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Nietzsche PDF

The PDF that brings together the last twenty-one entries on Nietzsche’s tragic life (and two appendices) is now available, here.

In the PDF, I have corrected as many syntax errors in the entries as I could detect.

If a sponsor were to come along who would allow us to have a small publishing house (or alternatively that there was a publisher willing to publish our books), the first thing we would do would be to print books like Crusade against the Cross so that visitors who wanted to have hard copies on their bookshelves could do so.

In the series of the previous weeks, I omitted the image of Franz Overbeck (1837-1905), who is seen here with his wife. Had it not been for this theologian friend of Nietzsche, who made a handwritten copy and sent it to Peter Gast, the manuscript of The Antichrist might have been lost to posterity.

Thank you, Franz, for not allowing what, in my opinion, is the tragic philosopher’s masterpiece to be lost!

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Under the Redwoods

In the footnote to the PDF American Racialism I said: ‘After publishing this book I will put together a couple of shorter PDFs: one that collects some passages from Richard Weikart’s Hitler’s Religion, and a new translation of the Introduction to the German edition of Hitler’s after-dinner talks.’(*) The first of these PDFs, Weikart’s Hitler’s Religion with my 2023 comments can already be read here.

Following the metaphor of crossing the psychological Rubicon, whoever can assimilate this kind of reading is not even a few steps away from the wetland of the beach, but a few steps away from the dry shore on our side of the river. Under the big trees, everything is much more pleasant, but there is a problem…

Away from the beach, the traveller now has even lost sight of the statuary of racialists stuck halfway across the Rubicon, unable to move because of their reluctance to transvalue Judeo-Christian values to pre-Christian values. While the majesty of the Redwoods on this side of the river doesn’t exist on the other side, except him there are no human beings. There is a trace, yes, of Savitri Devi who passed through here some decades ago but since her death, apparently there is no one else.

That’s the problem with following the call of what Jung called the Self. It may lead to the truth but the price is loneliness since, after 1945, the white man decided to betray himself. And this side can only be inhabited by those who have stood firm, the priests of the sacred words who Savitri used to call ‘the religion of the Strong’.


(*) Next week update. I had almost forgotten that this latest PDF was already ready since last year. Thus, in addition to my excerpts of Hitler’s Religion with my 2023 aggregations linked above (but linked again here), the translation of the introduction to Hitler’s Table Talk from a serious German edition, can be read here.

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Another book in PDF

In the featured post I said:

This is the migrant’s seventh and final step. He has finished crossing the river and is finally on dry land, albeit with his feet still wet in the damp, dark sand of the beach, even if he has a few more steps [emphasis added] to go before he touches dry, clear land.

Those steps, already on our side of the shore, are optional in that he who has crossed the Rubicon can continue to educate himself as he sees fit. Personally, it helped me to understand what has happened in North America, which is where I live (although south of the Rio Grande). That’s why I put together a new book which, for the moment, is only available as PDF: American Racialism from which I would like to quote the first pages:


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s Introduction

In his book Dominion, Tom Holland said that the most serious enemy of Christianity was National Socialism because no one—since Constantine—had challenged Christian morality as the Third Reich did. I agree with Holland and, accordingly, the first two pieces in this anthology touch the Christian Question.

The first is an abridged 2012 exchange between two Americans: Alex Linder and Brad Griffin, taken from Linder’s forum. In contemporary US racialism, Linder has been a fierce critic of Christianity. Griffin, on the other hand, is a Christian. Despite his anti-Christianity, Linder believes that the scale of values we inherited from Christianity is a secondary factor of white decline—I believe it is the primary factor—and blames Jewry as the primary aetiology. Using the alias Hunter Wallace, on his blogsite Occidental Dissent Griffin maintains that modernity is responsible for white decline and rejects the idea that egalitarian and universalist liberalism grew out of Christian morality, while Linder believes that liberalism is an offshoot of Christianity.

