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Varg Vikernes quote

You should by now be aware of the fact that Christianity is an immigrant religion; it’s a Jewish religion, just like Islam. It’s anti-European, and it was forced upon our forebears.

If you haven’t understood this by now, it must be because you choose not to understand it. You don’t want to admit it. Or perhaps you’re just dumb as fuck.

If you ask a Christian to choose between Jesus—the Jew—and his heritage—his blood—, a true Christian will always choose his crucified criminal Jew, at the expense of his own blood.

And that’s all you need the know, really, about Christians and Christianity; their loyalties and whether they are a resource for Europe.

If you ask me though, to choose between Odin and my blood, I can tell you that Odin is my blood.

My blood is Odin.

If you accuse me of being divisive when we need ‘unity’, I can tell you that I only want unity with true Europeans.

I don’t want unity with Marxists, Liberals, Capitalists, Communists, Muslims or Christians. They all fall into the same category.

So when you Christians say ‘we have to unite against the Jews!’, I can tell you: You Christians, you are the Jews.

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Yer that’s what l sed before – Christianity is Jewish. Who is the enemy? Joos. Who is orchestrating the destruction of the fair race? Joos. [rest of comment removed by admin]

@ Zombie:

I cannot accept the five comments you wrote in this and other threads because we are being bombarded by banned sockpuppets and sometimes it is difficult to know which new commenter is one of them (apparently your various emails aren’t genuine; are they?).

Also, you have to familiarize yourself with the POV of this site. Here we don’t believe that the Jooos are orchestrating the Aryan decline, but rather that it’s the Aryans themselves who are doing it (as is clear from what I say about Matt Heimbach—see my previous comment above).

I would suggest you read The Fair Race (see sidebar) before commenting here.

Thank you.

In that thread of comments you can appreciate the Judaization of Americans by having been named after Hebrew names (myself included).

That could tell you pretty much how hopeless most of them are.


I remember a Norwegian saying that Varg once mentioned in one of his videos.

There are three things you can be, but only two at the same time:

1) If you are christian and honest, then you are not smart.

2) If you are smart and honest, then you are not christian.

3) If you are christian and smart, then you are not honest.

@ Jamie,

I just merged two of your comments into one because, as you know, with the sockpuppet bombardment my new policy is to let only those who understand the POV of this site through.

Try to make your prose more polished. I put numbers to your comment above to make it more understandable.

Also, in your sentence “I remember a Norwegian saying that Varg once mentioned in one of his videos of him” I suspect a word is missing (I’m not sure).

Hi Cesar, thanks for the feedback. I will improve my clarity at writing.

I meant to say that I remembered that saying from what Varg mentioned in one of his videos about his experiences with J-Christians in Norway. I’m not sure if is actually from the Norwegian folk but it is still true, nevertheless.

So, the Joos are not behind the destruction of the White race and Western civilization. Obviously, Hitler got it wrong… On what kind of planet do you live? Are you blind or just an idiot? By the way, the last question was purely rhetorical.

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