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Daybreak (book) Racial right

Dark night

If one of the new visitors to this site has any doubts about what, in ‘Unprocessed commenters’, I said yesterday about Siege-tardism it is essential that they read ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ on pages 128- 131 of my book Daybreak.

Daybreak (book) Racial right

Dead end

‘The reason most white nationalists aren’t all that interested in Hitler and despise him or prefer not to invoke his name except when and where it’s convenient (at times), is because they don’t identify with the pagan spirituality of Hitler and the National Socialist movement, especially where it violates their Christian beliefs.’ —A commenter

My post last week, ‘Not so lonely!’, includes two photographs from a little leaflet I received in the mail from the New Order: on one side we see the face of the Führer and on the other the holy days of our new calendar (an explanation of each holy day can be found here).

As I have said on this site, creating a new religion requires ritual. And creating a ritual requires that some National Socialists live, at most, fifteen minutes away by car. In fact, I would venture to rectify that: fifteen minutes of walking distance as this century will see the energy devolution that will make car travel a luxury.

To the list of days to commemorate what can be seen on the back of the little leaflet I laminated, I could add a few more dates in the remaining months: May, June and July remembering the memory of the victims of the Hellstorm Holocaust.

With a minimum of three NS men it would already be possible to start honouring these dates. But as I said, we have to live in the same town for that to be possible. Without the new religion we aren’t going to get anywhere. Unlike NS, white nationalism is a dead end as I have shown in some of my Daybreak essays.

I would suggest looking up the words ‘white national’ in the PDF of that book and reading the paragraphs containing those words to see why I say WN is a dead end (one of them includes the epigraph with which I start this post).

Daybreak (book)

Latest edition

The Fair Race is an anthology of other authors, and Daybreak is an anthology of my articles.

In the new edition of Daybreak, I removed twenty articles from the now obsolete edition (approximately 24,000 words), and edited the surviving articles with DeepL Translator, as English is not my mother tongue, and many of the old articles in this collection were written with my faulty syntax.

My obsession with leaving our books as clean as possible is due, as I have said elsewhere, to the fact that the migration from WordPress Inc. to this new incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour hasn’t yet been properly completed (funds would be needed to pay the technician). That means that for this site to have a good presence, the PDF books that I’d like to eventually make available once more as hard copies—again: funds would be needed for that—have to be in top shape rhetorically.

I have yet to use DeepL Translator for the Spaniard’s essays in The Fair Race. It’s a very time-consuming task, and before I correct the syntax of those translations, my next task will be to use that program to correct my syntax in the articles that came from my pen and I included in On Beth’s Cute Tits.

I will now add the link to the latest edition of Daybreak to the featured post and delete the old Daybreak PDF.

Daybreak (book)

Edited preface of ‘Daybreak’

I am the author of the essays collected here. They have all been edited for publication in this anthology and they appear in the chronological order in which, unedited, they were added as blog entries from October 2006 to August 2020 on my website The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH). I wrote them in English as my second language and have now used DeepL Translator to correct the syntax for this book. Another anthology I compiled, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, collects essays by other authors, also published on WDH. The Fair Race represents a paradigm shift in white advocacy, and I recommend reading it before this book, which takes for granted much of what is already covered in The Fair Race.

White nationalists are wrong in their diagnosis by blaming only Jewry as if whites were not responsible for their decline. The true diagnosis of the West’s decline is Christianity, or rather, Christian ethics. In short, Christian ethics plus the false and lying narrative about National Socialist Germany is a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind. The transvaluation of Christian values plus the truth about Hitler’s Germany means the liberation of the Aryan psyche.

Unfortunately, there are no true apostates from Christianity among Westerners, not even atheists. Their sense of guilt and so-called human rights are ultimately Christian ethical mandates in secularised form. Not wanting to see this—and the last essay includes a critique of Kevin MacDonald for this blindness—means that the pro-white movement is in its infancy.

In Europe, the situation is even worse, since after the Second World War all racism was banished by the American Diktat, and without a European First Amendment, even anonymous bloggers have not been free to dissent in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So we have no choice but to continue to focus on American racialists.

There is a lot of doublethink in believing oneself to be anti-Semite or Jew-wise and still be living by the precepts for gentile consumption that a Jew wrote in the New Testament (see, for example, ‘Romulus and Jesus’ in this anthology). Moreover, none of the major figures in the current American movement proposes armed revolution as in the novel The Turner Diaries as the only way out. The pacifism of white nationalism is a consequence of the fact that those who promote it have been unable to break with the American way of life. The current generation of whites on both sides of the Atlantic, feminised to the core, is the perfect antithesis of the Spartans, Republican Romans, Vikings and National Socialists we studied in The Fair Race.

