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How will the Castilian Wolf deal
with Little Red Riding Hoods
after the crash

The most paradoxical thing about women is that, while the fairest specimens of Aryan females look indeed like the crown of the evolution, if you empower them the race goes extinct. They’ll simply refuse to reproduce. In fact, all of the present demographic winter looks like a typical women’s shit test writ large:

If you let my whims run amok with runaway feminism your little genes are going extinct. Have a little respect of yourself, you pathetic eunuch. Take heed of how nymphs and nymphets were fair game when the first Romans faced extinction and resorted to the abduction of the Sabine women. After the racial wars in a Mad Max-like world, will you have the balls to abduct me and convert me into your legit wife, with lots and lots of kids you pussycat, or will you let the niggers do the job and turn America into Northern Brazil?

Every time I watch how a drunk Clarke Gable handled Vivien Leigh during that famous scene of Gone with the Wind, carrying her up the large stairs in his arms and telling her, “This is one night you’re not turning me out,” I shake my head imagining the non-lycanthrope gentlemen, the AltRight types. (For the interregnum they’re ok, but during and after the racial wars we’ll need real wolves chasing after Little Reds.)

Gable passed the test. Leigh awakened the next morning with a look of pleasure for having been “raped” and being put, on the marital bed, in her rightful place. But it makes me wonder. Like the ancient Romans seeking wives (after being fed by a she-wolf) in order to found families, will 21st century nationalists pass the test after the rule of law collapses?

An ongoing discussion at Counter-Currents moves me to reproduce the following article, “The Future of White Women: A Speculation” written by William Ventvogel eight years ago. However radical they may appear to conservatives, present-day white nationalists are still trapped in the non-lycanthropic, bourgeoisie box, and unlike Ventvogel very few are willing to think outside the conservative box. Fortunately, the dollar is going to crash in the near future. You better be prepared psychologically to receive our unwelcome bite, turning yourself into Canis lupus with regard to the coming treatment of women, once the interregnum after 1945 is, finally, over.

Ventvogel wrote:

The ugly fact is that throughout history women have been objects of barter. This is rooted in harsh conditions that abated barely two centuries ago. The women of the West—White women— generally had it better and were the first to be elevated above commodity—and by their own men. Their ascent to their positions of market‐competitor and leader today correlates to technological ascent. By “ascent” I mean the increasing productivity‐per‐unit, and decreasing cost, of technology. Technology has nearly erased harsh conditions in most areas of the West and allowed White women to participate in affairs—even dominate. No longer does a White woman need a male guardian. But the industrialized Western states are complex and in debt. They are disintegrating, and nothing can stop this process. What will the situation of White women be as things turn worse?

Technology also grows human populations beyond safe environmental carrying capacity. By any sane analysis, Earth is overpopulated with low‐intelligence, high‐birthrate problem makers—no matter what the egalitarian lens shows. Technology will falter and down with it will go those populations brought out by hyper‐technology of food and energy production. Barbaric conditions will creep back in, and White women will lose their power. They will become commodities again. How White men handle their women then will be as important as how well they neutralize their racial enemies. It will determine the fate of the White race. White men will face two great problems in their women: 1) the competition for White women, and 2) those White women who demand what no longer exists nor can exist. This, exacerbating the struggles of survival, will make the scene ferocious.

The easy times are ending. They might collapse in our lifetimes, because technology is failing and “American” society is becoming too complex to govern. Dark peoples are streaming into the West to escape their deteriorating homelands. They have infiltrated White homelands by the tens of millions and five billion more are behind them. They are here and will remain until that desperate hour of the wolf when, and if, White warrior action coalesces and drives them out. The darks have their own leaders and White egalitarian scoundrels willing to collaborate with them. And they have White technology and weapons. In the coming war of White survival, White men will be defending not only their sustenance but also their women from dark warlords.

Whites have been besieged in Mother Europe before: by Huns, Moors, Mongols and Turks. But the coming war in North America will be different. The White man will be the obstinate holdout, unsure of himself, and the smaller tribe. And his women will be gold. Blonde and red‐headed women of apparently pure White blood will be highly prized: battled for, murdered for, negotiated for, abducted and bought, acquired by tribute, by black, brown, yellow and Jew warlords. The White warrior aristocracy would develop a creed of fanatical protection of its women—much like the Old South—a Castilian intolerance of dissent, ready to eradicate any hint of threat—and this includes the defection of White women.

