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New Testament Romulus

Richard Miller

Yesterday I discovered the biblical scholar Dr Richard C. Miller, author of Resurrection and Reception in Early Christianity. I am in the middle of the revision of the forthcoming PDF book and I wonder if I should add a sentence in ‘The Appian Way’ explaining that there are noble Christians, who can apostatise from the religion of our parents out of sheer evidence.

Miller, raised (as I was) in a very Christian family, has three master’s degrees and a doctorate in New Testament studies. He has studied in elite universities the texts that marked the destiny of the West. Do you remember how on this site I have dedicated several posts to the discovery I made thanks to the book of another exegete? I am referring to Romulus: the Roman god par excellence whom some rabbis took as a blueprint to write the Gospels (Romulus’ resurrection, Romulus’ post-mortem appearances and Romulus’ ascension to heaven, etc.). Given Miller’s nobility, when he made this discovery he lost his Christian faith, as we can see in this videotaped confession.

Forbidden history: Romulus, ascended
to heaven by a light and turned into God.

Incidentally, Derek Lambert, the young man who interviews Miller, is anti-racist as can be seen in other of his videos. Yesterday I left Lambert a message in the comments thread on another of his videos: that, if he is anti-racist, he is still a Christian even if he doesn’t know it and I recommended Tom Holland’s book to him.

As long-time visitors to The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) know, I would like my books to be printed on paper again, without being taken off the platform again as happened to us early last year. One of the reasons I chose a single word, Neo-Christianity, for our next book (which for the moment will only be available in PDF) is that I would like the word neochristian to start being used as an epithet in our discussions with today’s typical atheists, so ready to replace the faith of the crucified rabbi with the anti-racist faith that is killing the Aryan.

We can already imagine a bunch of teenagers, WDH fans, trolling the countless Lamberts who mistakenly see themselves as apostates from Christianity, calling them neochristians. Once Dominion’s message is understood—quoted at length in the forthcoming PDF—, the pejorative epithet ‘neochristian’ could become analogous to the pejorative epithet ‘pagan’ that Christians coined in the 4th century. It is a kind of semantic revenge for what was done to our culture so many centuries ago…

4 replies on “Richard Miller”

See also this Lambert video and pay attention to St Justin’s quote: the very first Christian apologist.

I look forward to reading your new PDF, and thank you for all you’re doing here.

How is this relevant at all? It is clear that the neo-Christians are proud of never having left the Christian ethics behind. Sure, these so-called “atheists” shy away from calling themselves Christian. But a response I would expect from them would be “I will be a thousand times Christian before considering calling Hitler good”.

The triumph of Christianity is utterly complete. Nitpicking definitions won’t change anyone’s mind. I would say I stand closer to “getting it” when I praise ISIS terrorists (or that one country you asked me not to mention).

(Even Charles Manson-esque detritus praising folks seem to get it more, in my view – with the difference that Charles Manson was a degenerate without any culture, order, beauty, history, army and scholarship – something that ISIS has, and that one country does, too.)

In short, we need the aroma of another holocaust to resurrect the Aryan Gods.

The fact that Jesus never existed is super-relevant because it proves my fundamental thesis: that the misnamed Homo sapiens is an astronomically stupid creature, which should really be called Homo fidelius.

Given that man is a stupid creature who believes whatever is claimed, when someone like Miller takes a step in the right direction, that impresses me a lot; especially since today’s racialists don’t have this level of honesty (which is why they got stuck halfway across the Rubicon).

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