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America delenda est

Left, Sebastian E. Ronin’s latest pic on his Facebook page.

To save the white race, the United States, a country based on Christian ethics, must be destroyed. This was not seen by even the best men the US has produced, such as Rockwell and Pierce. Although both have been guiding spirits for this site, I now see that, by making concessions to Christianity in his second novel, where a Christian preacher appears almost as a saving hero, Pierce ‘cucked’ at the CQ.

I’m afraid to say that I was wrong and old Sebas was right. In 2015 I said: ‘The huge difference between Hitler and Pierce, and white nationalists, is that virtually all of them cannot break away from the grip of Christian axiology, atheists included’. Sebastian Ronin responded:

Not from their Amerikan identity, Pierce included (who, like most Murkan WNs, was simply a screeching patriotard beneath the racialist posturing). WN is fail because it has stemmed from the Murkan psyche. Nothing good and decent can stem from the Murkan psyche; it encompasses an ontology that is wretched and rotten. Once this massive blind spot is not only spotted, but accepted, then a realistic Ethno Nationalism may get underway.

By now it should be obvious, more than obvious in fact (just see what’s been going on in there), that the US is the spearhead in the Western project to exterminate the White Man. The obsession of the American white nationalists with the Jew is deciphered when we understand that they see the straw in another’s eye and not the beam in their own.

It is true that before this criticism we can spare Pierce’s Who We Are. But even in his first novel Pierce doesn’t put Christianity on the dock, and also puts American racists as the leaders of The Organization that eventually saves the fair race by exterminating non-whites.

In the real world, an exterminationist Organization that conquers the whole world, as the one that appears in The Turner Diaries, would only be possible if Americans apostatised from Christianity, secular Christianity and transvalued all its values. And as old Sebas said, the chances of that happening are virtually zero, even among so-called American neonazis.

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I can’t believe you take the side of this weirdo that dares to attack William Pierce. What has he done? Who the hell he thinks he is? The National Alliance, as envisaged and shaped by Dr Pierce was a great achievement. I visit regularly National Vanguard and the content there is 100 % anti-Chrisitan. The quality of most of the articles published there is excellent.

But this does not respond to what I say: In his first novel he does not criticise Christianity, only Jewry; and in the second he puts a Christian preacher as a legitimate way out of the current dilemma in the US. If the American Gore Vidal published an anti-Christian novel (Julian) in the 1960s, why couldn’t Pierce do the same in the 70s and 80s, when he published his novels?

Furthermore, the National Alliance does not list Christianity as the primary cause of white decline. It is a typical organisation of American white nationalism with the difference that they aren’t Christian.

The point of view of The West’s Darkest Hour is that Christian ethics is the primary cause of white decline, not Jewry, which is what American racialists believe. (That’s why they never tell me anything when I mention the gigantic mestization in this continent that occurred when their religion was supposedly healthy.)

The difference is as big as believing in the geocentric system vis-a-vis the heliocentric system: neither more nor less a paradigm shift.

Yes, that’s why this site is ignored by all main pundits of American racialism. Nobody tries to answer what I say through solid essay-reviews, replying, for example, to what we say in the books available from the sidebar.

Re: your Latin American argument. Can I hypothesize that the Yankee mutt nationalists ignore your point precisely because they are “racist”, i.e., Latin Americans are subhumans to them and should not be counted for anything? The same way you view Slavs, Japs or Iranians, those irrelevant insectoids.

Of course, you will say that the ruling class of Mestizo countries was supposedly white, but the WNs choose to remain blind; “they were mutts anyway”.

Another problem is obviously that the WNs think like civilians, never going on the offensive. No matter what may have happened south of the Rio Grande in the 1820s, Whites from the North should have long swept south by the 1920s. This pacifism, incidentally, is indeed caused by Christian axiology.

The problem is that what I say happened even north of the Rio Grande, before the US war with Mexico. I am referring to the states California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, the western half of New Mexico, the western quarter of Colorado, and the southwest corner of Wyoming (and later, Texas).