Here I include translations from my magnum opus, De Jesús a Hitler (‘Eschatology: the cult I left’, ‘From the Great Confinement to chemical Gulag’ and ‘Introjection’). Although four essays are more or less five thousand words long, most of the articles were originally short blog posts. Three of the long essays, including the first two, are not about race or Christian issues. One thing that surprises me about dissident voices is that almost none of them realise that psychiatry has no scientific basis (see e.g., ‘On depression’). I include those long essays because it is important that white men also wake up to non-racial issues. The first article is about the risks of falling into cults, as happened to me after my parents abused me at home. As far as short articles are concerned, which are the majority, if someone wishes to give a book critical of American white nationalism to a friend—albeit critical from the point of view of National Socialism—this is your book.

Only the Aryan has the potential to achieve divinity, as can be seen in the cover image, Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish, which is also the image I have chosen for WDH. The moment when the white man sees the religion of our fathers as responsible for the West’s darkest hour will represent the breaking of dawn: an era that was Adolf Hitler’s dream.

September, 2022

Daybreak (book) Jesus Judea v. Rome New Testament Romulus

The most recommended article on ‘Daybreak’

This Monday I am still in the process of correcting the syntax of Daybreak, a task I will finish this week.

Just as the previous collection of essays, The Fair Race, has a ‘masthead’—the struggle between Judea and Rome that a Spaniard wrote and we translated for this site—so Daybreak has its central essay.

I refer to ‘Romulus & Jesus’. Anyone who has assimilated the essay by the Spaniard will understand the implications of this article, which I reproduce below after having used DeepL Translator to modify its syntax. The difference is that the Spaniard’s essay is very long and the following one very short, but they are complementary.

______ 卐 ______


Romulus & Jesus
[pages 141-143 of Daybreak]

In The Fair Race I mentioned the work of Richard Carrier. ‘All the evidence we have’, Carrier said in a public debate with an American Christian, ‘strongly supports the conclusion that there were actually literal rabbis that originated the sect’ (Christianity). They simply used the story of the Hero-God founder of the Romans: Romulus. The idea of those who wrote the New Testament was simply to use the mythological biography of the white God to convince the Romans to worship, instead, the god of the Jews. The parallels between the old Romulus and the new Jesus invented by the rabbis are so obvious that it is worth mentioning some of them.

Both are sons of God; their deaths are accompanied by wonders and the earth is covered with darkness; both corpses disappear; both receive a new immortal body superior to the one they had; their resurrected bodies were sometimes luminous and shining in appearance; after their resurrection they meet a follower on a city road; a speech is given from a high place before the ‘translation to heaven’; there is a ‘great commission’ or instruction to future followers; they physically ascend to heaven and, finally, are taken up into a cloud.

Everyone in the West has heard the story that the New Testament authors invented about Jesus. But who knows the original legend, that of the white Hero-God Romulus? It really seems that the Gospel writers plagiarised the founding myth of Rome to sell us another founding myth. But the new Christian myth did more than just substitute the Aryan Romulus for the Jewish Jesus, something infinitely more subversive as we shall see.

In the draft of ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ I had said that all whites are heading for Jerusalem, a metaphor to be understood in the context of my essay ‘Ethnosuicidal Nationalists’ (also in this book). How did Christianity manage to reverse the moral compass of the Aryans from pointing to Rome to pointing to Jerusalem? Remember: according to Richard Carrier in his magnum opus On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt, there is no historical Jesus, but rather authors of the Gospels. Also, keep in mind what we have been saying on this website about the inversion of values that occurred in the West when whites, including atheists, took the axiological message of the Gospels very seriously. Building on this and the crucial part of Evropa Soberana’s essay on Judea vs. Rome in The Fair Race, let us look at what Carrier says at the beginning of chapter 4 of On the Historicity of Jesus.

Romulus appears to Proculus Julius.

