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Before I continue with the biography of the philosopher who ended his career spectacularly (by becoming mad!) with his magnum opus whose subtitle reads ‘Curse on Christianity’, I would like to make a few reflections.

First of all, for many of my visitors, Nietzsche seems distant in time. Not to me. I lived for several seasons with my paternal grandmother and, as I confess in a passage in one of the books of my trilogy, the biggest mistake of my entire life was to have left my sweet grandmother’s home to return to my parents (where the teenager I was would end up being destroyed by them). I’m not going to talk about the biographical details in this post, but among my relatives, my paternal grandmother represents what came closest to becoming my lifeline.

Now, my grandmother, who passed away in 1987, was born in 1888. That means that the span of her life coincides with almost a dozen years of Nietzsche’s life, who died in 1900. Since my memories of when I lived with her are very vivid, and no one else but the two of us lived in her house, from the point of view of my biography Nietzsche doesn’t seem so distant, especially since the first books I read by him, Twilight of the Idols and The Antichrist precisely, I bought precisely when I lived with my grandma in a bookshop very close to her house.

Nietzsche seems very distant to the new generations but much more distant to me are, say, sports and soap operas: my siblings and I never saw them on TV when we were kids because those were different times (now everyone watches them).

Another thing I wanted to talk about is that I’m putting together a new PDF of articles by various authors that I’ve been reproducing on this site over the last few years. I made an exception for an old 2011 article by Michael O’Meara: the most lucid white nationalist since William Pierce died. O’Meara, now retired (is he still alive?) wasn’t only a true intellectual, in the sense of being bilingual and highly cultured. He also had a deep penetration to grasp the whys and wherefores of white decline beyond the Judeo-reductionism in vogue in many quarters of today’s racial right. True, he had a flaw. As a good American of Irish descent, he was sympathetic to Christianity. Nevertheless, in the anthology I have begun to assemble, I feel compelled to include a couple of his essays.

It is unfortunate that Lulu Press, Inc. will only allow me to continue publishing my autobiographical trilogy but not my anthologies in English where I include authors like O’Meara and many others. PDFs like the one I now put together deserve to be on our bookshelves, not just on our hard drives. I didn’t want to spend a week of my life learning how to use the software of another platform similar to Lulu Press, like IngramSpark because a racialist book publisher warned me that any of those self-publishing book platforms can terminate your account for political incorrectness. The alternative, the publisher told me, is to find a printer in my town and sell those books directly to interested parties.

But that requires funds! The week before I fantasised about having a studio where we could dub the Führer’s spoken word into English. Something similar could be said for the parallel fantasy of having our own publishing house…



As far as Kerr’s phrase is concerned, I was wrong in my response. Something as elementary as accepting a donative from a Christian is something we would all do, even me!

It always happens that, not being a native English speaker, sometimes one doesn’t pay due attention to a word (in this case, ‘supporters’ in the link above), insofar as it doesn’t mean that this Christian donating some amount to us would have any influence on our POV.

I’ll still leave my linked comment instead of deleting it. Next time I’ll pay more attention to what I read, as working in a second language always brings problems no matter how well one masters it (there’s nothing like writing in one’s mother tongue)!

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WDH needs sponsors to survive

I don’t know exactly why donations to The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) have decreased in recent times. Is it due to criticism of Christianity (when I wasn’t so critical I received more donations)? If that is the cause, donors should note that if we reject Christian ethics, the Jewish problem is automatically solved. As we have seen on this site, it is precisely Christian ethics, especially potent in the ‘secular’ West, that has empowered Jewry (I will continue my excerpts from Tom Holland’s book in January).

Are the diminished donations due to my criticism of the United States? If that is the cause, Americans who used to donate must understand that, while WDH defends the DNA of the white American, we also believe that the culture of that country is the number one enemy of white American and European blood (cf. Yockey’s The Enemy of Europe).

