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Next book

As can be seen in the table of contents below, the previous entry is the penultimate article in our forthcoming book-PDF Neo-Christianity:


By way of preface
Unhistorical Jesus – [A review of Richard Carrier’s book]
The New Testament was authored by rabbis – David Skrbina
How Christianity became Neo-Christianity – Tom Holland *
Hitler’s anti-Christianity – Richard Weikart *
The Appian Way – Editor
Law against Christianity – Friedrich Nietzsche

Since I am currently revising the annotated articles, I will not be posting many entries while I work on it.


(*) These texts are annotated by the Editor.

One reply on “Next book”

I’ve changed my mind: I removed the excerpts from Weikart’s book, so I crossed out one line above, and added a subtitle to the book: ‘A paradigm shift for racialists through a presentation of Tom Holland’s Dominion.’

Reason: it’s so vital to convey the idea that Christianity has mutated into Neo-Christianity, that quoting Weikart’s book at length would be distracting.

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