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Last chance to save

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‘A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins’. —Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Claudius’ insult in the previous thread got me thinking. Remember that earlier this year I eliminated the comments section for a month and a half, and I am tempted to do so for good. The thing is that the spam filter is being bombarded by banned sockpuppets, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a new commenter and a sockpuppet due to proxy IPs.

To make matters worse, those white nationalists who religiously believe that Jewry is the primary cause of white decline are unwilling to be persuaded by reason or even historical facts. Consider Claudius mentioned above. Since July of this year I had been trying to reason with him. This is what half a year ago I tried to communicate to the now-banned Claudius:

But this doesn’t respond to what I say: In his first novel he [William Pierce] doesn’t criticise Christianity, only Jewry; and in the second novel he puts a Christian preacher as a legitimate way out of the current dilemma in the US. If the American Gore Vidal published an anti-Christian novel (Julian) in the 1960s, why couldn’t Pierce do the same in the 70s and 80s, when he published his two novels?

Furthermore, the National Alliance doesn’t list Christianity as the primary cause of white decline. It is a typical organisation of American white nationalism with the difference that they aren’t Christian.

The point of view of The West’s Darkest Hour is that Christian ethics is the primary cause of white decline, not Jewry, which is what American racialists believe. (That’s why they never tell me anything when I mention the gigantic mestization in this continent that occurred when their religion was supposedly healthy.)

The difference is as big as believing in the geocentric system vs. the heliocentric system: a paradigm shift! That’s why this site is ignored by all main pundits of American racialism. Nobody tries to answer what I say through a solid essay-review; replying, for example, to what we say in the books available from the sidebar.

A commenter replied: ‘Re: your Latin American argument. Can I hypothesize that the Yankee mutt nationalists ignore your point precisely because they are “racist”, i.e., Latin Americans are subhumans to them and should not be counted for anything?’ I responded:

The problem is that, what I say, happened even north of the Rio Grande before the US war with Mexico. I am referring to the states California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, the western half of New Mexico, the western quarter of Colorado, and the southwest corner of Wyoming (and later, Texas). All this is North America, and before belonging to Mexico they belonged to New Spain, the viceroyalty of Spain.

The trick white nationalists do to self-delude themselves is to ignore the history of their own land, since in those lands miscegenation wasn’t frowned upon either, courtesy of the Counter-Reformation ideology—i.e., Christian ethics—when it belonged to Spain.

After Claudius intervened, I replied by quoting him in bold:

However, we cannot underestimate the terrible impact of the accursed ‘chosen people’ on the White race.

Have I underestimated it? You are new to this site. Have you read the masthead of this site, the essay on Judea vs. Rome?

Hitler (and most of the NS leaders) was not a Christian, or a believer if you prefer, but he did not waste time attacking the Church when…

Again, old visitors of this site know that Hitler had to compromise—elemental PR—in his speeches. But in his inner circle he criticised Christianity more than Judaism.

…he knew that there was one enemy infinitely more dangerous.

If this is true, how do you explain that in his table talks there are more anti-Christian statements than anti-Semitic statements?

Put it this way: Christianity and Judaism complement each other. But the driving force in our downfall is Judaism.

Nope. The drive is that the white peoples let that a malicious archetype take over their collective unconscious right after Constantine. Again, you are new to this site. Have you read our translations of Christianity’s Criminal History (see the sidebar)?

The Jews have been the creators and promotors of everything vile and destructive. Driven by their messianic dreams and their hatred for mankind they are the most powerful and lethal enemy of the White race. Don’t put the cart in before the horse.

It looks like you haven’t even read Pierce’s Who We Are or Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans: the only histories of the white race written so far. They demonstrate that ethnosuicidal miscegenation occurred in the historical past sans Jews, for example the Aryans in India and right after the conquests of Alexander the ‘Great’. That a blind will to imperialist power is far greater ill than Jewish subversion is the moral of those two histories.

After responding to another commenter with the words inside the parenthesis (‘I am not saying that Christianity is a bigger problem than Jewry, but that Christian ethics is a larger problem than Jewry, since it includes the secular ethics after the French Revolution and the birth of the US that now infect all the West’), Claudius intervened again. My response:

… it seems to me that some people here have become obsessed with Christianity making it our chief enemy forgetting that the Jews are in the driving seat. As I said, that is as absurd as putting the cart before the horse.