A normie doesn’t know how to distinguish between culture and nation (nation here understood as a specific ethnic group). American culture has been the enemy of the white nation on American soil so to speak. If we compare it with Latin America, the Catholicism of the subcontinent has been the enemy of the Iberian whites since the end of the 15th century, when they arrived on the continent. The mestizaje is proof of this. Just as the few Iberian whites south of the Rio Grande shouldn’t hate me, the Anglo-Germans north of that river shouldn’t hate me either. The advocate of the 14 words should repudiate both projects of so-called nationhood: the one that came out with the Counter-Reformation and the one that came out with the Reformation.

In other words, if I hate the nationalist symbols of, say, the country I live in (the Aztec civilisation, the War of Independence and the Mexican Revolution), it is because I am taking the side of the very few white Latin Americans, even if they stupidly accept those symbols and hate me (because they simply don’t care about their white blood). Likewise, if I hate the symbols of Yankee nationalism (the puritanism of the early settlers, the American Constitution, Mammon worship, etc.), it is because I want to save the white man in the US and Canada from extinction. Although there are incomparably more pure whites in those countries than south of the Rio Grande as far as Argentina, the principle is the same: hatred of Catholic and Protestant cultures—Christianity conquered the entire continent!—because Christian axiology is the cause of white decline on both sides of the Rio Grande.

Will the diminished donations be due to inflation in 2022? Apparently, such inflation doesn’t impede thousands of whites travelling to Qatar to watch the Football Cup being played this very moment (and I believe the final will be played this week).

Without regular donations, however modest, WDH cannot continue as I would have to suspend my activities to look for a job in the third-world country where I live.

I won’t post new entries until next year. The revision of the translation of Savitri Devi’s book, Souvenirs et Réflexions d’une Aryenne, which we will publish here, is taking up all my time. Savitri’s book is vital because, given that WDH is a National Socialist site that differs from American white nationalism, NS requires a formal presentation: a text written after the catastrophe of 1945. It is such an important book that I will put it second in the featured post.

I would like to end this post with a few quotes from Émile Michel Cioran (1911-1995). As will be recalled in my preface to the 2022 edition of Deschner’s book on the history of Christianity that we recently published, there I quoted this Romanian philosopher (‘The whole world has forgiven Christianity…’). The book I own by Cioran contains some aphorisms that remind me of Nietzsche’s style, and I would like to collect a few of them. The first, which can be read below, reminds me of the pre-Hispanic religions of the American continent, the Christianity that Europeans later imposed across the same continent, and the Woke religion of our days led by the US. The book from which I took these quotes is titled Adiós a la Filosofía (Ediciones Altaya 1998), with an introduction by Fernando Savater:

• ‘History is nothing but a parade of false Absolutes.’

• ‘We only really began to live at the end of philosophy, on its ruins: when we have realised its terrible nullity, and that it was useless to resort to it; that it was not going to be of any help to us.’

• ‘You destroy a civilisation only when you destroy its gods.’

• ‘…to exchange the old gods for a nailed corpse… To abandon the gods who made Rome was to abandon Rome itself to ally yourself with this new race of men…’

Tommaso Laureti: The Triumph of Christianity also
known as The Triumph of the Cross, painted in 1585.

(Donate: here)

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Yet another proofreading…

Yesterday The Occidental Observer published an article in which the author says that the results of the recent midterm elections are due to the fact that Americans are still in a comfort zone, and that they won’t change their paradigm until the dollar collapses (just as the Germans of the degenerate Weimar period didn’t change until their mark hyperinflated).

However, there is a phrase of the author with which I disagree: ‘I don’t want to see anyone suffer.’

Only suffering saves! For example, only the enormous suffering, inflicted by my father’s Catholic beliefs, led me to apostatise from Christianity. If my teenage life hadn’t been completely shattered, as my foreword to the forthcoming edition of Deschner’s book begins, I wouldn’t now have such a negative image of our parents’ religion.

