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The future is for the bloodthirsty,

not for the alt-righters

Panina said

There are very tangible reasons to stop associating with the “white nationalist” movement:

1) It is dead. Anyone with two eyes, a brain and enough courage can attest this fact. Though disappointing, it is understandable that it has not achieved a single victory in its entire history. What is far more problematic is that it is losing adherents and sympathizers at a steady pace instead of gaining new ones. This is a raw estimation, but I don’t think there are more than 50,000 active and declared WNs in the entire US territory as of now… That’s called a sect, a cult.

2) It is pathetic. Read Stormfront, the world hub of WNism, to understand what I mean. Who wants to associate with those who post there? I’d rather live among Hispanics or Asians than among the lowbrow skinheads, mixed-race “Whites”, Slavs, feminist women and Christian creationists of Stormfront.

3) The term “white nationalism” bothers me because “white” is too vague. I’ve seen enough specimens of white Untermenschen in my life to understand that skin color alone is unfortunately not enough, in times of accelerating dysgenism, to assert the nobility, intelligence and probity of someone.

I like the terms “realism” (since were are, in fine, observers and accepters of scientific truths), “white advocacy”, “pro-white” (which has a double meaning), or “new right”.

I replied…

White nationalism is a term for American whites (I have the impression you live in Europe. Am I wrong? I for one live in Mestizo America). American whites need a nation now that they are becoming a minority.

I don’t believe that the movement is dead. It’s just a tiny embryo that has chances to grow after the dollar crashes.

It has scored zero victories not because the story of the movement or the character flaws of nationalists, but because after the war America reached a period of economic prosperity unparalleled in history, and now that I am studying the history of the decline and fall of Rome it’s clear that people tend to become lazy and even self-destructive in periods of easy panem and free circenses. If we have to blame something, we must blame the increasingly degenerate westerners of the last forty or fifty years.

The movement has no chance to make a real breakthrough unless and until the dollar crashes. After the coming financial armageddon we will experience runaway racial turmoil in western cities and after that continuing crisis, since the race problem cannot be solved until the ethno-state is established in NorthAm and non-whites expelled from Europe. Then the entire world will suffer from the peak-oil, energy devolution crises. The convergence of catastrophes predicted by Faye will become reality for sure. All of this will happen within the lifetimes of some of us, and contrary to Greg Johnson et al’s reactionary, non-revolutionary stance, I look forward to watch, as Pierce put it, “blood flowing ankle-deep in the streets of many of Europe’s great cities.”

Yesterday I listened the two hours of the opening podcast of Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl’s new internet radio show. It was good. If I were billionaire I’d purchase Fox News and invite these bloggers for a daily show. The sound of their voices is exactly right during pre-crash America.

But there’s no question that the dollar will collapse. And after the collapse people will be mad as hell. Then, and only then, will bloodthirsty revolutionaries like me have a chance.

14 replies on “The future is for the bloodthirsty,”

The problem of WN is money. They have it, we do not. They have billions of dollars with multitudes paid to shill for multiculturalism.

But I don’t believe that they really think that way. Throw enough cash at them, they’d tow our line just as hard. Any PR firm or newspaper would push our material if we paid cash money.

If money is on the wrong side (just see Billy Gates giving scholarships to anyone on the condition s/he is not white), that can only mean that wealthy whites are also traitors and must be culled in the coming wars. It’s the spirit of whites what has become utterly degenerate and suicidal since the 1960s. As I was told recently by email:

You are aware of the American Third Position Party of which William Johnson is the Chairman and Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. Tom Sunic are on the Board of Directors. One of its members is running for President of the United States—Merlin Miller.

If you click on the link it will take you to one of the articles on their website. At the bottom in the “Comments” section you will see two comments. In response to the first comment, one of the A3p Party leaders said this: “We are a multiracial party for your information. Anyone can join our party. ANYONE!”

So we have a political party that purports to represent White interests when we are facing extinction and they say that A3p is a “multiracial party” that “anyone can join.”

Can you believe that?

Nothing but total revolution will work!

Oh yes. One of my associates believes that the wealthy have alot of explaining to do.

Part of the AP3 might be taqqiya. That’s lying for your religion. Our religion of course is WN. They have to keep up appearances.

We solve the issue in a different way. We emphasized studying STEM areas to get the jobs which get the money. Then one can buy anything, including a political movement.