You are talking like the proverbial white nationalist. This is the last time I repeat it: This is not a WN site. If you want a WN echo chamber please go to WN forums.

Christianity is an enemy… The Jews are at the forefront in the fight for the destruction of the White race and Western civilization and cannot be considered a secondary enemy.

They are a secondary enemy. The main enemy of whites is whites themselves, as proven in the sources I mentioned to you above (incidentally, The Fair Race doesn’t contain essays authored by me, only the prologue).

Most importantly they [the group of the late Pierce] are 100% anti-Christian.

Have you listened to what I said above? It doesn’t matter whether they are anti-Christian or not. What matters is if they know that Christian ethics is the primary factor of white decline which includes secular, atheist ideologies throughout the West.

Before I eliminate the comments section I must give one last chance to bona fide commenters who aren’t trolls, banned sockpuppets or monocausalists impervious to reason or fact. This post is dedicated to those commenters who wish to know our philosophy, the books on the sidebar: most of them available also as PDFs so that he who cannot afford them can print them at home.

2 replies on “Last chance to save”

Note of the admin: This long comment has been slightly edited and re-posted as a whole entry: here.

______ 卐 ______

Hello Mr. Cesar. First of all, allow me to express my deep gratitides for feeling that my Comment from exactly a Year ago deeply resonates with You. It is an honour.
Forgive me for my year long absence. I had matters to attend to. I saw your latest post as a personal challenge. I Hope this comment grants me access to your select group of SS-like Seers (that side with your Diagnosis which attributes Aryan deracination primarily to Christian Ethics, a realization yielded by ample proof and recurring historical incidents largely ignored and frowned upon by most racialist circles who stubbornly choose to remain unaware of the underlying problem that renders Whites vulnerable to infiltration and subversion) and zealots devoted to the Manifestation of our pure and unquenchable desire to watch or at least contribute to the eventual absolute and uncontested domination of The Aryan Superman over the enirety of this globe with the conquest of the farthest outreaches of the Universe being our Ulterior Aim, perfectly summarized in Your 4 & 14 Words Maxims that match the inherent will of the Cosmos to create a Species that reflects the incessant 14 billion year process of cultivating a refined life form able to withstand succesfully the Void that awaits everything post mortem(does it remind you of Savitri Devi’s “Men Against Time” analogy?) and give meaning to this volatile and inexplicably occuring Activity called Existence. If the Aryan descendants millions of years into the future (or even less if we take into account exponential growth) cross a certain ontological threshold aided and streamlined by sensible use of advanced technology(a prerequisite for such an endeavor) which emphasizes and focuses first and foremost on their eugenic perfection there might come a point where the achievement of virtual immortality by delving into the fabric of the quantum nexus and bending it at will becomes a reality.
I have long been anticipating the right moment to share this because the situation regarding the commenters that abuse your unwarranted patience and prove that the investment of your precious time in trying to preach the truth and enlighten them has become intolerable.

With All Due Respect I am inclined to suggest a compromise.
Set Some Golden Inviolable Rules whose disregard means Unforgivable Sacrilege and Instant Irreversible Ban and have a link that redirects to this post appear on the sidebar.
Commenters will be forbidden from ignoring the following statements among others which you might want to add yourself. Just off the top of my head: Anyone who uses proxy IPs shall be banned without warning unless they are commenters like Mauricio who have repeatedly proved their gravitas. Remember that Virtual Private Networks will be a necessity once we start operating in the Dark Web so as to keep government agencies looking to undermine our struggle off our backs.

1. No Belittlement of The 4 Words. Eliminating unessecary suffering is the other core tenet of your seemingly dual but deeply complex and multifaceted ideology that derives from your decades spanning study of psychohistory and can be applied to the observation of both the Animal Kingdom and the Human Condition and the need to correct and reengineer them and breed a higher type of Man capable of presiding over this reconstructed and revitalized Ecosystem with Wisdom and Consideration for the pain inflicted to all sentient organisms and act in synergy with Mother Nature in order to harmoniously govern and direct the arrow of evolution down a sustainable path. A noble attempt brought about by this well-intentioned intervention in order to protect the integrity of all species worthy of being preserved and to minimize needless pain as much as possible. In this indifferent and cruel Universe where no regulator yet exists to mend the astronomical pain that occurs daily, It is up to us to take the Ininiative and assume the role of establishing a Natural Order that exacts justice by weeding out the offenders -bipedals mostly and others alike. Hermann Goering sent to concentration camps the arrogant fools that opposed the decree that banned vivisection. Let that sink in the minds of Neandarthals that ignore our pleas to stop the torture of innocent animals.

