict than Ukraine’


The Ukraine conflict

As I have said in other posts, which I don’t even want to link to, Gonzalo is a normie. In this video, for example, he mentions a certain German Chancellor’s moustaches in passing and errs terribly in claiming that the radical wings of the Ukrainians fighting the Russians are ‘real neo-Nazis’. As we shall see in Savitri’s book, which I am still editing, a true National Socialist is nothing like Zelenski’s militia groups. So ignore what Gonzalo says about so-called Ukrainian ‘neo-Nazis’.

Those errors aside, Gonzalo’s analysis of the Ukrainian war is quite accurate and contrasts radically not only with what you hear in the American media (Fox News included) but with the crazy things that Johnson and Spencer have said in racialist circles.

I prefer Gonzalo’s voice to those of Colonel Douglas Macgregor and John Mearsheimer for the simple fact that Gonzalo is living in Ukraine. He can see the situation more directly than them even when their approach differs radically from the story that the Western media have been telling us about the Ukraine conflict.

European beauty

Ukraine 2021

Educating Gonzalo

Gonzalo Lira is the most outspoken journalist in Ukraine. He has a big mouth (here we see him younger, when he was still living in the US). When the war broke out, one of his videos went viral in Russia.

Wikipedia, which is under the Jewish yoke and which I am ashamed to have edited in the past, deleted its article ‘Gonzalo Lira’ since Gonzalo started uploading videos in Ukraine. After the social media turned him into a non-person, one has to look in old newspapers in Spanish (for example this one from when Gonzalo was twenty-eight years old), to find out that Gonzalo had a novel published in English for which an American publisher gave him a million dollars.

But that doesn’t mean that the US-educated Chilean journalist is perfect. Far from it, although it is curious that at 1:34 of his March video (where he demonstrates that Zelensky is a puppet) Gonzalo says that his father was a thug (I guess in Chile under Pinochet), and after 1:49 he admits that his father mistreated him as a child.

Gonzalo despises thugs. But he doesn’t seem to have the faintest idea what the Soviet thugs did in Germany or even to the Russian people. I wonder if he has read The Gulag Archipelago.

The central problem I see with journalists, even good journalists, is that they are the historians of the moment. They lack a deep insight into the historical past, which on this site I have related to the fictional character of Bran the Broken, the three-eyed crow, to illustrate my point imaginatively.

Gonzalo, like virtually all journalists today, hasn’t the remotest idea of what National Socialism really was. I doubt he will ever visit The West’s Darkest Hour. But if he does one day, to educate Gonzalo I will say that the anti-Nazi propaganda has been identical to the anti-Russian propaganda we see now on TV. If Gonzalo wants to educate himself about the bare facts of WWII he will have to read what dissenting historians have written (which is why our next post will be about David Irving).

In his March video we see Gonzalo angry because he fears what the thugs might do to his young children in Ukraine. I’ve never seen him so angry in any of his other videos. He almost cried. When he touches on Zelensky’s origins, he disagrees with critics of those grotesque videos of Zelensky dancing like a faggot. Instead, Gonzalo compares Zelensky to the actor Ronald Reagan! That’s another problem with journalists today. I’m older than Gonzalo, and still remember a time when it would be inconceivable that an actor who went out dancing like a faggot would be taken seriously by a sane citizenry.

At 1:08 of his March video, Gonzalo says of Zelensky’s thugs: ‘They are actual neo-Nazis’. As I said, Gonzalo hasn’t read any NS literature (he should start with Hitler’s table talk). Zelensky’s so-called neo-Nazis are only Nazis in their fascist uniforms and tattoos. But in reality they subscribe to feminism! And like the despicable Westerners, these mudbloods also listen to rock and degenerate music. To top off the grotesque and surreal, seventy-five per cent of Zelensky’s cabinet (as well as the Jewish mobster who put him in the presidential chair) are Jews. Apparently, Coach Red Pill, Gonzalo’s former pen name, hasn’t taken the redpill when it comes to the JQ.

Finally, as a mestizo, Gonzalo is completely uninterested in the fourteen words, so why am I promoting him on this site? For the simple fact that the extremely dense smokescreen of smoke and mirrors that is the Western media makes it impossible for us to see what’s going on in the Ukraine war: which is actually a war between the US and Russia. It isn’t enough to read pro-Russian Andrew Anglin, whose shrill literary style for decadent teenagers disgusts me. We need the voice of someone who is in Ukraine and says things contrary to what we listen to in the media.

If there was a real National Socialist doing journalism in Ukraine, I would pass the microphone not to Gonzalo but to the NS reporter. But such a person doesn’t exist, courtesy of what the Soviets and Americans perpetrated last century.