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Macgregor again

During the interview, I liked it when the colonel said: ‘Economists exist to make astrologers look professional’, referring to orthodox economists.

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So far, I have not been conscripted, and Russia has not made any gains since June 2022. But I do hope America goes down in flames, the sooner the better.

Well, America is going to go down in flames, it’s just a matter of when and how much of the world it’s determined to take with it. The problem is the entire West is the exact same BS and all the European countries, and their colonies, need their Governments to go down in flames. The people behind this aren’t going to stop trying to exterminate the European peoples just because America collapses. These (((cosmopolitans))) and their paid traitors are all going to zip over to Europe (probably England) and set up their main HQ there if things go sideways in the states. No one gets a free pass. The Continental Europeans are going to have to fight for their countries and not just sit on their asses in the local cafe and think all their problems are now solved because America is gone.

For example, I recall some kind of TV interview in France quite some time ago (80s I think) . Basically all us colonials (esp. Americans) are mean and evil because we didn’t have our lips firmly planted on brown asses 24/7. They, the continental Europeans were so morally superior because they would like to stick their heads up brown asses instead of just kissing them. I remember thinking even then “May you get what you wish for.” I hope those morally superior people are enjoying their view. The problem is not just America and won’t go away when it crashes and burns.

Mostly true, although the general consensus seems to be that America will try to destroy both Europe and Russia (at least, economically). And personally, I would fantasise about the Judaeo-Christians nuking eastern Europe as the healthiest part of the White race at this point (not that I’m a conspiracy buff, but it would be such an elegant solution to the anti-semitic & homophobic questions).

That said, considering how hopeless the situation is, maybe getting our countries nuked would turn out to be not the worst scenario. After all, it is the system that is holding us hostage – and that system includes both the US and your local (((administration))).

But it will sure go an awful long way if it’s military is crushed or otherwise disabled ( e.g. the common Yank finally waking up, and refusing to be sent off to whatever other country, to do some more genocide ).

Back in August 2022, I wrote (and defended) a piece titled “The American Empire is the most suicidally merciful empire in history” on TheMotte. For the love of the gods, leave accusing America of genocide to the Marxists.

Maybe this time will be different, and the Americans will indeed genocide the Russians. I don’t know. Any upheaval of the status quo might be a boon at this point.

Well, many White Americans won’t lift a finger anymore to help the US Gov’t and their forever wars. I think for at least the last decade or more I’ve seen ex-soldiers tell the White kids to stay away from the military. You have people with Military traditions going back to the Revolutionary war who now refuse to serve and advise everyone else not to. That’s serious for the government. Include diversity nonsense and the constant lowering of standards and the military is now a shell of its former self.

My opinion is the US military couldn’t take on a real foe anymore. There are a number of reasons for that, esp due to the personnel they have to work with now, but the main factor is America sold off all its manufacturing. In WW2 the US had lots of manufacturing and could easily convert a factory to make war supplies. Now that factory is overseas and we’d have to completely re-industrialize the country. If I’m not mistaken the US closed the last lead smelting plant and I’m not even sure where we get lead for bullets anymore. My guess is, if the US can’t conquer someone in about a month they’d be down to using pointed sticks because there’d be no more ammunition. Just look at the history of the U.S. military for the last 30 years or so and you’d notice the US only picks on small countries who they can run over quickly. A large scale conventional war with Russia or China? Non starter. Nukes? Maybe but to be honest I’m not sure how much of our Nuclear arsenal is still functional. During the Obama administration I remember they were having trouble refurbishing Nukes ( they all need to have that done occasionally) and they couldn’t manufacture an isotope anymore which was needed for the trigger. All the ‘evil white devils’ who originally did that work had retired and their diversity crew just couldn’t get it right. Maybe they fixed that now, but who knows. America is self destructing and I think that’s why they’re pushing so hard. They want to finish whatever nightmare they’re planning before they collapse and can’t finish.

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