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At last…!

At last someone spoke out about a problem that most nationalists are reluctant to discuss. This image is taken from Carolyn Yeager’s radio podcast, where she “discusses the increasing promotion and approval of homosexuality in our Western societies, and also in our White advocacy communities.

OK, Carolyn probably saw the photo that a Spanish policeman of the little town of Bélmez de la Moraleda in Andalusia took me long time ago and momentarily thought that I was, ehem, “gay” (I really hate this word). What can I say? Not all men who have looked a little androgynous in younger years necessarily are.

Anyway, don’t miss Carolyn’s podcast. It’s must listening (link above). As far as I know, it is the first time that the problems of accepting overt, non-closet homosexuality in our community are approached honestly and fairly in audio form.

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From Greg Johnson’s latest article:

8. If you were to recommend just one book from the European New Right, what would it be?

If you are to read just one book from the European New Right, Guillaume Faye’s Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance (London: Arktos, 2011) should be that book.

9. If one were to read just one book from the North American New Right, what should it be?

The North American New Right is just getting started, so we have produced nothing to compare with the European New Right. But I highly recommend the first volume of our journal, North American New Right. It is the best of our movement so far [my emphasis], and we hope that it is sufficiently exciting to draw in new writers and spark new debates.

New debates? Are you kidding me? Homosexuality, as a subject in the sense of the critique done by Carolyn, is taboo for CC.

As Carolyn has noted, in the couple of years of its existence Johnson’s Counter-Currents has published dozens of articles written by homos (what looks like a homo agenda).

By the way, I find shameful that in this first collection of his contributors Johnson omitted what, to my mind, was the best CC essay of 2011, Michael O’Meara’s “White Nationalism is Not Anti-Semitism” (again, never confuse Michael with James).

Most of us have known that Johnson was a queer but we ignored it because he was doing some good work. This was a mistake. It was inevitable that he would go full homo at CC. Queers identify themselves as fags first and foremost even over their own race.

What moved me to post a series of articles in the last few months about homosexuality is that Greg doesn’t allow debate on this topic at CC. If he deletes your comments, you have to post them elsewhere, even as blog’s full entries. (Something analogous happened to me last year when the pious admins of Gates of Vienna shunned all discussion about the Jewish Question at their blogsite.) I am fed up of so-called “West defenders” who persist in protecting “minorities” to the point of shunning you altogether if you dare to open any honest debate on Jews, homos, etc.

Protecting “minorities” was what caused all of the current liberal mess in the first place.

Hi! I am from that little village in Spain, Bélmez de la Moraleda, and didn’t expect to find that name on this blog by any chance. It’s just curious. Greetings from old and poor Spain 😉

When I visited Bélmez in 1992 there was a meeting of the oldest inhabitants of the town that I remember so well. When I tried to find the House of the Faces I asked a police. He was so kind that he accompanied me there and even asked the House’s owner to talk to me. When I needed a photo for my research, he volunteered to take it with my camera. The town’s Mayor, a believer in the phenomenon, gave me a car ride from Jaén to Bélmez (another person I met there was skeptic). I hope the little town hasn’t been Americanized by now…

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