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Scolding Dymphna

Rollory is the penname of a Franco-American man who comments in both counter-jihad and white nationalist sites. Dymphna is the penname of one of the two administrators of the counter-jihad site Gates of Vienna (GoV). Her husband, Baron Bodissey [Ned May], is the other admin. Like Rollory, Queen is a regular visitor. In my last…

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Scolding Takuan Seiyo

Freyja’s cats is the penname of a German-American woman. Takuan Seiyo is the penname of a half-Jew, half-Polish man. With an American passport and married to a Japanese, half-Jew “Seiyo” now lives in Japan. The following is a sister article to the entry “Tanstaafl et al on Takuan Seiyo”: a collection of posts that I…

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The 14 words

This is the first entry of the new incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour. What moves me to write are David Lane’s fourteen words.

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