2. Thinking that A Worldwide Technocratic Dystopia is plausible is grounds for elimination due to Imminent Energy Devolution. Anyone who thinks the system will keep running after the societal and financial collapse that will sweep the West due to the long overdue dollar crash whose effects we are currently witnessing being increased in intensity and which will have an incorrigible impact on the global economy is an idiot. Having the illusion that the traitorous elites and uniformed personnel are going to impose a universal totalitarianist dictatorship enhanced by AI controlled strict surveillance where in exchange for basic freedoms you get Universal Basic Income and free virtual reality video-gaming escapism is alarmingly dumb. People like this are either idiots or actually prefer such a depraved Sci-Fi scenario to take place. Even if that is their plan they are deluded and have miscalculated.
A future in which energy consumption from a constantly growing and mentally passive and incompetent population of shitskins (that can barely function in their day to day lives without big state welfare at our expense or grasp rudimentary concepts, much less work) exceedingly supersedes the rate, the percentage and the quantity of the extraction, distribution, availability and affordability of rapidly depleting natural resources, is unsustainable and falls into the realm of childish science-fiction as in reality it will result in severe scarcity of basic commodities initially, oil shortages and mass starvation later on. An ideal playground for the Racially Conscious, Weapon Wielding American Whites to decimate all opposition and expand their sphere of influence to Europe as they free up and inhabit living space south of the Rio Grande at the same time.
The perfect state of things to demolish this vain world and indiscriminately extinguish both internal and external enemies.
apollokult had made this mistake early December. Commenters ought to pay attention to the arguments you have presented again and again like Mike Maloney’s and Chris Martenson’s videos that refute and deconstruct a digitalized, mechanized-cybernetically embellished, densely populated, suffocation inducing urbanized and industrialized-environment dystopia.

3. No Supernatural NONSENSE that has no bearing on Reality Like Afterlife and Reincarnation. PERIOD. It is a waste of valuable time. Not only because it is an insult to logic and goes against The Immutable Law of Nature and The Universe -namely that everything whether organic matter/sentient beings or inanimate matter eventually Perishes at some point and is subject to erosion/decay or as Physicists call it Second Law Of Thermodynamics/Heat Death/Entropy and what awaits after the cessation of consciousness is Nothing But The Endless Void Of Non-Existence- BUT MAINLY because it DEMOTIVATES the Aryans, makes them fatalist, prevents them from seeking to improve their condition thus making them defy the workings of nature that all beings must obey and deprives them from attaining a genuine spirituality as you have posited many times or attempting to transcend their lackluster ego and in the eloquent and accurate words of Pierce reach an elevated consciousness.
Indo-European Deities should be thought of by us as nothing more than Symbolic Interpertations of Natural Phenomena and Aryan Racial Archetypes whose myths contain wise allegories and metaphors representative of the Heroic “Hyperborean” Spirit.
Unfortunately both the intellectuals and the masses of Aryans in antiquity indulged in blind Faith and superstition but we must cut them some slack for the time they lived in.