So I hope that the times ahead with the collapse of the dollar will drag the desperate to awaken. (It is time to think about buying silver coins: the recent FTX disaster is deeper than you think: huge losses are coming for all cryptocurrencies).

Changing the subject, the backbone of this site is its books, which after the printer that published them for me refused to reprint them, are now only available as PDFs. Before I post a link to the PDF of the enlarged edition of Christianity’s Criminal History which incorporates blog posts 101-172 of that series, I will do a review reading.

That means that I will not add new entries here until I finish reading all 441 pages of the book. However, visitors can entertain themselves in the meantime. As our friend Ørdnung said yesterday on Twitter, ‘[C.T.] just released an excellent compendium of exterminationist thought. Read it here [link].’

Please note that, as I have no printing press at the moment, I am not earning a single penny from these books which I am offering free to visitors to The West’s Darkest Hour. A donation, however modest, is always appreciated. Although I still maintain my Bitcoin and Monero accounts, my PayPal account is still working.

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Only PDFs or hardbacks?

Recently an Englishman, who incidentally obtained a copy of the translation of my first autobiographical book and contributed a donation, told me that PDFs weren’t enough: that my books need to be in hardback to make the content more enduring.

As for Christianity’s Criminal History, which we have been translating in abridged form, I must say something.

The PDF available so far consists of the posts of Christianity’s Criminal History on this site from 1 to 100. I have decided to put that manuscript together with posts 101-172 to produce a thicker volume, which for the time being will only be available as a PDF.

Since this book/PDF will be different from the previous edition, which used to be printed by Lulu, Inc. (and for whose cover I had chosen a copy my father made of Doré’s drawing of Cain and Abel before I was born), I have decided that for the second edition I will use another image to distinguish the two editions: probably Constantine’s face. This new PDF will be available soon.

The English gentleman is right. Therefore, I recently spoke to the manager of a print shop in the city where I live, and he will give me an estimate to print twenty copies with the new cover. But even a print run of twenty copies for each PDF in the featured post requires a relatively wealthy sponsor.

I don’t do this for money. If some interested party wants to take a gamble on, say, IngramSpark using all my PDFs and large amounts of his time to design the covers, I wouldn’t mind even if I didn’t get a single penny. What bothers me is that the ideas of The West’s Darkest Hour, which in my opinion could save the white race from extinction if taken seriously, aren’t being disseminated more formallly. And what could be more formal than to have these books in hardback on our bookshelves in anticipation of the day when the Establishment cancels all racialist websites!

But even if I don’t get the funds to form my Daybreak Press a little more professionally, visitors should save the PDFs on their hard drives in anticipation of the fateful day that might be coming.

Before it was published for a short time, I printed out at home the PDF of Who We Are available online and saved it in a ring binder. And I did the same with Hitler’s Table Talk, The Turner Diaries and Covington’s latest novel. Storing books in this way is too cumbersome because the binders take up a lot of space. But it is better than not printing them, as there are books that must be kept in physical form: either as normal books or as homemade printouts. It is the only way to have an in-depth dialogue with the author through underlining and pencil footnotes.

With instalment #172 we thus conclude the first Daybreak Press volume: our abridged translation of Karlheinz Deschner’s magnum opus. The rest of his series, in which Deschner writes about events from the successors of Charlemagne to modern times, are still missing. If I am still alive, I will continue this project and the remaining content will appear in the next volume (or volumes).

As I have said several times, if the Christian problem is solved the Jewish problem would be solved the next day. We can already imagine an American Continent populated not by pious Christians but by Spartans, Vikings and those Romans before the decline brought about by the Punic Wars. My purpose on this site is to make the white man of the future look like them and not like those who, by worshipping the god of the Jews, are incapable of acting as the white man acted in the ancient world.



On August 18, 2022, Counter-Currents (CC) posted an article that stated:

Greg Johnson has published a recording of himself reading his 2018 essay “Blaming Your Parents,” on the fallacy of blaming one’s parents for one’s misfortunes, and it is now available for download and online listening. The original essay is currently being featured in Counter-Currents’ new Classics Corner (see the right-hand sidebar).