All this is North America, and before belonging to Mexico they belonged to New Spain, viceroyalty of Spain.

The trick white nationalists do to self-delude themselves is to ignore the history of their own land, since in those lands miscegenation wasn’t frowned upon either, courtesy of the Counter-Reformation ideology, when it belonged to Spain.

Hello CT: I respectfully disagree. Christianity is an offshoot from Judaism, or if you prefer a heresy (this was the point of view of Maimonides the famous rabbi and scholar who justified and celebrated the death of Jesus for subverting the faith).

Christianity turned out to be a slow, lethal disease that sapped the energies of the Aryans and ultimately corrupted and ruined them. As the great Revilo Oliver said: “Is spiritual syphilis”. However, we CANNOT underestimate the terrible impact of the accursed “chosen people” on the White race.

The Jews realized that they have a potential and formidable ally in Christianity as long as they exploited the Jewish aspects of it (the Old Testament) That is why they supported and promoted all the Protestant sects or heresies since they were all based on the Old Testament and the rabbinical commentaries to the Talmud. This created among Protestants a sympathetic attitude towards the Jews who were considered some kind of relatives. This explains the extraordinary power and influence attained by the Jews in the Netherlands, England and the USA, Countries dominated by the most Jewish of all Protestant sects: Calvinism.

Hitler (and most of the NS leaders) was not a Christian, or a believer if you prefer, but he did not waste time attacking the Church when he knew that there was one enemy infinitely more dangerous. On many occasions (in private) he expressed his belief that (in case of a German victory) Christianity would disappear, a victim of its own, contradictions and the evolution of the Aryan people.

Put it this way: Christianity and Judaism complement each other. But the driving force in our downfall is Judaism. The Jews have been the creators and promotors of everything vile and destructive. Driven by their messianic dreams and their hatred for Mankind they are the most powerful and lethal enemy of the White race. Don’t put the cart in before the horse.


However, we CANNOT underestimate the terrible impact of the accursed “chosen people” on the White race.

Have I underestimated it? You are new to this site. Have you read the masthead of this site, the essay on Judea vs. Rome (follow the links on the sticky post)?

Hitler (and most of the NS leaders) was not a Christian, or a believer if you prefer, but he did not waste time attacking the Church when…

Again, old visitors of this site know that Hitler had to compromise—elemental PR—in his speeches. But in his inner circle (I am about to reread his table talks) he criticised Christianity more than Judaism.

…he knew that there was one enemy infinitely more dangerous.

If this is true, how do you explain that in his table talks there are more anti-Christian statements than anti-Semitic statements?

Put it this way: Christianity and Judaism complement each other. But the driving force in our downfall is Judaism.

Nope. The drive is that the white peoples let that a malicious archetype took hold of their collective unconscious right after Constantine. Again, you are new to this site. Have you read our translations of Christianity’s Criminal History (see the sidebar).

The Jews have been the creators and promotors of everything vile and destructive. Driven by their messianic dreams and their hatred for Mankind they are the most powerful and lethal enemy of the White race. Don’t put the cart in before the horse.

It looks like you have not even read Pierce’s Who We Are, or Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans: the only histories of the white race written so far. They demonstrate that ethnosuicidal miscegenation occurred in the historical past sans Jews, for example the Aryans in India and right after the conquests of Alexander the ‘Great’. That blind will to imperialist power is far greater ill than Jewish subversion is the moral of those two histories.

Remember, this is not a WN site. I would recommend your reading of all relevant literature to have a good grasp of the POV of this site.

I am completely in line with CT here.
The jews may be our biggest external enemy, but every war philosopher from Sun Tzu to Niccolo Machiavelli will tell you that any war is futile unless you first and foremost strengthen yourself. On all levels. Physically, mentally and spiritually, and finally as a coordinated group.
Christianity is the ultimate weapon to divide and conquer, as it allows the Western man to believe that he is ‘thinking big’ and being ‘inclusive’. He ends up watering out his own existence. It is, in other words, our greatest internal enemy, and must be conquered first. Always.

