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2nd World War Correspondence Film Women

‘Cool German ladies’

Yesterday I made a find among the documents my father left behind: a letter written during the Second World War, in Germany, from the combat zone between the Americans and the Germans.

The missive, typed in Spanish, is addressed to my father and lacks a year, although we see the words ‘Abril 9’ (April 9) at the top. A brief note from my father that I didn’t scan for this post attached to the letter reads (my translation): ‘Letter from Nelson Valderrama. Friend of mine in high school’.

I will translate the two sentences marked in pink (the orange is a sticky tape which, I assume, my father put on). On the first page, we read ‘…and I wounded the first German I ever wounded—between neck and shoulder, as I searched him I got his blood on me’. On the back is the second page we read: ‘…a young German girl, I stayed with her most of the night. I don’t understand these people, they’re supposed to hate Americans, and here they are super cool young ladies whose boyfriends we’ve killed, inviting us to spend the night with them…’

Many times I have mentioned my favourite Russian film, Andrei Rublev, where Durochka, a blonde girl, spits in her partner Andrei’s face to leave with a Tartar after these savages massacred, with infinite cruelty, almost all the inhabitants of her village. What I love not only about that scene but about the film in general, is that it makes no value judgements: it just portrays with extraordinary crudeness the reality as it happened centuries ago in director Tarkovsky’s mother Russia.

In one of his videos, the late Gonzalo Lira said that women’s behaviour shouldn’t infuriate us. It is simply their nature. I would add that this is as true for Dúrochka as it is for the German women, as we see in this letter which shocked me yesterday when I read it for the first time in my life. (While I had long heard the name ‘Nelson Valderrama’, I had no idea that this idiot had fought on the wrong side during WW2!)

Not only did the casualties Valderrama describes disgust me as I read it, but his letter sheds light on why Andrew Anglin is right that women’s brains are constituted in such a way that they think radically differently from us. And as a vlogger said, whose text I edited in my anthology On Beth’s Cute Tits (pages 99-116), if power were to pass once more to us, we must never again empower the fair sex.

But I insist: the late Lira was right that we shouldn’t hate women in the least for their behaviour. If anything, we should hate the men who have been tolerating, and still tolerate, all feminist waves. That’s why I so highly recommend the best Russian movie ever made: a film so different from Hollywood that only those who appreciate art cinema will love it.

Correspondence Kali Yuga

Island of slaves

In his most recent e-mail, Benjamin Power said:

There is no one—no one, not a soul!—left in this country whom I can legitimately converse with in a sensible manner. I know of absolutely no one. This island of slaves [the UK] is a gulag of pain. What are their books if they cannot be read, ringed ornaments for their coffee tables; stepping stones for the muddy road to their work?

Remember that I have renamed the category “West’s Darkest Hour” to “Kali Yuga”, which means the same thing, but I did it in honour of Savitri Devi.

Correspondence Racial right Racial studies

Contra C-C commenters

by Benjamin Power

It’s very enervating [emphasis by Editor!] to read Counter-Currents comments. They’re so very confident. Bad enough that they consider their “Russians” (for it is easy for them to incorrectly render race and country synonymous) ‘white’, more honorary Slavs all in a line, or Russia considered even predominantly Slavic, but, with an appalling irony, I now see from a few commenters (and with no pushback against this, and indeed some upvotes) that:

Connor McDowell: Everyone’s favorite uncle only scored 71% when I just uploaded his mugshot.

Hamburger Today: This actually makes sense. The features of most of the very tippy-top of the NSDAP hierarchy are not very ‘Aryan’ in appearance. Heidrich is really the only one that looks like the ‘Aryan ideal’. Just goes to show that ‘Aryan’ isn’t everything.

Scott: Anyway, “Aryan” is very obsolete and almost meaningless terminology anyway, derived from the linguistics of Indo-European, which is basically all European languages and some non-European languages like Farsi. “Aryan,” therefore does not include Whites from Hungary, Estonia, and Finland, who speak the Finno-Ugric languages.