Regarding the second article of this anthology, fifteen years ago Griffin published a long list of American racial history on his website that is worth quoting, also in abbreviated form. Curiously, Griffin acknowledges, as does Tom Holland, that a form of Christian evangelism brought about the emancipation of blacks in both the UK and the US. But as a good Christian, unlike Holland Griffin is always careful to avoid the letter ‘C’ and blame Christianity plain and simply. Paradoxically, Griffin’s long list republished here corroborates Holland’s thesis in Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World. Although the racial instincts of the Anglo-Germans in America were healthy, compared to the Christian ethos with which the US was founded those instincts proved to be rather weak and, ultimately, the anti-racist forces overwhelmed racialism.

The following essay came not from the pen of an American, but from a New Zealander: Kerry Bolton, who has doctorates in theology. His academic style contrasts with the informal style of the bloggers in the previous texts. I include this third piece, ‘A contemporary assessment of Francis Parker Yockey’ because it seems clear to me that the American racial right has failed to realise that the project of nationhood represented by the US has been even more toxic for racial preservation than the communism of the former Soviet Union. Never mind that the American Yockey did not focus on the racial factor: what matters is if his critique of American culture is valid. Incidentally, Bolton said at the end of his essay that a Russia-China alliance would never happen, but recently it happened thanks to the Ukraine war. He failed to see that runaway egalitarianism metastasizes and ultimately leads to racial and political suicide.

Bolton’s essay is a splendid introduction to Yockey’s thought. In my journey of understanding the world, his article shed light on why it is currently impossible to preach our faith to the masses of white people: the System found a clever way to ‘control them through pleasure’. The passages Bolton wrote in which he refers to Aldous Huxley, in contrast to the failed Orwellian attempt of ‘control through pain’, should be read with care.

This said, I do not subscribe exactly to Yockey’s or Bolton’s worldview but to Savitri Devi’s post-1945 National Socialism, which is why the penultimate text in this book tells the story of NS in the US: ‘History of American National Socialism’ by Martin Kerr, the longest article in this anthology. This movement tried to mix the unmixable. For example, in the article we see images of an American flag next to a Nazi flag; and at a huge convention of American National Socialists we see a huge effigy of George Washington. But you cannot love two masters because you end up loving one and hating the other, which is exactly what has happened to the racialist movement. As we read in Kerr’s essay:

…the Bund adhered strictly to German National Socialism internally, but in terms of public outreach it advocated an ideology that was an awkward fusion of National Socialism and the Christian Nationalism of the times. ‘Christian Nationalism’ was roughly equivalent to modern White Nationalism. It was not a religious movement, per se; rather, by ‘Christian’ it was understood that Jews were excluded.

Inadvertently, this has been the scourge of American racialism. If Christian nationalism was more or less equivalent to contemporary white nationalism, both represent a clear regression compared to the Führer’s point of view.[1]

In Kerr’s article we will see that, unlike George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967) who tried to create an American-style National Socialism sympathetic not only to Christianity but to capitalism, his successor Matt Koehl (1935-2014), who was born the same year my mother was born, tried to stick more closely to Adolf Hitler’s original idea. One of the aims of this book is to honour Matt Koehl’s memory as the paradigm for anyone trying to emulate Uncle Adolf. If the organisation Koehl inherited from Rockwell was unsuccessful, that is because in the West’s darkest hour it was impossible to engender a true light of dawn. That light is only beginning to be glimpsed with deeper studies on the origins of Christianity, and how Christian morality permeates deeply into today’s secular world (see Neo-Christianity, listed on page 3).

Unlike the American National Socialists who now are virtually extinct, today’s white nationalists do not advocate National Socialism, not even in Christianised form. If we recall the parable alluded above and the impossibility of loving two masters, they have de facto chosen the effigy of Washington. But the final article in this book, a brief presentation on the books of my Daybreak Press, points to ideas that could potentially represent a breakthrough for the ideological impasse that has most racialists stuck in the middle of a psychological Rubicon.

César Tort
24 July 2023

[Read the book here]


[1] After publishing this book as a PDF, I will put together a couple of shorter PDFs: one that collects some passages from Richard Weikart’s Hitler’s Religion, and a 2022 translation of the Introduction to the German edition of Hitler’s after-dinner talks. In those talks and Weikart’s book it is clear that the Führer’s view was anti-Christian: something he reserved for his inner circle of friends.

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The river nymph

This will be the new featured post, where I will suggest how to cross the psychological Rubicon from Normieland to the lands of National Socialism. Needless to say, only normies with honour—that is, valour and honesty—will be able to cross it.