4. No Posting of Comments Whose Subjects Are Completely Unrelated to Racialism aside from picking apart the narrative that argues that genetic causes of mental illness are legitimate or take precedence over psychogenic factors when the exact opposite is true according to your own personal experience and your thorough research into this most disheartening and shunned subject. However would you say the same for hybrids who have a multitude of incompatible racial components clashing within their psyche? Wouldn’t that make them more susceptible to mental issues and breakdowns? Of course we don’t focus on Mongrels but on otherwise Healthy pureblooded Aryans so any discousre about other populations is irrelevant. Excuse me for diverging from context a bit. I just think it needs some clarification.
If said comments betray an “adherence” to Conspiracy Theory Hysteria on behalf of the commenters then they must be ousted. Retards shouting that fluoride in toothpastes and in the water supply and chemtrails are making us dumber, those who believe the new 5-G telecommunication technology is being implemented to fry their nerve cells(as if they aren’t fried already) or to cause terminal cancer cases to flare up, those who think Lee Harvey Oswald did not act of his own accord but was hired by The Deep State to assassinate JFK(leaving the courtroom is endemic to conspiracy theorsists), that 9/11 was an inside job, that the moon landing was fake and filmed in a studio, those who believe aliens are abducting people daily and transforming into humans and last but not least those that claim they have evidence that the Illuminati and other Secret Societies are performing Satanic, Blood-Sucking, Child-Raping and Mutilating Rituals are Nuts and they have no right to pollute your profound website with their Incurable Stupidity. Incidentally, they are Christians most of the time. What a surprise.

5. The Nordic Ideal Is The Peak, The Backbone and The Cornestone of our self-evident Belief. Non-Nordic so-called “Whites” must accept that they are nothing more than stepping stones for Nordids and failed test subjects in this most intricate experiment called Life that evolution has chosen to discard in favour of a more advanced, vigorous, intelligent, beautiful and superior specimen and should sacrifice their Ego at the Sacred Altar of the preservation of Nordic Blood and preferrably refrain from procreating in order to safeguard the Future of Aryan posterity and living out the rest of their days within a White Republic/Living Space and thus gain admiration for their self-denial and the privilege of living among True Whites so long as they are determined to fight the racial enemy. And who knows? They might be lucky enough to witness the Dawn Of A New Earth-Spanning Aryan Civilization. In any case, only if deemed beneficial and after thorough estimation of potential outcomes should Aryans form a temporary alliance with them. I call “Lesser or Pseudo-Whites” the swarthy Meds(whose origin is ultimately Middle Eastern or North African), the pudgy and broad-faced Baltids and Alpinids(whose origin is suspected to be Mongoloid/Central Asian), the ill-tempered Dinarids and other mixed West Caucasids. Sorry for using the Old Racial Classification, it’s just that most aren’t very familliar with Evropa Soberana’s new racial terminology. In other words, this strategy should be employed to deal with most of the inhabitants of Southern and Eastern Europe. These phenotypes should not be classified as White by us Racial “Extremists” (But Realists) because they either have alien blood desecrating their veins or they have become obsolete.
Certainly the most ideal solution would be to have them get devoured by the exponentially growing colored tidal wave of simians. Definitely physiognomic testing should be conducted SS-style to ascertain who is White and the fields of genetic engineering and anthropology must be merged into one science to establish a new scientific branch that would allow us to venture into researching Human DNA with more accuracy and elaborate sophistication. A vision that could have been materialized had The Reich emerged victorious. It is obvious who is White though. The White Man is The Healthy Virile Blond Beast that will rape the Sabine Women and take up arms to butcher the degenerate ruling class that has him downtrodden and floods his ancestral lands with anthropomorphic scum. The Precursor to the Arrival of The Ubermensch. Has anyone else ever visualized this? The Pinnacle Of Evolution is a Tall and Lean Nordic Male. His Counterpart is His Trophy, His Jewel, The Crown Of Evolution: A Lovely Nordic Female. They are Both Naked, sporting Blazing, Radiant Golden Hair Akin to the Rays of the Sun. Deep Piercing Blue Eyes more Transparent and vibrant than Both the Sky and the Ocean. Fair Skin of identical complexion purer than Snow. Her thighs are resting gently on his shoulders and they hold hands. His hands face upwards and soflty cover her palms. He is The Column on which she stands, flourishes and thanks to whom she projects her Enchanting Looks which resoundingly assert her Unwavering Superiority. In the bacground behind them lies a majestic bucolic landscape enriched by a waterfall that glows in the colours of the rainbow as both the water and the two lovers posing for the canvas are bathed in the warm sunlight. All this In the style of Maxfield Parrish’s godly paintings.A sight to behold. An Artistic Feast For The Eyes that would make Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon themselves jealous.
The Eternal Feminine is the Only Real Mystical Force of Nature that can Appease and Satiate the Ruthless Nordic Warrior.
The Umwertung aller Werte requires a significant amount of time to be embraced and to detoxify the Aryan Psyche from the deleterious effects of the sickening desert cult and all the offshoots that have sprung from it in these two millenia of misery and decadence that have befallen us(with occasional sparkles of hope). I believe that Whites are by Nature prone to complacency, greed and avarice only after having encountered and coexisted with the Alien Infantile Races. We have to rectify that. The Indo-European Invasions have been taking place since the Middle Of The Neolithic covering most of the surface of the Eurasian Landmass and have always ended in disaster due to miscegenation. It is an innate handicap leveraged by our competitors that start to become audacious and clamor for equality to give even the slightest advantage to the inferior races otherwise the Aryans would have conquered and cleansed the planet by the end of the Iron Age. This deluded compassion needs to be purged no matter what. Only after being liberated from the obssesive compulsion to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, integrate and generally emancipate parasites and ghastly monstrous bipedal abominations will they be free.

