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When cleaning my spam filter, yesterday I found an insightful comment that inexplicably got stuck in the filter for some days along with the spam. I just corrected some typos:

I think you’re too hard on White Nationalists, or more aptly the visible portion in the blogs and YouTube-like places like Amren and Alt-Right. They, quite sadly of course, have their appearances to keep up. They’ll quickly get swamped defending every single semi-violent insinuation they make if they decided to speak realistically about the real tasks that lay before us. Such integrity would only entail a constant and costly defense against a bombarding media gleeful that they actually have some evil-whiteys to show the world.

Are they irrelevant in terms of American collapse? Yes, Jared Taylor won’t arise from the ashes of America as the next leader of a White Nation. It will be more a man of violent determination and clear, non-conciliatory ideology.

Stormfront is more a money-racket than anything. Alt-Right and Counter-Currents are just a haven for poetic Nietzschean wannabes. But they have their uses, and they’re better than nothing. It brings a few people hope that they know others are out and do not follow the modern spiritual line. I started out in SBPDL.com before I realized that Paul Kersey’s anti-niggerdom means nothing with his zero-tolerance for anything relating to the Jewish question. Few of us were born White Nationalists, and I imagine most are like myself in which the truth is slowly peeled layers instead of jumping into the heart of White racial conscious.

Thus I see little in your consistent act of pointing out dissident-righters as effeminate men who won’t lead the white-militias in the collapse. Of course they aren’t: they’re fucking intellectuals. Everything is still in the coffee-shop intellectual stage for us, and all our possible leaders and greatest fighters are either seething in the military, disenfranchised veterans, in prison, out on societies’ outskirts or merely pretending to accept the society itself.

I’m not as hopeful as yourself in terms of a total economic collapse. I’m afraid its going to be slower, and much more despotic than we would like to imagine. Most economic hard times are followed by the increase in government control, not a decrease. I’m afraid we need to prepare ourselves for even greater multikult sludge to wallow through before we get our rising phoenix moment in America. Our back-to-square-one moment is farther than we’d like to imagine.

There are vastly more militant White Nationalists in America that don’t even know their WNs yet than their are openly militant or even just passively open White Nationalists. Racialism is alive in many white men, but it is a random conglomeration of anti-nigger attitudes with the occasional stereotypical swipes at selected minorities or Jews. They are mostly misguided and disillusioned: easily swayed by Ron Paul types and Rush Limbaugh non-issue crockery than formulating any conception on the current course of White Racial extinction. What gives me hope is that when the hard times come these men will implicitly form along racial lines in the defense of what they think is right, while our enemies explicitly form their racial armies. If they start shooting at the armed gangs of blacks for reasons of a White Nation or for merely reasons of defending their home and family matters little—at that point the fabricated dream of modern American post-racialism will fail and all White men, both coward and patriot alike, will be forced to fight for the White Nation by default.

It’s all Weimar at this point. Getting the word out now, however useless it may seem without the violence to back it, may at least increase the chance that the next White strongman to take control will have proper views that will insure the continuation of the White race. More importantly, we need Alt-Right and Counter-Currents to remind us who the white traitors were. In the anarchy of the post-collapse, and in the simple racial battles that ensue I’m afraid [we] will too quickly forget the White liberals, who will suddenly go quiet and then secretly hide amongst us for our protection.

They deserve to be culled more than any black alive, and that must be tantamount if we ever plan on ensuring the multikult never arises again.

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That is a very good comment. Do white liberals need to be culled? A portion of their zeal is that they are paid – many work for Uncle Sugar in some form or another. Their loyalty is for purchase, which is great news for WN. As much as they tow the multicultural line today, they might tow our line, if their livelihood depended upon it.

Indeed, a comment who was definitely written by a highbrow. They are rare, and thus valuable…

Stormfront is more a money-racket than anything.