Politically, I was a normie until my forties. In 2010 I learned of a mass genocide perpetrated by the Allies in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Due to the Morgenthau Plan millions of Germans and collaborators perished in the years after the official end of the war. This real Holocaust is not made into films, documentaries, or taught in universities simply because the winners write History.

If you are a normie of noble sentiments, even if the System has hidden these facts from you to control your mind, you should dip your feet in the river water reading

Hellstorm, the Death of Nazi Germany: 1944-1947

which is available in printed form. It is not a matter of blindly believing what Tom Goodrich writes, but of researching; checking the sources he mentions, and realising that the Holocaust of millions of Germans was very real.

This is the first step to refute an astronomical lie: a lie so big about the Second World War that it could be measured from here to Pluto—the old trick of lying by omission!

Whoever has taken that first step into the river will be knee-deep in water, and ready to face another huge historical lie disseminated, too, to control and eventually madden the white man:

Christianity’s Criminal History Vol I
Christianity’s Criminal History Vol II

These two volumes, for the moment only available in PDFs, represent not two but a single step. A future publisher might even merge the contents into one cover showing both Constantine and Charlemagne. I separated them because the first volume ends with a veritable Holocaust of two Germanic peoples perpetrated by Justinian I, the Christian emperor of Constantinople. That Holocaust has been another of the astronomical lies—lying by omission, yet again! So much of this kind of genocide of pure whites orchestrated by mudbloods has been hidden from us that hardly anyone hates Imperial Christianity today. But in addition to Justinian’s Holocaust, Karlheinz Deschner’s books expose to the public eye a colossal number of crimes perpetrated by the Christian churches that hardly anyone has heard of (which is why the modern West, the spiritual heir of Christendom, is as mad as it is today).

He who controls the past controls the future said Orwell. These two historical lies about Christianity and World War II have kept the Aryan man virtually lobotomised so that today the poor fellow wanders like a zombie in cities full of non-whites. It will always be possible to research the author’s sources (Deschner’s original work, for example, was published in German in ten volumes, with thousands of bibliographical sources). If the noble-minded Aryan decides to investigate these two sidereal historical lies having taken the two steps above, now, with the water up to his waist, the traveller finds himself in a position to confront


Unlike the previous steps, the third step is no longer about historical facts, but rather about how to interpret them. I am talking about becoming aware of the Jewish Question; specifically, how the toxic message of the Jews who wrote the New Testament came to mutate into modern liberalism and, eventually, into Wokism whose god is a new Holy Trinity (equality of race, gender and sexual orientation). With very strong anti-Hitlerian overtones, this is the religion of the West today. Neo-Christianity abbreviates two books by two different authors—David Skrbina and Tom Holland—that explain the New Testament metamorphosis into the secular, ethno-suicidal ideology suffered by today’s white man.

Given that the water is now up to the migrant’s neck, this is a very difficult, if essential, step to continue crossing the psychological Rubicon—a step that, with rare exceptions, the racial right has been unwilling to take. But if the noble-spirited adventurer has already taken these three firm steps, he will be in a position to take the fourth, reaching the middle of the river in areas where he already has to swim:

The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour

This anthology of fifteen authors is the most voluminous of the list: a sort of textbook for understanding this site, The West’s Darkest Hour. The historical essays by the American William Pierce and the Spaniard Eduardo Velasco that we read in The Fair Race are basic for the story that the Aryan should begin to tell about himself. Few texts have had such a powerful influence on my worldview as this anthology. Velasco’s long essay on the underlying struggle between Judea and Rome, a psycho-historical notion stemming from Nietzsche, further expands on David Skrbina’s exposition in the previous step.

Memoirs and Reflections of an Aryan Woman

If the traveller has swum into these waters he will find a river nymph who will help him… dive. The Swiss Carl Jung was right to speak of the male animus and the female anima in the sense that they are complementary in reaching the Self (which Jung realised was identical to the God archetype). We refer to the nuclear power of the psyche to galvanise the collective unconscious of the Aryan.