It is of course intellectually au courant to think that the White race is history’s most rapacious. This is the product of Jew propaganda. The White man has proven himself the most humane. The dark races, too, have invaded, plundered, razed and enslaved. But it was Euro man who abolished these actions, as the objects in official policy, when he could. He developed the technology and shared it; he possessed the means and the innate sensitivity to attempt it. Even before the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and long before the advent of the steam engine, the White man saw the danger of his love of war. And he was easing up on his women—instinctively knowing that their participation in government would be necessary to rein in his instinct for adventure. Thus, White women were living better, and in the promise of a better future, centuries ago—better than the majority of dark women in their own societies today.

Today Whites everywhere are under siege. Decades of unimpeded Jew propaganda and Jew‐engendered laws meant to destroy Whites have created two White psychologies: the survivalist and the ZOGling. The survivalist psychology will eventually resist; the ZOGling is willing to surrender. The survivalist wants to live White, and wants his children to live White. He knows what White is. The ZOGling is the doomed whiteskin who doesn’t care about whiteness; more concerned is he with physical survival in comfort, and is willing to miscegenate and serve ZOG (often the ZOGling is merely dull; or worse, a “Libertarian”). The ZOGling is a whigger, meat for the dark hordes, a condom on the Jew phallus.

The new breed on the way, the Castilian wolf, will apply a sort of triage towards White women. It will be informal, ad hoc, but will seek to separate healthy White women from the tainted. After having killed off his immediate nigger, brown and Jew competitors; after securing a deep territory, the Castilian warrior must cull the pool of White women. He must discover which has had willing sexual contact with non‐White men, especially niggers. Those who have will be killed, expelled, or sold. Convinced, egalitarian, pro‐mixer White women are likely to be STD‐infected, and must be culled. (The prisoner David Lane has written a novel on this.)

It must be remembered that churches and ZOG propaganda have induced White men also to interracial sex. More powerful than these, however, is the White man’s lust. He takes whatever women it pleases him to take; same as it ever was. The White warrior who wishes to keep his honor must invent a system of honesty and judgment, both to control himself and treat White women fairly. As the time of the wolf draws nearer the White man must watch for other degenerative influences. One that is extremely damaging, but seems innocuous, is the inducement to masturbation—and not for any religious reason. This is facilitated by pornography. Masturbation is emasculation. Take a look around. Only masturbation can account for the slouched, neutered, passive character of so many young White men. The following factors are involved:

1. Images of sexualized females in advertising (soft porn)

2. Copulating females in private media (hard porn)

3. Recourse of females into careerism and as a result removal from the mating pool

4. Psychological warfare against White male identity

5. Elevation de jure and de facto of coloreds and Jews over White males in lucrative professions

All of which invert White males: some into homosexuality, others into a “celibacy” sustained by masturbation and the “wife” of pornographic images.

Retention of sperm increases aggressiveness. George Lincoln Rockwell’s famous dictum, “A man who won’t fuck, won’t fight,” is true. We should see also that a White man who accepts sexual release anywhere but into a worthy White woman is ceding territory to Jew and colored males. One incentive for warfare was the capture of desirable women. And so it shall be again. The White man who fails to establish and protect a pool of choice [for] White females from the coming statistical empire of 15‐20 Jew, nigger, Asian and mongrel men for every single White woman, will effectively fail to secure himself. The simple fact will be this: the strongest warriors will get the best women—same as it ever was. The more technology falters, the greater the danger, and the more intense the competition for White women. The Chinese still practice female infanticide. Within 50 years there will be 200 million Chinese men for whom there won’t be Chinese women. Think about that when the lights go out again. The numbers cannot be avoided.

In A.B. Guthrie’s superb novel The Big Sky (1947), Boone Caudill returns home to Kentucky after 20 years as a White savage in the Shining Mountains. Caudill has killed a dozen men, red and White, with a knife, gun and tomahawk. A pretty young girl, a neighbor of his brother, shows interest in him. Her mind and his can never share the same topography, however. Here in Kentucky he feels trapped and doomed, and knows he can live only in a state of anarchy. He arranges an evening tryst, and rapes her. She is talking of moonlight and flowers, and he only wants her body. Consider this excerpt:

He got up afterward and straightened himself, looking down while she lowered her skirt and curled on her side and lay in the grass, her mouth still a little broken from the feeling in her and her shoulders bucking to her catchy breath.

Her voice was small and jerky but it still spoke as if of something sure. “When’ll we be married, Boone?” He had wanted this woman and now he had her and never wanted her again. In him there was only a deadness, the numb deadness of a man sure enough about dead. He sank down in the grass.