6. No Sympathising with Marxist, Socialist, Communist and Anarchist Rebels, Reactionaries and Revolutionaries or Governments that are in effect still or have been dissolved like the U.S.S.R. The Left is a sworn enemy along with the oblivious conservatives and adunaii was a repeated perpetrator as he endorses this race treason insanity.

7. No promoting or apologizing to promiscuity or homosexuality. We have payed the price for not standing up to this. Erotic Passion should be confined between two individuals (unless in times of crises and wars, when polygamy is necessary to ensure that enough females are fertilized otherwise the institution of marriage is a solid foundation) of the opposite sex whose primary concern should be to settle down and raise healthy children, nurturing them with the values, ideals and principles corresponding to our worldview which is in turn imposed by none other than the insurmountable Natural Laws. As for homosexuality, Himmler aptly adressed this matter in his speech dissecting this pathology and linking it with the chastity of the Catholic clergy. Pederasty in Ancient Greece and Rome is another matter and we should extrapolate to today nothing more other than the acknowledgement, admiration and praise of Male Aryan Beauty when at its Prime. Seeing a beautiful androgynous Aryan Boy doesn’t mean that he arouses my sexual impulses and that I am inclined to sodomize him. More like, I am jealous of the unequivocal near feminine natural charm this male creature oozes with and with zero hindrance exclusively in this fleeting timespan as he transitions into adulthood.

8. No showing indifference to the severe problem of foreign cultural influences permeating our lives like listening to corrosive music genres and no trying to find profundity and qualititative themes supposedly beneficial to our cause in Hollywood excrement like “Fightclub” . In Short: Normies aren’t allowed. It is imperative that we instill in our youth artistic idols of our glorious past worthy of praising and aspiring to imitate and teach them the appreciation of Classical Art and Music and forge new Customs that highlight the significance of the Sublime Aesthetics that our Ancestors Cherished and Worshipped thanks to which our Race once reached Heights of mind-boggling magnitude.
We have to limit the exposure of our vulnerable youth to profane, insulting and degrading Negroid, Jewish and North Eastern Mongoloid “Art” as failing to tackle this results in beautiful Nordic Ephebes listening to rap/trap/pop/rock/metal (i.e. mental and spiritual poison) and speaking in African vernacular and Aryan Nymphs becoming fascinated or even infatuated with disgusting dark colored males en masse. Ditch the false notion that degenerate art is innocuous.

9. No Mercy and showing respect to the “right to a living space for all peoples” like Varg Vikernes does.
This Includes: expressing support and solidarity to freedom fighting thirld world locals(most often terrosist organizations and affiliated sub-branches that have claimed white lives in the past apart from the obviously CIA and Deep State funded ISIS & Al Qaeda) like Hamas and Hezbollah and military dictatorships like Iran and North Korea that “bravely” resist the ZOG and “stand up to American Imperialism”. Another “transgression” that adunaii can be accused of. We don’t care about the predicament inflicted upon biological waste, that the weaponry of the US or NATO is mowing down “innocent and unarmed civillians” in bombing raids. We care that it happens at the behest of Israel and it exasperates us as many times it costs White Lives and sucks dry the White American and European taxpayer.
Sooner or later, ALL other hominid subspecies even those that have common enemies with us or have forged uneasy alliances with Whites in the past like Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians and Japanese respectively are to be sacrificed at the altar of the doctrine of UTTER EXTERMINATIONISM like you espouse Mr. Cesar. Not expulsion/racial segregation. It is obvious that William Pierce preferred the former. You either HATE or you die. Sparing populations that pose a threat long-term is moronic and simply delays the inevitable conflict.