Kok Bori: Anybody who today still uses the word Aryan as a racial term is an idiot. There is not and there was no such thing as the Aryan race, there are only Aryan languages, because Aryan is a linguistical term meaning the same as Indoeuropean aka Indogermanic languages, and in a narrower sense even not all of them, but only their Eastern branch, i.e. the so-called Isoglosse Setum, do not ask me what is this, I do not know. But I know that with such criterium the Iranians, Tadshiks, Afghanis and Indians, incl. Roma-Gipsies, all are Aryans, but the Germans, Swedes, English and French are not, because they belong to the Western branch of Indoeuropean languages, or to the Isoglosse Kentum. The using of the word Aryan as a racial term today is more than obsolete, it is anti-scientifical, propagandistic, and simply wrong. [bad syntax corrected by Ed.]

Hamburger Today: The term ‘Aryan’ may be obsolete in many ways, but it is still very common. Feelings don’t care about facts.

Kok Bori: Anytime when you see some brown Bengalis, you should know they are Aryans. [Source: here]

You get the idea. I couldn’t believe their ignorance. As you know, or may have noticed on my personal library list, unlike the all-inclusive populist propaganda of these imbecilic race traitors, I try to maintain a genuine understanding of our own race.

I take it they just haven’t read anything of classic racial anthropology or true National Socialist material. That first comment by HT was particularly oafish, as if Hitler had not considered that point clearly enough. I think they do more damage to our own people than the postmodern art AI gimmick they’re criticising. I’m not sure if that echo chamber could be broken. Given the $1000s they receive in regular donations [compared to other white nationalist sites, Greggy’s C-C is a money-making machine!—Ed.], you’d think they could at least pick up a few of the late Victorian and early 20th Century authors, or indeed re-release them.

I’m not even sure so clearly who “our people” are anymore, so many let me down. Whatever these empty, feral minds are, at least they’re correct in some sense. No, somehow, they’re not Aryan. They’ve forfeited their ancestral heritage, and are indeed direct enemies. I just see more brown words. Kok Bori insults them with mockery, and they chat idly to him, mingling in accord, all very rational, these soulless intellectual linguists.

As long as Counter-Currents is here, and is popular, I regret to think it, but my feeling is that your own site—the correct viewpoint—will languish in obscurity, or, at most, criticism and disagreement and all those terrible two-cents know-it-alls. I wish there were more good, loyal, genuine, soulful people online across these sites. I suppose there aren’t. At least they’ve marked themselves in public forever as traitors. An army’s worth of traitors; it’s a worrying thought. I couldn’t live in whatever society they really thought they could bring about.

I’m glad they can’t really succeed at that, given the incoming collapse.

It’s always on my mind, knowing how many of these creatures there are, always in the way. They’re certainly not Aryan. Merely a growing faction of overt subhuman beasts, and I have nothing but cold contempt for the entire lot of them. Schoolchildren; teen bullies, the rich, cool lads of pubs and transatlantic coffeehouses, with dark minds. It annoys me so very much. They will betray innocents. My own Norman Celtic phenotype is worthless, and my grandfather’s cyan-blue eyes have all but left our family.

But I am not a traitor.

Correspondence David Irving

Supporting David Irving

by David Irving’s family

Last October, after arriving in Florida, David Irving fell ill and has been in declining health ever since. He is now back at his home in the UK and requires round-the-clock care, a demand we’ve had to arrange privately due to constraints with the National Health Service. He was hospitalised for nearly two months, enduring the kind of challenges we never anticipated he would face.

It is with sadness that we must accept that David is now unable to engage in his life’s work. His unwavering dedication to unveiling Real History has not only defined his career but also enriched the minds of readers worldwide. David’s situation, however, has placed us at a crossroads where the path forward demands collective support.

This is an appeal to safeguard the essence of a man whose life’s work has been to bring us closer to the nuanced truths of our past. Your donations will be pivotal in two primary areas:

Medical Care and Support: Your contributions will ensure that David receives exemplary care to manage his condition and uphold the highest quality of life.

Preservation and Continuation of His Work: Financial support is also imperative to safeguard David’s extensive body of work.

To participate in this crucial effort, please donate. Here, you’ll find all the necessary information to make your contribution.

Regardless of size, every contribution is a step towards sustaining David’s impact on historical literature. Your support and solidarity in this challenging time are invaluable. We will keep you informed of his health and well-being as he faces this stage of his life with dignity. He is in good hands.