“When, Boone?” It was her hand now that hunted for his and cuddled it in the warm palm as if it was hers for good and all.

“I ain’t thought about that.”

We got to be married,” she said, and he thought he heard the quick sound of scare in her tone. “We just got to be married”…

He had to go. His feet straightened and lifted him up. “I got a woman.”

He left her sobbing in the grass. Once he heard her cry after him and took a glance back and saw her sitting and bowed over. It was too bad she took it so hard, but he had to go. Under him his feet quickened…

He had to go. West again. Somewhere west, as in that far‐off time…

He didn’t realize he was running until he saw Blue trotting to keep up.

This will be the general form of the White man in barbaric conditions. Most will not be this crude, of course. Caudill was not very intelligent. But his character indicates the consequences of pariah‐hood and pent‐up rage.

When the ’Kwa [Amerikwa—a negative word used to describe the degenerate, racially destructive, Jewified, niggrified, pussified, and depressing place that America has become] starts disintegrating Whites will scramble to form communities. Regional conditions will vary according to the infrastructure which blacks and browns prefer—that is, urban. The colder the climate, the better. The more trees and mountains, the better. How many niggers have you seen in the mountains? A picture of the nigger’s sexual nature is to be seen in the areas in which he thrives: the cities. The male nigger, having been loosed by Jews to be what he is, runs about like a hyena. To this sort of nigger, who dominates nigger areas, masturbation is what chumps (pussies) do. And fags. A buck nigger seeks release only in penetration—hence the sexual aggressiveness of niggers and their increasing success with White females as White male sexual energy retreats. When the time comes White males must kill all White pussy‐hound niggers and White women who give themselves to them. They must be hunted down and killed with Castilian ruthlessness. In the coming wars, bourgeois values will be a joke. Any White man who fails to purge miscegenating White women from his community allows poison to fester in it.

The Jew knew exactly what he was about when he caused, over decades of careful undermining, pornography to be decriminalized. Until the Jew snuck out of his ghettoes and into White civilized society, pornography and masturbation were anathema. Our White ancestors crushed pornography and counseled against masturbation—though their reasons for doing so were idiotic religious reasons, ours are for sound biological reasons. In the end, masturbation is cheap and weak. Masturbation is White male control.

After the wars of survival, which will be in effect culling processes, medieval conditions will come. White women will again be traded and sold, or married off, to effect political alliances. There will be no avoidance of this, a necessary step in the evolution of White civilization. The areas bordering Jew, nigger, mestizo and Asian dominions will be raided for plunder and White women. White women must be practically ensconced into harem‐like conditions for their security and to secure a breeding pool. The crimes of the future are inevitable.

The solution to the problem of White women in our time is the same solution for the other problems we have under ZOG. The solution is, abandon the system. Accelerate the rot of ZOG and the ’Kwa by withholding energies that maintain it. White women out of control; White women holding power over White men in corporations, military, government and law enforcement; all this is a condition which will disintegrate when the ZOG does. In a Jew‐free society the balance will be restored. The rage is smoldering and there will be retribution against a certain type, or types, of White women at the proper time. There are many Boone Caudills and there will be many more. They have no use for ’Kwa and will take it down. I have heard them—the exiles, simmering for The Day [of the Rope], tell me of being dumped by arrogant White professional girlfriends for nigger toys; of losing promotions by Affirmative Action; of insults and offenses of every stripe and heat. ZOGtwats are part of the System, allied to the ZOG, and they will receive harsh treatment.

The White man has no enemy who can stand up to him if he decides to quit feeding them. When the Jew‐capitalist machine breaks down, he gets his women back. The start is that simple. The conclusion will not be. How he handles it will decide his fate.

24 replies on “Lycanthropy”

The wording here sounds wrong: They will simply stop to reproduce. Better to say, They simply refuse to reproduce. Or, They simply stop reproducing.

Brutal Truth – someone has to say it. I try and emphasize the food whores. That gets people in the right frame of mind for the real nitty gritty that is to come.

I will secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

And if the White Aryan bitch doesn’t do her duty, I will make her.

Yesterday I watched Beowulf & Grendel and when I saw Beowulf tying up Selma I told to myself: That’s the way white men should handle those cute creatures, especially after the world order collapses.

At what point in the movie does this happen? (I was able to find the whole film on YouTube). Do you know the exact time?