In Plutarch’s book on Romulus, the founder of Rome, we are told that Romulus was the son of God, born of a Virgin, and that there were attempts to kill him as a baby. As an adult, the elites finally killed him and the sun went dark, but Romulus’ body disappeared. Then he rises from the dead. Some doubted and, along the way, Romulus appears to a friend to pass on the Good News to his people (see image above). It is revealed that, despite his human appearance, Romulus had always been a God and had become incarnate to establish a great kingdom on earth (note these italicised words in the context of the indented quote on the next page). Romulus then ascends to heaven to reign from there. Before Christianity, the Romans celebrated the day Romulus ascended to heaven. Plutarch recounts that at the annual Ascension ceremony the names of those who were afraid because they had witnessed the feat were recited, something that reminds me of the true ending of Mark’s Gospel (Mk 16:8) before Christians added more verses. Carrier comments that it seems as if Mark is adding a Semitic spin to the original story of Romulus: an Aryan story that seems to be the skeleton on which the evangelist would add the Semitic flesh of his literary fiction. Carrier’s sentence in bold has convinced me that his treatise On the Historicity of Jesus deserves our attention.

There are many differences in the two stories, surely. But the similarities are too numerous to be a coincidence—and the differences are likely deliberate. For instance, Romulus’ material kingdom favoring the mighty is transformed into a spiritual one favoring the humble. It certainly looks like the Christian passion narrative is an intentional transvaluation of the Roman Empire’s ceremony of their own founding savior’s incarnation, death and resurrection. [page 58]

The implications are enormous. It does seem that the Gospel writers, presumably Jews, thoroughly plagiarised the founding myth of Rome to sell us another myth. This new myth not only involved the substitution of an Aryan hero (Romulus) for a Jewish hero (Jesus). It did something infinitely more subversive, what Nietzsche called the transvaluation of values.

It is becoming increasingly clear: Not only Jesus of Nazareth didn’t exist. The evangelist Mark stole the myth of the Aryan God Romulus for incredibly subversive purposes (see my boldface above). That is why they tried to erase any trace of the Romulus festivals when they destroyed almost all the Latin books, from the 4th to the 6th century. It cannot be a coincidence that Mark wrote his gospel in 70 c.e.—chronologically, the first gospel of the New Testament ever written—right after the Romans destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem!


Posted in two entries (‘The resurrected Jew’ and ‘Unhistorical Jesus’) on September and October 2019. In addition to Carrier’s scholarly volume, see Catherine Nixey: The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World.

Daybreak (book) Daybreak Publishing

Grammarly review

As I am reviewing the PDFs, I was surprised that the Daybreak articles hadn’t been checked by Grammarly, the syntax checker I use. That means that the current version is riddled with syntax errors, as they are old articles, prior to my use of Grammarly. It will take me a while to go through the whole book, as I have to do one or more home print-outs of each article after the Grammarly review, to polish up the syntax.

It is worth saying that I have just added an article to Daybreak that will appear, in PDF, when all the PDFs have been revised. I refer to the one piece of mine that Counter-Currents published: a magnificent quote from José Vasconcelos that would serve Americans well in understanding the tragedy of Mexico.

In the next few days I will be busy revising Daybreak

Daybreak (book) Feminism On Beth’s cute tits (book)

On Beth’s Cute Tits – 2022 edition

The following are the first pages of the latest edition:


As a Sanskrit saying goes, from the corruption of women all evils follow. And as I have shown in many articles on my website The West’s Darkest Hour, feminism goes hand in hand with a thoroughgoing feminisation of the Western male. Both are two sides of the same coin: a folie en masse that has been destroying the fair race throughout the West. Feminism’s third wave began with the sexual revolution of the 1960s that has caused the disintegration of the family and the fall in birth rates due to the emancipation of white women from all family responsibilities. But in this compilation we will also talk about the first and second waves, which explain the third and which long precede what happened in the 60s.

Feminism, ‘the great destroyer’ as William Pierce called it in an interview abridged for this book, has been corrupting whites ever since Nietzsche complained that Europeans were beginning to abandon the institution of marriage. George Lincoln Rockwell said something similar in a passage of one of his books, also reproduced here. Today’s suicidal ethos among whites cannot contrast more with the pamphlets that the SS gave to its soldiers so that they could procreate abundantly with their wives or Aryan lovers. Unlike the West of today, Hitler’s Germany was a very healthy society. (After I finish putting this book together I will start quoting some passages from those pamphlets on my website, including Sieg des Waffen, Sieg des Kindes.)

Instead of National Socialism what we see in the United States is a small group of diligent pro-white advocates often referred to as white nationalists. Rarely do their proponents declare intellectual war on feminism. One exception is Roger Devlin, whose seminal article on the subject is reproduced here. Some white nationalists are so incredibly obtuse that in the comments section of ‘A Breakthrough Year’, a December 30, 2015 piece of The Occidental Observer, Devlin had to say:

When I began writing and talking about sex in racialist circles a few years ago, even some very intelligent people did not understand the relevance of what I was saying to their concerns. The relevance is, of course, that races reproduce sexually. Feminism in all its aspects is as much an attack on our race as Boasian egalitarian dogma, and the same struggle must be waged against both. Like the Soviet Union of old, the contemporary West is a regime built upon lies, and cannot survive once those lies are brought into open and general contempt.