Warm regards,

David Irving’s family


Tutanota email

It’s been more than two weeks since I can’t access my Tutanota account, a free personal email service based in Germany. Apparently, users have no way to contact the Tuta tech team.

Even assuming I manage to recover my Tuta email, I would suggest that those who want to contact me do so via the email that appears in ‘Donate and/or contact’.

Thank you!


Correspondence Real men Women

In this sign…

the wolf shall conquer!

by Vlad Petre

Greetings once more Mr. Tort. Much time has passed since I sent you that email titled ‘Vlad Țepeș and the Aryan Woman’. Before tackling the subject of this new email, first and foremost I would like to say that I am deeply sorry for the loss of your mother and you have my sincere condolences. Second, I would like to congratulate you on those splendid articles regarding the New Order and its ideology. The war which the Aryan race faces is one of a cultural and spiritual nature. Truly, the first step one can take to achieve victory is to subscribe to a heroic, Nietzschean, National-Socialist lifestyle, free from degeneracy and normie bourgeoisie Christian culture.

In my previous letter, I talked about the importance of protecting white women, especially the Nordic nymphs. But this time I would like to illustrate a more sinister nature regarding the female species and their sense of loyalty through the story of Lady Ruxandra Lupu. Again it would be a great honor if this letter became an article for The West’s Darkest Hour. It brings me great joy and pride to make a small contribution to your blog.

While researching a book titled One Thousand Years in the Balkans by John Michael Cantacuzino, I found some interesting pieces of information regarding Ruxandra Lupu, the daughter of Prince Vasile Lupu, a 17th-century ruler of the Romanian Principality of Moldavia. Around the year 1650, her father was seeking a suitable husband for her. Among Ruxandra’s first suitors was an influential Polish noble, Dymitr Wiśniowiecki, who loved her, but the Moldavian girl refused him.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the Zaporozhian Cossack warlord Bohdan Khmelnytsky was searching for a wife, for his son Tymofiy. Considering Ruxandra as a worthy spouse, Bohdan demanded Prince Lupu to hand over his daughter, but Vasile refused. Not being content with this response, Tymofiy and an army of 100.000 Cossacks and Tatars, laid siege to the city of Iași, the capital of the Moldavian Principality. In Mongolian fashion, Tymofiy and his steppe warriors burned the city. Eventually, Vasile Lupu accepted the demands of the Zaporozhians and offered her daughter in marriage to the son of the Cossack warlord.

In the summer of 1652, Tymofiy returned to Iași, accompanied this time by only 3.000 Cossacks. Many who were present at the royal court, including a German traveller, described ‘Herr Tymofiy’ as a vulgar beast-like person. On the 28th of August, the young steppe prince and the Moldavian princess got married. As crazy as it may sound, lady Ruxandra Lupu was happy and content with her new Cossack husband. Why would a noblewoman reject a high-status Polish noble who cared for her, in favour of a barbarian from the steppes who burned her capital?

This story reminded me of your article on the movie Andrei Rublev. I admit I haven’t watched the entire film as it’s not exactly my cup of tea (I prefer Tarkovsky’s Stalker). But as you have said, the scene with the Tatars raiding the village and Durochka’s betrayal tells us much about the West’s current existential crisis.

Even before modern times, women seem to have preferred the mighty ones over the ‘nice guys’, even if the mighty ones are of a different race. It should not come as a surprise that with the emasculation of white males, white females from the West are now searching for love interests among Muslims from the Middle East or black Africans. It makes me sick when I see one of our blonde blue-eyed Aryan Elf girls in a relationship with a Sub-Saharan Black Orc. And to make things worse, the System is promoting this race-mixing insanity, as it is hell-bent on exterminating our kin. I do feel bad for the titular protagonist though. Andrei is a man tormented and burdened by his Abrahamic faith. He is just like Boromir. He thinks that the power of the One Ring (Christianity) can make the world a better place and vanquish Evil, even though the Christian religion got us in this mess in the first place.

I would also like to add that among the many self-improvement videos and channels on YouTube, stoicism is a popular subject. These self-improvement content creators promote the ideas of Marcus Aurelius in an almost religious manner. I have read Meditations and while there are good ideas in it, stoicism alone won’t save the West and our women. We can’t be indifferent towards the outside world forever.

