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New Order

Not so lonely!

In ‘Under the Redwoods’ I described the loneliness of crossing what I call the psychological Rubicon: from Normieland to the lands of NS. But today I received some printed material from the mailman, including a paper leaflet ‘Introducing the New Order’.

Following my metaphor, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that we are not so alone on the other side of the river. There are still people on this side after the fateful 1945!

One side of the leaflet I received today can be seen here. On my paper printout, I marked the first three paragraphs of this ‘Introducing the New Order’, and most of what we can read under the heading ‘A Community of Faith’. I also marked the words ‘We come together privately in formal ceremonies, services and celebrations,’ as they reflect exactly what I have been saying about how to found a new religion.

The text continues turning the page, which I could quote. But it is better for Aryans interested in becoming true National Socialists to get the leaflet.

5 replies on “Not so lonely!”

Slightly off topic, however I feel that I need to catalogue Atheistic Hyperchristianity in contrast to the religion of nature described in this post.

Here is another atheist who left Christianity because Christianity was not Christian enough. As Tom Holland puts it: he has a “Christian impulse” to atheism.

Atheistic Hyperchristians weigh Christianity in the balance of Christian axiology and find it wanting. As I said before: Atheistic Hyperchristians—such as Bruce Gerencser and Edward Robson have excommunicated Yahweh, Jesus and Saul from the Marxian Reformed Church of Hyperchristianity for their not being Christian enough.

For those who don’t know, The New Order is incorporated as a church in the United States. Also, they have a presence on GAB (their X/twitter was canceled again) at NEW_ORDER. You’ll also find a number of NS people on GAB if you’re inclined toward social media.

Yes, but the person who runs New Order is not a Christian, and is even aware of the CQ.

Welll, church in this sense means a “religious institution” although I’d have to read the laws to see what they officially call it. I wasn’t trying to imply that it was a Christian church. I just found it interesting since most would think it’s officially a Political Party and not a Religious Institution.

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