It happens when Beowulf forces Selma to reveal the whereabouts of Grendel. This is from Wikipedia:

In revealing more about Grendel’s nature, Selma recounts how Grendel had once visited her hut and clumsily raped her and has protected her since that day, troubling Beowulf all the more. Yet that does not stop him from moving forward to kiss Selma, who deftly slaps him for tying her up earlier in the film, which he did in an attempt to get her to lead him to Grendel. Nevertheless, she then pulls his head forward and kisses him, quickly initiating and taking the lead in their lovemaking as she straddles him down on her bed.

The rest of your blog seems normal except this strange rant, one excilent example of this is seen here.

>”The areas bordering Jew, nigger, mestizo and Asian dominions will be raided for plunder and White women””He must discover which has had willing sexual contact with non‐White men, especially niggers. Those who have will be killed, expelled, or sold.”<

This whole post is a masturbatory fantasy of a mad max world driven by mysogeny and rampant kluklux hatred of women and non-whites.

As a racialist and national socialist I am appauled. If you men are looking for degenerate animals to slay, then you merely gander to a mirrior. For you represent everything that the Aryan man has degenerated into that Rosenberg, Heidegger and Neitzsche warned against– a violent, debased, and profligate desire-driven animal devoid of any higher virtue and spiritual virility.

Further, I am disgraced that you even echo some of our ideology. And this post (of which I first assumed was satire) is a stain upon a great legacy of resistence, honor, and higher virtue toward the International Jews.

You are altogether wrong. You don’t even seem to have read The Turner Diaries’ glorious Day of the Rope: making justice on all liberal women who wanted to exterminate their race. If Aryan males forfeit The Day right after they win the racial revolution, no exemplary chastisement will make spoiled women mend their ways.

In Europe, either the non-white males of the coming Eurabia, or the 4th Reich Aryan Nazis, will fix their white women. There will be no other way after the coming convergence of catastrophes that will start with the collapse of the dollar and end with a paradigm shift after the energy devolution crisis is over. I would recommend your reading of the posts about traitorous feminists in this blog, starting with F. Roger Devlin’s superb piece in The Fair Race.

The alleged National Socialist from NZ is nothing but a faint coward whose self-righteous sense of affront is supposed to substitute as an argument.

He conveyed nothing of substance other than a condescending sense of incredulity at that which he’s too emasculated to fathom.

But I read this post and I applaud each and every word of it. Our women have gone much too far and must to beaten back into line, whatever it takes, whatever the cost, they must be schooled harshly on some basic lessons in loyalty.

I won’t regret a thing and I will be very proud if my sons and grandsons enforce the dreadful consequences you speak of above.

They are absolutely necessary for the survival of our race and totally justifiable.


I took a hard look at the behavior of white women around me, and all those I knew. . .

I will admit that I was wrong, we can not live if we don’t have the willingness to slaughter those who are planning and executing the destruction of our race. Violence is the answer, now more than ever. Those who are willing to live, will fight, and those not willing to fight will be hunted down and butchered alive for treason. Any creature which willingly serves its own children as a sacrifice to a diversity god must be destroyed in rivers of blood.

I now understand after reviewing the state of Aryan men and women around me, that your proposed methods don’t go too far enough. What we need more than anything is the complete annihilation of anything that is even remotely liberal, jewish, and unaryan. Drugs, sex, porn, alcohol, vice, and degeneracy– like the whores of late Rome they all indulge in the Semitic sins. They are not our people, even if they carry our genes those will too be lost with time. They are wholly an abomination and deserve to be purified, allowing them to spread the cancer the Jew has infected them with would be suicide.

While I still try to cling to Aryan honor, tradition and high culture and spirituality, I realize these things are what blinded me from seeing this abhorrent creature that they truly are. I had seen clairvoyantly what they were, and peered into their soul. I saw a desecrated zombie masquerading as an Aryan, a filth filled soul that has been eternally perverted by the Jew. Nothing will ever be brought back from them and they are an eternal blight to anything around them.

All of it must go, Chechar. We need to kill them all, and ensure with the most painful, powerful and memorable methods that this is never going to happen again.

Hail Ares, The Lord of Struggle.

Your comment is so good that I’ve reproduced it as a separate entry in my addenda.

Remember that I only wrote the lead paragraph of the above article. Yes: traitor women must be slaughtered with no pity. Have you read the last pages of The Turner Diaries?

Yes as a matter of fact I have finished both Hunter and Hellstorm, though I just finished the day of the rope in your blog and I am astounded that I never finished The Turner Diaries. The entire concept of racial uprising is facinating on many levels but what makes me even more inquisitive is the fact that most “white nationalists” would rather die themselves or live to see their race exterminated rather than apply force and violence in the rebellion from the Jewish plot to exterminate our people.