When the Hour of Kalki arrives, Whites will have to act less like Marcus Aurelius and more like Amleth the Berserker from The Northman or the Republican Romans. They will have to partake in the Wild Hunt, kill their adversaries and re-conquer their women just as Romulus and his compatriots conquered the Sabine females. A Patriarchal Yang Empire must be created to overthrow the old tyrannical Matriarchal Feminist Yin Empire so that the balance between the sexes can be reinstated.

Meanwhile, all the Andrei Rublevs of the world are going to disappear, as their slave morals will be the cause of their extinction. But first, White men must exorcise the Judeo-Christian faith and morality from within themselves and revive their old Aryan Werewolf spirit. The question is, will they do it in time? Will they stop being the Lambs of Christ and become the Wolves of Wotan?

Thank you once more Mr Tort for your time and patience and again I wish you luck in all your endeavours. In Hoc Signo Lupus Vinces!


Dear César,

I read your Salvador Borrego excepts shared yesterday on Allied criminality and thought sadly of Hitler’s magnanimous optimism and grace towards his reluctantly engaged enemies, more a beautiful, radiant Sun personality than quite enough of a Lightening one, as Savitri describes it. Certainly there should be no tolerance of historical national pride for modern Anglo European countries. By coincidence this week I had been reading a copy of F.J.P. Veale’s Advance to Barbarism in the background having just finished Ulrich Merten’s The Gulag in East Germany: Soviet Special Camps 1945-1950. I have a copy of Savitri’s Hitler-dedicated devotional poems and laments arriving shortly.

As I am accustomed to a few times a week, I checked in at the Unz Review. I rarely find anything of interest that I want to read there, always put off by the Christianity and the standard conservatism, and with little to no interest in internal American politics and current affairs.

Andrew Anglin’s titles and crass, irreverent writing style jar with me, as does any support of Third Worldism or complimentary affection for non-Aryans. I saw there was a fairly recent article discussing ‘Anglophobia’ with a photo reference to the BLM vandalism and removal of British statues, such as a figure of Winston Churchill, and the American confederacy and founding fathers monuments. I had no interest in reading that as I imagined it would be full of self-pitying excuse-making and a defensiveness regarding neochristian miscegenators and classical liberal friends of Judaism, small-town rural Trump supporters and Bible belt conservatives nostalgic for the 1950s, and all our unpunished war criminals.

I hate their ignorance and their smugness, yet more confident boors convinced that they are good people, acting steadfast as their own defence lawyers, just like all the terrible, cruel, lazy acquaintances and cowardly, dispassionate friends across my own life who have always been convinced instinctively that they are good people, and will not hear otherwise or accept fault for anything.

All these ideologues of the right-wing have beyond anyone else is a superficial awareness of race at all. [Editor’s emphasis] If appalling action can’t be denied altogether then we are told only that it doesn’t matter, and that whites—always in a big equivocated line—have nothing to be ashamed of. So very much of society is lost to me, so dispassionate and feral and moronic; all these proud good people and their pathological face-saving.

It’s the same with Patriotic Alternative, who occasionally send a newsletter to my email box. They have a recent campaign browbeating their audience with moralist propaganda.

Today’s letter informed me that a 98-year-old Second World War veteran has been forced out of his home into a temporary shelter at the same time as the debilitating long-term government immigration policy increases exponentially, all hostile aliens granted preferential accommodation and fast-tracking into the benefits system. Much is made of his war veteran status. I don’t deny that the government’s cruelty towards any very elderly man would be completely unacceptable, just as everything else they do to us is completely unacceptable, but I wish there was no patriotism and respect for these veterans among nationalists, and indeed no support of the modern British Army either, given its sole operation in unnecessary anti-white puppet wars, and its subversive presentation, and the readiness with which it could be turned on the citizens.

I found myself wondering what this old veteran had done in the war, what crimes he may have committed or covered for, and what he may have turned a blind eye to, or just gone along with and never reflected on at all, and been praised for then, and been praised for now, and at all times in between, having served a murderous traitor alliance above the wellbeing of his own European folk, utterly devastating a far superior society with infinite cruelty, and damning the future, razing European hope. What he did do (or didn’t do), for Jews, capitalist Christians and the competitive warmongers of greedy Anglo-Saxon empires.