Making the jews the primal ‘challenge’ here is just mentally the easy way out. I remember it so well when I did my military service. The same easy tactics where used: Create an external enemy (Sovjet Union at the time) and use that as your only motivator. When I questioned that motivator, the eager military men thought they would have a field day with me by disregarding what I said as ‘pacifistic nonsense’. When I demanded to discuss what we where fighting FOR, they were struck dumb and disappeared.

Alex Lindter has pinpointed that the jews have got a grip on western society solely because the white man has not got around to collectively fight for his existence. And since their defeat by the Romans those rats understands all too well that they would not stand a chance should we make this coordinated effort. It explains so well their paranoia. Anything resembling the white man even starting to like himself have them screaming like mad dogs through every channel they control. And that’s quite a few.

The white man cannot fight the jews while being so thoroughly rotten as he is spiritually (Christianity), mentally (individualism, feminism, socialism, and what have you) and physically (obesity, sickness and so on). And nowhere are these despicable characteristica more pronounced than in the US.

I do agree with the general gist of the entry. I once pondered at a thought experiment. What would a pro-White America have had to look like? Not after a fancy nuclear war, or a counter-awakening apostasy, but as in the dealings of a genuinely racist country.

Would it have posited freedom for its own sake as its idol? Or would it have rather chosen the path of a warrior, carving the path for the infinite future generations of descendants?

Would it have built a city upon the hill reminiscent of dry Jerusalem? Or would its masons have been feared in all the corners of the world, spilling blood to make the land lush?

Can you imagine a truly _evil_ America? The kind that our modern Amerikwan would hate to see come true? Resembling the “horrific, unspeakable” visions of Germania? Which would have chided their European brethren – for remaining Christian! Which would have opposed benevolent missionary swarthy-breeding colonialism – to erect the eternal pillars of the ethnostate in its wake. Something the likes of Noam Chomsky imagine modern America to be – but a hundredfold “worse”. A whole nation actively desiring Vietnam, burning with hatred, not playing games, going for the kill. Hitler with the resources to wage a planetary war on all continents.

Instead, the best geopolitical position in the world has gone to waste, worse, turned into an Israeli-Christian golem. The bitter fruit of Europe’s failure.

Very few American racialists recognize this. For example, Michael O’Meara said: ‘In many ways, America is simply a bad European idea’.

CT, your reading of Pierce’s preacher character is surprisingly uncharitable. That fellow was a gag, an insult to Aryans falling for Christianity. Pierce described him as “babbling nonsense.” His comrades constructed a false halo for him to appear radiant before an audience…and they ate it up! Even the real televangelists haven’t done this yet (they’re too busy with prostitutes & drugs). Christianity was even listed as an opposed ideology in the National Alliance handbook.

Regarding Who We Are, it is clearly critical of Christianity and what it has done to us. The CQ isn’t weighted as heavily as it is here, but it is addressed. Pierce was too logical to feel the venomous touch of the CQ, and didn’t need to spend his adult life grappling with it personally. Perhaps he was guilty of being too clinical, but that’s an entirely different matter.

Only in The Turner Diaries does he toss a bone to some Christians, who were proven to be fighters. But on the whole the clergy are enemies, and the doctrine itself is a joke meant to assuage cowardly consciences. His revolutionaries were described as “real men” in contrast to “frightened churchgoers whining for the protection of an anthropomorphic deity.”

Regarding Sebastian, despite his feigned conception of amused mastery, many Canadians resent America for overshadowing them so utterly. Despite equal commitment to Christianity & Capitalism as America, Canadians despite their junior role in the partnership. One of the clearest cases of negative identity on Earth. His writings are also terrible, and his flag was designed by leader in a gelded South African political party that urged White cooperation with the Black government.

Do skim his book some time. I was guilty of taking him seriously once and purchased it. A nonsensical mishmash of Bushido and Asatru called…I’m not joking…”Busatru” features prominently. He’s a crank.