To expose the lies here I also reproduce a couple of casual comments in my website; some texts authored by Andrew Anglin who runs The Daily Stormer, what Lord Kenneth Clark said in Civilisation, and the words of a MGTOW man who uploads videos under the controversial pseudonym of Turd Flinging Monkey. John Sparks studied animal behaviour with Desmond Morris at the Zoological Society of London. Here I reproduce some excerpts of Sparks’ Battle of the Sexes.

This book comprises eleven texts, of which I am the author of the first, the last and a brief note about Pride & Prejudice. The title is inspired by a passage from Morris’ The Naked Ape. That essay, ‘On Beth’s cute tits’, also alludes to the character from the series The Queen’s Gambit, which according to Netflix has been its most popular limited series. The longest essay in this book is my critique of HBO’s most popular series, Game of Thrones, which also promotes feminism.

My final words on ‘The Iron Throne’ summarise my diagnosis about the aetiology of the fair race’s darkest hour.

César Tort (Editor)

Now that I was reviewing several of those articles for the 2022 edition, I was struck by the article that gave the book its title: one of the most important essays I have written in my blogging career. I believe that anyone who wishes to save the Aryan race from the coming extinction should read it.

The PDF of this edition is available here.

I will now add the above image to the featured post.


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Daybreak (book) Daybreak Publishing Sponsor

‘Daybreak’ 2022 edition

Note of September 20, 2022: I have removed the preface because it's obsolete. This is the edited preface.


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Since I’m offering all of my work for free, I’d appreciate it if those who like it would contribute to keeping us working hard. Remember that in addition to PayPal, we also have Bitcoin and Monero accounts.

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Child abuse Daybreak (book) Sponsor

My trilogy

Of my trilogy written in my native language the first two books are, once again, available to the public as announced on my site Hojas Eliminadas. I am checking the syntax of the third one before publishing the revised edition, which will be out in May, so I won’t be very active on The West’s Darkest Hour this weekend.

As for most of the English books on the sidebar, they have been under review by Antelope Hill Publishing for a month now, and I can only wait for a ruling. I can’t re-release them to the printer who, for the moment, has accepted the first two of my trilogy in Spanish because I would risk having my account closed. (Those two books in my trilogy already republished don’t deal with racial issues, but how very abusive parents destroy the mental health of their children: another of society’s taboo subjects.)

Antelope Hill is not a self-publishing platform like Lulu, but a publishing company like the others, although it dares to publish racialist themes. Therefore, our movement urgently needs a print-on-delivery service that doesn’t deplatform us at the slightest infringement of political correctness. But as always, that requires a wealthy sponsor.

Daybreak (book) Daybreak Publishing Deranged altruism Liberalism

Liberalism as a heretical movement

Yesterday I changed the subtitle of this site by replacing the word ‘fourteen’ with ‘sacred’. Thus I also include the four words (to understand the latter the visitor would have to familiarise himself with my eleven books). Yesterday the thought also came to me that liberalism, which is now in its final metastasis in all former Christian countries (not only the originally Aryan countries, but Latin America as well), is ultimately a heresy.

As we have said several times, the Christian notion of the equality of men in the eyes of God was transformed, after the American and French Revolutions, into the equality of men under the law. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, this was transmuted in the US into equality for blacks and women; and, in the new century, into using the power of the State to denigrate the white male and achieve—at last!—equity.

The secular psychosis of today’s world only affects those countries that were once traditional Christian. Ethno-suicidal liberalism doesn’t affect the billions under Islam, the Chinese regime or the Indian people who still embrace Hinduism. However, that doesn’t mean that the Catholic Church is legitimate. It means that a heretical faction of traditional Christianity, insofar as it secularised the gospel message (i.e., secularised the inversion of values in the New Testament), has taken root in all former Christian countries.

I have already discussed this in ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’ which can be read on pages 181-184 of Daybreak. But my initiative to call ‘heretics’ secular liberals, whose most extreme form today are the ‘woke’ people, came to me yesterday. That, heretics, is what they really are. The image of St. Francis is explained in the referenced article from Daybreak: a book which, by the way, remains unavailable in printed form as we haven’t raised the funds to solicit the services of a printer that won’t deplatform us.