Let’s compare this ultra-naive view of parents with what I said yesterday about Jeffrey Dahmer! And in Johnson’s latest article on CC, we read:

Exciting news! Counter-Currents aims to raise $300,000 this year to sustain and expand our work, including organizing real-world community events and creating a new public policy institute. Last week, we crossed the half-way point.

But of course: the articles published on CC are for semi-normies. It should come as no surprise that someone who doesn’t talk about the most ghastly truths, such as the absolute psychic devastation caused by extremely abusive parents, has the funds to pay for the services of a printing press—and whoever dares to touch on these ghastly subjects by blaming parents has to limit himself to publishing books as PDFs!

Incidentally, I thank W.R. and B.P. for their recent donations. I hope to be able to start on Monday with quotes from The Jesus Hoax.

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Today’s correspondence

Hey Cesar,

I found a print-on-demand service [IngramSpark] that I’m confident will print your books here. They print the books for Invisible Empire, an openly NS publisher that distributes their books here, here, here and here. It’s worth at least checking.

All the best,


Hello John,

I have had an account with IngramSpark for some time now.

The reason I haven’t published our Daybreak Press books there is that it seems that the same company shut down the Ostara Publications account. There is a clause in the contract you make with them that says they can terminate an account without explanation (will that happen to the NS books you link?).

The other issue is that, unlike Lulu Inc., at IngramSpark, you have to take a lot of tutorials, and that means days if not weeks of work, to design your book covers.

And unlike Lulu, they charge for each book you publish.

At the moment I don’t have the money to publish a single book on IngramSpark. And if a modest amount of money were to come my way, given the clause they have, I would have to find a fan of our books who would be willing to design the covers for free. Otherwise, I would be greatly frustrated if, after weeks of tutorials, my account was cancelled for publishing, say, my book On Exterminationism.

On the other hand, if I received a handsome donation from one of my visitors, I would put the announcement on my blog that I would pay for whoever would design the covers for me. But the donations to my site have gone down since an Australian commenter, who was giving me handsome donations, died.



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Our Daybreak books & support this site

You can now donate to this site via PayPal or cryptocurrencies here.

To understand the point of view of this website, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the content of our first book.

If you are a new visitor and only willing to read one book article, I would suggest J.A. Sexton’s review of the modern world’s best-kept secret: the Holocaust committed by the Allies, from 1945 to 1947, on defenceless Germans (pages 489-498 of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour).

For the best-kept secret of the ancient world, how Christians destroyed Greco-Roman culture, see the long essay ‘Rome against Judea; Judea against Rome’ (pages 33-123 of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour).

As soon as we can, The Fair Race and our other Daybreak Press books will be made available again in print for those who wish to obtain a hard copy.

Letter to Mama Medusa is the first book of my magnum opus From Jesus to Hitler (see the comments section of this post). Unlike the others, this one won’t be available as a PDF. However, it is already available in printed form here.

If someone wishes to give a book critical of American white nationalism to a friend—albeit critical from the point of view of National Socialism (that we are now calling priesthood of the sacred words)—Daybreak is your book!

Unless patriarchy is restored in the West, feminism will eventually destroy the white race, as explained in On Beth’s Cute Tits. (For those who only want to read a single article of this anthology we recommend this one.)


While Letter to mom Medusa, the second book in the list above, strikes an emotional chord, the translated chapters in Day of Wrath of the same work (again, see the comments section below) are more intellectual. Anyone who wants to know the story of how abusive parents have been driving their children mad since time immemorial, should read this book.


Few racialists, like Savitri Devi and William Pierce, have dared to touch on truly eschatological issues as the goal of our struggle. This book, On exterminationism, collects thirty articles that take up and expand on this ultimate goal.