Regarding your first paragraph, I read Hunter twice (and also listened to Alex Linder’s reading of the whole novel). My impression is that in his second novel Pierce ‘compromised’ to attract more people to the movement, and that this character could inspire Christian Americans, and the hunter could inspire lone wolves. It doesn’t have to do with NA being reluctant to admit Christians. What matters is that Pierce didn’t criticise Christianity more than Jewry in his novels. Using my language, Pierce was a bicausalist A on his podcasts, and a bicausalist B on Who We Are. I prefer the latter. IMO he became really wise by 2002: the year he died!

Regarding Sebastian… his writings are also terrible. Do skim his book some time. I was guilty of taking him seriously once and purchased it. A nonsensical mishmash of Bushido and Asatru called… He’s a crank.

Yes, that’s true. But he was good at insulting the Orthodox Christian Matts long before the sordid scandal between the two buddies that made us see that Heimbach’s proirities lay in the religion of his parents rather than in the preservation of his race.

I like your work Mr. Tort. I agree with your stance on Christianity. It’s a Jewish hoax that is intended to enslave the minds of Aryans. It’s a slave religion, and it’s another form of Jewish control. However, i would have to say that Christianity is not a problem of a certain country, but it’s a problem across the entire White world. For example here Orthodox Christianity is huge. Wherever i have been on these forums or groups, large Christian propaganda appeared. If i brought up any sort of criticism of that religion, i would be immidetally kicked out or ridiculed as “anti Christ” or “subversive”. Christianity is like the holocaust. You are not supposed to “criticize” it, because it may offend the feels of certain people, or because it’s “unequestionable” and you would be a “monster” if you tried to ask certain questions about it. Christianity is another form of Bolshevism. A first form of Bolshevism. It promotes equality, brotherhood and universalism. Himmler called it a “2 thousand year old form of Bolshevism”.

If the White man is to survive, we need to get rid of all alien influences, not just the garbage “culture” that we have today, but also Semitic Jewish plagues of Christianity and Islam. If you are familiar with former Yugoslavia, we here have a lot of religious diversity. For example a lot of Muslims have Nordic racial features, and some Christians for example look like Turks or have Dinaric racial features. Race should be primary characteristic and feature when determining whether person is valuable or not. Religion really doesn’t matter.

I do admire that you revived the Nordic ideal that was forgotten after Jewish Bolshevik- Capitalist victory in 1945. There is nothing wrong with Nordicism and it’s simply a basic racial science, before the science have gotten into the hands of (((them))). I actually wrote it on my social media about it: ” In Europe among Whites there are a lot of racial breeds and types. Nordic race should be our prime determiner. We need to have eugenic and racially clean society. Our model should be Nordic in its racial character. Nordic man has blue or green eyes, bright hair colors is tall, slim, has round head and is around 180cm tall. Nordic race is the most successful and the smartest subrace of the Aryan. The Nordic race is right now dying and we must do it everything in our power to revive it. We must do what Himmler envisioned. Good racial hygene along with good racial characteristics that is going to represent the fullest potential of our people!”

Bring back the Nordic ideal, get rid of Jewish poison of Christ-insanity, and you will see the fullest and most noble return of Aryan people!

So Mr. Tort i do agree on all of your positions, but you should also take a consideration other White countries who have a strong Christian problem. I am talking about Serbia, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain etc. I always wondered why people were cucking on Christianity. Very few people have addressed that people and very people are willing to actually say for what it is! I have noticed that it was Christians who attacked me more, than the Jews! They would usually cite some Biblical verse and curse me! But knowing all of that, we still cannot put Christianity as a bigger problem than Jewry. Christianity is an infection, a plague that needs to be cured through honest conversation and education. If we are racially aware and healthy, then the Christian problem would dissappear. Keep up the good work!

