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First 2022 post

by I.N. Hello Mr C├ęsar. First of all, allow me to express my deep gratitude for feeling that my comment from exactly a year ago deeply resonates with you. It is an honour. Forgive me for my year-long absence. I had matters to attend to. I saw your latest post as a personal challenge. I…

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About the commenters

This recent discussion with one of the biggest fans of this site motivated me this morning to think on the subject. If there is one thing that has wasted my time, it is arguing with people with whom I should never, ever have argued. For example, the referred commenter, using the pen name he uses…

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Dear Mr. Cesar,

Excuse me for the lengthy text. I understand how crucial it is for you to move towards this direction [basically close the comments section] given how much you have pondered about it for years now and I applaud you for it. The fact that you tolerated this insufferable situation for so long is a testament…

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