It is, sadly. The problem is not that Don Black asks for donations, the problem is that he lies about “needing” 7500 USD per month to keep the forum running. Anyone familiar with the IT world will assure you that 7500 USD per month of hosting costs is insanely high, and the usual tariff for a website of this viewership (~60,000 unique visitors per day, 17,000 Alexa ranking) is around 150 USD.

When after this you discover that Don Black has a long history of trying to set up money-making schemes (cf. the coup attempt in Dominican Republic), you become suspicious.

I’m afraid we need to prepare ourselves for even greater multikult sludge to wallow through before we get our rising phoenix moment in America.

This is a good thing. The more niggers enter America and Europe, the more money is squandered on absurd policies, the more havoc there is, the more the financial and technical power of western governments will terminally decline, paving the way for the birth of a new order. Until it happens, take part in the weakening… don’t pay taxes, cheat, exploit loopholes.

The only way Liberals can be eradicated is by destroying the spiritual values of both Christianity and Atheism. Only a new religion can do the trick.

Perhaps. But you don’t start a religion when you are weak; you must be a King to do that.

New ideas flow from the top to the bottom.

I appreciate the post of my old comment, as well as correcting what was likely egregious number of typos. I had written that in a very stream-of-consciousness manner aided by a few cans of sierra Nevada.

As for collapse, I hope it is how you envisioned. The more the old system dies, the more opportunities we have for a re-birth. What I fear is just another NEW DEAL but this time enriched with affirmative action and anti-white bigotry.

You are right and justified in being frustrated by the dogma of zero tolerance all these respectable New-Rigters have towards violence as a political tool. Even open discussions of self-defense cause them to squirm in their pants as if all they all secretly fear the Feds will come-a-knocking WACO style.

Ironically, even after I defended Alt-Right intellectuals for their anti-violence rhetoric, one of my comments was deleted from Mangan’s for being just o-so-violent I suppose. If you don’t read his blog, the ongoing comment discussion on his “the critical fallacy” post [link] has entered into the realm of “why do we do nothing but stay on the internet? why do we have no money? no leaders? no… etc etc etc”

My response was deleted surprisingly quickly, because I had merely spoken the non-discussed fact that the reason we feel so disenfranchised is because, well, no one fears us.

This is what I wrote:

I’ve been waiting to “do” something for the past year now. When at first I merely picked up the poignant arguments of the Alt-Right, it was merely exhilarating to educate all my sheeple peers about the ludicrous assumption that underlies modern existence. It was fun to merely be the devil’s advocate, the bearer of shocking news and the harbinger of hard truths. Now this doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

Now I’m just a sad caricature of my own beliefs. I wake up everyday and passively go through my wage-slave routine: trying to appear content wallowing in the filth we call the average western existence. My peers, coworkers, even family are spiritually barren. I can try and convince them with reason, but they’ve emotionally invested themselves in this world and nothing but emotion will pull them back. The pursuit of pleasurable irrelevancies has become the foundation for their very sanity and the pillars of their willful ignorance.

We all talk about organizing, doing something, leading something. We talk about lack of leaders, a lack of coherency, a lack of money.

Some say all we can do is be productive, white-baby producing individuals and continue to critique (when we’re allowed or when anyone is listening). We say the system is too powerful: they have the T.V., the sports, the bread and circuses, the academia, but we all know those are NONE of the reasons for what keeps us in the shadows.

Why don’t we talk about what really is the cause our underground position? The real reason we haven’t ended 50 years of non-white displacement and the erection of the church of white guilt.

It’s because we’re not violent and the left is. We know that no matter how much we progress or become politically accepted, our peaceful manner will only last until the left tires and escalates with a bullet to our head. We face a monstrous, ignorant giant of political correct orthodoxy that operates as a sacrificial cult against the White man. It has its multiracial and Judaic claws on all the modern weapons of our military (though it often uses them pathetically). It has the black, brown, and even the anti-racist white mob at its beck and call. These are their trump cards, the reason that no amount of protest or reason or money will kill this multikult monstrosity. It must be burned and bled, it must be culled from our people and from the lands we reside. For all the stereotype of the “violent militiaman white Nationalist” the reason the world ignores us is because they don’t fear us.

