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88 seconds

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We cordially invite you to join with National Socialists and other sympathetic White people around the world on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 / JdF 135 (*), in observing 88 seconds of silence in solemn tribute to Adolf Hitler, who, on that day in Berlin 79 years ago, fulfilled his earthly mission and offered up his life for a better world to come.

This commemoration has been sponsored by the NEW ORDER since 2008. Countless thousands of Aryans across the globe, in every continent but Antarctica and in dozens of countries, have participated in it. We invite you to join them!


East Coast Time Zone: 9:30 am
Central Time Zone: 8:30 am
Mountain Time Zone: 7:30 am
Pacific Time Zone: 6:30 am
Central European Time: 3:30 pm
British Standard Time: 2:30 pm

For more information, click here.


(*) JdF is a German acronym (Jahr des Fuehrers).

Free speech / Free press Obituaries



According to Tucker Carlson:

Gonzalo Lira, Sr. says his son has died at 55 in a Ukrainian prison, where he was being held for the crime of criticizing the Zelensky and Biden governments. Gonzalo Lira was an American citizen, but the Biden administration clearly supported his imprisonment and torture. Several weeks ago we spoke to his father, who predicted his son would be killed.

Chilean-American blogger Gonzalo Lira, known as ‘CoachRedPill’ and aged 55, resided in Kharkov and transitioned from blogging to YouTube commentary following the escalation of the conflict with Russia in February 2022. He was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine last May on charges of discrediting the Ukrainian leadership and military.

I liked Gonzalo Lira’s humour. His gestures mocking the madness of the powerful in the West were sometimes similar to mine.

Alas, Gonzalo didn’t follow his own advice: emigrate to the Third World (his native Chile would have been fine) to avoid the thoughtpolice. He went, of all places, to Ukraine to tell the truth about the war! The Ukrainian thoughtpolice arrested him and apparently killed him with the same methods as many killed in the Gulag: unsanitary conditions in prison. Watch what Youtubber Styxhexenhammer666 said today about the murder of Gonzalo Lira here.


My mother (1935-2023)


Richard Edmonds (1943-2020)

I just learned that Richard Edmonds passed away last week. In 2015 I had written about him: ‘I saw him last year during a BNP meeting outside London and later talked to him personally’. In a National Vanguard obituary we see that Edmonds ‘came to believe that unless the edifice of lies about the Second World War is consistently and courageously challenged… “everything else is a waste of time”.’

American white nationalists have a lot to learn from this statement by a true English gentleman.


Tom Metzger (1938-2020)

At 82, Thomas Linton Metzger passed away a week ago. See the Metapedia page on him. Metzger belonged to a different generation of masculine racists than today’s racialist gentlemen.

His web page can still be seen although it was edited to notify his passing.

Obituaries Psychohistory

Lloyd deMause (1931-2020)

I just found out that Lloyd deMause died in April.

In 2014, I asked a racially conscious white, that we will call ‎Madgambler, to write to deMause to find out if he had a Jewish background, but deMause did not respond. Madgambler even wrote to one of his closest associates posing as a liberal but said he didn’t know. Since I have said many things on this site about deMause in the context of psychohistory, it would be great to find out if his recent ancestors were ethnic Jews.

Degenerate art Music Obituaries

Roger Scruton (1944-2020)

Author of The Aesthetics of Music (1997), Scruton also wrote many books on philosophy, art, politics, literature, culture, sexuality and religion; he also wrote novels and two operas.

However, Scruton errs in this video by speculating how to correct the problem of degenerate music that ubiquitously is scorching the Aryan soul. There is only one way to correct it: banning degenerate music as the Nazis banned it. Scruton simply recommended educating people in classical music. Well, my father, who disliked degenerate music, was a music pedagogue for children and yet my siblings and nephews, who studied in his music school, listen to degenerate music.

I expose such a flawed approach in music education in my second autobiographical volume, ¿Me Ayudarás? I must add that the libertarians in white nationalism, that is, those who fear Nazi collectivism, are wrong. They start from the assumption of the Enlightenment that Man is good by nature. The reality is that Man is not so good (again, see the book linked in this paragraph) and we need a Fourth Reich to control him. Consider, for example, how many white nationalists enjoy hearing degenerate music!

It seems a lie, but on this issue a woman like Carolyn Yeager, who admires National Socialism, is far closer to the truth than the men of white nationalism.


Dymphna has died

by Rollory

Given how important GOV [Gates of Vienna] was in the early days of the 9/11 dissident right, especially as a place where people came together to toss around ideas and evidence with relative freedom, I believe this is of interest to Chechar at the very least. Certainly some of Chechar’s (and others’) arguments that were made in GOV comment threads were very important in shaping my own way of thinking.

That the owners of GOV themselves were never persuaded by certain arguments doesn’t negate the value of the discussions they fostered.

______ 卐 ______

Editor’s comment:

GoV’s commenter Conservative Swede taught me to think a lot about axiology and Christianity ten years ago. What you say is absolutely true. In fact, these days I have thought exactly the same about white nationalism in general and MacDonald in particular.

Baron Bodissey’s GoV focuses on Islam and when I was a fan of that site I used to be a counter-jihadist.

MacDonald’s TOO focuses on Jewry and when I was a fan of that site I used to be a monocausal anti-Semite.

Now I know better but both were very useful stepping stones in my crossing the psychological Rubicon. It is always interesting to revisit our previous steps while crossing the river and this, of course, included Gates of Vienna in my own path.

* * *

Speaking of our intellectual adventures a decade ago, today I re-read the longest entry ever I’ve posted. It is a 33, 500-word collection of comments that in 2010 I posted in the old incarnation of this site: a bitter discussion between Trainspotter and Hunter Wallace. The latter favoured doing immediate activism, and working within the system through FAIR, Glenn Beck, NumbersUSA and the political mainstream.

It was precisely my epigraph in that post quoting Rollory, the author of the above obituary, what throws light about that huge entry in a single paragraph. Obviously, this was posted before Trump and Charlottesville:

“Activism at this stage doesn’t matter. There needs to be a critical mass of the general white population that is receptive to a potentially revolutionary message before anything of the sort will make any headway. That requires much greater social problems and disruption than are yet present: ordinary people need to be feeling it regularly at the dinner table, and more immediate concerns than American Idol or X’s Got Talent. The iron is not yet hot, striking it now won’t accomplish anything.”


Guillaume Faye (1949-2019)

Counter-Currents will publish several memorial tributes to Faye in the coming days. In the meantime, I wish simply to draw your attention to Greg Johnson’s ‘Remembering Guillaume Faye: November 7, 1949–March 7, 2019’.


Harold Covington (1953-2018)

Like every Westerner, I used to be a eunuch, but the reading of Covington’s The Brigade made me grow my balls again.
Now that, last week, Uncle Harold left this world, the duty of every Aryan male is to obtain a copy of his best novel and grow a pair.
Goodbye Uncle Harold! We didn’t agree on everything but I’ll miss our correspondence. I wish you had seen our promised land…