I don’t see any hope for these people. Their hideous pride cannot be knocked from them. [Editor’s emphasis] When the global economic system does fall apart, in the true onset of an openly collapsing environment, I dread what they will do, as inimical to the health of their own people as any immature leftist movement, or any activism on any matter, another subset of normal people filled with that vast unemotional ignorance and all the brute carelessness of the orthodoxy. I forever hope that they remain disorganised, and most certainly never bring themselves to a position of power. I know they will make it dangerously worse as everything becomes unmanageable.

Having bought some 2×4 gravel-board planks, I’m dedicating the next few days to designing and building a couple of garden chairs from scratch. Something long-lasting as plastic chairs are flimsy and unattractive. I went for a long walk into the Mistley woods today with Abby. A large, beautiful, hilly woodland.

The centuries-old trees were awe-inspiring, stretching numerous and tall into a thick leafy canopy, natural collonades of elms and hazels and ash trees and the giant desiccated trunks of ancient English oaks, and I appreciated that opaque softness to the misty air, and the brilliant white sun in a pale off—white sky falling into the pastel clearings in straw—hued beams, from between dark rainclouds in pleasing chiaroscuro, an abundance of subtle green shades to the deeper foliage and a coldness and freshness to the forest air, up and down hills and beside little freshwater trickles, away from people and everything urban and modern, the only sound being the creaking of branches, the chirps and calls of birds high above, and occasional rustling in the leaves; and that intangible natural sound beyond placement that one only experiences in the very depths of woods when anything of human imposition is no longer present.

Perhaps the private sound of the woods themselves, essentialized. There were black and white cows sheltering in the gloom among the chestnut trees at the edge of the lower meadow. Some young rabbits grazed near the blackberry brambles. A cricket hopped across our path and into the ferns. I relish time in the woods as a somehow sacred feeling. Relaxing as much as the only experience that brings me genuine psychological healing, rarely present in my life…

I’ve gone on for far too long. I’m not sure if you’ll ever have the time to read this. I’m very bad at laconic thought, getting worse the more isolated I feel—and I acknowledge that I am in true physical actuality in total alienated isolation and under thick environmental pressure—knowing that I am always on my own with my thoughts and yearning to get them all out of the way in one go each time. Aside from Abby, who doesn’t really get me, much as she’s also increasingly hostile and frustrated, you’re the only person I’m in conversation with at all, and I’m sure I offload far too much. The silence seems to kill me, and then I just type too much. I’ll leave this here.

I despise the society, and the huge, sprawling mobs of cold, desensitized, destructive people, the multitudinous rabble of subhuman slave beasts with European skins, none of whom give a shit about each other. I wish I was strong enough even to hate them more effectively.

In all my life in this country I have met no more than two single solitary people genuinely worthy of brotherly love, honour, and respect, both unconnected men, both long dead at their own hands, and with long tearing grief on my part, realising over cruel spans of pain that I can no longer find human racial compassion here, in a nation of some money and no love.

I have never met a family in this country worth saving, though so much I had used to wish I could, that wracked hope gone only these last five months. Maybe they still exist. If not by now, it seems I will never get to know if they are there. You are literally the only friend who does not wound me and turn me away. A distant warmth. The only friend at all, and I know no one else but family torturers, and my only circle of unrelated acquaintances a fierce string of condemnatory professional adults, paid well for their work. I am scared to push my luck with you.

Best regards,



Berk’s comment

Responding to a few words in my preface to our latest book-PDF (‘Unlike the American National Socialists who now are virtually extinct, today’s white nationalists do not advocate National Socialism, not even in Christianised form’), Berk said (slightly edited):

There has been a massive drop in realism with today’s so-called American White Rightists. Probably around 2000 was their peak, even though they were hamstrung by US Christianity they had a real revolutionary mindset. Today’s USA WN and the farcical Alt-Right were civic nationalists at best and riddled with system-promoted stooges. The fact there is still no viable alternate political party in the USA shows how low they are.

A paradigmatic article that shows how today’s racial right has completely lost its revolutionary spirit is Robert Griffin’s ‘An Exchange with a Newspaper Reporter’ published last week in The Occidental Observer. Griffin makes a list of recommended readings for a normie reporter, and puts Greg Johnson at the top of his list: the quintessential paradigm of the anti-revolutionary spirit that reigns in today’s white nationalism—and the same could be said of the other top racialist sites that Griffin recommends to the reporter.