Since, except Memoirs, the above books appeal to the intellect—they were written by men—the next journey for the male passenger is to make contact with the feminine part of his psyche, beneath the surface. It has taken a woman’s intuition to grasp the grandeur of what Adolf Hitler intended. Only by introducing numinous rituals invoking His memory would it be possible to reach the core of the Aryan Self to produce the new Zeitgeist that will eventually lead to a Fourth Reich. Here we can no longer speak of a fifth step, but of reaching the bottom of the turbulent waters without drowning thanks to the magic of the river nymph.

To exemplify this I would like to say that I recently heard William Pierce’s thesis on a religion he wanted to found, which he called Cosmotheism. Pierce failed because a new religion cannot arise from mere male animus, the scholar’s desk, even if Pierce had the best mind that America has ever produced. It requires religious ritual, like what the Germans did already in the Third Reich by touching the new flags with the flag of the failed putsch, or the ceremonies of an enchanted night that enraptured the Hitler Youth… Without collective numinosity a new religion cannot arise. And without honouring the holocausted Germans—Pierce’s mistake though not Commander Rockwell’s—no new movement can emerge that galvanises the Aryan to the extent of engendering an improved National Socialism. Immersing oneself in the philosophy of Savitri Devi to contact our deepest Self, in a daring journey into inner space, is fundamental to crossing the rest of the river.

If you have reached this point, you are practically a priest of the sacred words. However, given that the priestess Savitri invokes Kalki at the end of her book, which implies a sacrifice of billions of wingless bipeds swarming the Earth, to understand this apocalyptic archetype the pilgrim could apostille the reading of Savitri’s book with a sixth step in that, although the water is back to his neck, his feet are already touching the floor of the river.

Day of Wrath
On Exterminationism

If the expeditionary continues to cross the Rubicon, and at last finds himself once again in a state of physical comfort, feeling land on the soles of his feet with the water up to his waist, and eventually to his knees, he would do well to think about a subject that, with a few exceptions, today’s racialists are also reluctant to address. I am referring to feminism, which has been used as a weapon of mass destruction against whites. (After all, throughout history women like Savitri are, perhaps, counted on the fingers of one hand.)

On Beth’s Cute Tits

This is the migrant’s seventh and final step. He has finished crossing the river and is finally on dry land, albeit with his feet still wet in the damp, dark sand of the beach, even if he has a few more steps to go before he touches dry, clear land (see also ‘Oldtown’).

Incidentally, if the normie doesn’t even want to take the first step—Goodrich’s book—I suggest he at least read this review. It is also dark, wet sand on the beach of Normieland; on the other side of our shore. But if he has good will he will enter the river.

Hellstorm is an essential step and white nationalists omit it. While I recognise that the two steps they have taken are oriented in the right direction of the Rubicon—the race realism of those who visit American Renaissance and the JQ of those who visit The Occidental Observer—by not giving due weight to the Hellstorm Holocaust they are trapped in the river, unable to complete the crossing.

Daybreak Publishing Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Christianity’s Criminal History II

The abridged translation of our second volume of Karlheinz Deschner’s Christianity’s Criminal History is complete (volume I is available in the featured post).

I insist that these books should also be available in printed form, and if any visitors are interested in contributing a donation so that I can request the services of a technician to learn how to use IngramSpark’s software, in the hope that they will not cancel my account for political incorrectness (as the printer who published our books cancelled me last year), I would appreciate it.

The data Deschner collects is fundamental to curing the Aryan man of his ethnosuicidal passion, as can be glimpsed in the final section of this book, which for the moment will only be available in PDF.

Daybreak Publishing Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Deschner, book 2

Imperial silver denarius of Charlemagne
inspired by Roman models. This representation
is the closest thing to a contemporary
portrait of the Imperator.

I have decided to discontinue the translations of Deschner’s monumental work that I started doing for this site in August 2013, ten years ago.

The reason is simple, as I explain in the forthcoming preface to the second abridged book, people know about the Christian crimes of the second millennium but hardly anyone knows about the crimes of the first millennium:

Editor’s foreword

The two-book abridgement of the contents of the first volumes of Karlheinz Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity, originally published in German, is intended for white nationalists. Both nationalists and historically literate people are unaware that Christianity was not imposed on the white man by preaching but by imperial violence. I chose the images for the covers of these two books, Constantine and Charlemagne because they seem to me to represent not only how a cult of Semitic origin was imposed on the whites of the Mediterranean by order of the Roman Empire, but a few centuries later on the Northmen through genocidal wars.