@ Ryu

You are correct about the use of “taqqiya”, but not in the way you mentioned. I’ll also add that it’s no small lie on A3p’s part because they have every intention of allowing Blacks, Chinamen, Japs, Negroes, Jews, and other non-whites to remain close to the White population here in America once some sort of “White homeland” has been established. A3p and its leadership have no plan and no desire to remove the non-white population out of the Western Hemisphere or at least to some point south of the equator—if any survive the coming guerrilla war. The long-term effect of allowing non-whites to remain close to Whites is White racial death. They don’t care about that, of course, because they’ll be dead by then.

They are lying for their religion for sure, but their religion is capitalism, not White Nationalism. The racial component of A3p’s program is nothing but ideological flypaper they use to fool Whites into supporting their cause. Conservatives and libertarians have been using this scam for decades.

It works like this: The libertarian/conservative economic program serves a very narrow range of interests, not enough to get elected by those whose interests are being served by it when everybody votes. The middle and working class Whites have zero interest in supporting their program, much less fighting and dying for it. So the libertarians/conservatives come up with a theory that everybody has the “opportunity” (the “freedom”) to enjoy the fruits of American life knowing full well that the fruits of American life will be concentrated in the hands of just a few. They then enact military conscription laws and expect the middle and working classes to go to far off lands and die to protect the interests (the “freedoms”) of the libertarians and conservatives. If not that then they’ll ship American jobs overseas (they want the “freedom” to do that) so that the employment situation is bleak and many Whites join the “all-volunteer” military just to survive. They pretend that these Whites are joining the military because they are “patriotic” when most are joining because of the poor job market.

So I think that A3p is being dishonest by suggesting that large numbers of Whites have an interest in supporting its program. They do not. A3p’s program is mostly an economic program with a bunch of fluff thrown in to confuse a few people.

An economic collapse is not necessarily a jump-start to what we all want. I’m also concerned that you folks talk so blithely of revolution and all its ancillary travails.

I’m sorry, but the situation is terminal.



“I’m sorry, but the situation is terminal.”

I don’t know how to interpret that other than “don’t do anything because it’s no good”. Which is nonsense, and also treason.

As for a collapse, it is not something to be hoped for, but it is something that will happen. In the absence of collapse, nothing that has been tried has worked. Therefore it is entirely rational to attempt to take some of the aspects of collapse and turn them to our advantage.

You assume that a collapse, whenever it will happen, will somehow be taken advantage of by “the Movement”. There is no such thing as “the Movement”. You assume a working, living entity comprised of swathes of martyrs and partisans: fat chance.

Horrible things have happened in the past, such as racial integration and even the rise of homosexuality, neither of which have had an iota of meaningful resistance.

You have a blind faith that somehow people on the verge of starvation will be converted into full-fledge ideologues ready for battle and martyrdom. Not so. Western man has lost his fighting spirit and is moribund.



I’ll put it this way. A crystal ball allows the economists you can see in the above linked words (“will collapse”) that the financial crisis is around the corner. If they are right, and I believe they are, after what happened in New Orleans with Katrina we might reasonable expect that the niggers will behave pretty bad after the dollar crashes, but this time not in a single state but in all major cities with considerable amount of blacks.

The crystal ball does not allow us to see beyond that. But in situations like this is when political men of genius appear, sometimes out of the blue.

I am not claiming like the Marxists and the Hegelians to be in possession of a historicist system to predict the future. That’s nonsense. But one possible future is that, after whites become mad when they see their lifetime savings turned into confetti, these lazy and brainwashed whites will, for the first time in their lives, start listening to other voices.

I wish that Edgar Steele had not been imprisoned, since his radio voice was exactly right for a post-crash America. Something similar could be said of Covington’s, Linder’s and Bowery’s voices as well.

Voice is paramount. Hitler grabbed power after the Mark crashed precisely because his good looks and his intense power of oratory (see the recent articles on Hitler’s magic and the galvanizing power of oratory by Andrew Hamilton here, here and here).

Again, I am not saying that what happened after the hyperinflation crisis in Germany is exactly what will happen in NorthAm after a terminal hyperinflation hits Americans for the first time in their lives. I am only saying that then, and only then, will a window of opportunity be opened for revolutionaries like Covington—especially after the US government faces total bankruptcy (which will soon happen thanks to Obama’s Ben Bernanke).

I think you’re too hard on White Nationalists, or more aptly the visible portion in the blogs and youtube like places like Amren and Alt-Right. They, quite sadly of course, have their appearances to keep up, They’ll quickly get swamped defending every single semi-violent insinuation they make if they decided to speak realistically about the real tasks that lay before us. Such integrity would only entail a constant and costly defense against a bombarding media gleeful that they actually have some evil-whiteys to show the world.