______ 卐 ______


To the god-like Individual of our times;
the Man against Time;
the greatest European of all times;
both Sun and Lightning:


as a tribute of unfailing love and loyalty, for ever and ever.

—Savitri Devi

Daybreak (book) Daybreak Publishing Sponsor

‘Daybreak’ 2022 edition

Note of September 20, 2022: I have removed the preface because it's obsolete. This is the edited preface.


______ 卐 ______


Since I’m offering all of my work for free, I’d appreciate it if those who like it would contribute to keeping us working hard. Remember that in addition to PayPal, we also have Bitcoin and Monero accounts.

Bitcoin: 3DwpjCaGwycbeQB554h99ej5eLyMYRHcxf


Monero: 47r35PSQCusfRPPXE8nngVP mfWenWsb9KJJwhBtmVMzF Gv1JjTs6znuXJErURnyNKA7 Q3CgpwjGm8goHwAEpPgTx Dc2EnHa

Day of Wrath (book) Daybreak Publishing Sponsor

‘Day of Wrath’ 2022 edition

A publisher of racialist books asked me for the manuscript of the slimmest of my books and I have been busy preparing a PDF I have just sent him. But here I wanted to talk about another of my books in English, one of which I am one hundred per cent the author: Day of Wrath.

I have just finished the revision of this book; its PDF is linked below. My first words, now edited, are as follows:


The texts under this cover are essays on a wide range of topics. Even so, I venture to publish them under a single cover because they represent an introduction, in English and a readable book, to my vast work in Spanish. Most of the texts of this book are Spanish-English translations of chapters of my volumes Hojas Susurrantes and ¿Me Ayudarás? But the first two articles are blog essays.

The first article gave the title to this book.

I wrote ‘Dies Irae’ at the end of 2012 for mi website The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH). This article must be contextualised from the fourteen words: ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children’, the axiom of WDH. In many words, to fully understand the 14 words see the selected compilation of WDH articles in the book The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (document available on my website).

The next article, ‘Possessed whites’ appeared on my website in early 2020. The rest of the book consists of translations from Spanish.

Hojas Susurrantes consists of approximately 260,000 words. It is the first volume of my philosophical trilogy. In 2006 I wrote the text reproduced here, ‘Unfalsifiability in Psychiatry’: a piece that appears in the second chapter of Hojas. In that essay, I try to show that the profession called psychiatry does not meet the scientific requirement to distinguish it from pseudosciences.

I finished the fourth chapter of Hojas in 2008. In this translation, I interpolate some square brackets in italics, and also some explaining passages, for those who have not read my thick volumes in their original language. The texts ‘The Trauma Model,’ ‘The Feathered Serpent’ and ‘Psychohistory’ are taken from this fourth chapter of Hojas. In these chapters I establish the basis of the trauma model: the opposite paradigm to the pseudoscientific medical model of mental disorders taught in psychiatry departments. The trauma model aims to demonstrate that abusive parents have driven their children mad throughout prehistory and recorded history.

The second volume of my autobiography, ¿Me Ayudarás? consists of approximately 225,000 words. The piece reproduced here, ‘God’, is a translated text of its first chapter and ‘Dying in a Louis XVI-style bedroom’ is taken from the introduction. Like the other chapters, it has been adapted for this English translation. This last text is a portrait of my soul that connects with the first essay, ‘Dies Irae,’ day of wrath in Latin.

January 2020
(edited in 2022)


The PDF of this edition is available here.

I will now add the above image to the featured post.


______ 卐 ______


Since I’m offering all of my work for free, I’d appreciate it if those who like it would contribute to keeping us working hard. Remember that in addition to PayPal, we also have Bitcoin and Monero accounts.

Bitcoin: 3DwpjCaGwycbeQB554h99ej5eLyMYRHcxf


Monero: 47r35PSQCusfRPPXE8nngVP mfWenWsb9KJJwhBtmVMzF Gv1JjTs6znuXJErURnyNKA7 Q3CgpwjGm8goHwAEpPgTx Dc2EnHa