Thank you. I have never said that Xtianity only affects the US. It affects all the West. And I am not saying that Christianity is a bigger problem than Jewry, but that Christian ethics is a larger problem than Jewry, since it includes the secular ethics after the French Revolution and the birth of the US that now infect all the West.

And by the way, the Nordic race isn’t ‘the most successful and the smartest subrace of the Aryan’. It is the Aryan race. Take a look at the new racial classification in the appendix of The Fair Race, linked on the sidebar.

Regarding Bosnia, I read an amusing Wikipedia article titled Afghan Arabs about how the native Bosniaks proved out too cucked for the warriors of Islam from Peshawar, who were not as shy as not to cut off some Christian heads and fuck European pussy (after covering it in a blanket, of course).

I hate orchards; is asking for some lively vegetation too tall an order? Everywhere one looks in Europe, everything is tame, impotent, lifeless, exactly as Jesus once ordered so long ago.

One thing I’d add: Hitler may not have attacked Churches a lot (Except through shaping Germany in a new way) but the Churches always attacked him. Most Churches even permitted voting for Hitler at the election.

Hello “sunhunter 61”: I agree with you but it seems to me that some people here have become obsessed with Christianity making it our chief enemy forgetting that the Jews are in the driving seat. As I said, that is as absurd as putting the cart before the horse.

Christianity is an enemy, without a doubt, and it must be fought but we cannot afford the luxury of concentrating on it, unfortunately, we must wage war on two fronts. The Jews are (and only a moron will not notice that) at the forefront in the fight for the destruction of the White race and Western civilization (or Aryan values if you prefer) and CANNOT be considered a secondary enemy. We must fight them AT THE SAME TIME as we fight Christianity since they are both the arms of the pincer that is killing us.

I would like to add a link to a great racialist American radio program: the American National Radio Network. Mike and Tabitha offer information and great insights into the crisis faced by the White race. Most importantly they are 100% anti-Christian.

It looks like you haven’t read the literature I recommended you above (it would take a couple of months to read it properly).

… it seems to me that some people here have become obsessed with Christianity making it our chief enemy forgetting that the Jews are in the driving seat. As I said, that is as absurd as putting the cart before the horse.

You are talking like the proverbial white nationalist. This is the last time I repeat it: This is not a WN site. If you want a WN echo chamber please go to WN forums.

Christianity is an enemy… The Jews are at the forefront in the fight for the destruction of the White race and Western civilization and CANNOT be considered a secondary enemy.

They are a secondary enemy. The main enemy of whites is whites themselves, as proven in the sources I mentioned to you above (The Fair Race does not contain essays authored by me, only the introduction).

Most importantly they are 100% anti-Christian.

Have you listened what I said above? It doesn’t matter that they are anti-Xtian or not. What matters is if they know that Xtian ethics is the primary factor of white decline (which includes secular, atheist ideologies throughout the West). And please don’t add bare links: I usually don’t let them pass.

First of all, I was addressing “sunhunter 61”, not you, however, you seem to relish the opportunity to argue with someone and therefore you picked on me. I never intended to create an argument. I am not the kind who tries to impose his points of view, if you don’t agree with me that’s fine. Obviously, you have not understood that basically, I agree with almost everything you said. I merely expressed a different point of view regarding our enemies and how to deal with them.

I don’t take kindly to be lectured. I have been around the block for a long time and I had an excellent political education based on classical national-socialist texts.

Another thing, I don’t know what a “bare link” is. I just posted in good faith a link as it appeared on the website. I posted this particular link several times and I never receive any complaints about it.

Bare link is a bare URL (the words in the next paragraph in brown are not a bare link).

This is not a site for bicausal-A-type racialists like you. It is a site for bicausal-B-type racialists.

You say you have been visiting this site for a while. If that’s true you’d know that this site rejects either bicausalism-A or monocausalism.

It looks academic. But in fact the difference is as huge as heliocentrism vs. geocentrism: the classic example of paradigm shift.

If you are not going to change your paradigm after reading the literature I recommend, my advice is that you move to more conventional WN forums.

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