10. No Monocausalism. The Ugly desert rodents aren’t invincible despite having monopolies on many industries, owning a multitude of Multinational Corporations and exercising power over the State. Whites are at fault for letting them inflitrate the judicial system and pass anti-White legislation, for censoring White advocates, for the brutal suppression of White dissidents who additionally are being slandered and reprimanded on the media for standing up for their Racial Preservation. Aryans have been responsible for their decline for the entirety of their history as they never could take sufficient measures to preserve their precious fragile blood and keep it intact and secure from the infection of primitive primate life forms. Every Aryan Civilization that flourished crumbled over the span of hundreds or thousands of years because they failed to adress the same recurring challenge. They prioritized financial gain owing to slave labour over racial prosperity and cohesion.
If it happens again it will be the last time. It is Victory or Obliteration. We must stop putting personal ambition above collective racial benefit.
Anglo-Saxons in particurlar are guilty of this crime. They condemned themselves to this Hell and have irrevocably damaged our resolve to fight the inhuman hordes. Murdering the Third Reich will spell their doom unless they act quickly, decisively and coordinate their retaliation.

11. No Defense of Christianity. I need not say anything else on the matter. Abiding by The Gospel of the Crucified Kike who never existed and whose worship was spearheaded by our foremost enemy and still plagues us equates with “Capital Punishment” for the offender. Their churches will be demolished like they did to our temples and statues and the clergy will meet a much more horrible end than the one the Christians of the Middle Ages delivered to our priests. If the Chosenites ever rebuild their Temple it is our duty to destroy it and atop its ruins erect statues of these renowned Anti-Semites: Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, Vespasian, Titus and of course of The Fuhrer whose statue must surpass the rest in size and splendour.

12. No uncalled for criticism of the Fuhrer except when discussing strategic approaches he implemented throughout the War and suggesting alternatives which might have changed the course of History. If anyone unabashedly mocks The Last Great White Man and his Movement they are a reprehensible traitor. Whites should honour and pay tribute to their Heroes and forefathers[Except for the Christians of The Middle Ages, the “Greatest Generation”(the worst) and the boomers] and strive to surpass them. Especially their would be Saviour whose Words and Actions reverberate to today and inspire us for Greater Deeds. Adolf Hitler was right and if the West refuses to accept this fact it will sooner or later be annihilated.

13. Before Anyone wishes to comment on this site they must at least skim through the most important essays you have pleaded they pay attention to like The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, William Pierce’s Who We Are and Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany among others or read the selected excerpts you have in your sticky post.

What do you make of my remarks Mr. Cesar? Do they align with your directives?

I wish you A Happy New Year. May this decade mark a milestone in the acceleration of the gradual paradigm shift from the disastrous Happy Mode Whites have been entangled in for so long to Angry Berserker Combat Mode.

@ I.N.:

As I told you a year ago, I am impressed that you have such a grasp of what we have been saying here: another 3-Eyed Crow! If you don’t mind, I’ll post your comment later this morning (with a little syntactic revision) as the first text of 2022. Here, I just want to clarify something about what you say about pederasty.

There is a phrase in my essay ‘Gitone’s magic’ that seems to have gone unnoticed by every reader: the erastes-eromenos institution of ancient Greeks and Romans that saved some adolescents from suffering emotional devastation when they were emotionally martyred by their parents. In other words, a window of escape from schizogenic parents. It is impossible to understand my position on classical pederasty without understanding the trauma model of mental disorders and that window of escape.

Obviously, that shouldn’t happen if some parents didn’t become soul murderers. But we are talking about ‘schizogenic’ families. For Gitone, it is a lesser evil to fall into the hands of an Encolpius than to become mentally disturbed for life.

In today’s post I will say something more about psychiatry and pederasty, but not in a Classical but Catholic context—something altogether different, since abusive priests aren’t Encolpius.

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