The historical material collected by Deschner is very different from the psycho-historical material collected by Tom Holland in his 2019 book Dominion (page 3 of this book which the reader holds in his hands mentions an abridged version of Dominion available on my website The West’s Darkest Hour). Holland discusses the traces that Christian morality, from its origins, caused the rampant egalitarianism that burns the West today. On the other hand, Deschner collects the cases of Christian crimes hardly known to Christians and non-Christians alike, as it is the winners who write history; and since Constantine the imperial church was particularly successful in destroying the books of its critics (in the case of the Saxons annihilated by Charlemagne, they did not possess a culture as advanced as that of the Greco-Romans).

We have all heard of the crimes of the Catholic Church in the second millennium of Christianity: the Inquisition for dissenting men and the burning at the stake of innocent women labelled witches. But the crimes of the first Christian millennium are virtually unknown: a blind spot that this two-volume translation of a fraction of Deschner’s work aims to cure. As I have stated on my website, to save the white man from the coming extinction it is necessary to become aware of both sides of the coin: the crimes of first-millennium Christianity (Deschner) and how Christian morality permeates today’s secular world (Holland).

Last month I finished abridging Tom Holland’s book to popularise it through PDF abridgement. Now it is the turn of Karlheinz Deschner’s book.

César Tort
July 2023

If there is little point in continuing to translate other Deschner books on, say, the Inquisition in the second millennium of Christianity (as it is well-known history), the discontinuation of these translations with Charlemagne’s immediate successors seems pertinent to me.

The entries published in this site from the 1st instalment of the Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums series to instalment 100 constitute the first book, Christianity’s Criminal History Vol. I, which can be read through the featured post. In the following days, I will review the syntax of Christianity’s Criminal History Vol. II (entries 101-183), which will have the cover of Charlemagne. Therefore, I will upload a few posts here while I am busy with the next PDF which will also be available for free to the visitors of this site.

We would appreciate your support in this venture, especially monthly donations, even if it is a modest amount so that we can continue in this endeavour. Thank you.

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13 books

Most of the books listed below are available as PDFs.

The System has lied to the white man about his History, especially about what happened during World War II, Christendom and how both lies have been transformed into the Woke monster. To become a greenseer who can see the past as it happened, you have to familiarise yourself with four main books:

Hellstorm (book review here)

The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour


Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman


______ 卐 ______


Once you have assimilated the above initiatory books, you can complement your new worldview with the following readings:


On Beth’s Cute Tits

On Exterminationism

Christianity’s Criminal History (Vol. I)


______ 卐 ______


If you want to know about my spiritual odyssey, that took me from Jesus to Hitler, there are some autobiographical books available in my mother tongue (and in English a few translations of some chapters):

Hojas Susurrantes

¿Me Ayudarás?

El Grial

Letter to mom Medusa

Day of Wrath

Daybreak Publishing

Neo-Christianity (pdf)

The book can now be read/printed here. The content is so important that I will modify the featured post.

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Next book

As can be seen in the table of contents below, the previous entry is the penultimate article in our forthcoming book-PDF Neo-Christianity:


By way of preface
Unhistorical Jesus – [A review of Richard Carrier’s book]
The New Testament was authored by rabbis – David Skrbina
How Christianity became Neo-Christianity – Tom Holland *
Hitler’s anti-Christianity – Richard Weikart *
The Appian Way – Editor
Law against Christianity – Friedrich Nietzsche

Since I am currently revising the annotated articles, I will not be posting many entries while I work on it.


(*) These texts are annotated by the Editor.

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Cute books…

These days I have sent the first copies of Savitri Devi’s book to two buyers.

Unfortunately, as these leather bindings are made by a professional bookbinder, they are costing me a lot of money together with the shipping either to the USA or to the UK.

As soon as I have the financial means to get a workshop to bind them myself, it will be a pleasure to print & bind the Savitri copies and other books in ‘Our Books’ except for Hellstorm and Letter to mom Medusa, which are already available without traditional binding.