Thanks to your posts and blog, and your books, I am now going to start my own blog and I already have the topic and material for my first post. The inversion and corruption of the Virture of Fertility. Its all about how white women have been corrupted and fertility cults and the beautiful have been distorted by the jew.

I now understand that the wholesome ideals of racial ‘revolution’ in the minds of average whites is futile. The disheartening degenerate disease which has infected their very soul has taken root from the motherseed of the talmud. The very soul of our people in so many aryans has been mutilates to an unrecognizable abomination, to such an extent that the ideal we expound is inconcievable to their reprobate minds.

Above all, the damage the jew has done to us that I have tried to articulate is not entirely in the flesh or in the political or cultrual realm of aryandom, but in the very fibre of the genospirit of our people.

The pacifistic white “nationalist”, is a perfect example of this. They will look at events like The Rape of Rotherham, and then scream that we need to protest with their “mantra”. In reality they are all cowards who are unwilling and unready to do all that is needed to achieve victory.

The pacifists need to be completely exterminated in our ranks as soon as possible, the events in rotherham are only sending the fire to a fever pitch now. We will need to strike back while the iron is hot.

We don’t need a revolution as Covington describes, or a tyranny as Pierce states.

We need to Purify!

Kill every god forsaken filth that protects the rapists of little white girls, and kill every single non white in our nations and beyond. We must understand that if pacifism means accepting the spiritual and physical rape and defilement of our race we must reject peace and fight against the very idea of peace.

We must learn to love war, to love the destruction of non whites, not for the “white pathology” of moralistic altruism, but learn to love the goddess of bloodlust again, we must learn to love the senseless slaughter of anything even marginally different that the hyper-extremity of nationalism which you, I and so many others are part of.

And finally, we must stop bitching and whining in protests, stop complaining on fourms, blogs, and news sites. We must not take to the streets in ‘revolution’ or ‘uprising’. But we must kill every living thing that is even remotely against aryandom.

We must Purify.


Does your name have any reference to Clearchus? The Spartan who taking a bribe from the persians built his army with their money and fraught against them.

Kai Murros is very realistic and a shining exaple of a proper nationalist and realistically understands the current paradime.
http://youtu.be/ok-XnmfLLyY National revolution
http://youtu.be/puuvZwzhYes war of liberation

No: my pen-name is explained in the article linked on the sidebar, “Who am I”.

The pacifists need to be completely exterminated in our ranks as soon as possible

Have you read my response to pacifists Franklin Ryckaert and Greg Johnson on this very subject?

I have read your post on Johnson, and I’ve suspected that he is an agent of some foreign inteligence operation for some time— But I might be giving him too much credit for his degenerate ideas.

He comes from San Fransicko, I live in california, and nothing good has ever come out of New Soddom. It’s a filthy citty, literally strewn with garbage. The people in it are all profligated who, given the goody-bags of liberal degeneracy, will allow the fags any disgusting public show of their perversion.

You are also right about Nationalists needing to embrace austerity and the virtues of self reliance. Rockwell, Pierce, and Hitler himself talked extensivly on how conservatives merely wish to conserve their money and social standing and have no care for the tradition, race and culture of their people.

Often times when Ive been reading your blog, which has excited me greatly because you are willing to both commit violence and also not mince words against degenerate nationalists. As well as having wonderful philosophical insights such as your Sparta series.

Even more often the posts I read from you echo the very things at I have been thinking over for some time, but written in a less volatile and more articulate speech.

Actually yes, I downloaded both your PDF books and am starting with the “Return of Quetzequatal” series. It took me back as I realized the abuse that I had suffered under my Borderline Personality Disorder mother is something that in the natural world is disturbingly normal. The more of your posts and book I read, the more I understand that this type of parenting has led to a enormous amount of pain for myself. I particularly loved your posts talking about St. Francis as well, I grew up in a school named after him and I deeply admire the asceticism he had and willingness to give up the wealth of a abusive and decadent father.

I did not know that Yaegar supports fagism, the trend of californian white “nationalists” supporting the fag menace deems to me more like the influence of foreign inteligence agencies trying to gain control of some parts of nationalist movements, rather than simple opinion changes. I have noticed that they usually contain various simi-religious, occult, and “mystic” elements to their ideology as well, which is typical of agents as they wish to distract us from the race, and instead focus on the “religion”. I have read that you were well aquatinted with these things at one time and have become an outright skeptic of all of it,which I applaud. Religion and race have no business mixing together.

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