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Yet another proofreading…

Yesterday The Occidental Observer published an article in which the author says that the results of the recent midterm elections are due to the fact that Americans are still in a comfort zone, and that they won’t change their paradigm until the dollar collapses (just as the Germans of the degenerate Weimar period didn’t change until their mark hyperinflated).

However, there is a phrase of the author with which I disagree: ‘I don’t want to see anyone suffer.’

Only suffering saves! For example, only the enormous suffering, inflicted by my father’s Catholic beliefs, led me to apostatise from Christianity. If my teenage life hadn’t been completely shattered, as my foreword to the forthcoming edition of Deschner’s book begins, I wouldn’t now have such a negative image of our parents’ religion.

So I hope that the times ahead with the collapse of the dollar will drag the desperate to awaken. (It is time to think about buying silver coins: the recent FTX disaster is deeper than you think: huge losses are coming for all cryptocurrencies).

Changing the subject, the backbone of this site is its books, which after the printer that published them for me refused to reprint them, are now only available as PDFs. Before I post a link to the PDF of the enlarged edition of Christianity’s Criminal History which incorporates blog posts 101-172 of that series, I will do a review reading.

That means that I will not add new entries here until I finish reading all 441 pages of the book. However, visitors can entertain themselves in the meantime. As our friend Ørdnung said yesterday on Twitter, ‘[C.T.] just released an excellent compendium of exterminationist thought. Read it here [link].’

Please note that, as I have no printing press at the moment, I am not earning a single penny from these books which I am offering free to visitors to The West’s Darkest Hour. A donation, however modest, is always appreciated. Although I still maintain my Bitcoin and Monero accounts, my PayPal account is still working.

3 replies on “Yet another proofreading…”

Of course we need suffering, lots of it. That is assuming that the degenerate filth committing mindless consumerism in search of material comfort have IQ’s high enough to know when they are suffering. My estimate is when all the fast food vendors and streaming services stop will the majority of people realize that something is wrong. The power source needs to be disrupted before the NPCs can react.

If I were to add my personal experience, there are 10 million my fellow Ukrainians suffering power outages, and yet we can’t name the Jew with his circumcision right in our faces. (Not trying to be a debbie downer or anything.)

Keeping bread and circuses up has been the preferred way to keep the degenerate masses on their comfort zone and out of touch with reality.

One has to suffer more than necessary when you stick to a path of comfort. I guess that, some men might be aware of this but it is hard to overcome it when you live in a feminized ruled society.

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