As visitors to this site know, I don’t recommend immediate revolutionary action. As I said in the preface to our last book-PDF, the System has found a way to tame the blonde beast: control him through pleasure. (I hope that by now, after having left my preface on American Racialism a week up on this page, our visitors have already read Kerry Bolton’s article.)

That doesn’t mean I’m a mere reactionary like the admins of the racialist forums Robert Griffin recommends. My thinking is revolutionary. But I don’t think it is possible to make whites revolutionary as long as the System controls them through pleasure (we have to wait for the chaos that will result from the collapse of the dollar and how it will converge with other catastrophes). By now the excessive timidity of virtually all white males has so unhinged white women that they have become ethno-traitors. I have just replied to an email from a reader of this site alarmed at the mental condition of women:

Have you read my anthology against feminism linked in the featured post?

Women would immediately take our side, and their preservation in the race war if only we behaved like the characters in The Turner’s Diaries.

They are made to follow the strongest, and currently all male Westerners the Establishment allows to speak in the hegemonic media are weak and ethno-traitors. I believe that the real problem is the men, and that if they were to change, white women would change immediately.

It’s curious, I’m writing this the day after watching a few scenes from My Fair Lady (a film I watched as a child on the big screen with my family), including the famous scene of Jeremy Brett playing Freddy Eynsford-Hill when he was head over heels in love.

My sisters loved that movie as kids. It is truly amazing how the relationship between the sexes has changed after a few decades because of what the ancient Indo-Aryans called Kali Yuga (English translation: the darkest hour in history for Aryans).

Child abuse Correspondence

The Unz Review

Dear Cesar,

Recently you recommended that I could utilize The Unz Review to offload some of my written thoughts. I’m afraid I still haven’t really engaged with that, although haven’t ruled it out. I browse it every few days, along with scanning Zero Hedge, the latter for occasional economics stubs. Counter-Currents is too much for me—lowbrow, ignorant and tacky.

I have to admit that I feel a bit overwhelmed by the commenters on The Unz Review. From the speech idioms and stylistics I gather they’re mainly Americans. I remember a recent irritation and mild sadness noticing a number of commenters across various articles consoling themselves and gloating over the ‘fact’ that at least we can be glad that their figures in question will, once dead (of natural causes presumably) be burning in hell.

That sentiment seems common, often applied to government agents and politicians. Much with the occasional gung-ho armchair warrior quips—for they are rarely serious or mature—I find myself scrolling through endless low-tier responses and rehashes. Hell exists for them as a passive convenience to punish others terribly without actually having to do anything, as much as that long-term imposition of fear and trauma, much as they all seem confident enough that they themselves are ‘right with Jesus’.

Naturally, bar a successful revolution, the officials in question will not be punished though, and will continue with their agenda until the terminal silencing of comfortable old age, toasted in political reverence by their groomed successors. However, at a gut level, I disliked the invocation of by proxy sadism more than the lackadaisical appeal to unlikely Judaic metaphysics. I wouldn’t really know what to add there—I’m not very adept at political discussions and don’t keep an updated in-depth knowledge of news and current affairs.

On a second point, I’m quite upset that they regularly allow Edward Dutton to post up his cruel religious authoritarianism. I don’t like his research at all, and find the science sloppy, filled with orthodox biases. Flawed premises at the fundamental level. He’d have to start again completely. I thought of your recent post on child abuse. I believe Dutton wrote a piece recently promoting school bullying as a natural evolutionary strategy. Something like that. There was a typically cack-handed piece on schizophrenia also. He seems to self-assign validity to his metrics based upon a cold British public school conservatism more than rigorous impartial science. You can feel the disgust oozing. I’ve read a few of his books also. That awful attachment to genetic reductionist dysgenics and psychiatry. He defines atheists as ‘spiteful mutants’ and maintains that faith in (Christian) religion is another evolutionary advantage.