They don’t fear us like they fear the black mob. They don’t fear us like they fear the Barrio gangster.

They don’t fear us like they fear they military-industrial complex.

They don’t fear us at all.

Unless we wield some possibility of fear-inducing, violent retribution, every other power is becomes meaningless.

As I said in my latest entry, “With the exception of Harold Covington the movement smells to ink, not gunpowder.”

Like all reactionary bloggers Dennis Mangan is, I am afraid to say, a coward. Last year he deleted some of my posts when I dared to mention NS under a positive light (see e.g., what I wrote about Mangan here).

About the need for violence, have you already read The Brigade?

I have not, thankyou for the link. I read and enjoyed The Turner diaries both in intellectual and literary content, but I found its violence almost pornographic at times and the message a bit incoherent. I haven’t read Pierce’s other works though.

White racialism books are hard to find but are more prevalent than I had originally thought. It seems you’re allowed much more leeway discussing violent solutions to White problems in the form of fiction than non-fiction, which may mean that fiction writing could very well be the greater strategy in transforming white racial consciousness into the more violence-capable mindset it needs to embrace.

I’d thought I’d mention that I had randomly stumbled on this blog via your post on the need for white male lycanthropy. It was refreshingly candid compared to some of the overly implicit and esoteric drivel I had read been reading before. It made me realize how important embracing a new white male masculinity was for ensuring our future.

Its just amazing how even in the WN circles the most anti-establishment and fringe and revisionist movements in America, the pacifist mindset still reigns supreme.

The Turner Diaries also disturbed me on occasion, but together with the Quintet it made me gain back a self-image and self-esteem that the System had killed long ago.

The System immerses white males into violent TV and violent videogames to sublimate our legit violent drives just as it provides porn that turn the natural lycanthrope into a masturbator. By rejecting all this we claim what had been ours.

Presently even most WNists are eunuchs, but the time for actual transformation won’t arrive until the dollar crashes.

Well, it’s very refreshing to see Bluegrass91’s posts.

He is exactly right, of course. Until the enemies blood, literally, starts to be shed daily on the streets of America there will be no progress. The enemy does not fear us. It is absolutely critical for them to start shitting their pants every time they think of us. That will never happen as long as voting is an option. Nearly all of White America is weak. Most White Nationalists are weak.

Part of the reason the enemy doesn’t fear us is that what passes for White Nationalists are people who are more concerned about their bank accounts and the money that they can make. That is easy to see by their talk about promoting capitalism. Their only principle is money-making. The last thing these people want, and I’m talking about the American Third Position Party (A3p), all of the TOO writers, David Duke, Stormfront, and just about any of the rest of them, is for conditions to deteriorate to the point where they can no longer make a dollar off of the WN movement. The other part of it is their own personal cowardice. If not they would be pushing guerrilla warfare or at least permit authors of futuristic fictional accounts of guerrilla warfare to post regularly on their websites.

Can you imagine what the American Third Position Party 2012 Presidential candidate,Mr. Merlin Miller, (or any of the rest of the above) would do when asked to step forward to have an indelible mark placed on his forehead, was given a hot meal, a combat knife, and a large burlap gunny sack and told he could not return without the sack containing the freshly severed heads of five non-whites?

It is absolutely critical for them to start shitting their pants every time they think of us.

But this is what Mangan et al would not allow even as an isolated thread comment. After Stormfront did not let pass a comment of mine about fictional revolution (yes: fiction; novels), I knew that I would not bother to try to communicate with these guys again.

One hell of a Post.

Yes, one needs their intellectuals…and their fighters.

See: this

Very good entries on the very subjects you brought in the above title; if you are unfamiliar, the author was one of the Bruder Schweigen, or Silent Brothers of RJM. I have read them all, and have found them to be a decent step in the right direction.

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