Are they irrelevant in terms of American collapse? Yes, Jared Taylor won’t arise from the ashes of America as the next leader of a White Nation. It will be more a man of violent determination and clear, non-conciliatory ideology.

Stormfront is more a money-racket than anything. Alt-Right and Counter-Currents is just a haven for poetic Nietzschean wannabes. But they have their uses, and they’re better than nothing. It brings a few people hope that they know others are out their and do not follow the modern spiritual line. I started out in SBPDL.com, before I realized that Paul Kersey’s anti-niggerdom means nothing with his zero-tolerance for anything relating to the Jewish question. Few of us were born White Nationalists, and I imagine most are like myself in which the truth is slowly peeled layers instead of jumping into the heart of White racial conscious.

Thus I see little in your consistent act of pointing out dissident-righters as effeminate men who won’t lead the white-militias in the collapse. Of course they aren’t: they’re fucking intellectuals, and every ideologies got them. Everything is still in the coffee-shop intellectual stage for us, and all our possible leaders and greatest fighters are either seething in the military, disenfranchised veterans, in prison, our on societies outskirts or merely pretending to accept the society itself.

I’m not as hopeful as yourself in terms of a total economic collapse. I’m afraid its going to be slower, and much more despotic than we would like to imagine. Most economic hard times are followed by the increase in government control, not a decrease. I’m afraid we need to prepare ourselves for even greater multikult sludge to wallow through before we get our rising phoenix moment in America. Our back-to-square-one moment is farther than we’d like to imagine.

There are vastly more militant White Nationalists in America that don’t even know their WNs yet than their are openly militant or even just passively open White Nationalists. Racialism is alive in many white men, but it is a random conglomeration of anti-nigger attitudes with the occasional stereotypical swipes at selected minorities or Jews. They are mostly misguided and disillusioned: easily swayed by Ron Paul types and Rush Limbaugh non-issue crockery then formulating any conception on the current course of White Racial extinction. What gives me hope is that when the hard times come these men will implicitly form along racial lines in the defense of what they think is right, while our enemies explicitly form their racial armies. If they start shooting at the armed gangs of blacks for reasons of a White Nation or for merely reasons of defending their home and family matters little: at that point the fabricated dream of modern American post-racialism will fail and all White men, both coward and patriot alike, will be forced to fight for the White Nation by default.

Its all Wiemar at this point. Getting the word out now, however useless at may seem without the violence to back it, may at least increase the chance that the next White strongman to take control will have proper views that will insure the continuation of the White race. More importantly, we need Alt-Right and counter currents to remind us who the white traitors were. In the anarchy of the post-collapse, and in the simple racial battles that ensue I’m afraid will too quickly forget the White liberals who will suddenly go quite and then secretly hide amongst us for our protection. They deserved to be culled more than any black alive, and that must be tantamount if we ever plan on ensuring the multikult never arises again.

Well, first I am sorry that your comment got stuck in the filter (I just noticed it a few moments ago when I erased dozens of spams).

You make excellent points: some of the most insightful I’ve ever read in this blog. To be completely frank, I get disappointed every time I see that the most featured writers at AltRight sometimes look like typical feminized western males, for example when they talk about women and feminism, and also when I see that Counter-Currents’ editor wants to win the Revolution with glass guns. Ironically, I like Jared Taylor even if he doesn’t touch the JQ. And I also like MacDonald even if his site is reactionary, not revolutionary (I perfectly understand that academics cannot afford being revolutionaries). My problem is with CC, from which I expected far more before I realized that the editor is only human.

This said, I do believe that the collapse of the dollar will unfold very rapidly. See the excerpts of Amazon book reviews of Peter Schiff’s last book here.

Prepare yourself. We will need people like you alive after the crash…

“You assume that a collapse, whenever it will happen, will somehow be taken advantage of by ‘the Movement’.”

I assume no such thing, and have never said so. I assume chaos. I agree there is no movement, and that any developments I would consider favorable will be largely unrelated to past efforts. They will arise from the emergent conditions that will be significantly different from past conditions. Some of the resulting trends may have a great deal of potential, such that a little bit of effort in the right places could help set new paradigms and direct societal inertia on a new course that is preferable. I am interested in being able to recognize such things when and where they happen and what to do to prepare for such opportunities if and when they present themselves.

I am absolutely boggled as to why you object to this.

“Western man has lost his fighting spirit and is moribund.”

If that is true, then nothing we do matters. Including trying to oppose the situation. So there’s no point getting upset about it – and certainly no point in getting upset at me.

But a man facing imminent execution will still try to save his own life, as will I.

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