There’s this rushed feel, as if he is frantic to solve his problem and has had to throw compassion out the window just to be pragmatic before it’s too late and the geniuses run out—a task perhaps not unbearably taxing given what seems to be an extremely low level of natural empathy. As is frustratingly common in these sorts, he vengefully lampoons Vegans in his unfunny, over-long BitChute videos. Thankfully, a few commenters seem to pick up on Professor Dutton’s contemptuous bullshit, although I notice he’s still extremely popular with much of the dissident right, particularly in the UK. In general, I take it the likes of Mark Collett define ‘child abuse’ exclusively as incest and sexual molestation, and even then only really focus on transexuals and Muslim rapists, ignoring the family unit altogether.

In my own life, I admit to you, I was forcefully raped once as a child by an older boy, a Pakistani bully, who made a habit of humiliating me publicly with mockery and physical violence as much as he pinned me down and performed a couple of disgusting acts on me in private. It haunted me for quite a while. Oddly perhaps, it didn’t scar me long-term as much as rendered me cynical and opened my eyes to other races. It remained, always at root, my parents and their emotional (and periodic) physical abuse that shattered me inside though.

My Dad telling derogatory jokes about me to that bully once as they both laughed at me hurt extremely. I was bullied quite a lot at school by a range of rich public school snobs. Almost every day, for ten years. Mum never intervening or particularly noticing hurt me—and continued to socialise with the mothers of those bullying me.

Beyond that, their general toxic pedagogy and petty, humiliating authoritarianism by nature, and their general lack of faith in me and lack of interest in me beyond their desired roles were more unbearable than anything. It lasted right up until adulthood as you know. A matter of recent months. Yes, repeated emotional damage is the most painful to me. I was angry at the Pakistani and his family, pissed off and impotent.

More of a roughing-up setback than a self-implosion though. A violent bar-room brawl measured against a systemic piecemeal suicide. I never expected the outside world to be as kind as I thought my parents would have to be. These damned white nationalist ‘campaigners for children’ never seem to consider this. I’m sorry to read that more regular commenters on The West’s Darkest Hour don’t respond to your materials on child abuse, especially given their aetiological overlaps. I was a little surprised. I won’t write for a while now, so as to let you work.

Best regards,




A commenter just told me:

Hi Cesar, you had written before, “Something that bothers me about my blogging career is that the more philosophically mature I get, the fewer visits I receive.” As Donald Hoffman argues in The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth From Our Eyes, humans are evolved to maximize their reproductive chances, which has little to do with the pursuit of truth; indeed, focusing on truth as an end goal lowers these chances.

What the vast majority of people care about is increasing their relative social status so they make more money, are better liked in their communities, and have greater reproductive odds. And as Thomas Ligotti concludes in The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, “If truth is what you seek, then the examined life will only take you on a long ride to the limits of solitude and leave you by the side of the road with your truth and nothing else”…

Just my two cents.

If you want to live and reproduce, you’d better believe the myths of your time (the king is not naked). Woe betide you if you point out that the king is naked (only children like the one in the story, drunks and madmen tell the truth).

Nevertheless, we cannot compare a healthy age, with healthy myths—let’s say Greco-Roman before they interbred—with Christendom. One reflects a healthy archetype and the other an incredibly malignant one. There is nothing wrong with believing in the gods of Olympus or their Germanic equivalent, the gods of Valhalla, if those archetypes are attuned to the eternal truths for the Aryan peoples (cf. the early chapters of Savitri’s book). On the other hand, failing to repudiate a New Testament written by Jews for Gentile consumption is infinitely perverse.

What you say is true but only because whites today are fucking degenerate shits who only deserve Kalki to come and exterminate them. (You should read Savitri’s book, linked in ‘Our Books’, to understand this point.)

As for me being left alone preaching in the wilderness, that’s also true. But have you reflected about these words I recently wrote about Wagner and Nietzsche?

If there is one thing that emerges from all these biographies that I have read and conscientiously weighed up, it is the revelation that Christianity condemned Nietzsche, to use the poet-philosopher’s words, to a seventh solitude: absolute solitude that over the years annihilated him psychologically. That’s the tremendous asymmetry I was talking about, compared to the much famed and incredibly beloved Wagner by Europeans in general and Germans in particular…

One German gets all the glory and the other is condemned to the extent that nobody wants to listen to him, to the point of losing his mind. And it all has to do, of course, with the fact that the Aryans were Christians in the 19th century. And even in the 21st century the racial right loves those who echo Wagner’s anti-Semitism, but those who also blame Christianity are ignored.